A New Beginning Pt. 07

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Anal Gaping

I thought for a moment, then looked at Molly,

“What do you want to do?”

She stared at me, wide eyed,

“I can’t go down there! Your sperm is running down my legs for fucks sake!”

I just shrugged it off. I knew she would eventually have to deal with him, but I wasn’t getting involved and she could do it in her own time.

I dressed and went down. Elsie was sitting with him at the table, talking.

Garrett stood up when I came in. He stuck his hand out, which I accepted with no real enthusiasm.

“Mr Hudson. What can I do for you?”

“Hey Jacob. Maggie told me you were making payments?”

I nodded and headed to the living room and went in the closet. I opened the safe and got out his contract, counted out half the money, took it back and sat it in front of him. I got out a pen and bottle of ink and gave it to him, pointing to where he needed to sign.

He looked the money over and sat the pen down.

“Uh, that looks to be a little short there.”

I nodded.

“That’s your half. The other went to Mrs Hudson.”

“Now hold on a minute here! I never said I’d go for that!”

“Well sir, she came here for various reasons I don’t figure to be any of my business. Seeing as how the law says a man and woman split everything, it just stands to reason she gets half the money. You’ll have to take that up with her. Like I said, what’s between you two ain’t none of my business.”

“Well, where is she then? I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

“Mr Hudson, I reckon you and me need to finish our business here. I’d appreciate it if you waited until later to take the other business up with your wife. I ain’t wanting to get tied up in it. I did what I figured was fair. That’s as far as i’m willing to go with it. I gave you both equal amounts to the dollar.”

“Jacob, we had an agreement.”

“Yes, and you both signed it. I paid what I said I would. Not a penny less. There’s your money. Mr Hudson, I’d suggest you take it and go home. You can sort the rest out with your wife.”

“Where is she?”

“I told you, I’m not getting involved. I’m about tired of saying it.”

“She’s still here, isn’t she?”

That tore it with me. I finally lost my patience.

“Mr Hudson, take your money and go home. I’m not telling you again.”

He stared at me for a long minute.

“Ok. But if you talk to her, please tell her I need to see her.”

I nodded as he signed the document then gathered up his cash and left.

I shook my head. How do I wind up in shit like this?

I turned and went upstairs with Elsie in tow.

I looked over a her,

“Where’s the kids?”

“Outside playing.’

I went to the room. My mother and Molly were sitting on the bed.

Molly looked over,

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For saving me from having to deal with him right now.”

She stared out the window briefly, then spoke up again,

“You know, I kinda think I may get pregnant here. I know I’m ovulating right now and the amount of sperm you just put in my womb almost guarantees it. I’m not going back to him. I don’t trust him anymore. I’ll probably take my money and go back to my family home and settle there. Anyway, thank you for all you’ve done.”

She stood up and got dressed. On the way out, she turned back to me,

“I want a truck like you’ve got. Could you help me get one?”

I just nodded, thinking about everything she said. I turned and walked out. I needed to think. To get my head wrapped around business again. All this nonsense was getting out of Didim Escort hand.

I went to the camp and looked around. It was relatively empty. I headed to the mess tent and saw only a handful of people eating.

The cook looked up questioningly. I shook my head and walked over to him.

“Where is everybody?”

“It’s payday. Them that ain’t working are all over to that juke joint you set up.”

I nodded.

“You seen JT?”

“He came in earlier and ate. I ain’t seen him since.”

“If you see him, tell him I need a word.”

“Will do.”

I went to my truck and headed out to the rigs. On my way, I passed a line of tank trucks hauling oil out. I waved one down and got out. He set the brakes and got out to meet me.

“What can I do for ya?”

“How many loads a day y’all bringing out?”

Chuckling he replied,

“Young man, not enough! Y’all are pumping it out faster’n we can haul it. The boss has more trucks ordered, but the way y’all are drilling, we’ll never get caught up.”

I shook his hand and thanked him.

I got back in my truck and sat there thinking. There had to be a way to move more oil. The pipeline might handle it. But, I’m thinking maybe the train. A couple hundred tank cars being filled by the trucks sounded like a quicker solution.

I closed my eyes. After paying off the Hudson’s, I’m still flush. With what I’m earning now, I can focus on other aspects of business. The co-op. I drove to town and went to the train stop.

All around it were business buildings of one sort or another. I drove out a ways. There it was. A plot of land about twenty acres or so. I could see about a small spur line off the main track. Set up the grain silos and warehouse. An ice house. A curing and smoke house for pork. A holding pen for beef cattle waiting to be loaded on the train. That’s where i’d start. I went to the court house and asked the lady about the tract of land.

“Who owns that?”

She looked it up and came back.

“You do, honey. Along with the 240 acres out past it.”

I thanked her and left.

I didn’t recall buying it. Then again, I’d been too busy to really sit and think about too much concerning my life these days. What I needed was pussy. My mama’s pussy. There was something about the feel of being inside her that just seemed to make everything ok.

I turned back toward the house. My pecker already starting to stir around just thinking about the hot wetness waiting for me between my mother’s legs.

I rolled into the driveway and saw a hand sitting by the barn. He got up and trotted over to me.

“Sir, JT wants to see you. He’s down at the camp.”

“Ok, thanks.”

He trotted off. I wondered what the problem was as I watched him disappear around the barn.

Oh well. I guess I might as well go see about it. I followed him to the camp and went in the mess tent. I saw JT sitting with two men I’d never seen before. They were well dressed and out of place around here.

I headed over and JT smiled when he saw me. He motioned for me to sit.

“Jake, these men represent the oil company. They’ve been working on your pipeline idea and want to move on it.”

He introduced them and we shook hands around. I sat back down and looked them over.

“So, y’all are just now getting around to working this deal up?”

The older one that seemed to be in charge spoke up,

“Yes. These matters require a significant amount of…”

I cut him off,

“Yep, I know. It takes a whole slew of dickerin’ and bickerin’ Didim Escort Bayan so everybody can make sure they get a piece of the pie. I’ll tell you something there, Slick, the difference between you and me is if I was in charge of it, that pipeline would be well on the way to being done by now. But, I’m not and y’all are just now sitting down with it.”

“Well, young man, that’s why we’re here. To negotiate the price for leasing the land. You own all the land the wells are situated on. I understand you’re just leasing it to the firm you’re a partner in here?”

I nodded,

“Yep. I maintain ownership and control of it all. In fact, I own every one of the wells. I entered into a partnership agreement with JT, Joe, and Maggie on an even split.”

“So, if the partnership dissolves, you get everything?”

“Yeah, I reckon I do.”

“What assurances do we have that you would continue to sell oil to us in the event of a dissolution?”

“Well, I reckon to look at it like this. I figure as long as everybody does their job and holds true to their word, we don’t need to worry about shit like that. So, lay it out there and let’s have a look at it.”

“We have in mind a purchase.”

“Purchase? Purchase what exactly?”

“Everything. All your land holdings.”

I studied him a little bit. In an old fashioned horse trade, whoever spoke first, lost. I was an infinitely patient sort in a dicker.

He broke the silence. I smiled inwardly. These men might hold all the cards in them big city outfits, but here in these woods, all that don’t amount to pile of pea hulls.

“Would you be interested in selling?”

“Sure, for the right price.”

“And what would that price be?”

“I suppose you came here with a number in mind. How about you trot it out and we’ll look it over.”

“I’ve been authorized to offer $10 an acre, with a royalty of one percent on oil production.”

I just smiled at him and turned to JT.

“Where’d you say you found these two?”

He started to answer, but was cut off,

“Is there a problem with those figures?”

“Look, I’m not sure what you had in mind when you came here. But I’ll tell you right now, you ain’t even close. Why do I need to sell anyway? I can just sit here and draw many times that little number you spat out there.”

I stared at him until he started to speak again, then cut him off,

“My number is $50 an acre with 25 percent of all oil that comes out of the ground. That’s your price, take it or leave it. Not a penny less.”

“What about your partners?”

“Take that up with them. I’m sure you can work that out.”

“Well, I can tell you right now, the Board will never go for that.”

“OK. So, what you want me to do about that?”

“You seem to be a reasonable man. So, how about we come to an agreement we can all live with?”

“I’m doing just fine with things the way they are.”

With that, I got up and started off. JT called out,

“Jake, hang on a sec.”

He turned and motioned for me to follow him.

We got to his tent. Inside was a safe, which he opened and extracted a bag and handed it to me. Another payment.

He looked at me a long minute.

“You really gonna sell out?”

“JT, if I was, you’d get first crack at it. Not a pair of four flushers like that. I knew I’d come in too high and just left it at that. With this,” I lifted the bag, “I can pay off my land obligations. I’m sitting flush. Oh, by the way, Mrs Hudson wants to buy a truck. Think you can help me out? I’ll Escort Didim get the money from her.”

“Same one as yours?”

“That’s what she said.”

“Ok, I’ll handle it.”


With that, I headed to the house and put the bag in the safe. I considered my next move. I needed to get the rest paid off. I pulled the bags out along with the purchase agreements and sat down at the table.

Elsie came in with the kids. She had an arm load of laundry. Sophie came running over and climbed up in my lap. Elsie put the laundry down and sat across from me.

“Honey, what are doing? Why do you have all the money out?”

“I’m getting ready to pay everybody off. I’m taking on a new job and I don’t need this debt hanging over me.”

“A new job? What does that mean exactly? Are you selling out of the oil business?”

“No. I’m keeping my share of that. For now anyway. No, I’m starting that cooperative in town and that’ll take a lot of my time. The oil is in good hands with JT and Joe. I’ve got a fifty percent share in crops and thirty percent in cattle and hogs produced around here. Think about that, plus the joint out at the old homeplace. I’m clearing more every week out there than I’ve made my entire life. That’ll stay good until the drilling’s done some years from now. I want to set up this cooperative because people have to eat. No matter what else comes along, their belly needs food in it.”

“Ok, so, where do I fit into all this?”

“We been over that. As far as I’m concerned, you and these young’uns are right where you need to be. Only you can change that.”

With that, I started going through the contracts. Counting out the money to cover each one, rounded up to the nearest hundred. Elsie tied each bundle of cash with cotton string and slipped a note into each bundle stating who it went to.

Finishing that, I looked around at it all.Thinking how far I’d come. I heard a car pull up in the yard. I got up and looked out. It was Maggie, mama was getting out, gathering up her grocery sacks.

They came in as I was bagging up the money.

“Maggie, I need you to handle something for me.”

“Sure honey. What do you need?”

“Take this and put it in your safe. As they come in, pay them off and have them sign the paper. Speaking of which, JT has your new cut ready.”

“Already? Oh my… Are you still working on that cooperative deal?”

“Yep. I’m paying everybody off here. I need you to spread the word.”

“Ok, not a problem. So, how much is our new cut?”


“Jesus… Well, how about this then? How much of a share in the cooperative will that buy me?”


“Ok, then keep it and do that.”

“Ok, if that’s what you want.”

“It is. I’m doing just fine with the store. I like this new life. It’s peaceful. I figure whatever you do will pay off, so, I trust you.”

I held out my hand and she took it.

I turned to mama and went and took her by the hand and led her upstairs to my room. I turned to her and kissed her. Soft, tender, soulful kiss. Coming from deep inside me where my love for her resided. This beautifully magnificent woman that gave birth to me. Shared her womb to give me life, now shared it to give me pleasure.

She closed her eyes as she submitted once again to her youngest child. Switching smoothly from the role of mother to that of lover.

She laid on the bed and welcomed me into her body. The tight wetness of her vagina engulfing me. Squeezing and milking my length until we shared an orgasm that left me shaking on top of her as she continued to squeeze my deflating cock, drawing out every last bit of my sperm.

The visions of tomorrow began to flow through my brain. Visions of what was yet to come.

Visions of, well… Yes,,

A new beginning…

The End.

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