A New Chapter Pt. 01

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“Eat me,” Colleen insisted as she lowered her beautiful, bald pussy down on to my waiting face. “Eat me and make me cum …. please, daddy?” She added that at the last minute with a breathy little sigh as she smiled a truly wicked look upon her lovely face. I knew that I shouldn’t be excited, but hearing my nearly-nineteen year old talk like that made my cock twitch. The lovely blonde noticed and she giggled. Doesn’t society tell us you’re not supposed to fuck your daughter or any relative for that matter. Just how the hell had I gotten myself into this? Did I want out?

My name is Joel Shannon and the answer to the first question takes us back a few weeks. I found out that Penelope, my wife of almost 25 years, had been cheating on me. Her own sister clued me in and I was grateful that Christina had told me, even if I was furious after finding out. I didn’t even have to confront Penny — she told me herself a few days later and that was when I got Shock # 1 of several. My wife was having an affair with her boss.

Who just happens to be another woman.

After I learned of it, the shock abated quickly. My wife had confessed several lesbian fantasies to me over the past several years, all of them erotic. She even owned some lesbian fiction and films. She notices sexy women of different ages and ethnicities. I couldn’t fault her taste, because Lauren, her boss, is a drop-dead gorgeous, twenty-five year old brunette stunner with legs that go on for days. She’s one of only a few women out there who might even tempt me to cheat.

I was somewhat taken aback by my wife’s confession although for another, very good reason. She told me all of this in full view of our daughter. Fortunately, our older daughter was away at university and not privy to her daddy’s embarrassment.

“I knew, I just knew darling, that I had to try sex with another woman,” Penny informed me. “Once I did, there was no going back. I knew that I was bi-sexual and if I wanted to be happy, I had to sex it up with another girl from time to time. Lucky for me, with this being a university town, there are a lot of options for a lady who likes the ladies.”

“And Lauren?”

My wife sighed. “Some of those cute coeds are blabbermouths. Word got back to Lauren that her favorite employee happened to like girls. She invited me to lunch, one thing led to another and now, well, I am definitely her favorite employee.”

“So, let me see if I understand you. You’ve had affairs with women …”

“… several affairs, yes, please continue.”

“Several affairs and you intend to keep on having them?” Penny nodded. “So, you’re basically telling me that I can screw any available woman I happen to find?” Another nod. “Christ Penny, how am I supposed to be okay with this? You’ve cheated on me, not to mention, I don’t happen to know anyone I’d want to have an affair with.”

My wife and daughter both seemed surprised by this revelation, although they shouldn’t have been. While I am an attractive man, I’ve been happily married since the age of 19 and I’m not in the habit of looking around. As far as I knew, I was in a happy, contented marriage. Now, I learned otherwise.

“Lots of my friends would sleep with you daddy, in a heartbeat!” Colleen chirped up, reminding me that she was still there. “My daddy’s a stud, all my girlfriends think so — probably, so do some of mom’s!” Penny nodded in assent, causing me to feel very self-conscious. “Hey, I’ve got a cool idea — why don’t you let me be the girl to sex you up, daddy?”

Now we’ve reached the part where I was glad I wasn’t drinking anything at the time, because I might well have choked on it. “Colleen, are you out of your mind?” I sputtered. My daughter seemed unfazed by my words, so I went on. “We can’t — jeez, I can’t even say it — have sex! I’m your father, for Chrissakes!”

Colleen’s response was an unblinking stare and then, a glance over to her mother. “He doesn’t know, does he?” She asked Penelope. My wife answered the question by shaking her head, but I was still totally, 100% in the pitch-black dark. “Don’t you think that you should tell him?” Colleen continued, seeing my perplexed / annoyed look.

Penelope looked at our daughter as if she had just said something foul and stupid. Then, she sighed and said “It’s probably for the best. Joel, I’ve already confessed to you that I started having my affairs because I found a lot of the local coeds too tempting to resist. Well, there is more to the story than that.”

At this point, I was sure I was ready for anything. As it turned out, I was very much mistaken. My wife continued …

“A lot of the sororities have parties and those parties can get pretty wild. I was invited to a few of them and I had a wonderful time. I let my hair down and sexed it up with quite a number of the young lovelies in attendance. Well, as it so happens, I was invited to participate in a threesome. Mmm, I still get hot thinking about it. I’d never kırşehir seks hikayeleri done a threesome, so I said sure, I’d be up for that. I was with this sexy, California blonde named Athena and I wondered what it would be like with her and another girl,” Penny informed me. There were some people who might have found this erotic, but I was still stinging from my wife’s betrayal. I didn’t know what more was to follow, although from the impish grin on her face, Colleen did.

“Athena led me to the bedroom and then, she blindfolded me. I thought, what the hell, I’m up for anything! She started to kiss me and then I felt another girl lifting my hips to remove my tiny thong. I was so fucking horny, baby, I just left myself in their very capable hands. Athena was licking my tits and playing with them while the other girl went down on me. Oh fuck, could this girl eat pussy. I was screaming like the horny lesbian bitch I am, I wanted more and she was really into eating me out. I must have had six orgasms. I was so impatient by then, I wanted to screw both of these lovely bitches, so I ripped off my blindfold and that’s when I saw who the other girl was,” Penny sighed gently. “It was Tamara!”

I almost had a coronary on the spot. Tamara is Colleen’s older sister, our other daughter. I knew nothing at all about any of this. Evidently, I didn’t know my family as well as I thought I did. I had no idea they were capable of such perversions. Even in some of the racier books I have authored, I never penned escapades like these.

“You bitch,” I hissed, finally unable to conceal my anger. “That’s incest. What the hell were you thinking?”

Colleen went to say something, but Penelope stopped her with a wave. “Joel, even if I had been against it — and I’m not because the sex was mind-blowing — let’s not forget, it was Tamara who made love to me first. I had no idea. Once I did, I wouldn’t have stopped it and I didn’t. Yes, I had sex with our gorgeous, brunette daughter and her girlfriend and I’d do it again. In fact, I have done it again — several times — and intend to keep on doing it!”

I was seething at this point and it would have taken a miracle to calm me down. Fortunately for her mother, Colleen possessed just such a miracle — two of them, in fact. You guessed it, my daughter flashed me and I momentarily forgot my anger.

“Gotcha daddy, you looked!” Colleen smirked a triumphant grin. “You noticed that I have a great set of boobs. Admit it, if you weren’t interested at all, you wouldn’t have been distracted or you’d have yelled at me to button up! I bet if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve got a hardon!” I grimaced, but Colleen continued to press her point. “I turn you on daddy, and that’s only natural — I’m a hot-looking girl. So is Tamara and mom’s come clean, she’s into hot girls. Why do we have all these stupid rules about sex? If we want to fuck someone, why don’t we just fuck them? I want to fuck you daddy, you make me hot and wet — so the ball is in your court, daddy!” As I said, each time my daughter used the word “daddy”, my cock did a little jump. Colleen was relentless now that she could see my resolve slipping. She had been wearing a low-cut top and a pair of black leather shorts that were almost indecent. No, scratch that, they were indecent and I’m sure that’s why she was wearing them. My sexpot daughter came and sat on my lap, winking at her mother as she wiggled around on top of me. “I was right!” She exclaimed. “Daddy’s got a stiffie, and fuck, you lucky bitch mom, he’s got a big one!”

Penelope nodded. “Yes, I’ve never had a complaint with your daddy’s cock!” She grinned at our daughter as if this was all something perfectly natural and normal. “That’s why I went after girls, your daddy gives me more than enough prick to scratch that particular itch!” Colleen giggled as her mom said this and I am sure that I turned several shades of red. Still, I couldn’t stop feeling lust towards Colleen, despite every rule in the book telling me I shouldn’t. My daughter is a petite, though well-endowed, blonde bundle of sex. If a man has a pulse, she’s going to turn him on. Come to think of it, with what I know now, that applies to a lot of women as well. Colleen is fit, toned and athletic with a bubbly personality that also contains an underlying sexiness. As she slithered across my body, a forbidden image of her sucking my cock went through my head. Then it was me, eating her out. The harder I tried to push these images from my brain, the faster they came, like a runaway freight train.

Colleen continued her pursuit, confident in what she wanted from her daddy. “Face it daddy, you do want to fuck me! What’s stopping you? Mom’s cool with it, I’d love it! You’re more alike mom than you think, I know you have a great sex life, mom told me so. Stop torturing yourself daddy, stop making me beg for what we both want — you fucking me!”

I’m not made of stone, so I was starting to weaken. My wife saw that and made me an offer that sealed my fate. “Baby, if you give Colleen the kind of fucking I’m sure she deserves, I’ll pass that message on to Tamara. I just bet our other daughter would love to fuck her daddy — ooh, I’ve got it — you can have all three of us if you earn Colleen’s Seal of Approval!” I turned around and saw Colleen giving her mom a “thumb’s up” and knew I was lost. Colleen sealed the deal by jumping off my lap and running upstairs. When she came back down, any willpower I had to resist left in an instant.

Now Colleen was dressed in an outfit that looked as if it had been ordered from a fetish catalog. It was made up of black leather and lace and covered her sexy young body while leaving her breasts and pussy easily accessible. She was also wearing knee-high black suede boots with a stiletto heel. Now I couldn’t have resisted her even if I wanted to. A sexy young blonde dressed like that had hit on all of my weaknesses.

“What do you think, daddy?” Colleen asked me, practically purring and dripping honeyed words, punching on the one that made me squirm. I was speechless, which is something when you’re an author. “Hot enough to fuck?” I looked over and saw that Penny was as dumbstruck as I was. Knowing that Colleen had the upper hand, all I was able to do was nod. My daughter clapped her hands gleefully when she saw that she had me right where she wanted me.

“I’ll give you two some privacy,” Penny grinned, giving our daughter a playful pat on the rump. “If he didn’t want you baby, I did — remember that for the future,” she said to Colleen as she left. I saw a merry twinkle in our daughter’s eyes and knew that it wouldn’t be too long before took her mom up on her offer. My entire family had gone crazy and all that I could do was accept it and go with the flow. My daughter sauntered over to me, looking very provocative.

“I’m glad you want me, daddy,” Colleen said, tickling the palm of my hand. “I’ve wanted you for a long, long time.” We started up the stairs to the bedrooms and I couldn’t take my eyes off her incredible little ass. I assumed we would go to my bedroom, but Colleen had something else in mind for us. She shook her head and took me to her bedroom.

“I want my very first fuck with my daddy to be in my bedroom,” Colleen insisted as she adjusted the lights. One of the perks of being a successful author is you can afford a nice home with large bedrooms. We had more than ample room to play, I realized, and then, I thought of something else.

“You did mean your first fuck with me, didn’t you baby?” I questioned. Colleen shook her head.

“Nuh-uh – well, I guess, yes and no daddy, actually. This will be my first fuck with you, but this will be my first time with anyone,” Colleen answered, confirming my suspicions. She must have seen a look on my face, because she grabbed my hand and held it to her exposed breasts. “I always knew you had to be my first daddy, for a long time now. When mom confirmed what a great lay you were, I just knew I had to wait. So daddy-lover, take me to bed and let me see why mom loves being fucked by you! Make me your little bitch for the asking!”

At this point, I knew it was fruitless to argue with Colleen. Not only that, my poor cock was in need of some serious attention. The more that Colleen and her mother had pressed their points, the harder it had become to ignore the evidence that I wanted this to happen — all of it. I wanted Colleen and her mom and Tamara — I wanted my own personal harem of family sluts. Despite that, I knew I had to be gentle and loving with Colleen, to make her first time a memorable one.

Colleen proved to me that she had a mind of her own and some things that she wanted to implement. Before her loving daddy could even make his initial move, Colleen dropped to her knees in front of me. She fumbled with my zipper and fished out my cock. Almost with the skill of an experienced call girl, my beautiful little daughter opened her mouth and engulfed my cock in her full, soft, moist, warm lips.

I just about came on the spot, that’s how good Colleen was at giving a blow-job. I was startled by that because by her own admission, this was her first time. Someone had obviously coached her and quite well, by my reckoning. My knees weren’t going to hold out much longer either and I saw Colleen smiling at me, powder-blue eyes sparkling as she pleasured her daddy. “It’s okay daddy, you can cum in my mouth, I can swallow it. I really want that daddy, isn’t that what a good little bitch would say?”

That put me over the top as I could not take any more teasing. I let my load go and as she had promised she would, my little bitch did indeed swallow all of it. I marveled at her expertise and would scarcely have believed that this was her first time if I didn’t trust her word.

“Yum, that tasted so good, daddy!” Colleen enthused as she rose to her feet. “If it’s always that good, I might just become your cum-slut!” I think I was at a loss for words as I just kept staring at her. When had my sweet baby girl turned into this tempting little demon? I’d be damned if I’d let her run things entirely. I scooped a squealing Colleen up in my arms and deposited her gorgeous rump on her bed. She was so excited that her breath was coming in short gasps and her lovely chest was heaving. “Do whatever you want to me, daddy,” Colleen said in a tone that sounded totally unlike her regular speaking voice. “Whatever you want!”

One of the things I wanted to do was to salve my wounded ego and prove to Colleen that for whatever reason her mom had slipped, it had nothing whatsoever to do with my sexual prowess. Colleen had told me that Penny had praised my skills as a lover, yet I still felt as if I had something to prove. The naughtily-dressed little blonde was about to learn just what a horny older man could do for her.

I got out of my clothes and I saw a look of admiration in Colleen’s eyes. Had she forgotten that her parents were both physically fit? I’m still buff into my 40’s and one of the reasons my wife married me hangs between my legs. Joining Colleen on her bed, I felt it sink a bit at our combined weight. I was glad that Penny and I usually buy expensive, well-crafted furniture. It was going to be put to the test shortly.

I pulled my daughter close to me and lifted her hips, bringing her pussy to my face. She picked up on my move and locked her legs behind my back, the heels of her boots digging in. I didn’t mind the pain, not if what I expected was about to happen. Her outfit gave me easy access to her pussy and I went for it, sliding my tongue in deep and feeling her shudder with pleasure. Her pussy was beautiful, trimmed, not shaved, pink and moist and delicious. I love pleasing a woman with my tongue and I’ve gotten good at it. Good enough, I thought to myself, that Penny had to find another woman to equal me. From Colleen’s hunching her sweet little muff against my face, I sensed that I hadn’t lost my touch.

I got in deep, really eating her out and as I did, I looked down to see the blissful expression on Colleen’s face. I wasn’t then sure what the future held for us, but I sensed Colleen would want to be with me again. From the way her eyes rolled back in her head, I saw that I had already made her cum and I was just getting warmed up. I fingered Colleen’s pussy and discovered that nothing was blocking my way — no hymen. I ate her pussy for a few minutes more and then, I lowered her body to the bed. Colleen must have seen something in my expression. “I meant it when I said you were my first fuck, daddy,” she explained. “But I have used sex toys to prepare, because I’d heard that the first time can be messy.”

Again, because she had earned my trust, I took Colleen at face value. I didn’t have to ask her in what position she wanted us to make love the first time, because the little scamp was already mounting me, facing away in reverse-cowgirl position. “Play with my tits, daddy,” she sighed as she wriggled and writhed her way down on my cock. “I’ve had fantasies about my daddy playing with my tits.”

I wasn’t about to argue with her, as her tight pussy gripped my cock. I fondled her perfect breasts as my daughter fucked me, picking up speed as she got used to feeling me inside of her. Again, had I not known I was her first lover, I wouldn’t have been able to tell. She possessed an innate skill for fucking and now, Colleen was riding me for all that she was worth. Her perfect little ass was bouncing up and down as she rode daddy and I loved how goddamned sexy she looked in the naughty little ensemble she had chosen to wear for me. With the sunshine streaming in through her large bedroom window, Colleen’s entire body was illuminated and the rays glinted off the silver tips of the boots she was wearing.

“Aww, yeah daddy, oh Gawd, FUCK daddy!” Colleen yelped as my cock sank into her, hitting bottom. Her pussy was snug and tight, but it took my manhood with no trouble whatsoever. She wasn’t at all quiet about screwing me and I wondered if Penny was still downstairs. Could she hear us? I hoped so. I hoped that she’d be excited by the noises of our daughter fucking her daddy.

Men my age usually don’t get to fuck horny teenaged girls, but being a lucky sonofabitch, I was fucking one now. I was concentrating on where and when to nibble, kiss and caress as Colleen took all of me. I loved hearing the squishsquishsquish sounds of her pussy taking my cock and the noises our bodies made as her pussy slapped against my cock and balls.

Colleen got off me and got on all fours, presenting herself to me. “I want it all ways, daddy,” Colleen said as she turned her head to look at me. “Do me like a doggy bitch and then, well, we’ll figure out what to do next!” I complied and let my cock sink deep inside of her. “Oh fuck, you feel so good in my cunt, daddy and I feel so nasty saying that word!” If Colleen kept it up, I wasn’t sure just how long it would be before I came again. I vowed to prolong that as long as I could because it felt so good being inside of her and seeing the smooth lines of her body as I screwed her from behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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