A new life_(2)

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I awoke wearing a head harness and chest harness, but nothing else. They both had a lock on them. I stood up and had a look at my new surroundings.
I was in a barn with four stalls, the stalls had a dark red wood from the ground 3 ft. up and the rest of it were bars. The top of the stall had bars on it too. I walked up to the entrance of the stall, I put my hand through the bars and unlocked the stall. I pulled, but it didn’t budge, I pushed but it still wouldn’t move. I rested my head against the bars, when I looked up at the stall in front of mine I noticed there was a latch on the bottom of the door that a person couldn’t reach.
“Damn” I thought aloud. “Who w-was that” a female voice gently moaned out. ” I quickly responded with a ” Right here, are you in a stall too.” I looked forward hoping I would hear her voice again when I saw a person’s head slowly rising, it was my wife.
We both looked into each others eyes for a minuet before one of us spoke, as always we both started speaking at the same time. “Should we…” we both said at the same time. “you go first Dan” my wife ,Lacey, spoke. “Do you know where were at?” “No” Lacey said quietly, probably going through her last memories before she was here. “I thin-” Lacey started but was interrupted by a man’s voice.
“Good morning ladies and gentleman. I am Master Will, and with me is my beautiful wife Miss Lily. From now on you are our pets and you will be treated as so. When you talk to us you must address us as Master Will and Miss Lily. When we ask you to do something you do it, if you refuse you will be swiftly punished. Any questions?” “Yeah, you son of a bitch, where are we?” a strange woman screamed “Ah ,I guess you weren’t paying attention” Master Will said with complete frustration. “Lily dear, hand me a leash a paddle” “The studded paddle or the regular one” Lily purred. Now that I could see her better I noticed that she at least D sized cups, her waist was so slim. All I could think about was how gorgeous she was. “I will have the studded paddle baby” Master Will sighed with a sound of absolute love in his voice.
Master Will walked over to the stall next to my wife’s and opened the door. Inside of the stall was a small beautiful woman, trying to cover herself with her arms. “Uncover yourself” Master Will instructed with a strong voice. “I will certainly not” the woman said. Slap. The woman’s face now adorned a red handprint on the side of her face. Both of her hands were now on the red welt she had on her face. Master Will quickly put the leash on her head harness and walked out of the stall. Afraid of being hit again the woman followed him. “Okay girl, for not addressing me as Master Will you will be spanked 5 times with the studded paddle. “Master Will, please don’t I have learned my lesson” the woman pleaded. “No, you have not and you will now be punished” Master Will yelled.
First spank, then a scream.
Second spank, then a scream for forgiveness.
Third spank, sobs.
Fourth spank, crying and tears.
Fifth spank, screaming.

“Now, Lily take this pet to the arena and tie her to the matress” “Yes honey, do I do anything to her” “No, don’t touch her once she is tied to the post.” Master Will said.
Now I want to see the handsome guy that my wife picked out” Master Will grinned as he walked toward my stall. “Now you will be good for me won’t you?” Master Will said with a evil looking grin.
Master Will opened my stall door and let himself in ,closing the door behind him. I was scared. He reached out and grabbed my 7in. hard dick. “I see you get hard watching girls being spanked, I will make a note of that when handling your wife.” he said. I squirmed a little and tried to pull away. All of a sudden my balls felt as if they were on fire and I started screaming. Master Will had pinched my balls. I stood still and decided to listen. “Give me a blowjob” Master Will said loud enough so my wife heard. “Master Will, I am straight, please don’t make me do this.” I pleaded. “No, you will give me a blowjob or you will suffer a fate as that other pet suffered.” he said. My dick got harder at the thought and I felt my face grow really hot. “Oh, so you like being spanked don’t you?” Master Will questioned. He walked out of my stall and into my wife’s.
He put a leash on Lacey’s head harness and walked her into my stall and then tied her to a hook on the wall. “Your wife will watch you suck dick and be gaziantep escort spanked. I hope you enjoy it.” Master Will said with self satisfaction.
He grabbed my head and shoved his cock into my mouth and started thrusting back and forth. He started spanking me as hard as he could with the paddle and told me to suck his cock. I started sucking his cock. I didn’t like the taste and I didn’t like the feel of it.
My wife ,Lacey, started sobbing. We had been married for two years, and we have known each other for ten. We were both completely happy at are home in Maine, we walked on the beach every day together, talking about her wanting a baby and me telling her that we should wait for a year until we had more money. It felt like years since we were at our beautiful home.
“You know what you are bad at oral sex, I guess I will give a try on the ass of yours” Master Will said angrily. He spun me around so that I was facing my wife. I heard him spitting on his hands and probably rubbing his penis with his own spit. I started silently crying knowing I would be in a huge amount of pain.
He was just standing behind me, penis in hand. He pushed me to the ground on my knees and shoved his hard dick into my ass. I screamed ,but he was like a piston and kept going faster and faster with each thrust. I was sobbing now, thinking about how the strange man name Will was raping my asshole.

Please leave a comment, or message me if you want me to write the second one, thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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