A Night In

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“Thanks for staying in with me baby,” you say, nuzzling my neck with your beard. You feel guilty for not wanting to go out tonight. It’s sweet of you. I understand that you hate the clubs, but it still frustrates me sometimes. It’s my first year of college and I just want to go out and party. You on the other hand, will be graduating soon and you’ve had enough of partying.

I cuddle into your broad chest and glance at the movie playing. It’s a kung-fu movie with English subtitles. It isn’t keeping my interest at all. I begin lazily running my hand around your chest. I love feeling the muscles there. For some reason I’m really turned on tonight. To the point where I can’t even sit still. Instead I keep crossing and uncrossing my legs, desperate to be touched.

You’ve noticed. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but you’re letting me build. You love it when I beg you.

“Restless tonight?” you ask. You look directly into my eyes when you look at me and it makes my stomach flip in anticipation. I can see the mischief there. I can tell you’re going to tease me.

“Maybe a little,” I reply as I lean into you. I begin to kiss you slowly. I lick your bottom lip gently, as a way to ask for entrance. You don’t comply, instead biting at me gently before pulling away.

I can’t stand how in control you are. I sigh and lean against you again and let you return to your movie. You’re smirking. You think you’re winning. Tonight, though, I want to tease you.

I make a big show of stretching out under my blanket. Escort Bayan I’m laying with my head in your lap now, with everything from my shoulders down covered by a blanket. You slide your hand under the blanket and find one of my breasts. You casually begin playing with one of my nipples. It drives me insane. I don’t wait for you to escalate it though. Instead I slip one of my own hands between my legs, pulling my underwear to the side beneath my skirt and very obviously begin taking care of myself.

I can feel you getting hard. It’s simultaneously turning you on and driving you crazy that I’m ignoring you. You fling the blanket off of me so you can see what’s happening. One of my breasts is out of my shirt. You waste no time in freeing the other. I sit up and face you. You kiss me roughly and try to replace my hand for yours. I slap you away and continue fingering myself as you kiss me. You desperately want to be included but I keep denying you access. You bite down my neck and collar bone before finding my breasts with your mouth. You bite the soft flesh there and I cry out. You take one of my nipples between your fingers and squeeze and it drives me crazy. You feel my body shudder as I orgasm on the spot.

You look into my eyes and smile deviously. “You know, that’s my job.”

Before I can respond you’ve lifted me off the couch and are carrying me back toward your room. I giggle as you set me down on your bed. You stand at the foot and remove your shirt. Next off is your belt. Escort Instead of throwing it to the side though you keep it in your hand as you approach me.

“These hands have done enough for one night, don’t you think?” you ask catching my wrists and pinning them above my head. You wrap your belt around them and tightly tie them together before lashing them to your headboard. I’ve never been tied up before and I can’t believe what an exciting feeling it is.

You start to kiss me again now. With no hands to pull you closer I have to arch my body to meet your kisses. You’re teasing me again but now I am powerless to the assault. Your mouth freely explores my body dispersing both soft kisses and aggressive bites where you see fit. I start writhing, wishing I could pull my skirt off. Wishing I could direct you to where I need your touch most.

You laugh at my squirming. “My poor restless girl. You want to get fucked don’t you?”

My stomach does flips at your questioning.

“Yes,” I whisper breathlessly.

“What was that?” you ask lackadaisically running a finger under the waist band of my skirt.

“Yes!” I say more adamantly as you slide one of your fingers inside me.

“Someone’s wet,” you say amused. You finally slide my skirt and panties all the way off of me, leaving me completely exposed.

You spread my legs and begin kissing and biting my inner thighs. Getting so close I can literally feel your breath on my swollen clit, but never actually touching Bayan Escort that part of me.

Then you pull away and I hear you undo your pants. I’m sure that by now you are almost as desperate as me, but if so you don’t show it. You’re always so much more in control than I am I can’t fathom how you do it.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” you ask. Your voice is gravelly. You’re finally starting to slip. You need me just as badly as I need you.

“Yes,” I say back.

“Then say it.”

“I want you to fuck me.”


“Please baby, I want you to fuck me,” I beg knowing it will send you over the edge.

It does and without warning you slam your whole length inside of me causing me to cry out in pure ecstasy. You’re aggressive tonight, thrusting deep and hard, no longer able to tease. I love it and wrap my legs around you trying to bring you in closer to me. I want all of you.

“That’s right, take it,” you growl at me. Your intensity just makes the experience better. It turns me on knowing how badly you want me.

“Who’s my girl?” you ask.

“I am baby.”

“Just mine?”

“I’m all yours. No one else’s,” I reply a little frantic.

It’s obvious we’re both really close. I begin to moan louder, letting you know I’m about to finish.

“That’s right baby. Come for me,” you say and it takes me over the edge. I arch my back and bite your chest as I climax for the second time tonight. Before my orgasm is through I feel you experience your own climax.

Afterward we both lie breathless for a moment trying to regain the rest of our senses. You unbind my wrists and I cuddle into you.

“Who’s my girl?” you asked with a small smile. I giggle and kiss you playfully.

“I’m all yours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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