A Night Out On The Company

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I was in town on business and decided the company could afford for me to have one night out while I had to spend a night in a strange time and potentially a cold empty bed. So after the meetings finished I headed back to the hotel to get ready for a night of adventure and who knows what.

I quickly got undressed and headed for the shower as the hat water hit me I felt my balls start to tingle and my cock was stirring I had to make a great effort not to arouse myself too much as I washed myself and thought what might be happening later on. I quickly dried myself threw on a pair of Dockers and a fairly snug fitting top and was ready for the night ahead.

As I was walking out of the room I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and even though I say so myself I was not to bad, even though I was approaching thirty I still weighed in at 160 lbs and at 5 foot 10 there was no sign of any spreads in the wrong direction, the tan and blonde hair seemed to be just right.

I decided that I would start the night in the hotel bar and see where it would lead, as I walked into the bar I was greeted with the most amazing sight.

It felt like a scene from a movie standing at the bar were two of the most amazing women I have seen in my life, the nearest one was about 25 years of age 5 foot 8 in height a coffee coloured complexion the most delicate features you can envisage and to top it all what can only be called a divine figure. She was wearing a cream coloured business suit with a tapered skirt that accentuated the perfect waist this goddess owned. Next to her was a blonde haired beauty about the same weight and height as her friend. Batumi Escort Even from across the bar I could see the most remarkable feature this girl possessed was the most amazing green eyes.

For some reason as I walked in they both stopped talking turned around to look at me walk in and to my total astonishment in unison they both smiled and my stomach started performing somersaults and my cock stirred in that anticipatory way of what felt like the most amazing night of my life.

I walked over sat on a stool right next to the coffee coloured beauty who I found out was called Celina the blonde darling with the green eyes was called Holly I offered to buy a drink and after a brief discussion we all decided to celebrate the start of a new friendship with a glass of Irish whiskey.

We spent a couple of hours in the bar and then decided to go and share a Pizza and a bottle of wine. We finished the meal with a large espresso each and decided we could go back to my hotel and raid the bar in my room.

We got back to room mixed a few drinks turned on the TV and started to relax in each other’s company. Celina took off her suit jacket underneath her body was swathed in a creamy type of silk blouse; her breasts were small but perfect and unadorned. If it was audible (I think I gasped) there was no reaction. I sat in between the two ladies on the bed. Holly looked at me winked and delved into her small little clutch bag and pulled out a spliff, I reached over took out my lighter and offered holly and we all just started to laugh. It seemed to be just unfolding like the movie I thought I was in after the joint was well and truly smoked Georgia Escort it inevitable started to happen. We all just lay down on the bed my hand started to stroke Celina’s hair and holly snuggled onto my shoulder and started kissing my neck and ear. Holly had been the quieter of the two girls but this stopped and totally different girl suddenly took over.

Her hand slowly started to massage my thigh slowly creeping up towards my now erect cock. I in turn leaned over and found Celina’s mouth and kissed her tenderly at first but quickly the kiss was returned and soon became passionate tongues entwined and breathing became faster and faster.

My hand crept from her hair to wards her breasts that were most definitely pushed up to meet my hand. While I was discovering the delights of Celina Holly had started to get me ready for a slow fuck, unbuttoned my Dockers slipped them off the boxers followed and my 8 inch prick jumped up in eagerness.

I don?t know how she did it but it seemed without taking her hands off me she had taken her clothes off and she just climbed on top of me and lowered herself onto my rigid prick her pussy was literally dripping my prick just slipped in side and I felt the intense heat of horny pussy. Her muscle control was unbelievable and she slowly pulled all 8 inches inside her, her back her blonde hair touching my knees and her pert breasts pointing towards the ceiling.

My hand was still stroking and caressing Celina’s right breast and quite quickly started to try and find out how wet her pussy had become following the actions of her friend that Celina was enjoying immensely.

I found Tbilisi Escort the waistband of her skirt unzipped it and Celina wriggled out if it. My hand stretched out and I felt the top of Celina’s thong it crept round and my unbelieving hand felt the tip of very large prick attached to this beautiful young girl. This indeed had turned to the night of my life I had dreamt of something like this since my first visit to the net. So I knew exactly what to do. When my hand had released this black cock from its restraint I felt Holly contorting on top of me and kissed the prick in my hand and started to give the most sensual blowjob. I was instantly jealous I had never tasted a prick in my life and at that moment it was the most important mission in my life to rectify this oversight.

Nobody was speaking but when I lifted my head off the pillow Celina started moving her crotch up towards my mouth Holly mouth let go of her prize and together we started to lick kiss and tease that prick towards a very fast very intense orgasm. I was sucking on her balls and felt them tightening, how long could you last with this type of attention. Holly must have felt exactly the same thing as me. Her pussy started to squeeze my prick even harder and everything was building to the most incredible climax.

Then Celina let out this soft moaning sound, Holly just purred and I just started to suck all the cum out this raging black cock in my mouth and as my mouth started to fill with the sweetest taste I have ever had my cock simply exploded inside Holly and I continued to swallow as fast as I could.

My life had just changed forever and this first day was the best yet. As my orgasm abated Holly’s pussy was squeezing the last drop of cum from me and I was making sure I did not miss a drop from Celina. slowly we came back down from the ultimate climax.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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