A Night Out to Remember

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Alexandra Evans walked through the same dive bar that her and best friend Lee Meyer have been going to since even before they could drink. The bartenders were friends but mostly out of towners found Kislings to be the watering hole while on vacation in Ocala Florida. Kislings was a small bar, great wings and tons of great memories for Alexandra and Lee. Locals knew Alexandra as Ali, she lived in the little town long enough, so she always had to find ways of entertaining herself.

Ali has always been a beauty, long legs and breasts way perfect for her thick body. Her best friend Lee is almost 6 feet tall and very fit, the best part of him is that he has a smile to die for, beautiful straight white teeth.

Relationships have never been their thing but an open friendship for a little wild night has always been an unspoken arrangement. Ali is the “huntress”. She finds what she likes and Lee has never disagreed.

July in Ocala is terrible, 105 and no one wants to be outside unless you are by a pool. Needing some excitement Ali and Lee agreed to spend the night out, doing what or better yet whom is what Ali will be looking to determine.

Ali cradled a glass of wine in her upturned hand, pool games were fun with Lee but slowly walking through the room in search of a friendly smile turned her on more than anything. Lee just smiles at her and understands where the night is headed by that look in her eyes. She notices the bulge in his jeans that tells excitement already brews in his mind. Always on the same page these two.

By the bathroom Ali notices her, beautiful; with long jet black hair and smooth brown skin. She is young, maybe in her mid-twenties. She is wearing a tight mini skirt with high heels, voluptuous natural breast peeping out of her red silk shirt, the mini skirt barely covering an ass that she knows Lee would just love.

A smile and a nod, this beauty walks into the bathroom with sex in her eyes. Ali follows; someone who may be willing, she thinks to herself. Maybe willing isn’t the right word…. more than likely intrigued by the sex that Ali knows is steaming off of her. A low cut short sundress and heels often help with that message. Her DD breast more than half hanging out, anyone would know that Ali isn’t just there to play pool but most of the guys know Lee is her best friend, no one in the bar would even dare to cross him by making advances towards her.

Walking into the bathroom the exotic beauty is leaning against the sink with an intriguing look in her eyes.

“ Hello, I’m Ali, you are?” Ali asks.

“ Elsa” she says. “ I hoped you would follow me in. I have been watching you for awhile”.

“Oh yeah, why such a long time?”

“Well because I wanted to make sure you were what I was looking for”

“And what might that be”?

Elsa pushes Ali against the wall, presses her firm lips against Ali’s and gently parts her mouth. The kiss was passionate and eager.

“Does your boyfriend mind things like this?” Elsa asks

“Lee is going to be perfectly fine with whatever we want to do, are you willing to be a submissive?” Ali questions with hope.

“I am up for a good time, no questions asked”. Elsa says with a smile

Ali grabs Elsa’s hand and walks her out of the bathroom, giving a wave to Lee. He throws whatever money he was betting on the pool table and follows the ladies out of the bar. Ali introduces Elsa as the girls get into the back of Ali’s Black Lexus LS sport. Excitement fills them with thoughts of what the the next few hours might hold.

“Lee I am going to need you to drive, this vixen is up for anything.” Ali says

“We aren’t even out of the parking lot” Lee laughs.

The girls are making out rubbing each other’s breasts and pulling each other’s hair just so slightly. They are testing each other, playing this almost cat and mouse game of limits. Ali knows that, in this game she always wins. The girls skirts slowly move up over their hips all but revealing their pussies as they paw at each other. Ali can feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she caresses every inch of this Latina goddess.

Ali’s mind wanders at the thought of how she tastes and how much Lee will enjoy watching the two of them pleasuring each other while 69ing. Thinking of her friend Ali’s eyes lock with Lee’s in the rear view mirror. Lee is having trouble keeping his eyes off the little action he can see in the mirror. Ali pulls away from Elsa, reaches around from the back seat, places her warm Sikiş hikayeleri hand on Lee’s bulge and rubs his stiffening cock through his jeans. Ali whispers in his ear how sweet she tastes. Lee smiles with anticipation as his cock grows.

Ali refrains from distracting Lee any more than she already has. His only task thus far is getting them to her house. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and turns her attention back to Elsa. Ali turns Elsa around and grabbing her hips lifts her sweet ass up doggy style. Ali places her face by Elsa’s voluptuous ass, spreads her knees apart and begins to gently lick her tight tan pussy. Elsa moans with pleasure as Ali spreads her lips apart with her tongue and slowly caresses her clit.

Elsa reaches back to spread her ass further giving Ali the go ahead to play with her little taint and tight asshole. Ali obliges and with a moist finger rubs her exit slowly adding to the intense stimulation of her tongue.

Ali inserts two fingers inside Elsa’s moist snatch just to hear her moan. Ali quickly removes her now soaked fingers and places them in front of Lee allowing him to lick the juices clean off. Lee sucks every tasteful drop from her fingers driving Ali crazy with excitement. She knows she shouldn’t but Ali leans down into Lee’s lap, unzips his pants, pulls his throbbing cock out and gently caresses the head of his member with her tongue. Lee sighs with pleasure as her warm saliva and breath assault his manhood.

Elsa lifts Ali’s skirt and smacks her ass just before Lee turns into the driveway of Ali’s house. Elsa starts to finger Ali gently at first then she asks if she’s been a bad girl, “yes, yes I have!” and with that Elsa fingers Ali harder forcing her to grip the fabric of the front seat as waves of ecstasy flow through her body.

Pulling into the driveway of Ali’s house it takes all that Lee has to get the girls out of the car, pulling skirts down and shirts up he is sure that a pair of panties (if there were any to begin with) have become lost within the seats. Lee is fumbling for the keys;

“I got this” says Ali as she composes herself and opens her front door.

It may be a small colonial home but it was left to Ali when her grandfather passed away. Kitchen in the front of the house with an adjoining dining room. Twelve foot vaulted ceilings welcome you into the living room that is made for comfort. The entire back of the house is made of glass, the sun rises there and is the most pleasant and comfortable place in the house. Wrap around leather sofa is accented by a large over sized white chair.

A small bar sits in the corner, just enough for glasses and some hard liquor. Hardwood floors cover only this room but Ali has a large Persian rug in the center.

Lee walks Elsa into the living room, “ Does anyone want something to drink?” Ali asks.

“WINE!!!” They both yell in unison.

Ali grabs a bottle of wine and a glass of ice. Ali walks into the living room as Lee and Elsa talk likes and dislikes. Elsa says she wants to tie Ali to the bed so she can tease and pleasure her all at once, but first she wants to cum…hard!.

Elsa is sitting on the sofa, Ali grabs some ice and begins to unbutton her shirt. Beautiful nipples. Ali nibbles a little then she rubs it down with ice making it stand at attention. Lee pulls off Ali’s dress while Elsa leans over to rub Lee’s already hard cock through his jeans. Ali strips Elsa slowly as the three take turns rubbing and kissing.

Ali whispers in Elsa’s ear. The girls both stand Lee up and begin to undress him. Ali drops to her knees, grabs Lee’s boxers by the waistband and slowly remove them revealing his wanting 9 inches of manhood. Ali has seen his cock many times before but knowing what he can do with it makes her more excited. Ali grabs Lee’s cock-head with her lips, slowly engulfs him member almost completely allowing her saliva to coat every inch. Lee sighs loudly with pleasure.

Elsa falls to her knees next to Ali and starts to caress Lee’s balls with her tongue. Ali stops, pushes Lee onto the sofa so he’s laying down then straddles him in a 69 position.

“I’m dripping wet” she tells him while rubbing his swelling cock.

Elsa straddles Lee’s legs on the couch in front of Ali leaning back to give her a clear view of her perfectly shaven pussy. Thank goodness Lee is tall Ali thinks to herself as she leans in to satisfy her craving for pussy.

Lee spreads Ali’s ass and licks her from Sex hikaye clit to hole lapping up her sweet sweet juices. Lee takes two fingers and plunges them into her moist pussy, Ali moans with pleasure and screams out for Lee to finger her harder. Lee obliges while flicking her clit with his tongue. Ali starts bucking with excitement until Lee slaps her ass leaving a slight welt.

“I know what you like” he announces.

“Yea you do baby. Treat me like the slut I am!”

Lee removes his fingers and sticks his long tongue deep inside Ali’s cunt making her go wild with excitement once more. Ali starts sucking Lee’s cock as Elsa spreads his legs, grabs his balls and proceeds to give me a rim job while she plays her own eager pussy.

Ali gets up off of Lee, stands him up and makes Elsa sit on the couch legs spread wide. Ali and Lee both kneel in front of her, start licking her snatch and asshole as they play with her gorgeous tits and nipples. Lee sits up on his knees and slides his free hand down Ali’s back and ass so he can finger her from behind. Ali alternates between sucking Lee’s dick and licking Elsa’s cunt as Lee finger fucks her wet tight cunt.

Ali stands up and tells Lee that she wants to watch Lee fuck this little slut while she plays with herself and enjoys some wine. Lee mounts her sticking his cock deep into her tight tan pussy. She moans and starts telling him how great he feels in Spanish. Lee starts out slow giving her every inch of his dick and then gets faster driving her crazy, her tits are jumping with the rhythm of his thrusts as Lee pounds her wet hole.

Ali grabs a shoe box from the hall closet.

“Flip her over Lee, I want you to get her tight ass nice and wet”. Ali commands.

Ali reaches in the box to reveal a blue thick dildo. She straps the cock on and grabs a tube of lube.

Ali forces Elsa dogie style on the plush carpet in the middle of the room. Ali slides underneath her as Lee fingers her tight asshole in preparation for his cock. With Ali in position she move the blue monster towards her wet pussy. Elsa is more than willing to let Ali fuck her pussy with the blue behemoth and spreads her lips wide as the thick head pops in 1st.

Lee feels like she’s ready for him. A few drops of lube on Elsa’s exit and Lee plunges his thick cock deep in her ass. She screams with pleasure.

“Wow her ass is so tight!” Lee elaborates.

“You like taking Lee’s fat dick in your tight asshole don’t you you little slut”

Short of breath from the assault Elsa just nods vigorously with approval.

As Lee fills her asshole with his meat stick Ali slides each inch of the dildo in her cunt. The two pound away on her until she orgasms with delight screaming in pleasure. Ali slides the dripping dildo out of her throbbing snatch and makes Elsa suck it clean as Lee continues to fuck her exit. Ali can tell that Lee is close to shooting his man cream in this sluts ass and she orders him to stop forcing him out of her exit. Ali wants to taste every drop when Lee cums.

Ali bends over and very slowly sucks his dick clean preparing for the next round of sexual endeavors.

“Let’s go upstairs” Ali says, grabbing Elsa’s fat ass as she helps her up off the floor, legs still shaking from the intense orgasm she had moments ago.

The three get into the room and Ali lays spread eagle on her king bed enjoying some wine as Lee gets the ropes, double ended dildo and other toys from the closet. Elsa lays with Ali caressing and licking her breasts while also rubbing the inside of her thighs. Lee walks around the bed tying each of Ali’s limbs to the bed posts.

With her secured Elsa and Lee take a side and each kiss and lick Ali, starting at her neck and ears, moving down to her breasts where they each take her erect nipples in their mouths to suck and nibble on them driving her insane with excitement. they both move down Ali’s stomach and together lick and finger every inch of her soaking wet pussy, clit and asshole pushing her to the breach of orgasm only to stop. Lee gives Elsa a thick dildo and tells her to stick it into Ali’s mouth to get it nice and wet.

She forces the monster past her lips as she tries and take the whole thing in her mouth. Once it’s nice and wet Elsa plunges it into Ali’s pussy straddling on top of Ali in a 69 position keeping her snatch just out of reach from her wanting tough and mouth.

“The teasing!” she screams as Elsa fucks her harder and Erotik Hikaye harder and harder with the dildo.

“My turn to be in control” Ali demands.

She tells Elsa to start dining on her swollen clit. Ali pushes Elsa’s head down with the palm of her hand.

“Untie my leg Lee.” she orders. Lee obliges by untying just Ali’s left leg. Lee roughly push her as far as her bindings will allow onto her side.

“Keep rubbing my clit you slut!” Ali begs.

Lee knows what she wants. Holding her free leg in the air Lee positions himself behind her. Grabbing his love stick, Lee rubs the tip of his cock around the opening of Ali’s pussy.

“Stop teasing me Lee and stick that big dick of yours in!”

Lee’s cock slides past her lips spreading her wide open, she takes all of his 9 inches dick balls deep into her swollen and now throbbing pussy.

“Harder!” “Pinch my nipples. Please”! Ali begs “I want to cum, please let me cum LEE”.

Lee allows it but not without slapping her ass and biting her nipple as he slams his dick in and out of Ali’s tight snatch, increasing with speed on every thrust. Hurting to the point of beyond pleasure is how she likes it. Elsa continues to lick and suck on her clit.

“Harder. HARDER”! Ali begs. “Baby you’re going to make me cum. Please let me cum!” She pulls tight on her bindings, her pussy clamps around Lee’s cock…orgasm! Lee and Ali fall to the bed, exhausted.

Elsa and Lee loosen her bindings and rub Ali’s wrists and ankles. “Now it’s your turn to cum,” Ali orders to Lee.

Lee is thrown down on the bed facing up and Ali orders the little sex slave to straddle Lee reverse cowgirl style. Ali wants Elsa to rub her pussy lips and clit up and down the length of his cock, from head to base very slowly.

During this Ali makes her way up to Lee to kiss and rub his chest watching as Lee gets aroused more and more by the feeling of this sluts pussy lips on his shaft. Ali orders her to insert Lee’s wanting member into her love hole and for her to ride Lee’s cock nice and slow.

Lee moans in approval and begs to suck on Ali’s breasts, to feel her nipples in his mouth and hear her moan when he bites down on them. Making Ali moan gets Lee off. Ali and Lee both watch as Elsa’s pussy reveals and swallows his cock.

“I’m getting close” Lee says.

Ali reaches around in front of Elsa and grabs Lee’s balls giving them a good squeeze.

“Not just yet” she grins as Elsa hops off. “It’s momma’s turn” Ali says as she grabs some lube.

Ali has Elsa lay on the bed and Ali gets on all fours straddling Elsa’s face then rubbing the lube into her ass crack.

“You want to fuck this tight ass don’t you baby.”

“Fuck yea I do. Your asshole is so tight, I need that!”

Lee gets behind Ali allowing his balls to caress Elsa’s tits.

“I want you to fuck my ass while she plays with us both.”

Lee leans in positioning his mushroom tip at Ali’s exit.

“Ready.” Lee warns as he squeezes the head of his cock into Ali’s tight asshole.

She lets out an approving moan.

“Wow baby your ass is so tight, it feels amazing.”

He continues to add his girth slowly. Every inch makes Ali moan louder and louder as Lee slides each inch deep into her. Lee starts moving his cock in and out of her exit very slowly feeling her asshole hug his throbbing cock.

“Fuck my asshole baby!” Ali begs as Elsa is licking her clit and using her hands to rub Lee’s asshole and taint and finger herself.

Faster and faster lee goes grabbing a handful of Ali’s hair and pulling her had back.

“Holy shit you cock feels so good. Fuck my dirty slutty hole baby, fuck me good. Give my ass a good pounding like I deserve!” Ali commands

Lee smacks Ali on the ass 3 good times with the rhythms of his thrusts. He’s pounding away real good at her tight hole now.

Elsa moistens her finger inserts it into Lee’s rectum as he’s pounding away. He moans with excitement as the added stimulation takes him well over the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum” Lee yells out as he fucks Ali harder and harder.

Ali pulls the throbbing cock out of her ass and spins around so she can feel and taste his seamen. Ali grabs Lee’s hard cock in her hand and strokes it furiously.

“Give mama what she wants baby, cum for me.”

He lets out a loud moan as the head of his member spits his warm man juice in her mouth and on both her and Elsa’s faces. Ali loves it, cleaning it off of her face and slowly licking Lee’s sensitive piece dry with delight.

Lee falls in between the two beauties and as they wrap themselves around him sleep befalls the trio.

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