A Night to Remember

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Song: Let’s Make A Night To Remember
Artist: Bryan Adams

“I love the way ya look tonight
With your hair hangin’ down on your shoulders
N’ I love the way ya dance your slow sweet tango
The way ya wanna do everything but talk
And how ya stare at me with those undress me eyes
Your breath on my body makes me warm inside
Let’s make out – lets do something amazing
Let’s do something that’s all the way
Cuz I’ve never touched somebody like the way I touch your body
Now I never want to let your body go…
Let’s make a night – to remember
From January – to December
Let’s make love – to excite us
A memory – to ignite us
Let’s make honey baby – soft and tender
Let’s make sugar darlin’ – sweet surrender
Let’s make a night – to remember – all life long”

* * * * *

Desiree slowly swayed to the music softly playing from her radio player. Slowly her body moved to the sounds of the music as the fire, providing the only light, played with her body casting loving shadows and light upon her slender form clad in her white silk night gown. Out in the dark night a gentle storm rolled across the sky above the small cabin, as she continued to dance, her hands moving to her sable hair as her eyes closed as she began to sing along with the lyrics of the song. Little did she know that she was being watched with much interest.

Mark had just stepped out of the bedroom fresh from his shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist to cover himself. A low rumble rose in his throat as he watched Desiree’s hips sway softly as the silk of her gown gave the allusion of her floating in her movements. Her back was to him giving him full reign to admire her lush derrière. He could tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Slowly she turned around and opened her eyes to see Mark drinking in her body with his green eyes that glittered with lust and passion. She continued dancing as her eyes washed over his body. He was magnificent with clothing on, but standing in the doorway of their bedroom with droplets of water slowly trickling down his chest , there were not words to describe him. She looked down at his towel and knew that she had his fill attention. Slowly she smiled and held open her arms to him.

“Dance with me,” she softly said as her body kept moving. Mark said nothing only slowly strode to her dancing form, his hands grasping her hips and hauling her close to him so she could feel his hardness press into her as he began to move with her. She moaned softly and began Escort Bayan kissing the droplets of water that ran down his chest and over his nipples as she braced his forearms. Mark groaned softly, her kisses sending flames licking across his skin and her soft breath fanned the flames even further. He too closed his eyes and began to grind himself into her as he breathed in the smell of her special perfume, which always made his loins tighten painfully.

She responded readily by moving her hands to his hips and pulling him closer grinding with him as her pulse began to quicken and a moistness began to gather in her own sex. Her lips continued moving across his chest nibbling on his nipples as he brought his own lips to her shoulders. Their breathing had long passed quickened and their desires grew with each sway of their bodies.

Carefully, Mark lifted Desiree and wrapped her legs around his waist as he lowered the straps of her night gown to reveal her full breast. He continued to move to the music grinding himself up against her as he suckled her breast in the most tender and loving way. Desiree cried out and cradled his head to her breast as he loving caressed her back with his hands. Her body was on fire as her nails began to rake at his back as he caught one dusty pink nipple between his teeth biting and rolling it between them.

Her moans and his heartfelt growls mingled and danced with one another just as their bodies did. Soon it became too much and Mark walked to the bearskin rung in front of the fireplace and gently lowered Desiree to the lush and warmed rug. He then removed her night gown fully exposing her wonton body. Unable to control her hands, Desiree reached up to her kneeling lover and with one fluid movement removed his towel and tossed it to the other side of the room.

Mark lowered himself to her open arms and their lips met in a passionate kiss that rocked the very foundations of their souls. They tasted and fed of each other’s lips as if it were their very last kiss. Almost as if they depended on each other for the very next breath. They rejoiced at the hot feeling of each other’s bodies next to one another and the sparks and flames they created.

Desiree moved her hips against Mark restlessly, but he had other things in mind as his kisses moved from her lips to her breast. Desiree arched her body hungrily against his mouth as he, ever so agonizingly slow, kissed and licked a trail of fire and ice down her body. Desiree gasped as his large and powerful hands parted her Escort legs exposing her shaved secret promise. She always kept herself shaved for she knew how much it turned him on and every time he saw her bald and exposed, it was as if he was looking at her for the first time.

With an animalistic growl, Mark buried his face in the sweet wetness of her, driving his tongue deep inside of her. Desiree screamed out his name and arched her entire body against him as if it was a sacred offering. Mark gladly accepted dipping his tongue in and out of her and then moving to suck on her love bud as he worked two fingers in and out of her soaking up her juices and filling the air around him with her saccharine scent. Her moans enticed moans of his own as his mouth moved back to her hole. He nibbled, licked, and sucked until her moans grew into desperate cries and her desperate cries grew into shrieks and her sheiks into full blown screams as her juices flowed freely into his mouth and on his goatee.

“Mmmm, you taste so good darlin’,” he commented as he licked his lips and fingers. She said nothing. She couldn’t speak, only keep her eyes locked with his as he ascended her body to reach her lips.

Again she raised her hips to him so that he may enter her but he ignored her, kissing her breast. Desiree smiled catching on to the little game he was playing. Reaching down between them she grasped his cock in a vice grip, causing him to cry out. She began to pump her with his hand alternating between quick rapid strokes to slow sensual teasing strokes.

Mark laid over her balanced on his elbows as she tortured him with no ends. Her movements held him in paralysis, his mind lost and his body on fire as she tortured him to no ends. Every time he felt himself approaching release from the quick motions of her hand she would slow down and smile evilly up at him.

With loud grown he grasped her hand, ripping it away from his throbbing and dripping cock, and placed it along with it’s twin above her head. In one swift motion he drove into her with enough force to produce a soundless cream from her lips.

“You like toyin’ with me don’t you Des?” he said as he began to move inside of her slowly surprising himself at his own self control..

“Mark,” she gasped as he slowly and tenderly moved in and out of her body. He wanted to take his time loving and teasing her just the way she enjoyed doing him. Mark bit the inside of his lip fight back the animalistic urge to surge inside of her and take her with wild abandonment

He Bayan Escort had every intention of loving her slowly, until she began to move restlessly against him, bucking her hips and that was all it took to break his self control. Howling he began to snap into her moving her a bit across the carpet as he surged into her. She was so unbelievably hot and wet as he powerfully thrust himself into her over and over again. The sounds of his testicles slapping loudly against her filled the air along with the smell of sex.

“Oh god Mark!” she screamed her nails clawing against his hands.

“Ohh yea…so good!” Mark howled as he released her hands and drew her body closer to him.

Des wrapped her legs around his waist tightly and he recklessly pounded her. Tears began to form in Des’ eyes as his thrusts became so very bittersweet. He was so large and she was so small and tight and the friction was unbearable.

Suddenly, a force unknown surged into Mark’s aggressive body and he moved quicker his growls growing louder to match the scream’s of Des. Their bodies began to tense to painful degrees as they felt their Shangri-La approaching.

Mark drove on and on his hips snapping powerfully. His fingers began to bite painfully into Des’ hips and he felt her nails dig into his back drawing blood.

“So close, so close!” Mark gritted though his teeth as he continued to reach for the stars for the both of them.

Without a forewarning their bodies exploded in a beautiful array of passion, lust, love and desire as their fluids met and spilled over onto the rug. Their cries left their throats and matched the fury of the thunder that was crashing around the cabin. Mark clinched her body to his as the both jerked and trembled from the intensity.

When they finally calmed Mark allowed her to relax against the softness of the rug as he stayed inside her, his manhood still a powerfully erect rod. Slowly they kissed as Mark gently rocked in and out of her.

” You are something else, you know that darlin?” Mark said still fighting for his breath.

Des giggled. “What did I do?” she said innocently.

“Don’t even think about playing innocent with me darlin,” Mark said biting her lip. “The way you were dancing was anything but innocent.”

“But you liked it,” she commented biting him back on his lip.

“You damn right I did,” he said replied. ” And I’m not done yet. I’m not letting your body go anytime soon darlin. This will be a night to remember.”

“Let’s make a night – to remember
From January – to December
Let’s make love – to excite us
A memory – to ignite us
Let’s make honey baby – soft and tender
Let’s make sugar darlin’ – sweet surrender
Let’s make a night – to remember – all life long”

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