A Night To Remember

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They were having a really good night. The food had been great, the wine plentiful and the beat of the music had helped them to relax. They were sat in a shady corner of the club, joking and teasing with each other and starting to feel the effects of the wine. Sat with them was Bill, a guy who had joined them in conversation earlier. He seemed a nice enough person and was clearly enjoying their company. Gary waited till Fee excused herself to visit the ladies room and he leaned over and told Bill that he had noticed how he was looking at Fee’s shapely breasts. Bill started to apologise but Gary stopped him and whispered something that made Bill’s jaw drop in amazement and a big smile grow on his face instead.

Fee returned and sat back down between the two men, her short skirt riding up her smooth, tanned legs as she crossed them. Gary turned to Fee and kissed her lovingly as his hand slipped into her blouse and began to rub her braless nipple. As she kissed him back her nipple grew hard at his touch and he knew she was feeling horny.

Giving the signal to Bill he continued his caresses and Fee felt another hand slip into her blouse and begin gently stroking her other nipple. Her eyes opened wide and she looked questioningly at Gary who just gave her a big smile. She was moaning softly as the two men rubbed and pulled at her swollen nipples in the dimly lit alcove. Gary unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her smooth breasts and moved down to kıbrıs escort suck her aching nipple as Bill did the same to the other.

Bill’s hand on her leg moved further up only to find that she had no underwear on at all and that her pussy was as soft and bare as the day she was born. His erection was straining at his pants as he began to probe with his fingers, sliding them gently along her pussy lips. He could feel the heat and wetness of her eager cunt as he found her clitty and started to slowly rub it. Oh my, she was wet! Gary watched as Bill began to finger fuck Fee, feeling his own dick throbbing. Fee was moaning out loud now, her legs spread as Bill’s fingers slid in and out of her hot, wet hole.

Gary could stand it no longer and unzipped his pants, took Fee’s hand and placed it on his swollen dick as he sucked on her nipples. Fee stroked his hard dick firmly and managed to manoeuvre herself into a lying position where she could take Gary’s dick into her mouth. Bill too had his dick in his own hand and was wanking himself slowly as he bent his head down to kiss Fee’s thighs, moving the kisses higher until he was breathing in her sexy, musky odour. He could smell her excitement and it made him even harder as he moved closer to her naked wet cunt.

Fee felt his hot mouth on her pussy, licking and sucking her, his tongue flicking across her stiff little clitty, darting between her lips and probing her wetness. konya escort She was moaning with pleasure as she sucked on Gary’s swollen, throbbing dick, feeling him twitching in her mouth as her pussy was being licked by another man’s tongue. She started to cum in great shuddering waves, pulsating and throbbing, moaning and squirting her juices all over Bill’s face. Gary, who loved to see her cum began to shoot his creamy load into her mouth, cumming and cumming. He pulled out of her mouth as he shot his last spurt and a stream of cum splashed across her cheek. GOD! She looked sexy! Cum dribbling from the corner of her mouth and across her face as Bill lapped up her cunt juices.

Gary suggested that they all go back to his place, about 5 minutes down the road. They gave Fee a few minutes to compose herself and clean up a little then they all went.

In Gary’s house they all headed to the bedroom where both men started to strip off Fee’s clothing, kissing and caressing her as they stripped too. Both men were hard again and Fee was feeling very horny and extremely lucky. She knelt down on all fours before Bill and took his dick in her hand, guiding it towards her mouth. She began to lick his hard dick, starting at the base and working her way to the very tip and back down leaving a wet trail along his throbbing length. Her tongue worked on his tight balls which she took into her hot mouth and began to gently suck as she kuşadası escort wanked him. Working her way back to his twitching cock she placed her hands on his ass, holding him securely as she sucked greedily on him. Her fingers probed and found his tight asshole and she lost no time in slipping a finger in there. Bill’s dick was sliding in and out of her mouth as she fucked his ass with her finger. Gary had stroked his own dick back to a full erection and placed himself behind her pert ass, enjoying watching her sucking on Bill’s thick cock.

She moaned out loud as she felt Gary’s fingers enter her swollen cunt and start to pump in and out of her wet hole as she sucked on Bill’s dick. Gary could wait no longer and he teased her dripping cunt with his throbbing manhood and slowly entered her slippery pussy, gasping with pleasure at her tight hotness. He started to fuck her slowly and deeply, knowing she loved it that way as she shuddered and moaned in ecstasy, her cunt gripping him tightly. He slid in and out of her, his eyes closed as he felt her around his dick, fucking her hard and deep, making her whimper.

He could see Bill was close to cumming as his thrusts got harder and faster. Fee was sucking passionately as Bill let out a cry and started to shot hot cum into Fee’s eager mouth, at the same time Fee started to cum too, her pussy throbbing and pulsating around Gary’s solid dick as he pounded into her shuddering cunt. As he brought her to orgasm Bill was still spurting, directing his hot semen onto Fee’s upturned face. She moaned out loud as Gary’s orgasm ripped through his body and erupted, filling her already soaking pussy with spurt after spurt of hot, slippery cum.

What a night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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