A Nurse’s Night

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My name is Joanne; we recently moved from the city to a rural area. I had been a nurse in a large liver and kidney transplant unit for about six years. My husband and I have been married ten years and we’ve never had children; that was our choice.

The way things are going I think that was a good idea. A year and a half ago I discovered that he had been having a long-term affair with a coworker. It’s the same old story; we had taken each other for granted and didn’t put enough effort into our relationship. We worked so hard to get ahead, working on our careers; we lost track of each other.

Finding out about the affair killed something in me and I know that I’ll never be the same. Even though we agreed we would give the marriage another try something is missing. He is still so cold to meand I long for arms around me; I ache for some passion. I had been faithful all these years; he had not. It wasn’t his first dabble on the other side of the fence and I am sure it will not be his last. He has had his needs filled and I have been left wanting; – no longer!

After we moved I began a new job in a smaller hospital. I took on a position that was entirely new to me whenI signed up for an internship in a surgical dept. Hospitals are willing to hire you at a lower pay rate and give you the on the job training you need to learn a new specialty in nursing. Surgery is surely foreign to me. I had not been in a surgical suite since nursing school.

Since it is a smaller hospital, we rotate a little taking turns in recovery, assisting in surgery, or being the circulating nurse. I feel most unsure of myself when I assist because each of our different surgeons has their own way of doing things. I am left trying to remember just how Dr Mathis wants his equipment set up, how Dr Silverman wants his instruments handed to him. I have to anticipate all of their different needs during the surgery and try to keep things running smoothly for them. Even though I have a preceptor present to help train me, it is still so stressful.

Most of the Docs are great but a select few can make you feel like a complete inept piece of shit. I have been yelled at and belittled in front of my coworkers more than once, but I have been assured that this is a common occurrence with some of the surgeons. Some doctors have developed a God complex. I have reservations about the choice I made to take this change in jobs at such a hard time in my private life. If I wanted stress, all I’d have to do is stay home with my husband.

There is one ray of sunshine at work his name is Wade; he is the nurse anesthetist.

Wade has the most comforting way about him. No wonder he is in anesthesia; even his quiet manner puts you at ease; I just love talking to him, joking with him. He is one of those people you can open up to and just be yourself with. Most nurses have a strange sense of humor anyway; we can find something funny about a strangulated hernia. You have to laugh or you would go nuts. We have seen it all and love to talk about it.

I told Wade about my Fishing Foley story so I’ll have to share it with you quickly. I was sitting at the nursing station and I kept hearing a sound like a loud plop coming from down the hall. I went to track down the sound and found one of my patients still confused form the anesthesia reeling in his Foley catheter hand over hand. When he had the urine bag in his hand he tossed it back out into the room. The Foley line stretched to its limits and jerked his dick straight out with a jolt. The urine bag hit the floor with that familiar plop I had heard. The patient started to repeat the procedure. I said, “what are you doing? ” He replied, “fishing.” I wonder if he thought he was getting a bite every time his penis was pulled. Wade and I got a big laugh out of this and it got us into talking a little more sexually than we had been before.

Yesterday was simply one of those days; we had a busy day doing the routine surgeries and it was hectic. Our last case was a little five-year old getting tubes in his ears for frequent ear infections; he had a history of asthma. Anytime you’re working with kids it is a little more difficult. They can go bad so easily and so quickly.

The procedure went well and the doctor left. It looked like we were going to get this kid recovered and I might be home early .He was responding well and we extubated him, removing his artificial breathing tube. That’s when the asthma attack hit him; swelling, his small, irritated Escort Bayan airway closed tightly. His oxygen saturation was dropping like a rock and we couldn’t get another airway tube into him due to the swelling. An emergency was called; all I could see is this beautiful little boy having brain damage from lack of oxygen. We feverishly tried to get an airway in and stimulated him to breathe. Wade gave him some succinylcholine torelax his muscles so that we could intubate him again. Finally, the tube was back in and the child and the staff started to breathe again. It was just too much. And I needed a break. Wade must have heard my inner pleas and asked me if I wanted to stop for a drink after work. I said, “sure, I need it.”

We left the hospital and headed over to the Bone, a bar at the far end of town. It was a noisy place with a few booths toward the back in a nice, darker area. The jukebox was blasting “Simple Man” from Lynyrd Skynyrd when we walked in. I love Skynyrd; I was already feeling somewhat better. I ordered Rum even after nine hours it smelled so good.

We had a few drinks and watched the people come into the bar. As the night wore on people came in to dance and we got up and gave it a go. It felt so good to have my body next to his. I started to get into the rhythm of a great beat and my chest even looked good to me as my big breasts rocked back and forth to the rocking beat blaring from the juke box. I started to rub up against him.

The drinks were making me a little more adventurous than normal; I didn’t have to be anywhere at any time. Rodger, my hubby was out of town for work. It felt good to touch a man, to feel him, to be in his presence and to move in time with him. It was getting hot in the room and so was I; we sat down in our booth after we were too tired to dance another step.

I lost track of the number of rum and cokes that I had consumed. I sat next to Wade and slipped my arm around his back and started to rub his shoulders and back ever so gently. He seemed to be having fun and enjoying himself. He looked over at me and I saw those deep, longing eyes. I looked up at him for a second and he leaned into me and we kissed, a great passionate kiss,a kiss like I have not experienced in many a year. I was his, lock stock and barrel; He owned me from that second forward.

I had another drink and forced my hand down and strongly rubbed his thighs. He knew what I wanted. He moved his hand down between my legs and felt me through my uniform pants. My crotch was hot and warm and starting to get wet. He said, “You’re a horny little bitch aren’t you?” in a playful way. I nodded a reply.

We had a last dance and I was really letting go. I reached over and felt his crotch through his pants and he was hard already. I turned around and danced with my butt in his crotch so I could feel his hard cock against my ass. He reminded me that we were in a public place but by this time I didn’t care. I knew where this was going and I was ready to let things run their course. I needed a release

Last call was announced by the surly looking bar keep. We both had another drink and I had to pee. I went back to the bathroom and when I came out Wade was in the hall that ran back to the restrooms. I grabbed him in a big hug and looked into his eyes and begged him to make me feel like a woman. I begged him to fuck me. We kissed and held each other, touching. He grabbed my crotch again and then grabbed my ass and pulled me into him. He then said, k, lets go.”

We headed out into the night. There was no way in hell I could drive. Thank goodness there was a cheep motel about a block down the road. We walked toward it without even talking. He lead me by the arm; I was a little more than tipsy but I knew exactly what I was doing. He checked us in; the room was shabby and hot. I went over to the air conditioner and it was off and unplugged. I had to get down on my knees to plug it in. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Wade was watching me. I beckoned him to approach. I rubbed my face into his groin.

He said, “not yet Babe.” At that he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to my feet and threw me onto the bed. We were both ripping at my pants to get them off. I managed to also get my scrub top off over my head. I was there in my Bra and panties, my favorite pair of lacy pink ones. My 40-Ds bulged as I panted so hard from the drinks and excitement of the moment. He grabbed my ankles and pulled me hard down the Escort bed; it burned my back from the friction.

There I was at the end of the bed my legs held up by the ankles. Wade looked as though he was about to fuck me then and there. I pleaded, “No! Lick me. Taste me. Eat me!”

The deep wanting was gone from his gaze and all I saw were pinpoint pupils and the pure cold hazel eyes. They looked empty and for a minute I was afraid. Gone was my friend from work and here in front of me was pure lust. He dropped my legs with a thud on the bed they bent at the knees and my feet hit the floor. He grabbed at my favorite panties and with a strong jerk that lifted me up from the bed he ripped them off with two hard pulls. The seams must have given him some trouble but in the end they gave way to shear force and I know I will have a nasty bruise across my lower back. I was so excited my head was spinning, my heart racing like a captive bird.

He said, “You asked for it.”

With that his head was between my legs. I could feel his hair brushing up against my thighs. I was in ecstasy. My husband would never give me any oral pleasure. The one and only time he did was while we were dating. My husband never thought about my pleasure or my needs. For a long time I have kept my pubic area shaved as I had thought that would please my husband but he never noticed; in fact he never said anything about it. Even the first time we had sex after I had gone bald he never noticed. Tell me how you can stick your dick into a woman with no hair on her puss and not notice?

I was brought back to the present by Wade saying “You horny little bitch! You’re shaved and dripping wet.”‘

I could feel his hot breath as he inspected his prize. His tongue touched my lips and separated them. It was like tiny electrical shocks running up my spine, such a foreign feeling to me.

My new lover ran his tongue up and down each side of the outer edges of my lips for what seemed like an eternity; he even nibbled at me with the edges of his teeth. He was lapping up the clear juices that had been flowing from me since the bar. He ran the tip of his hard tongue up till he found my clit and started working diligently on the most sensitive spot of my entire body. Over and over he flicked his tongue against it and blew gently on it. I was going nuts!

My hips lifted off the bed and my entire lower half was starting to tremor. He kept it up on that one spot until I couldn’t take it anymore. I was either going to have to stop him or cum because it was starting to be both painful and intense. It is hard to explain.

Wade could tell I was close and his head pinned my hips down a little harder as the passionate torture continued. I couldn’t take much more. I started moaning, “No! Oh no!”

Just then I came like a river. I had never felt such a rush of fluids. It had been over a year since I had my last orgasm. I guess my body was saving all my juices up. My body was actually trembling hard now. His mouth eagerly lapped my fluids and he plunged his face deep against my crotch. He continued to clean me and stick his tongue deep inside me.

For a while his tongue kept hitting my now ultra sensitive clit and made me yelp. He then lifted his head from my pelvis and his body ran up the length of mine.

He asked ” How was that you horny bitch?” I could barley speak, my body shaking like a leaf in a windstorm. He didn’t even need to ask. He kissed me hard and forceful. I tasted myself in this mouth and it tasted fantastic. We kissed for a long time, our bodies against each other and through his pants I could feel his rock hard dick against my leg.

He stood up and pulled down his scrub pants and underwear in a smooth movement and stepped out of them. I slid my butt down and off the bed, sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed using the bed as a backrest. I was ready to have that hard dick in my mouth. It was a wonderful throbbing hard piece of meat and right now it was all mine. I love giving head; I always have. I love the feeling of total control I have while giving a BJ.

I put everything I have into it, mouth, tongue, face, and hands. I started by firmly grabbing the base of his cock and tonguing his head, lubricating the helmet and ridge with my mouth. I worked the tip while gently stroking the base up and down with my right hand. I heard a Ummm sound coming from above me and I knew I was on the right track.

I was still twitching from Bayan Escort my own orgasm; even my tongue felt like it was quivering. I started to take him deeper and deeper into my waiting mouth; I glanced up to see him watching me diligently. I could tell he was enjoying watching the show. His hand was on my head and stroking my hair. I was giving him everything I had, exploring the length of his cock with my mouth and tongue. I could feel his nuts with the very tips of my fingers at times. They were tight and the skin was ridged.

Concentrating on the sensitive head I kept the rhythm going with my hand till I felt the muscles tighten. I heard him say, “Oh God Babe!” a couple times. I took him deep as he blasted his full load down my throat. I eagerly swallowed every drop and lapped at his wet cock. Rubbing my tongue across his head again, I could tell he was very sensitive. He grabbed my hair gently but firmly and said, “Dam that felt good!” He let go of me and fell into the bed. I joined him. We cuddled up under the sheet, butt to nut, and his arm around me. I felt great and wanted. I felt alive. We fell asleep.

I don’t know how long we napped but I woke up with his cock up against my ass. I didn’t know where I was for a minute. The booze had taken its toll and I felt a little queasy. I was momentarily confused and did not understand why I felt a dick against my skin. I wasn’t in my bedroom.

I looked around the room with fuzzy eyes just as I was remembering what was going on. Wade reached down and roughly inserted his fingers into me. Thank goodness I was still a little wet from earlier or it would have hurt. He finger fucked me for a few minuets and then without much warning he stuck his cock inside me. It was a strange dick in me and it felt wonderful; it felt positively sinful. It felt right all at the same time.

He fit me like a glove. He was pumping me against my back; it was smooth and I was getting wet again. I was dripping onto the sheets from around his inserted cock. He grabbed my breasts from around my back and started squeezing them and pinching my nipples. He rolled one of my nipples between his fingers. He was getting a little rough with my tits. Then he slowed down and pulled his cock out of me. I wanted it back. He ordered, “On your knees, bitch!” I obeyed quickly and backed up to the edge of the bed.

Wade stood up and started to rub the head of his rock-hard cock at the entryway of my pussy. He started to insert it but didn’t and continued to tease me like that for what seemed an eternity. I wanted it back in me so badly.

I cried out, Oh please Fuck me! Please!”

He asked, Is that what you want?

I said, “Yes, please don’t tease me. Fuck me! Oh God, Fuck me hard!”

With that he pounded his entire length into my wet and waiting cunt, hard. Over and over he fucked me hard. His nuts were slapping against my puss. I was doggy style and being slammed forward with each stroke.

Without warning he withdrew again and pushed me over to my back and roughly grabbed those ankles again up over my head. He spread my legs wide and I thought he was going to brake one of my hips. I looked at his dick and juices were dripping from it. He fell down on my body and he and I were so wet that his cock naturally found its path back inside me.

We were fucking, my hips coming up to meet each of his movements. My legs were spread but wrapped around his back. I knew we couldn’t last long like this. He grabbed my legs and bent them up around by my head so he could get in as deep as possible. I felt like his dick was going to come out my belly button.

He let go my legs but they stayed put. He grabbed my wrist and pinned me to the bed. He reached down with his mouth to bite my nipple hard. I screamed. He was biting me hard: my nipple burned. Then he repeated the bite to the other nipple. I couldn’t help but yell out again.

Then he was biting my neck and ear. He looked into my eyes with those cold hazel pools of lust. He said, “You like it rough baby?” I said, “Yea. Do to me what you want.”

Oh god he was penetrating me deep. I was bucking like a rodeo horse with my wrist held tight to the bed. I saw his face change expression an he yeled, “I’m cumming, you horny slut! Oh fuck yes!”

With that I started my own rocking orgasm. My eyes rolled back in my head and I felt like I was going to explode and I did.

We lay there connected moaning in pleasure unimaginable. We relaxed on the bed and slept. When we woke we showered together and dressed. We went and had breakfast and said our goodbye. I woke up today with bruises all over me. Some of them I can’t even account for. I am so pleasingly sore. I can’t wait for the next stressful day at work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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