A Party Gone Wrong Ch. 01

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I strapped my corset in place, puckering my lips in the full-length mirror. I must’ve applied twenty coats of lip gloss by now- I kept licking it off in nervousness. My phone buzzing interrupted my reverie, and I swiftly hit answer. I knew it would be Stacey, my best friend and also the reason I was in this mess.

“Hey bitch,” she answered. “I’m outside.”

“Let me just finish up and I’ll be down in five.” I hung up, putting a pair of jogging bottoms and a hoodie over my corset and lingerie. I showed my outfit to my mother, to “prove” I’d be going to Stacey’s for a sleepover. Sure, I was technically an adult now, but I was still governed by their rules as long as I lived in their house.

“Be sensible, Alice,” mum shouted to me as I left the house.

“Yeah yeah, I will. I’m 20, not 12!” I shouted back.

I accidentally slammed the door and winced. Hopefully I won’t get in trouble for that. I didn’t bother saying anything to my dickbag brother as I passed his room. He was a 28-year-old low-life and he wasn’t particularly friendly towards me. We usually only ever talked to sling insults to each other. Besides, I think I overheard him saying he’d be out for the evening anyway.

Probably at some lame concert, I thought.

I climbed in Stacey’s car, and she flashed me a stunning smile as she tore out of my mum’s driveway. She blasted Justin TImberlake over the radio and laughed.

“So, how nervous are you?”

I showed her my best nervous face, and she giggled again.

“Look, relax, okay?” Stacey smiled. “These aren’t so bad. It’s not gonna be some massive orgy. You mingle, get a little sexy, and then at some point someone or a few someones will show interest and you can go… do your thing somewhere quiet. Trust me, it’s gonna change your life.”

If you’d told me a few months ago that I’d be attending a semi-local sex party with my best friend, I’d have laughed at you. But the truth was, I’d been an awkward single person my whole life, and I was horny. Stacey had told me about one of her latest sexual endeavours and I guess I was jealous. So she extended an invite to me.

She’d bought a masquerade mask for me (anonymity was key at these things, she’d told me) and all I had to do was supply the lingerie. She was wearing joggers and a hoodie, the same as me. I wondered what sexy lingerie she’d have hidden beneath hers.

The thirty-minute journey passed in no time with a bit of Justin on our side, and eventually we pulled into a non-descript warehouse just off the motorway. From the outside, it looked derelict, but the thumping music from within suggested otherwise.

“Is this party licensed to be here?” I asked, nervous, as we stepped out of the car. Stacey nodded, throwing another reassuring smile my way.

“Relax, babes. Honestly, you’ll have a blast. Put your best heels on and take off your clothes.” She instructed. I must’ve looked completely stunned, because after a moment of silent she burst out laughing.

“You have to turn up in all your gear. Them’s the rules,” she shrugged, taking off her hoodie and joggers. I felt a wave of anxiety flutter through me as I followed suit. I was average build, and I wasn’t unattractive but… Stacey was really the 10 in komşu seks hikayeleri our friendship. She had an athletic body, bright blue eyes and Hollywood-actress-blonde hair. She turned heads and I don’t think she had ever been single since she was about fifteen years old. She was a year older than me but didn’t look a day over nineteen, which also helped her get to all the best places.

I knew if I wanted to be successful tonight, I’d need to be as far away from her as possible.

The cold air nipped at my now nearly-naked body, and I cradled myself. Stacey handed my mask, and we helped each other strap it in place. She wolf-whistled at me, and I play-shoved her.

“Shut up,” I grumbled.

“Really, Al- you look incredible.” Her tone was so earnest, I felt a tingle of pride shoot through me, and I stood a little straighter. I felt more confident with the mask on. I stood there, in the dark, in just a corset, a thong and stockings, and a masquerade mask. The corset accentuated all the right curves and pushed my tits up to near my chin, and I knew with well-placed lighting I’d surely pull someone.

Stacey gestured for me to follow, and we took off for the entrance. Two big bouncers stood at the door, completely professional. They didn’t even check us out. Instead they patted us down and checked our entry passes. They nodded us through, and then we were in.

The room was dark, illuminated in ominous purple and reds, and a small amount of stage-fog flowed across the concrete floor. The air smelt of sex and sweat and perfume, and I felt intoxicated. My eyes grazed amongst the people, and my cheeks burned. There were whole throngs of people writhing and moving in time to the music. There were naked body parts everywhere, ranging from cocks to tits to hands and feet. I zeroed in on three people- two men and one woman. She was not wearing anything but a dress, by the seems of it- she sat atop a man who seemed to be very intently eating her pussy, his head moving erratically beneath the folds of her dress. A man was stuffing his cock into her mouth, masculine hands tangled in her brunette hair, pushing and pulling her this way and that. She looked to be in heaven.

I felt a warmth growing between my legs, my hearing focusing on the moaning and crying of pleasure between each beat and thump of the generic EDM in the background. I looked to Stacey, who was grinning from ear-to-ear.

“Look,” she shouted over the music. “I’ve already arranged to meet up with someone here. We hit it off on Tinder. The bar’s over that way,” she gestured forward. “Just hang out, see what happens. Be safe. Text me if anything happens you’re not happy with.” I nodded, speechless, and she stalked away. I stole a quick glance to her ass as it swung left to right, perfectly shaped with the corset she was wearing.

The air was electric with sex and hormones and it was beginning to have an effect on me. I made my way to the bar, soaking in each sex-filled scene I passed. From penetrative to oral, all the way through to masturbation- it was a crazy sight but I was ready to join in. I didn’t feel self-conscious anymore- I just ached with desire to be fucked.

I ordered a Pina Colada, and the barman handed it to me.

“It’s on the house,” he shouted.


“Because a certain someone is interested in you,” the barman replied. “He picked it up for you.” He nodded his head to a solitary figure sat at the bar, four seats from me. His mask was facing mine, and despite not being able to see his eyes, I could feel his gaze boring into me. My chest was heaving, and I knew instantly I wanted him. I walked over.

“Hey sexy,” he shouted.

“Hey handsome,” I purred, self-confidence surprising me. “What do I owe you for the drink?”

“I was hoping you’d set the price.” He leaned in now, voice lowering, and I shivered.

“This is my first time here,” I admitted. “I’ve only been here five minutes.”

“I’m always happy to help with new experiences.” I shivered again and leaned in. He snaked an arm around my waist and pulled me tight.

“I don’t even know you,” I murmured.

“That’s the point.” He growled, standing up. He dragged me from the bar, cocktail abandoned, finding a dark and secluded corner away from the masses. My back made contact with the wall, and his lips were locked around mine. The plastic of our masks kept clashing but it didn’t matter. His tongue was invading my mouth, exploring each corner and lapping at my own, and I moaned into the kiss, grinding my hips.

“You sure it’s your first time?” He asked, tone incredulous.

“It’s… it’s my first time for everything,” I admitted, sheepishness entering my tone. The stranger groaned, biting his lip, and I decided that the sight was my favourite visual I would ever see.

“You sure don’t seem like it.”

“I was so nervous coming out here, but… I guess it’s the anonymity. I can be whoever I want. Right now, I’m just…”

“A horny slut?” He finished, grinning beneath the mask. I play-hit him, and he grabbed my wrist, pinning it to the cold wall behind me. I moaned, as he repeated the same with my other wrist, until they criss-crossed over each other, held in place with one hand.

His free hand was roaming my chest, pawing at each tit, freeing them from the confine of my corset. Embarrassment rushed through me at the cold air rushing over my nipples, but logic concluded for me that in the dark and with so many other people having sex, no one would be paying any attention to us.

His thumb pad toyed and tweaked with my nipple and I moaned as he kissed me again, capturing my lips with his teeth and sucking on them. His kisses began to snake along my neck and down my chest, and finally to the nipple he was tweaking. The feeling was incredible and I cried out again as his tongue darted out to caress my nipple. He freed my wrists to focus his hand on the other breast, lapping desperately and then sucking them.

“Fuck!” I cried out. My legs had parted at some point, and a hand found themselves at my panties.

“Jesus christ,” he hissed. “You’re fucking soaked.” The material was so thin, he may as well have been stroking my pussy without the panties even on. He slicked a finger along my entrance, teasing me as he sucked my nipple. I moaned again, head thrown back against the wall.

He continued to stroke a finger along, but now he was beginning to move his fingers to trace the edge of my panties, so that they were stroking bare skin.

“Please!” I gasped. “Please…” Obligingly, he pulled my panties to the side, slicking his fingers along my bare clit. I cried out and bucked my hips, but he didn’t stop the slow rhythm of his fingers going all the way from my clit and then to my entrance, over and over again until I was panting.

Without warning, he pushed a finger slowly inside of me, and I gripped his shoulders, biting my lips until they were bruising.

“That feels so good,” I moaned.

“Yeah?” He crooned, pumping the finger slowly all the way up to the knuckle, and then back out. As he did this, he stroked slow circles over my clit. The warmth was growing in my abdomen and beginning to tingle, and I felt the familiar tugging in my stomach from all of the solo sessions I’d had.

He sped up the pump, adding a second finger, and it threw me over the edge. I cried out words I didn’t even understand, fingers like talons embedded in his shoulders, pussy spasming around his fingers. He pulled me by the hands to a nearby leather sofa, rolling a condom over his cock. It was sizeable, I could tell that much in the dark, and I reached down, prepared to return the favour. He shook his head, smirking, and instead patted at his thighs.

I clambered on top, and he lined the head of his cock up with my pussy. I moaned at the sensation, and then he pulled me down until I was all the way full. I felt his cock stretch my walls and I moaned out. He pulled a breast into his mouth, and I began to rock my hips, getting used to the sensation of being full up.

I picked up the pace when I was comfortable, hands braced on the back of the sofa. Even over the music I could hear the sound of skin slapping on skin, and I bounced up and down. I pounded his cock with my pussy, sloshing sounds in between flesh hitting flesh, and his thumb found my clit. His other hand had an iron grip on my hips, guiding me up and down.

I could feel a second orgasm approaching, and I clenched, losing my rhythm. He thrust upwards, taking over, snaking a hand around my throat. The grip was tight, unthreatening, and it was so sexy I came pretty quickly.

“Fuck!” I screamed, releasing around his cock. His pace sped up and he continued to thrust upwards. I began to bounce, meeting him in the middle, nails digging into his skin now. His pace became erratic and he groaned, head lulling back. Despite the condom I could feel the sudden liquid warmth in my pussy, and I gave out my own squeak of surprise.

“Holy shit,” I said. I climbed off of him, and he threw his condom in a nearby bin. I pulled my corset back up to cover my tits, smoothing my hair. I teetered unsteadily in my heels, grinning elatedly.

I followed him out of the room and into a designated smoke area. He retrieved a cigarette, and with his back turned, removed his mask. I looked around and the other smokers were doing the same. I shrugged, untying my mask. I turned to look at the stars, the mysterious stranger who had just fucked me senseless still smoking with his back to me.

I span around to face him, and he took another drag, turning to face me.

“Oh fuck,” I said. “You’re fucking joking.” My own brother was before me, still sweaty from fucking me only a few minutes previously.

“Hey sis,” he smirked. “Surprised?”

What the fuck?

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