A Perfect Initiation

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Hi, this story is true, at least in so far my memory holds good.

I have forgotten how long it had been since I had made love or shared any such form of physical intimacy. My focus had been work, earning to keep my wife and family and I had not worried greatly until a brief period of illness had me thinking – life does not go on for ever – what was I missing – indeed, was I still capable…?

The internet provided a link to another world, I registered for free, described myself and timidly foraged among the profiles, trying to summon courage to make contact and dare to pay the membership fee. She described herself as blonde with short hair, preferring older men, and very particular about use of language – two messages from her prompted me to make contact.

That Jane is twenty years younger than me I found bewildering – surely she would prefer someone closer in age – years of being rejected had left me with little confidence and yet, here was a woman saying “I want you to fuck me” with the clarity of Lord Kitchener’s WW1 poster’s “Your Country Needs You”

An introductory walk in the woods on an autumn day found me beside a strong sturdy woman with a pretty face, large, wonderfully soft boobs, a keen intelligence and a love of kissing – soft gentle lingering kisses that start with the lips and travel. She left no doubt that she wanted my cock, undoing my belt in her quest, as if to see whether it measured up – the effect on me was magical and she had a smile.

A week or two later we met again – despite our combined nervousness, the hotel receptionist showed no interest in us – the room and the bed allowed freedom.

The soft delicacy escort bayan of Jane’s lips contrasted with her physical strength. Our lips played and explored, tongues teased and when she let out a big sighed I ran kisses across her cheek and up her neck, gently biting her earlobe before returning to gaze into her eyes and reconnect with her lips. I lifted her top over her head and felt for the bra fastenings while she undid my shirt.

For me there is something wonderful about the feel of a woman’s breasts against a man’s chest. Softness, warmth, closeness, simple uncomplicated feelings conveying the message – I am yours. I put my hand under her breast, drawing the nipple to my lips – kissing and then sucking hard, enjoying the feel of the hardening nipples.

Together we fell onto the bed, cuddled and kissed some more before hastily pulling the remaining clothes from each other. My cock was reassuringly rampant and Jane was wet – oh so wet – I went to suckle her nipples and to rub my face in her belly – a simple pleasure for me but was diverted – “I want you inside me… now” was the message – as she positioned herself and her hand sought my cock.

Cautious, because it had been so long – my fingers explored – she was shaven smooth – I soon found the way and in answer to her insistence I rubbed by cock against her opening, her clitoris and then gently pushed inside – slowly, not too far to start with. She tensed as she took me, the tightness of her vagina enveloping me until I was “home” – the tip of my penis could feel her uterus – Jane relaxed and purred gently “wow”. Her response to my “are you okay?” was a kiss and a reassuring “you’re wonderful” bursa merkez escort and “stay just there”.

The smile on her face was beautiful, inviting kisses and so, we kissed and I gently started to move my cock inside her – first tensing the muscles in my cock and relaxing them – playing, as she called it – and then moving my cock to stroke the lining of her vagina. The effect was far more dramatic than I had expected – Jane suddenly started to tense as she went into orgasm. Neither she nor I had control as her muscles went into spasm with enormous force. Her vagina gripped my cock but her arms and legs pushed me away and we came apart ending in a hot sweating, panting mess on the bed.

I put my arm across her to cuddle up and gradually she came down and nestled close. Apparently this was normal for her.

Getting on hands and knees she told me to massage her back, to enter her from behind and to fuck her. With previous lovers she had kissed and cuddled in the missionary position but the fucking had been doggy style. Her back is broad and short and very strong – a sturdy mount, in riding terms.

I kneaded her back, taking direction and then ran a hand below to find her vagina lips, to lubricate and rub my cock up and down by way of introduction – as if any was needed – she arched her back, pushed backwards and I probed deep, taking full possession in one move and then starting a rythm but “not too deep” at her request. She did not orgasm but was expecting me to come inside which wasn’t going to happen, I realised. After some time, I leaned forward, my chest against her back and took two large gürsu escort handfuls of breast, massaging them and drawing them up, my cock continuing to roam inside.

Jane was surprised that I was still hard after about an hour of cuddling and love making. A surprise to me also, I realised the effect of being wanted. We shared a drink and then she took the duvet and spread it on the floor, lying on it naked and beautiful, watching me with a cheeky grin. There was only one thing I wanted to do and I asked her consent which was instantly granted.

I leaned forward and kissed her – lips – neck – breasts – nipples, giving each a turn and rubbed my face in her belly which produced giggles. Her hand took my cock and she moved her mouth closer, watching for my reaction. I had not been used to having my cock sucked and was cautious “but I want to suck your cock – it’s gorgeous” were her words as she took control.

After a few minutes I gently pulled her off my cock, kissed her mouth long and hard and told her it was a waste of good cock and that I had a better idea – laying her on her back I kneeled between her legs and re-entered, I wanted to make love missionary style, to see the reactions in her face.

Instead of rampant fucking we made love slowly, firmly and gently, moving together and adjusting position – sometimes with her legs together, holding me vice like – sometimes with our legs entwined together with me pushing deeper – sometimes just lying together, still except for my cock playing. She was beautiful and I told her so.

I wanted her to orgasm and me not be pushed away – when she started to come I put my arms around her and held tight, continuing to stimulate her with my cock. She came, I kept hold and stayed inside, continuing my massage – one orgasm followed another until she begged me to stop and we lay slumped together recovering.

We cuddled and chatted while it got dark and agreed to meet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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