A Picture = K Words In College Ch. 08

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What an evening – and what an afternoon! – I thought to myself: both girls wanting to lick the other’s pussy with my cock in it, and then all this with Tim. And he certainly hadn’t objected! And we were going to do it again! If he had been bothered about letting us use the room, wondering what we did, he knew now and had the promise that he would be part of it again with Elsa. Then I remembered that she was here at my sister’s insistence, so that she didn’t have to wait till the next weekend, when Vicky would have her period. Would Elsa want to do it alone with both Tim and me? What, how? Like in the afternoon, one of us licking her pussy with the other’s cock in it?!

While I was envisioning that, not sure that I wanted to be that close to his cock, My sister Vicky sat up and said:

“We still have another round of beer, and lots of time before we have to catch our bus.”

We all sat up in the dim light from the bathroom. Tim put his arm around my sister – for him, my “cousin” – and she turned her face to him. Yeah, that was a good idea, we should kiss our partners, even though I couldn’t remember that I had afterwards with Vicky or Elsa. They kissed, and Elsa liked that we did. I did too, feeling that it was appropriately more romantic, if that was the way Tim thought it should be. Vicky remarked:

“Maybe we can turn on the light now.”

“And use the bathroom again,” Elsa added.

“Um-hmm,” we all agreed and got up.

We didn’t turn on the light in the room, crowding into the small bathroom together. We all smiled wryly at seeing each other together in light after what we had done together. I thought that Tim looked a little sheepish as he glanced at the girls. When had he been with two naked girls and done all that with one of them? I would have felt the same way. Elsa shrugged, giving him a smile, and reached for a washcloth. We made space for her to use the washbasin. My sister used the toilet, more to make more space, since she only dribbled. Tim snorted with another wry expression at her unabashed intimacy and murmured:

“I guess so,” reminding me that the girls had used the toilet before, while he had been in the shower, waiting for his cock to relax enough so that he could go.

I washed myself next, hoping that he would then be less embarrassed about doing so. He seemed to be, and then Vicky washed herself. When she gave him a grin, he looked slightly embarrassed. Yeah, I thought, having sex with company and so openly must be embarrassing, that it would have been for me too, if I hadn’t spent all afternoon with both girls.

We returned to the room, just leaving the door wide open instead of turning on a light. Tim found his six pack and passed around the last four beers. As we opened them, he murmured:

“Never thought this would happen,” and then raised his beer.

We all nodded and drank with him, still standing. Then Elsa looked at him and asked:

“May I sit on your bed?”

He looked surprised, but then nodded. She did, and Vicky moved to sit on my bed. When I joined her, Tim shrugged slightly, then turned and joined Elsa. A preview of the next weekend I thought, then remembering that Vicky couldn’t. Had Elsa thought of that, considered that she would be alone with both Tim and me? We had another sip, Then Vicky murmured:

“Next weekend I can’t, you know, girls’ … ‘thing’.”

Tim nodded. Elsa then nodded, scowling slightly as she looked at me. Then Tim murmured:

“I can’t either,” then adding: “Maybe just as well. Not the next weekend either.”

“Pity,” Elsa replied, glancing at him and rubbing his thigh.

He nodded with a smile, and we all drank again, but she then smiled at me. I wondered what he thought, when Vicky then rubbed my thigh, but remarked brightly:

“But then we can again.”

Tim looked dubious, but when Elsa rubbed his thigh again, he shrugged and replied:

If you all want to. I can then.”

I drank to that, to stifle a chuckle, and the others did, Tim’s and my thighs getting another rub. Elsa’s “I do,” seemed superfluous, but earned her a smile from Tim. He even put his hand on her thigh.

That settled it all: Elsa and I would be together, and then Vicky and I. Tim didn’t have to know that Elsa would be having her period, and then we would all do it again. We all smiled with soft hums, nodding, and drank again. Tim shrugged as he gave me slight smirk, and then returned Elsa’s rub. They exchanged smiles, and my sister and I did. All settled.

We finished our beers. The girls said that they should use the bathroom again before their bus ride back to their college. When they left us, Tim remarked softly to me:

“This is really happening? Like this? They really want to again?”

I was tempted to suggest: “Unless you chicken out,” but replied:

“They want to, really, both of them.”

He shook his head slightly in disbelief, but then shrugged again with a grin and murmured:

“If they really want to.”

He hadn’t spoken softly enough; both girls replied from the bathroom:

“We Escort Bayan do.”

I grinned with a nod. He mouthed almost silently:

“Oh fu …!”

I nodded again, grinning, and then he did.

The girls returned, both grinning at him and repeating: “We do.”

I wondered if they meant that both wanted to with him in three weeks, wondered if Tim could think that. If we had all afternoon and evening together, he could get a double dose of everything they liked to do, we all could. The girls started to find their clothes, and Tim and I did. The girls saved their sweaters for last. Both of them smiled mischievously at us as they raised their arms, letting us enjoy seeing their breasts rise – with aroused nipples – before their sweaters covered them. There couldn’t have been a better confirmation of their having said: “We do.”

I was wrong. After we accompanied them to the bus stop, they kissed both of us, as good as they could, despite others’ seeing us change partners, then both said: “next time,” as they got on the bus. I wondered what the other couples thought that could suggest and whether one of the other girls knew them and might ask them on the bus.

As Tim and I returned, out of earshot of anyone, he hummed, shaking his head wonderingly, and said:

“They really wanted to. Gosh, I sure didn’t expect that! Your cousin really wanted to do that!”

“Um-hmm. I didn’t really expect it would happen. Oh, we had talked about its being unfair, the way we’ve been using our room, and the girls sort of said something suggesting what happened, but I was almost as surprised as you were.”

“They both suggested they wanted to with me?”

“It sounded like it. You didn’t seem to mind.”

“Hm-hmm! I didn’t have a chance to say no.”

“Hope you didn’t want to.”

“How could I? Oh, gosh! Three times; I didn’t know that could happen, that I could.”

“With the right help.”

Tim glanced over at me with wide eyes and said:

“Shit! And you did that with both of them all afternoon, everything, like she did?!

“‘Fraid so. I hadn’t expected Elsa to come along. As you said: ‘I didn’t have a chance to say no.'”

“Shit! You could, that many times?!”

“It was a long afternoon, and we had a couple of beers in between, talking.”

“Hmm! And we’re supposed to do that in a couple of weeks, me with both of them?”

“It sounded like it, unless Elsa wants to have you just for herself.”


After a couple of steps, I remarked:

“It didn’t look like you would mind that.”

“No, but still, … I have to get accustomed to thinking about all this. … Oh God! What about …?”

“They’re both on the pill, if that’s what you mean.”

“Yeah, thank God! I thought about that at some point, but then she was putting it in, and, well, I forgot.”

“Nice, that you had thought about it.”

Tim nodded, and we returned to our room, reminded by its state of all we had done, but didn’t say anything more, although Tim glanced at me with a shrug, when he felt the moist spot on his bed. Mine was much more damp.

In the morning, Tim did return to the subject, just briefly:

“And you’re going to do it with Elsa next weekend, and with Vicky the following one?”

I nodded, then shrugging. Time snorted with nod, then also shrugging, as he muttered:

“I guess so.”

During the week, I wondered what the girls had said about it all, also if they were using Elsa’s spice bottle. That thought let me wonder what they thought about Tim’s cock – bigger than mine? Elsa had only seen it – maybe why she had surprised us all by saying that she wanted to sleep with Tim next time? My sister would know; she had had it in her hand, mouth and pussy, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to ask her.

Saturday morning, I got a six pack and went to meet Elsa at the bus stop. She grinned, as she got off the bus, immediately saying that we could talk in the room. We did exchange a few words on the way there, but her remark made me curious about what she could want to tell me in the privacy of our room.

When I closed the door and turned back to her, she was already unbuttoning her blouse. That surprised me, but I immediately started to get undressed. She nodded with a smile, but must have noticed my surprise, shrugging and remarking:

“Guess I really didn’t think about it, just sort of assumed this is the way we always are here. We don’t have do anything, well, not immediately.”

“Yeah, I guess it is,” I agreed: “and you said you wanted to talk.”

She nodded with another smile, and then we were all naked, smiling as we looked at each other, her nipples popping out. She rubbed her arm over them. Yes, we weren’t supposed to do anything immediately. Did she want a beer? I glanced at the six back. She shook her head. After a glance around the room, she murmured:

“I guess we should lie down, just too funny sitting like this.”

“Um-hmm, very, and then talk,” I replied.

She nodded and I opened up my bed. She immediately Escort lay down, leaving space for me. I joined her and we got comfortable, legs overlapping, our arms between us, about as un-suggestive as two people can lie in bed together. After a moment, I asked:

“Now talk?”

“Um-hmm. Oh, that was good. Vicky and I were almost as surprised as Tim must have been.”

“Very! Me too. But he thought it was good too, just that he was very surprised, not just that you two seduced him.”

“We did? I guess so. And ‘not just that’?”

“Everything she did with him.”

“Hm-hmm! I guess so. She liked it.”


“His cock, surprising him, and that he did it so good to her his first time.”

“Hmm? Sounded like they did. His cock?” I asked, wonder what Vicky had said about it.

“Yeah, that was good, listening to them. That was fun, letting them suggest what we could do.”

“Very; we needed a little inspiration after all we had done in the afternoon.”

“Not really, for me, at least, but it was fun, taking longer, until they really did it.”

“What I had been thinking. And his cock?”

I hadn’t want to ask Elsa about it, but if Vicky had told her something. Elsa chuckled and replied:

“She liked it.”

“Only her second one, but I kind of have assumed that she would like any one.”

“Hm-hmm! Probably. She said that it wasn’t like yours.”

“Circumcised, couldn’t rub his skin up and down?”

“Um-hmm. We couldn’t see that when he was aroused.”

“About the only way you saw it, until later.”

“Um-hmm, and then I wasn’t really looking at it any more.”

“Nice girls don’t stare. And she liked that?”

“Just that it was different, her second one.”

“And now you want to know how his is?”

“I wanted to before.”

“That was honest, surprised us, when you said you did.”

“Oooh! Yeah! Surprised me too. Oh, hope you don’t mind?”

“Of course not! Not as long as you still like mine.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Did you say ‘like’ or ‘lick’?”

It sounded like she could be finished with just talking. I chuckled and replied:

“I think I said ‘like’, but if you wanted to think you heard ‘lick,’ that is a very nice way to like it.”

“Um-hmm! I didn’t say whether or not I would still like yours.”

“You won’t know until you’ve … ‘liked’ his.”

“No!” she replied cheerfully with a chuckle, then adding:

“So I guess I’ll just have to ‘like’ yours, until I find out.”

I chuckled heartily and replied:

“That’s nice to hear, but are you sure you can remember for the next two weeks, plus the past week?”

“Oooh, maybe not! I ‘liked’ it a lot last week.”

“You sure did! I did too.”

“Hm-hmm! Then you wouldn’t mind if I refreshed my recollection?”

“I don’t think so, if you promise later that you still like mine.”

Elsa’s hand slid over my arm and down my side. I felt my cock anticipating where her hand could be heading. She chuckled and replied:

“Oh, that’s easy; I promise. Don’t have to tell you if I like his better.”

“No! And I know you can’t ‘like’ his better than you do mine.”

Her hand found my swelling cock, and we both chuckled. She murmured:

“I don’t think so, either.”

Our play on words ended. I rolled back, and she moved down between my legs. A moment later, my cock was in her mouth, and her fingers were fondling my balls. There was no way she could like licking my cock better than she was, nor that I could enjoy her liking to lick to it.

When I had come in her mouth, and she began to move up over me, I expected that she wanted me to lick – like licking – her pussy, but she only moved up enough to guide my cock to it. We both moaned, as she lowered her hip, and it slid into her already slippery tight pussy. She moaned again as she dropped down on me. If she wanted it that way? Her pussy did, squeezing my cock.

She was smirking down over my face with tightly closed lips. I stuck out my tongue. She nodded, and our lips met, and then our tongues, hers pressing to get in my mouth, not just her tongue! Had she swallowed any of my semen, so much sliding in my mouth with her tongue? She chuckled and rocked her hips, reminding my cock where it was. Had she wanted to prove that she liked to lick my cock as good as possible? She had.

We fucked, my fingers finding her asshole, my mouth finding her aroused nipples, until she wanted to fuck too actively for me to keep one in my mouth. She came, and I came again. She collapsed on me, gasping and moaning, my deep breaths raising her up and letting her sink down on me. As we recovered, our stomachs moved against each other in slightly different tempi, sometimes against each other, then one of us exhaling as the other drew a breath.

When I could think again, it occurred to me that Tim probably couldn’t imagine that he could have two such good orgasms without a pause. Would Elsa want him to? She chuckled and took another deep breath and said:

“He can’t come better than Bayan Escort you did; it can’t be better with him.”

“If that’s what makes you like to lick so much?”

“Not really, but I like the confirmation that I have.”

“You got it from me, even he thinks it was better for him.”

“Hmm? He won’t know, just maybe better than Vicky did.”

“Hm-hmm! Unlikely; she does it real good, at least as good as you did.”

“And licks my pussy as good as you do.”

“Let’s stop the comparisons; it’s always good.”

“Um-hmm. Just wanted to remind you of what else you can do.”

I feigned a deep groan. She nodded with chuckle and murmured:

“Not right now; that was good enough for a while.”

“Thank goodness! After a beer?”

She nodded and rocked her hips, and my wilting cock slipped out of her pussy. I felt it dripping. She must have too; she chuckled and said:

“We did it real good, for both of us.”

“Um-hmm, very. Beer.”

Elsa rolled off me, and I got up and got us two beers. As I returned with them, she frowned slightly and said:

“Oh, I hope you don’t mind that I want to with him. Kind of tactless to talk about wanting to, while we’re like this.”

“Yeah, I guess it could be, except that I want you to, too.”

I handed her a beer, and we sat with our backs against the wall and drank. Then she snorted softly and asked:

“Do you think there other people here like us three – four?

“Lucky, if they are. Last week, you sort of said that other girls might be, if they had the chance.”

“Yeah, well, maybe wanting to without the romantic stuff – but sharing? Oh, of course, there are roommates who do what Vicky and I do, but both of them also sharing one – two – guys?”

“You’ll have to ask around. Hm-hmm! A campus questionnaire for a sociology course.”

“Oh, that would be funny; I can imagine the questions. After some harmless ones about sexual experience, then the more interesting ones.”

“Hm-hmmm! That would be good. Are you a virgin? If not, skip to question number X. Do you want to stay one? If so, until marriage, before marriage, but just with your fiancé? If you don’t want to stay a virgin: a) would you sleep with the first guy you could; b) only if you fell in love with him; c) . . .”

She interrupted me, snickering and continuing:

“c) fake the romance, so that he was willing to sleep with you. Question X and following for non-virgins: how old were you the first time. Then similar ones about motivation the first time. And then some about experience: how many, two-timing on guys. Oh, about protection: the pill, rubbers, none.”

I interrupted her:

“Oh, Tim was suddenly worried about that. And then the better questions. You want ones about doing anything with girls?”

“Of course! Could start with about doing it to yourself, if anyone else knows, and so on, finally, for those who have all answered yes, a multiple choice about what they do.”

“Hm-hmm! Want a question about your spice bottle or whatever?”

“Of course! Not sure if that could be multiple choice; too many different nice round things.”

We chuckled and drank. Then I asked:

“Like what?”

“Mmmm! Lots of things: tubes for stuff, handles – hair brushes’ – felttips, roll-on deo, anything that fits.”

“And McCormick spice bottles.”

“Um-hmm, and probably lots of other stuff in the supermarket.”

“Fruits and vegetables?”

“If they fit.”

We laughed and drank again. She chuckled and said:

“And now the good questions for those who have admitted they have done everything else.”

“Have to have a couple of questions about ‘everything else’,” I suggested.

Oh, of course, sure, but I was thinking about: have you had sex with a relative? Multiple choice. Have you/do you sleep with someone whom you knows sleeps with another girl? Do you know her? Does she know that you do?”

Elsa continued:

“If she does know, how does she feel about? Have you both been with him at the same time? If you have, did/do you and she do anything together? What? Does he know? I guess there should be a question about the girls doing it before the ones about at the same time with him and his knowing.”

“Of course,” I agreed, adding:

“Still need a question about the girls sharing two guys.”

“Or the guys sharing two girls,” Elsa added.

“Hmm? They could be doing that without being in the same place at the same time.”

“Have to have a question about that too. Hm-hmm! If the four of you are together, what do you do?”

“Multiple choice?” I asked.

“How many possibilities are there, can you think of?”

“Mmmm! Too many for just four multiple choice answers. Hm-hmm: If you checked all four, you can write in anything else you do.”

“All four of them doing something together? Sounds like an orgy. We’re not going to do that.”

“Hm-hmm! I doubt it, but if you could think of it …”

“It was your idea that they could do more than four things.”

“And I really can’t think of more than four – at the moment.”

We drank again and chuckled, agreeing that our little game had been fun, but that we were sure such a questionnaire would never happen. When we finished our beers, Elsa smirked and said:

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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