A Point of Honor

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Last summer, a group of us got together after too many months apart. The place was my hometown, a Texas tourist Mecca on the Gulf of Mexico. We started at a little beach bar drinking beer, listening to acoustic guitar and watching the sun go down. An excellent dinner of fresh seafood and wine followed, then on to the nightclubs for dancing. Around eleven we arrived at the biggest club on the beach, and it was jammed. We made our way inside and to the bar where the serious imbibery began. We drank increasingly irresponsible shooters: tequila to start, followed by Wild Turkey, B-52s, kamikazes and Ouzo. Finally ordering a round of beer to mellow the edge of what had gone before, we left in search of a table.

At this point, I should tell you something about our motley little group. Dave and I have been best friends since college, and we both turned thirty this year. About five years ago, he married the woman he had lived with through law school, Dessa, who is a couple of years younger than we are. Jacki and her husband Steve had both been in our circle back at school, and had moved out East a couple of years before. My date for the evening was my high school sweetheart, Mary, whom I had fallen out of touch with for several years, but had reencountered a couple of months before. Rounding out the crew was Mary’s college roommate T.J., a blonde actress who is married and now living in Mississippi, but whose husband could not join us.

The nightclub was filled with beautiful young people, both men and women. It wasn’t long before the jokes started about where we senior citizens should sit. Once we found a table, we danced and drank in various combinations, and generally had a high old time. Around midnight the DJ announced that all contestants for the wet T-shirt contest should report to the ladies’ room in fifteen minutes. The reactions at our table were mixed, to say the least. The men shifted around to get a better view of the stage while the women grumbled about how stupid the whole thing was. I don’t know what possessed Dave to do it, but he turned to T.J. and ventured that the real problem was that she and the “rest of the girls” were just jealous of the hot young bodies filing past.

She wasn’t about to let that slide, and thrusting her chest up at him asked, “Are you saying my titties aren’t good enough for this town?”

First taking a quick look at Dessa’s bemused smile, Dave replied “To begin with, I have no first hand knowledge of whether they are or aren’t. Secondly, I’m just saying that the sublime ripeness of the women at this table simply may not translate into what it takes to win a contest against these nubile young beach bunnies.”

The howls overwhelmed the thump of the music. It was Jacki’s turn. “Listen, asshole, I have worked damn hard to take care of this body, and the only difference between us and those airheads is that we know what to do when push comes to shove.”

“I can happily testify to that,” Steve offered.

“Of course you can, baby, and don’t you ever forget it,” Jacki said as her hand obviously dropped from the table top to Steve’s lap, engendering a nervous twitch from her husband’s mouth.

Dave wasn’t willing to let well enough alone. “Ladies, you misunderstand me. At no time did I intend to demean your sexual prowess. However, facts are facts. Gravity takes its toll. One may desire experience for the steeplechase, but three year olds run the Kentucky Derby. And as connoisseurs of this particular type of horse flesh, the gentlemen gathered here merely wish to appreciate what comes out of the paddock.”

T.J. had heard enough. “That’s it,” she reached over and grabbed my drink and finished it with one swallow. “Ordinarily, I’d never even watch this kind of sexist horseshit, but I think there’s a point of honor at stake.” She threw her purse my way. “Anyone else care to join me?”

You could beylikdüzü escort have cut the air with a knife. It seemed like five minutes had passed when Jacki stood up, “I’m in.”

I’m sure my own jaw nearly hit the table when Mary leaned into me and whispered, “Trust me.” With that she stood up and exclaimed “Well, roomie, we’ve been through worse than this back at Southern. Lead on.”

By this time Dave was staring at Dessa, shaking his head. She smiled and kissed him on the lips and said, “If you had kept your mouth shut in the first place, none of this would be happening. I don’t have a choice here.” With that she stood up and led the others away.

The three of us gawked at each other until the waitress came. We ordered doubles. Just then the bouncers started clearing the dance floor and the lights came up. The DJ prattled on for a while, as Dave, Steve, and I got increasingly nervous. You see, this kind of thing simply never happened in our crowd. A little harmless flirting, sure, but doing this, and in front of a packed nightclub? Never.

Soon, an MC showed up. He was a fat, bald guy with a big mustache, a likeable face and some moronic off-color jokes. The time had come. The line of girls headed out onto the stage. In the middle of the pack of stunning young talent were the home team, and things were even more serious than I had thought. Not only were they dressed in T-shirts so thin it was hard to imagine why water was even necessary, but off had come their skirts and pants and they stood there in their underwear. Mary rolled her eyes at me, once she adjusted to the light, for her nipples were already faintly visible through the thin fabric, and her pubic hair was outlined through her sheer white panties. Next to her, T.J. couldn’t stop laughing. Dave leaned over, his eyes wide as saucers, “Damn. Those girls don’t look half bad up there.” I had to agree. Even if I hadn’t known them already, they would have been more than likely to win my attention.

The MC started the first introduction; I was sure it was going to be Mary, and that I was going to die on the spot. It wasn’t. “…please welcome Jessie!” This girl was unbelievable. She had a tan on every inch of skin I could see, and there was substantial promise that it didn’t end there. She stepped down off the platform and into a kiddie wading pool thoughtfully provided by the management. A bouncer with what looked like a yard insecticide sprayer told her to bend over as he aimed the spray at her chest. Instantly, the shirt was transparent. I swallowed hard and looked at Dave and Steve. It wouldn’t be long before our ladies would have their own charms displayed just this way. Jessie danced, bumped and ground, and played with her T-shirt, pretending she was about to take it off until the song ended. The ovation was huge. I finished my drink and started anxiously trying to signal the waitress to bring me a bottle. I had to settle for another double.

Next up was someone named Missy. She wasn’t particularly pretty, but the rack she possessed was utterly breathtaking. As she started to dance, Dessa yelled from the stage, “No fair! Those aren’t real!” Several guys in the audience yelled back, “Who cares?” Apparently Missy was out to up the ante, and with a deft flip the T-shirt was over her head and sailing into the audience. The roar was deafening. I saw Mary and T.J. look at each other with resignation.

Now came the moment we had all been dreading. My face was on fire and I could hardly swallow as I heard Jacki’s name called. I had dated Jacki for a while back at school, and while we had never “gone all the way,” we had played around enough for me to know what was about to be revealed. Steve had a stupid grin frozen on his face as his wife stepped forward. Suddenly, there she was, dancing on the stage; her large soft breasts bouncing with every move; bolu escort her dark pink, free-form nipples clearly visible through the shirt; her wet ass shining under the lights. She ignored the calls to “Take it off,” took a smart bow after her number ended and returned to her place, giving the other girls a high five as she went. I turned to Steve, put my hand on his shoulder and said “Boy, she did herself proud.” Steve mumbled something I took to be general agreement.

T.J. was called next, but as soon as she stepped off the platform, she walked straight across the dance floor to our table and grabbed the beer out of Dave’s hand. “Watch closely,” she said, and with that she stepped into the pool. Before the bouncer could wet her down, however, she stopped him and yelled to the crowd “Want to see some real tits?” She got her answer and promptly tore the T-shirt off. “Now you can cool me down,” she said to the man with the water. To help the process, she pulled her underwear out from her body to let the water run in. Mary was laughing so hard that Dessa had to hold her up. T.J.’s dance was sensual in the extreme. Around the room I could see the guys lean in, hoping to get a little closer. One fellow made the sign of the cross. As the song ended, T.J. turned and walked back to the platform. As she did, she put her hand behind her back and extended an elegant middle finger. Again, the crowd went nuts.

I looked over at Dave, and it was obvious he was having serious misgivings about the entire adventure. He kept shaking his head and muttering “holy shit”. This came to an abrupt halt when Dessa was called down. Her jaw was set as she stepped into the pool. This resolve soon disappeared, though, when the cold water hit her. She looked a little dazed, as if the cold had jolted her out of some dream. But she closed her eyes and began to dance. It was an old Doors record and she let the music take over. I had always lusted after Dessa in a secret corner of my heart, knowing that nothing would ever come of it because she was my best friend’s wife. I was, therefore, more than a little excited by the spectacle before me. Dessa used to be a body builder many years ago. While that is long past, her years of working out leant her body a leonine tautness. Her long dark hair swirled around her, and her firm breasts pulsed with the music. I wouldn’t swear to it, but she may have had the longest, reddest nipples I have ever seen. Live and learn. Down below, her cotton panties had turned as sheer as the shirt she was barely wearing. Her rich black thatch of pubic hair glistened. I swallowed hard, and Dave looked over with a knowing smile and patted my arm. I was glad to be alive. The song ended too soon, with Dessa’s T-shirt still firmly in place, and she exited to thunderous applause. Some pathetically fat girl was next. For the life of me I have no idea what possessed her to enter the contest in the first place. Screams of mock terror and “Put it On!” greeted her when she took her turn in the pool. Mercifully, she cut her dance short.

It was Mary’s turn. Even now, I can’t really describe what I felt as she stepped forward. She smiled at me and closed her eyes just before the water hit. At that very moment I had the sense that some existential corner was about to be turned. Not only was there no going back, but the whole situation was so novel, so far beyond anything we had ever experienced, that it was almost like one of our virginities was being lost. She stepped back onto the platform and began to dance; her eyes wide open. From the smile that was growing on her face, I could tell that a part of her was enjoying the whole spectacle. Her rose nipples strained against the thin cotton. Her light brown bush was a little harder to see, but was still there if you cared to look. She danced by a couple of guys in the front row, flirting outrageously…which isn’t bursa escort really all that hard to do when several hundred people can see right through your clothes. I guess she felt that drawing lines of modesty would be pretty meaningless at this point, so with a little teasing to get the crowd in an uproar, off came the shirt. Dave and Steve were impressed, and actually started yelling along with the rest of the crowd. This broke Mary up, and she danced over to us and draped the shirt around Steve’s neck, patting me on the cheek as she left. Her song ended and she took a deep bow, setting her breasts aquiver. The crowd was going wild.

A few other impressive ladies took their turn, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Mary onstage, standing there topless as an entire nightclub looked on.

Applause winnowed the contestants down to three: T.J., Mary, and the technologically enhanced Missy. Missy was up first and she immediately started sliding her panties down in back, showing her ass. She feigned a little pout and admonished the crowd when they cheered for her to lose the underwear. She kept them on, but pulled down the front for a quick flash just as the number ended. T.J. was up next, and again started her sinuous glide across the floor. She pulled herself up short, however, and walked back to the platform and stood directly in front of Missy who was still teasing the crowd. “Oh yeah,” she said, “lets get this show on the road.” With that, she stepped out of her panties and stood naked in front of the world, or at least the part that was in attendance that night. You couldn’t have heard a jet takeoff; there was so much hollering. Her song ended and she stepped back up onto the platform. Putting her arm around Mary, she leaned over and whispered in her ear.

Mary stepped forward and soon had the nozzle directed at her again. Since this was, at least nominally, a wet T-shirt contest, and she was wearing no shirt whatsoever, I didn’t really see the point. But what the hell. I still don’t know what T.J. said to her onstage, but Mary proceeded to give new meaning to the term “wanton woman.” Her hands traced the curves of her body, cupping her breasts, tweaking her nipples, spanking her ass, and grinding her crotch. As she danced, she pulled the material of her panties up tighter and tighter, revealing her glistening ass from behind and, ever so slowly, her bush from the front. The sheer cotton gathered itself together until it reached the approximate thickness of dental floss and was trapped between the lips of her pussy. At that point she turned her back to the audience and began to ease the sodden panties over her hips and down her legs, finally stepping out of them altogether. Still she danced around the room, teasing and showing, and lightly slapping hands away only after they had rested on her lovely skin for a moment or longer.

When the song came to an end, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind who the winner was. The crowd was on its feet, but the evening wasn’t over yet. Just as Mary stepped down to receive her prize, Jacki and Dessa looked at each other, and with a giggle, quickly stripped off their shirts and panties and started waving at us. The emcee led a standing ovation, then turned and presented Mary with the cash, sticking his face between her breasts and shaking his head for a laugh. Instead of following the others backstage to get dressed, however, our ladies had one more surprise in store for us. In the single most brazen act I have ever witnessed, the four girls, naked as the day they were born, walked directly through the crowd and sat back down at our table. T.J. was the first to speak. Looking Dave straight in the eye she said, “Got any questions, honey?”

Dave was game. “It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong…”

“That’s exactly what I mean to find out once we get back to the condo,” she murmured slyly. “That is, if Dessa and the others don’t mind. It’s y’all’s turn.”

“I think that’s an excellent idea,” said Dessa, “but in the mean time, why don’t you big strong men walk us back to the ladies room so we can put some clothes on and get out of here.”

And so we did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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