A Political Education Ch. 08

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She got up and threw the hair brush down. It was wet and smelled of her pussy.

She had to do something to take care of the craving that was driving her crazy. She needed to come. Needed to. She thought for a while. Maybe she could go back to the Sholeesa delegation. Maybe one of them could help her needy cunt get its relief.

Carla sat on the armchair in the corner of the room and thought about her adventures at the convention so far. She couldn’t think but that it had been a pretty big success up to now. She was sure that she had earned an “A” in her school course from Professor Needling. She had established a position of trust with the governor and his wife. Carla had learned much about dealing with the media from Swift Branchbaum. Her meeting with the Sholeesa delegation had been most informative about how to present an argument to a delegation. Yes, she had learned quite a bit. She had had a pretty good time. And, it had all been quite exciting.

Carla got up from the chair and began to pace around the room. She tried to think of what to do next. She tried to figure out how to get relief for her needy cunt. But Tom’s loud, constant snoring kept her from being able to think. She went to the closet, got out a dress, and put it on. She had to get out of the room and away from Tom’s relentless snore sounds. Maybe she could wake him up with a blow job, get him hard, get him to fuck her one more time. But no. Carla had too much experience with Tom to think he’d be able to satisfy her now. He was a strict ‘bang bang, thank you ma’m’ man. And Carla knew that as soon as he fucked her, he would go back to sleep. And, of course, he would snore the rest of the night away.

She just had to get out of the room.

She went back to the dresser and found a pair of panties. Nice sexy panties. She slid them over her calves. She pulled them up past her well shaped thighs, all the while imagining the soft touch of a hand along her leg, stopping to gently squeeze just below her cunt while slightly separating her legs. The front of her panties sliced into the folds of her cunt lips. The tong back buried itself deep into the crease of her ass. She didn’t need a bra. Her pert breasts were round and firm with sweet nipples that never needed support, just a tight blouse to poke against. The lips of her cunt were ripe, smooth and slippery with cunt juice.

Carla looked over at the sleeping, snoring Tom. No help there!

The hair brush lay on the floor. It wasn’t looking any more enticing than Tom.

The room, or, more accurately, her needy cunt, was driving her crazy. Without a second thought, she left the room, allowing the door to snap shut behind her. When she was in hall, she realized she had forgotten her room card. She wouldn’t be able to get back in without knocking on the door and waking Tom. But not to worry, there was a lot of activity in the corridors of the hotel. The convention crowd had left the arena and was busy celebrating the end of the day’s session. All up and down the corridor Carla could see and hear the convention goers milling about, talking and partying.

As Carla kept on walking, she could hear snatches of conversation. She entered one crowded room where the guests were drinking cocktails and eating hors d’oeuvres. Carla heard a man addressing a small group about the vote that had just ended and what a coup it had been for the governor when the Sholeesa delegation had voted for the platform plank. Feeling good, Carla grabbed a drink at the bar. It was watered wine. Ughh. She looked around. Maybe she would spot a likely someone to help her take care of the need she felt to be fucked. But no one in the group seemed unengaged. She took a sip of the drink and went back to the hallway.

Here and there Carla saw a couple engaged in a conversation. Over in a corner, she saw a couple making out. As she continued her walk she passed a room with its door open and in the room two people, naked, fucking. For a moment she thought of entering the room, joining the couple but decided against it.

After wandering around a bit more, Carla entered the staircase and started walking down to the next floor. Behind the bend, she saw a guy with his pants down and a lady down on her knees giving him a blow job. She kept on walking. Neither of the pair paid her any attention. All the sex, the sucking, the fucking, the hot bodies, was just making Carla grow even more excited. The silky walls of her inner cunt just kept on getting wetter and wetter. Her clit remained engorged. She needed to fuck. She need it so bad. Suddenly Carla thought where she would go to. She hurried down one more flight of stairs and out into a hallway. She was breathing hard.


She was sure that this was the place. She checked again. Room 212. Yes, it was the place. Carla took a deep breath. She didn’t believe what was happening. Why was she so nervous? She tried to calm herself. She couldn’t stop her nervousness. But, she had come this far. She knocked on the door. After sinop escort a second or so, the door opened.

There he was. He just stood at the door. Finally, he spoke.

“Come in, ” Victor said. “Slut,” he added with a sneer. His saying that word sent a quivering jolt of excitement running through every nerve edge in Carla’s body.

She quickly tried to enter the room. But Victor wasn’t moving from where he stood in the doorway, and she had to squeeze past him. Oh, he was so crude. But, as she pushed past him, he let his body brush against hers. She gasped. Her clit swelled. Her cunt-juice began to soak the walls of her cunt. Her chest heaved, and Carla felt as if she couldn’t breathe. He was so crude. His hair was so greasy. He was so dirty. Why had she come here? She looked down and saw his huge prick outlined against his pants.

Victor didn’t say a word. He just began rubbing the outside of his pants where his giant prick was clearly outlined by the fabric. It was so…..big! She wanted so much to have it stretch her pussy to its limit, push in as far as it would go.

Carla just stood there. She couldn’t take her eyes from the sight of that astonishing bulge in his pants. Carla could feel her mouth watering. That disgusting Victor; just look at him. He was so crude. He put his hand in his pocket. He was grabbing his prick. She wanted to hold it in her hand.

Her clit was pushing against its sheath. It was obscene how enormous his prick was. He was so gross.

She couldn’t have stopped even if she had wanted to, and she didn’t want to stop, so Carla snuck a hand through the waist band of her dress and began a soft rubbing at her clit. He had called her a slut! Oh, it was so true. Harlot, whore. A bitch. Totally debauched. He could have said any of that to her. It was all true!

“You want some of this?” he asked, rubbing even harder against his prick.

Carla gulped. He was so uncouth! His fingernails were filthy. And his prick was so big, She was rubbing her clit. She slipped a finger in her cunt hole. She could hardly whisper an answer to his question. Carla weakly nodded her head. She didn’t want some of that, she wanted it all.

“Yes,” she whispered. She was so excited, she could hardly talk.

She could hardly believe it, a huge spasm erupted through her clit and cunt.

She came!

“Yes,” she whispered again. It got her hotter to say the word, wetter, and more excited.

“I can’t hear you,” Victor said.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Carla said. She nearly shouted it. “I want you to fuck me!” she declared.

“Why should I?” he asked.

“Because I’m such a good girl,” Carla said. She grabbed her ass and thrust her pelvis forward.

“Yeah, you were a real good girl at the Sholeesa delegation,” Victor said.

“I got their votes,” Carla giggled. She moved her hand and reached for that prodigious organ of his. He had taken his hand out from his pocket and Carla quickly reached in. There was no pocket. Her hand had nothing to impede its progress. She was holding his penis in her hand! And it was as big as she had thought.

She was standing right up against him, tight. She could smell his sweaty odor. His prick was solid in her grip.

“I want you to put that giant cock of yours into my cunt.”

“All of it?”

“Yes, from its cruddy head to its big, thick shaft. I want it all!” Carla said. This dirty talk was just getting her more wet.

“That’s it? Just fuck you. That’s all?”

Carla took his cue. “I want you to put it in my mouth! I want to suck it! I want to tongue it. I want to lick it and taste its salty tang. I want to swallow its cum.”

“Anything else?” he said.

“Yes, yes,” Carla replied. This crude game was getting her more and more excited. “I want you to shove that magnificent prick of yours up my ass. Shove it in until I can feel your balls against my body.”

“Slut,” he growled at her.

“Yes, I’m your slut, your hussy, harlot. I am your whore, your cunt. I am your bitch. Fuck me,” she pressed her body against his, inhaled his musty odor. Her clit was stiff. Her pussy was wet. Her breasts were swollen. Her nipples hard.

Victor said nothing. He just stood there.

Carla thought. There was more to what she was feeling than just horny sex, just getting her cunt filled. She looked at Victor. He was smiling. Politics was why she was here, why she was at the convention. And politics had to have something to do with what was making her so very hot, so excited. Victor was just a handyman. Or was he?

“You know,” Carla said, “I’m here to learn about politics.”

Victor nodded. “I know that.” He took her hand from his prick. “Politics is your game,” he continued, “And you’ve learned a lot about politics so far. You learned about taking care of your base. You know how important it is to earn the trust of your party’s leader. You found out about the media. You’ve discovered…..”

Carla looked at Victor in shock. “You,” she interrupted. sivas escort “You….who are you?”

“I’m Victor.”

“You were always there. Wherever I went, wherever I was, you were the one that was there,” Carla blurted out. She stepped back a little bit. “The governor called you by your first name. Your room here. This room. It’s not a handyman’s room.” There were fine pictures on the wall. The furniture was expensive.

“Well, I’m a very good handyman,” Victor said.

“I’ll bet you’re a better politician,” Carla said.

“And I bet that you will be a great politician,” said Victor.

Carla stopped to think. Her clit was hard. Her nipples were taut. Her cunt was wet and itching for a cock. She had always been pretty sexual, but here, at the convention, her sexuality seemed to run amok. “Why are politics and sex so entwined?” she said out loud. Her eyes remain fixed on the outline of Victor’s prick, showing so clearly through the fabric of his trousers.

“Politics is about power and so is sex. Politics is about getting what you want and so is sex,” said Victor.

Enough of talk, Carla thought. “I am ready to get it on,” she said.

“Slut,” he said.

“Whatever,” she replied and pulled her dress over her head and took it off. She snaked her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She got down on her knees as Victor dropped his pants and allowed his massive cock to stand free. Carla didn’t know whether she was so horny because of politics or whether she was so political because she was horny. She did know that Victor’s purple prick, long, thick and erect was delicious looking. She opened her mouth wide and took as much of it in as she could, much more than she thought possible. She swirled her tongue around its shaft and felt its head poking the back of her throat. Sensing that she needed help, Victor tilted her head back and pushed his organ further down into her mouth. Sucking wildly, her lips pressing tight, Carla gagged slightly and caressed the base of is prick with her tongue while holding on to his giant prick with her hand. Her pussy was on fire. Her clit was a desperate, quivering piece of swollen flesh on the verge of another orgasm. His cock filled her mouth. The tasty tang of his salty cock was driving her to a frenzy of sucking. Her nose was pressed against his crotch. She could feel his balls against her chin.

She inhaled the crusty odor of his crotch. She couldn’t think how she could ever get enough of this cock. She held onto his cock with both hands and looked up at Victor. “Politics is a dirty game,” she said.

“You got to get down and dirty to succeed,” Victor replied.

On her knees, naked, she put a finger into his ass hole, pulled it out and put it into her mouth, sucking it clean. “Is this down and dirty enough,” she said.

Victor sat down on his chair. Still on her knees, Carla once again slurped his prick into her mouth and sucked harder. She felt his hands on the back of her head, urging even more of his huge cock into her hot, saliva filled wide open mouth. “I love politics,” she mumbled around his prick as, still on her knees, she continued her wildly excited sucking. This was better than any dessert she had ever savored. She couldn’t wait for his ejaculation so that she could taste the sweetness of his cum.

As she continued her sucking, she heard a knock at the door. She heard the door open, but she didn’t move her face from where it was buried in Victor’s crotch. She couldn’t care less who it was that had just entered the room. The only thing she cared about was the taste, the feel and smell of the giant cock in her mouth.

“Carla, what’s going on?” she heard behind her. It was Tom, her boyfriend from college. How did he know where she was?

On her knees and still on the floor between Victor’s legs, sucking his prick, Carla was too busy to say anything.

“What’s going on?” Tom repeated.

Carla held out one hand towards Tom, gesturing for him to wait. There was no way right this minute that she was going to stop sucking this beautiful prick.

Victor spoke up. “Can’t you see what’s going on? She’s suckin’ my cock.”

Then Victor said something that got Carla even hotter. He asked Tom, “You want some of this?” Carla sucked on the prick even harder.

Victor continued, “Her mouth’s busy, but I’m not using her cunt… yet. Why don’t you fuck her while she’s busy with my prick? She won’t mind.”

Carla, still sucking, lifted her ass to give Tom access to her cunt from behind.

She didn’t believe she could get even hotter, but Carla’s cunt kept getting wetter and wetter. She shook her ass a little.

“I came here because I saw the card with this room number on your desk,” Tom said.

“Can’t you see that she’s too busy to talk right now.” said Victor.

Carla sucked even harder. .

“But,” Tom said.

“Do you want a piece of her or not? Her cunt’s there. It’s waitin’ for you” Victor said.

Carla pushed her ass tekirdağ escort up even higher. She sucked harder. This was dirty. This was politics. This was hot!

“C’mon,” Victor said. I can see you got a hard on. Join in.”

Carla sucked harder. She spread her legs farther apart.

After a second or two, Carla heard a zipper open and a pair of pants drop to the floor. She felt Tom’s hands on her waist and felt his prick slide into her open, soaking wet cunt. She sighed. What a picture they were making. Victor sitting on his chair, She on her knees, sucking his big prick, and, behind her, Tom’s cock fucking away at her cunt. Carla readied herself for a great orgasm. She hdn’t known that anything like this could be so hot. Sucking. Getting fucked. Dirty. Politics. She felt Tom move even faster. She heard him moan loudly. She felt him let loose a torrent of cum into her cunt. Victor continued to hold her head tight so that her mouth enveloped his prick.

Tom moved his prick out of her cunt. She could taste Victor’s precum. Carla’s body began to shake. She came. It was another great orgasm.

Next thing Carla knew, Tom was standing to her left. She was just beginning to come down from her orgasm but remained in a state of bliss, still madly sucking Victor’s enormous cock, paying him back for the orgasm he had delivered.

“Are you coming back to college with me?” Tom asked.

Carla felt Victor take his hands away from her head and felt him slowly slide his cock out of her mouth. She held Victor’s sweet prick I her hand. She was completely nude except for the high heel shoes she had never removed. She stood up slowly. She loved the way the heels showed off her calf muscles. She especially liked how they helped her proudly thrust out her groin and how the stance accented the curve of her ass. She faced Tom. “Tom, why don’t you go back to college. I’ll be back in a couple of days and we’ll discuss all this then.” She smiled.

“But, but, he’s just a handyman, a janitor,” said Tom.

Carla smiled broadly. She continued to hold Victor’s prick in her hand. “That’s right,” she said.

“And he’s, he’s…..not clean,” said Tom.

“Yes, and politics is a dirty business,” said Carla. She pulled Victor’s prick to and fro, gently jacking him off. She wanted to keep his erection strong. “But Tom, I do believe it is time for you to go back to school now.”

Poor Tom, he looked crestfallen as he pulled up his pants up. He gave Carla one last look and left the room, closing the door behind him. She had handled that well. She turned to face Victor. “Ready for more politics?” she asked.

Victor didn’t answer. Instead, he picked the naked girl up. Using his forearm, Victor swept the desk clean of the papers on it. He laid Carla face down on the table, her ass hanging off the edge. He spread the cheeks of her ass. He began to slide his massive cock into her ass hole.

Carla let loose a slow growl of satisfaction as his cock slowly slid further and further in to her nether hole. Deeper and deeper it sank into her ass. “Oh, so nasty,” she said.

Victor pushed his cock into her ass as far as it could go. “Slimey,” he said.

Carla felt completely filled, her ass stretched as far as possible. She was in heaven. “Isn’t politics foul?” she said.

Victor slid his cock out of her ass and then all the way back in again. “Rotten,” he said.

Carla gasped as his cock widened the hole of her ass even more. She loved it! “Fetid,” she screamed.

Victor, his cock in to the hilt, rotated his hips, dilating her ass hole more. “Squalid,” he whispered to Carla.

“Politics is a dirty game,” she shouted.

“And you love it,” he said.

“And I love it,” she answered.

Was it the sex or was it the politics? Carla didn’t care which it was. She just knew that she loved it and that she wanted more. “Fuck my ass,” she said. “Fuck it hard.”

“Slut,” Victor whispered and began to fuck her tight ass with his huge prick as hard as he could,

Carla moaned over and over in pleasure as he stretched her ass wide open. She was about to come when he stopped his pounding, pulled his prick from her ass and put Carla on her knees again, shoving his prick into her mouth. He thrust it in as far as it would go, his groin pushing against her nose. Carla savored the tang from his prick’s recent visit to her ass as she swirled her tongue around his cock’s long, thick shaft. She inhaled deeply to get the rank odor. She flared her nostrils wide to get the full stench from his sweaty groin into her nose which she pressed against his body just above the prick. She was in heaven. Corrupt. Squalid. This was politics!

Again, she was about to come when Victor pulled his cock from her mouth. She kept her mouth open and breathed in and out. She wanted more of his prick in her mouth. Instead, Victor stood her up. He turned her around and again bent her face down over the desk. This time though, instead of fucking her ass, he pointed his prick at her cunt and pushed it in there.

“Slut,” he said.

“Oh yes, I’m a slut,” Carla replied. “Fuck me!”

“Beg me,” Victor demanded.

“Please, please, Fuck me. Fuck my dirty cunt. Fuck it hard!”

“Louder you filthy slut,” he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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