A Quiet Lady’s Place 03.1: CLANCY

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This is my 15th erotic story and Literotica submission. I am always indebted to Candy_Kane54 (CK) for her continuing commitment to helping me improve my writing style. CK has provided 100% the editing and style advice for all 15 stories. I am so grateful since I would have never written these stories without CK’s enthusiastic and continuing support.

My Lesbian Romance stories focus on the trials and lives of strong, loving, and powerful women. Romance and not sex is the driving factor in these stories, which are 100 percent Fiction. However, some are based on a few real-life experiences of friends or acquaintances.

A Quiet Lady’s Place 03.1: Clancy is somewhat of a variation on my usual theme since there is a significant Male/Female Non-Sexual romance component. Clancy Marie Trusset and Jeremy Samuel Williams met during Clancy’s third week at Georgetown University, started dating two months later, and eventually were married.

A Quiet Lady’s Place 03: Clancy: This story focuses on Clancy’s life from birth in NYC until her first venture into the Ladies Only section of A Quiet Lady’s Place. The Charleston, SC restaurant’s primary lounge and two small dining areas were reserved for ladies only Friday — Sunday, with roughly half the customers thought to be lesbians. The other half of the restaurant customers were simply women enjoying their private space in a ladies-only atmosphere.

It was a Friday evening at A Quiet Lady’s Place when Clancy first met Eva J McAdams. This was Clancy’s first time out socially since her late husband Jeremy was reported MIA/KIA on an Asian Special Forces deployment nearly four years ago.

Chapter — 03.1: Clancy: This story summarizes Clancy’s early life until she transferred from the University of Paris to Georgetown University (GU) as a sophomore. Clancy perennially posted a 4:00GPA, having also been a premier European 800m Runner for several years since age-13, including her Fresher year at the U of Paris.

Most of 03.1: Clancy covers her first year at GU as Sophomore Transfer Student. Four of Clancy’s close female friends and Jeremy comprise an integral component of this part. For readers interested in the full details of Clancy’s life, please read “A Quiet Lady’s Place 03: Clancy.” This story was published in the Romance category since there was no real lesbian or heterosexual sex in this part.

Finally, A Quiet Lady’s Place 03.1: Clancy also varies from most of my lesbian stories since Clancy, Raleigh, Jeanette, and Jeremy are college students. So there are no children about as in most of my previous lesbian romance stories. The story starts slowly describing life in general on the GU campus, primarily character description, evolving to various intense sexual scenes.

All explicit sex in this story is 100% lesbian with female adults who are nineteen or older.

Chapter 03.1: Clancy is a continuation prequel and not wholly a lesbian story. However, I strongly feel it is a fitting addition to the A Quiet Lady’s Place TRILOGY.




Clancy Marie Trusset was born early morning on a bright spring NYC day at the New York-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns. She was an NYC resident until she was nearly three years old. Clancy’s parents, Jon Claude and Marie Angeline (nee Crescent) Trusset, held senior Diplomatic Positions in the US State Department, primarily working in France and Switzerland. Both parents were fluent in French and German but preferred postings in countries where French was the common language.

Clancy’s father, Jon, was a French national, later becoming a Naturalized US Citizen. Her mother, Marie, was a US Citizen with a French and German heritage. Clancy’s given name honored her German great-grandmother, with her middle name honoring her mother. Clancy was born in the USA, ensuring her birthright citizenship, thus allowing her to qualify for the Presidency.

Clancy was quite long at birth, nearly 25″; so her adult height of almost 6′ was not surprising. Clancy’s height, complexion, hair, and eye color were all recessive genetic traits inherited from her German namesake. She was also blond and blue-eyed, relating heavily to her German Ancestry. Since Clancy lived in France and Switzerland from age three until age nineteen, she had been reared in the European culture before she started her formal education in the USA as a Sophomore at Georgetown University (GU).

Clancy’s life from birth through her teenage years was typical for the child of seasoned diplomats. Her parent’s family background was mildly conservative in nature, although definitely not ultraconservative. Jon and Marie actively reared Clancy with minimal help from an occasional USA government-qualified nanny. Those rare times when a live-in Nanny was needed occurred when both Jon and Marie were required to travel simultaneously for brief European meetings. Otherwise, escort bayan one of Clancy’s parents was always home with her until she was twelve years old.

Clancy’s parents were non-religious, generally attending Church at Christmas, Easter, and Weddings or Funerals. However, they wanted Clancy to attend a religious-based, high-quality USA University. Jon and Marie initially contacted several ACC schools, including Boston College, Catholic; Duke, Methodist; and Wake Forest, Baptist. They were searching for the right school for a USA Foreign Exchange Student who would tutor Clancy on American values and lifestyle.

Jon and Marie successfully hosted five extraordinary and talented young ladies during Clancy’s teenage years until she started college at the University of Paris. By then, Clancy’s heavily French-accented English had mellowed into more of an international brogue style of English while spending time interacting socially with her five American exchange student tutors when she was 12 to 17 years old.

Virtually all of Clancy’s primary and secondary education until age 17 was at a Paris-based International Day School(s) while she lived at home. After graduating high school, Clancy attended the U of Paris for her fresher year. She earned a Gold Medal in the 800m race at the European Track and Field Championships.

Clancy turned 18 years old in her Fresher year at the University of Paris. After successfully completing her fresher year with a 4.00GPA, Clancy transferred to Georgetown University as a sophomore. Clancy had constantly maintained a 4.00 GPA throughout all of her academic life. This included International K-12 Day Schools and her Fresher year at the University of Paris.

Clancy’s parents, Jon and Marie, had always intended Clancy’s formal education to be at a high-quality American university. So, she and her parents had several lively discussions about several colleges before mutually agreeing on GU as their all-around favorite. GU was located in Washington, DC, where Jon and Marie had many excellent State Department connections.

Clancy was also pleased with GU since she would be living on the East Coast. She would only have a seven-hour non-stop flight to Paris when visiting Mom and Dad. GU also had a reasonably competitive women’s track and field program, which was essential to Clancy. She was a top-rated European competitor in 800m. Clancy definitely intended to make the GU track team, continuing to compete as a world-class 800m runner for the next three years.


Georgetown University was a well-known Catholic private university, with the current annual cost of matriculating there averaging $90,000USD. This extended price included tuition, dorm/meal plan, and extra expenses such as clothes, local transportation, social and sports events, etc.

Clancy received a ‘Full-Ride’ Academic Scholarship in Journalism because of her outstanding grades in maintaining a historical-lifetime 4.00GPA. Clancy also pursued a double minor in Juvenile Psychology and Economics. Depending on the course load, the double minor could require her to study for four whole years at Georgetown.

Clancy’s long-range life development plan was to work for approximately five years as an editor for a major Publishing House. She had already been hired as a USA Specialty Wine editor for Decanter Magazine on a per article basis. Clancy was considered an expert on certain exquisite wines because of her parents’ love for excellent Boudreaux Vintage wines. After gaining editorial experience, Clancy would open a small home-based publishing company and then start her family once the business was running smoothly.

Jon and Marie were relatively wealthy, so they leased a small two-bedroom apartment for Clancy in a quaint restored building close to GU’s campus. The rent was expensive, but the apartment’s location was in a safe neighborhood easily accessible to the GU campus. Clancy’s lovely apartment was their reward for her academic excellence at the Paris International Day School and U of Paris.

Clancy’s parents traveled with her to the USA for registration at GU. They helped move her into the cozy, newly furnished apartment. They stayed for two weeks, using much of this time to join Clancy in familiarizing herself with the campus and surrounding communities.

With her European background, two of the main GU nationally recognized sororities were very interested in Clancy pledging. Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha initially made soft overtures to Clancy with introduction pamphlets, pledge calendars, and other various items. One item that Clancy was interested in was a list of both sororities’ social events. She would first focus on learning the campus layout, especially her class locations, and then investigate the social life.

There were several groups interested in Clancy’s type of academic excellence and life experience. The athletic department was interested in Clancy possibly tutoring bursa vip escort one of their highly recruited male athletic scholarship recipients. Another on-campus social group felt someone with Clancy’s life experiences and personality would make a perfect Big Sister.

Clancy had already received invitations to various university-sponsored social gatherings via her email inbox. One invitation was to a Wednesday night Jazz Club wine tasting, which she would definitely check out later. She not only loved the old-style Dixieland Jazz but the modern-day Bluesy-Jazz sound, too.

Clancy quickly decided to visit the Jazz Club on a Wednesday evening as her first social outing. She was only 19 years old, so she could not legally drink wine or other alcoholic drinks in the USA. Clancy thought this was absolutely absurd since she could legally drink wine in Paris at 18 years old.

With Clancy being reared European, she had occasionally sipped Red Table Wine since age 13, generally at dinner with her parents. Bordeaux’s wines were her absolute favorite, and she was thrilled her parents intended to retire in that region of France. The 1982 Chateau Lafleur Pomerol was a simply divine Bordeaux wine and one of Clancy’s favorites. It was pretty expensive, so her mom and dad only allowed her a small half-glass at dinner.

Clancy walked all over GU’s widely spread campus during the first two weeks after her mom and dad returned home. She was just enjoying the on/off-campus sights and atmosphere of being on her own. At age 19, this was her first venture alone without her mom or dad, which she readily admitted was somewhat scary.

While on one of her daily walks, Clancy saw two teams of girls playing a bizarre game. Both teams had different colored handkerchiefs or scarfs hanging from the back of their shorts. All the girls looked as if they were running to grab the other girls’ scarves, which did not make any sense to Clancy.

A dark-haired girl slowly jogged over to Clancy, “Hi, I’m Raleigh Kay Jameson from New Orleans. Come on over and join us.” She then took notice of Clancy’s height and said, “Wow, you are very tall!”

Clancy introduced herself. “I am Clancy Marie Trusset, nearly 6′ tall. I am a transfer student from the U of Paris, starting my sophomore year at GU. I’m American but have primarily lived in Europe since age three, as both my parents are career USA Diplomats.”

Clancy walked over to the group of females with Raleigh, primarily to introduce herself. Still, she spent most of her time talking with Raleigh, a Fresher. Raleigh appeared to be 5’7″ or 8″ and solidly built. She had an off-tan color, owing to her being a Louisiana Creole of Color descendant. Although she looked the part, she did not speak the original dialect. Raleigh had four older brothers and routinely played family sports with them in her early youth. She excelled in track and hoped to anchor the 4 X 400m relay team by her junior year.

After nearly an hour of chatting with the girls, Clancy decided to continue her campus walk around. She and Raleigh exchanged mobile and email contacts, tentatively planning to meet for lunch on Friday. They would talk more about schedules for getting in shape together since both girls expected to make the GU woman’s track team. Clancy felt quite optimistic about the potential of becoming good friends. Raleigh was a friendly, easy-going person, which Clancy later learned was the laid-back southern lifestyle.

Clancy learned from a social bulletin that the AKA group was actively participating in this Wednesday’s Jazz Hour Wine tasting. So she rang Raleigh, “Please come to the Jazz Club with me on Wednesday night and then spend the night at my place since neither of us has Thursday morning classes?”

Raleigh seemed a bit hesitant before saying yes, which concerned Clancy.

She asked Raleigh, “Do you not want to go? I thought you really liked Jazz from our many talks about music. After all, your home is just outside New Orleans.”

Raleigh replied, “I do not think I am the type person these girls want in their AKA Sorority and will feel out of place. Also, I do not have any of the outrageously expensive clothes like most sorority girls wear.”

Clancy countered, “Wear one of the jumper outfits you like. How about you wear the blue one and I will wear something similar? If you are uncomfortable after an hour, we will leave and stop at another nice club near my place. I have not been there or anywhere social since moving here, but my one neighbor says it is really nice.”

Wednesday came, with Raleigh bringing her blue jumper outfit and two shorts sets to Clancy’s apartment. She arrived in the early afternoon after her last class and had stopped by her dorm for the weekend clothes. Clancy’s guest bedroom was nicely decorated, so Raleigh was delighted to stay over for four days. Once both girls were dressed, Clancy poured them a nice large glass of cabernet since they could bursa elit escort not legally drink at the club.

The new friends arrived via Uber at nearly 8:00 PM, entered the Jazz Club, and looked all around since it was their first time there.

An AKA girl walked over and asked, “Are you here for the future pledge night registration?”

Clancy answered, “No, we saw the open invitation and wanted to hear some good Jazz. I am Clancy, a transfer from Paris, and this is my friend Raleigh from New Orleans.”

There was a bit of whispering among the AKA girls. Another girl sauntered over and asked, “Are you Clancy Marie Trusset from the U of Paris?”

Clancy replied, “Yes.”

The AKA girl said, “Okay, go on over and enjoy the music. We would like to talk with you later this evening.”

As they walked toward the bar area, Clancy said to Raleigh, “That was really rude as those two girls did not even introduce themselves to us.”

Raleigh fidgeted, “I am not sure I want to stay, Clancy. She did not even glance my way like I did not even exist in her sight.”

Before Clancy responded, some half-drunk guy yelled, “AKA gals over here and have some whiskey shots!”

“No thanks!” Clancy quickly answered, steering Raleigh to the end of the bar, where there were two empty stools. They were in a corner but would still have a decent view of the jazz band.

An exceptionally tall, good-looking black bartender came over, “Those guys at the drunken table over there asked that I mix two drinks for you. Oops, I apologize for my bad manners, I’m Jer, and I work here two nights a week, earning extra money for school. I am on a half GU football scholarship while working here to help my mom pay for the extra costs.”

Clancy and Raleigh tried speaking in unison, then Clancy said, “You first, Raleigh, since I know you are very excited about the GU football team.”

“I am Raleigh Kay Jameson, and I love football. I played pick-up all the time with my four older brothers in New Orleans. We still occasionally play when all five of us are visiting home together. Clancy and I will definitely come to some games this year and cheer for you guys,” Raleigh giggled excitedly.

Jer looked at Clancy, “Next.”

“I am Clancy Marie Trusset from Paris and now a sophomore at GU. I have never heard the name Jer before. Is it from someone special to you?”

Jer laughed, “Okay, you got me there, Clancy! My name is Jeremy Samuel Williams, but most people here just say Jer.”

“Well, I like Jeremy, which is a beautiful name. Please use Jeremy when talking with me,” Clancy said sternly with a smile.

“Okay, Mom!” Jeremy laughingly said, “Seriously, Clancy, you sound just like my mom.”

They continued chatting about football and other stuff whenever Jeremy came over to check on them. The Jazz was delightful, and Clancy would definitely return again on some future Wednesday nights.

She and Raleigh sipped PepsiMax listening attentively to the soulful jazz music. Jeremy always came over to chat with them when the bar slowed. Soul Jazz was mixed in with Blues, and Clancy immediately fell in love with it, replacing Dixieland as her favorite.

Clancy asked, “Jeremy, we will not stay much longer, this being a school night. What other nights do you bartend?”

“I usually bartend on Wednesdays and Friday nights since that’s when the tips are best. Fridays are usually very busy, so it will be hard talking with you both,” answered Jeremy.

“Wait a minute, I have an idea,” Jeremy said excitedly.

He quickly rushed off and returned with a middle-aged man, “This is Thomas Manning, the Jazz Club’s owner.”

Jeremy continued, “This is Clancy Marie Trusset and Raleigh Kay Jameson. Both ladies have kept me entertained most of the night. They will leave in a few minutes, so I want to invite them to sit at my guest table for the next Sunday Jazz Hour. I know that I am working, but it is a more relaxed time, so I could occasionally stop by to say hello to them.”

“Excellent idea,” said Thomas, the owner. “You never use your employee privileges, so Clancy and Raleigh will be the club’s special guests.”

Thomas cautioned them, “The Sunday Jazz Hour is a very special monthly event, so please don a nice cocktail dress outfit.”

The girls jumped up, thanking Thomas for his generosity, saying they would dress to make the Jazz Club proud. They both turned to Jeremy with teary eyes, and Clancy said, “You are the most gracious person we have met at GU. I will definitely tell Mom-Williams about her wonderful son Jeremy if I meet her sometime in the future.”

“May we please have our check, and will you call an Uber?” asked Clancy.

“We cannot charge our special guests, can we, Jeremy?” Thomas grinned widely. “We will see you again in ten days at the Sunday Jazz Hour. Please stay sitting here with Jeremy, and I will return for you when the Uber is here”.

The girls arrived back at Clancy’s apartment, immediately pouring a nice glass of wine. They wanted to relax while discussing tonight’s unexpected happenings. Both girls reminisced over their surprisingly fun evening at the Jazz Club, meeting Jeremy and Thomas. But Raleigh was somewhat worried that Clancy had declined the AKA invitation because of her.

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