A Quiet Night At Home

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My wife passed away from cancer several years ago and the mother-in-law moved in with me to help with my three children. She is about five – three and just a little on the chubby side, but certainly not fat. She has been divorced for more than twenty years and is an upright, religious woman, of high moral character.

That is why what follows is such a surprise to me even now.

Not wanting to get involved with another woman after my wife died, I chose to keep busy with work and the raising my kids.

Being a normal American male, however, I was very horny most of the time.

One night I was having a late snack at the kitchen counter and the mother-in-law was chatting with me. We often did this after the kids were in bed.

I could always be forthright with her on most things, so I confessed to her that I really missed my wife in many, many ways; not the least of which was in the marital sex area.

I told her I really didn’t want to replace her with another woman and relationship, but the sexual deprivation was making me crazy.

Then I respectfully and gently offered a possible solution that I wanted her to think about very carefully.

I asked if she thought that on some particularly “rough” evenings after bedtime, I could come into her room and take care of my strong need for sexual gratification. I said it would not mean a marital type relationship, Escort Bayan but merely a meeting of physical needs.

Knowing her character, I half expected her to get upset and move out in horror even at the proposal of such a thing.

I continued and said what I would do is give her a few days to ponder it, then, I would come and try her door after the kids were asleep. If the door was locked, I would know the answer was no. If it opened to me, the answer was yes, come in.

I sweated blood for the next few days and we never talked about it again during that time, or afterward.

On the forth night, I could not stand it any longer so I took the short walk down the hallway to her door. I really figured it would be locked and the matter would be closed forever.

To my amazement the door opened.

The room was dark but I could see in the dim light from the window that she was in bed and quietly breathing.

I got out of all of my clothes and slipped under the covers with her on my right side. At first I was afraid to move further.

Not a word was spoken by either of us, but I could sense she was not asleep.

Finally I moved closer and could feel the heat of her mature womanly body against my naked front side. I reached out with my left hand and placed it on her midsection softly. She felt very warm, and the feeling , mixing Escort with the womanly scent of her next to me, made me quite excited.

She still made no sound other than her breathing. My hand slowly moved down her lower abdomin and rested at last on a full crop of pubic hair pressing up from under her panties. Her crotch was wide open. She inhaled sharply at the felling of my hand there.

As I began to rub her mound and lips gently through her panties her breathing tempo increased. Still not a word was spoken.

I finally slipped a hand into the waist band of her panties and began to slowly slide them down; around her hips, around her ass and then down and off her legs and feet.

She was breathing in and out with a slight shudder now as my hand worked its way into the hot moist space between her parted legs. It was an additional rush knowing that no one had been there for so many years.

My fingers worked the outer lips, the inner lips and then found their way to her clit, which was already swelling from the attention. She was lubricating just like my wife used to whenever we would get busy like this.

When I could stand it no more I got up and positioned myself between her legs. I really feared she would stop the action here as “going too far”, but still not a word or action of protest.

Reaching down with one hand, I rubbed the tip of Bayan Escort my member up and down her slippery crease, and she let out a muffled sigh as she breathed with shallow quick little breaths.

Her knees began to come up as she spread wider. I began to press inward and felt the hot grainy sensation as I slipped deeper and deeper into what felt like heaven.

She was smooth and tight as any woman half her age, and I could feel her nipples pressing into my chest through her PJ top.

I unbuttoned the top and opened it enough to get my lips around her left nipple. This really seemed to trip something inside of her as she heaved upward with a gasp as my member drove ever farther into her womanhood.

Now her legs were almost straight in the air and she grabbed my ass as if to pull me deeper into her with her hands.

This was all I could stand too and I began to stroke deeper, faster, in, out, around in circles as her moaning started to grow in intensity.

With one final thrust I plunged all the way in, feeling her cervix hit the tip of me in the process. She clasped me firmly and pressed upward as I flowed into her in rythmic bursts, and she gasped as her vagina convulsed and made little gasping sounds of its own.

We lay together coupled for a long time; not a word being said.

Finally I gently got up and quietly returned to my own room.

Wow! It was fantastic!

We never speak of this or any of the other encounters we have had since. It’s like, if we don’t speak of it, it never really happened and she can keep her character in tact.

And that’s just fine with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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