A Real Teacher Ch. 02

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Author’s note: Many thanks to Literotica’s own LadyCibelle for her editing expertise in making my stories more readable.

The following day, I walked on clouds all day wrapped up in my dreams of what had happened the previous afternoon. When I walked into my last period English class, there were giggles from all the girls and lewd comments from many of the guys but I didn’t lift my eyes off the floor, afraid that I would get another hard-on if I saw Mrs. Stanton.

I managed to concentrate on the subject enough to get through the class. I packed up quickly and hurried out with the crowd but was caught when Mrs. Stanton said “Mr. Walker, please stay for a moment.”

I waited until the door closed after the last student and then looked at her.

She quietly said, “Kevin, when I got home last night, I realized that I had left an incriminating piece of evidence here in the room. However when I got here this morning, I couldn’t find it. Do you know what happened to my panties?”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes, ma’am. I took them.”

She seemed to relax. “Oh, good. I was afraid that the janitors or someone else had found them. Why did you want them, Kevin?”

“Uh … well, to remember you by. Yesterday was … very special. I don’t know how to describe it. And I don’t want to forget the best time of my life.”

Her look softened. “Oh, Kevin, that is so sweet. Okay, you can keep them. Just make sure no one sees them, especially your mother.”

I smiled shyly “I’ll make sure. Thank you, Mrs. Stanton.”

I started to turn away but heard her call softly “Kevin?” I turned and she planted a wet kiss on my lips, her tongue darting into my mouth. I replied instantly, feeling the press of her titties against my chest.

After a much too short time, she broke away and said “Thank you, Kevin. Yesterday was special for me too. But we can never do that again. Good night.”

In the next few days it was apparent that I had developed a reputation for being ‘hung like a horse’ and that that reputation had spread throughout the four corners of the school. I heard comments about my physical assets from dozens of girls in all three year classifications of the school. I got lustful looks from others and jokes from a few. Then there were also the contingent who talked like I was a freak, that I was totally disrespectful to all females and that I should be locked up in a jail somewhere for the rest of my life. Fortunately those were in the minority.

On the other hand there was a whole other range of reaction from the guys. Some of them knew beforehand what my assets were like, having seen me naked in the shower room after gym class. Others threatened that if I looked at their girlfriends they would beat me to a pulp. But the majority of the guys assumed that I was getting a lot of pussy and wanted to know if I could let them have my overflow because there had to be more girls throwing themselves at me than I could handle and could they please be my friend. None of those guys believed me when I said that I wasn’t getting laid.

And it wasn’t true for long. It started with Megan. I took her up on the offer to study together and met her at her house one evening. She introduced me to her mother, although her father was out of town. Quickly she picked up a couple of sodas and took me upstairs away from her mom and two younger brothers.

In her neat girly room, she tossed my book bag on the bed and we stretched out and began to study … for maybe ten minutes. Then her hand began to rub my crotch and she asked if she could see it. I said yes as long as she showed me hers. She stripped out of her top and shorts quicker than I could kick off my shoes. Within seconds we were exploring each other with hands and mouths. I couldn’t believe it when her mouth closed over the head of my cock. That nearly blew me away … and finally I knew what the guys meant when they talked about getting a blow job. I decided that one good turn deserved another and Megan seemed delighted to comply when I asked her to turn so I could eat her pussy. I didn’t know what to do but had heard that girls responded differently although all seemed to like it slow. I learned quickly because Megan had no qualms about showing me with her fingers just what to do, never taking her mouth off my raging hard-on.

Just before my balls started spurting cum into her mouth, Megan began shaking and moaning something unintelligible, although I think it was something about liking what was happening. I sure liked what she did for me. She couldn’t catch all my cum but managed to swallow some and wiped the rest of it up with a towel and licked her fingers.

I thought that might be the end of it but she looked hard at my scrotum and then began to massage it with her fingers. In a few minutes, she isolated one ball and sucked it into her mouth and my dong began rising again. She sucked for a bit and then changed balls and gave the other the same treatment. When I was hard again, she turned and lay on her back in the center of the bed, bursa eskort her head raised on the pillow. She spread her legs and looked at me expectantly so I climbed between her legs and pointed my spear at her opening. When I eased forward, I looked up and noted that she was licking her lips and her eyes seemed to be on fire. I had to stroke in and out several times to get the whole thing inside her but then she pulled me down to her open mouth.

She broke the kiss long enough to whisper “That feels so good, Kevin” before sticking her tongue back in my mouth.

I would find out later that this was called the missionary position: me stretched out above her, our faces together, my cock in her twat, my chest mashing her tits flat. In and out I stroked, taking time when I reached bottom to rock back and forth so that my cock would waggle inside her body.

She seemed to like it, murmuring things like “Oh, yeah, Kevin, do it again” and “Oh, fuck, that is good.”

Four times before my balls blew their load into her she bowed her back, pushed her pussy up to meet my thrusts, and said through gritted teeth “I’m cumming, Kevin, I’m cumming.”

I took that as a good sign and when I shot off my load, I felt fantastic, very satisfied. However I had began to worry with the thought that I might have made her pregnant so as I rolled off her I asked “What if you get pregnant?”

Megan smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve been on the pill for a year.”

Relieved, I kissed her boobs for a few minutes as Megan proudly pushed them up to my mouth Then we dressed and completed our studies before I said good night and went home.

Megan and I studied together fairly frequently after that and almost every time we got together, she initiated sex. One day her mother opened the door when Megan was on top of me. Megan didn’t seem embarrassed at all and her mother, rather than being upset to see her daughter riding a big cock, seemed to be happy that Megan was doing something she enjoyed. After that Megan’s mother seemed to welcome me into their house even more than before. It felt strange but I wasn’t about to turn down those opportunities.

On the third Friday night after my encounter with Mrs. Stanton, I went to the home football game and mingled with the student body. For the most part, I was accepted by those that I knew, mostly seniors from the same classes I was in so I sat with some of them, ate my share of popcorn and drank a couple of Cokes. I cheered as our team won a runaway game. Afterward I was kind of slow heading out but most of the crowd had already started out at the beginning of the fourth quarter when the game was no longer in doubt. I came out of the bleachers, around the south end and turned east to take the path behind the bleachers toward home.

Just then I heard my name called and turned to see Candy Carlson and Linda Upshaw running toward me. They are some of the very last people on earth I would expect to hear calling my name because they were both cheerleaders and both part of the ‘in’ crowd. I was walking backward but not in a hurry when the two girls caught up with me.

“Kevin” Candy said, “we’ve heard all about you and we’ve just got to find out if it is true.”

While she was talking both girls had grabbed handfuls of my jacket and I was being led under the metal-and-wood stands. Candy’s hand slipped down into my pants, inside my jockeys, and quickly found my cock, which immediately began to grow hard. She wet her lips and seemed to concentrate as it inflated. Linda was fumbling with my belt and opened it and the fly of my jeans, which were soon around my ankles along with my underwear.

I had been so startled by their onslaught that I had not reacted well but when I realized what the girls were doing, I stuck my own hands up their short uniform skirts and slipped them inside their panties, cupping their luscious round buttocks. Both girls giggled but they seemed fascinated by the length of my dong, which by then was hard and erect like a long banana, with the head resting just above my navel. The look of lust on the girls’ faces was unmistakable.


Candy sat back on one of the horizontal support bars and spread her legs, pulling my cock toward her cunt. When Linda took over the guidance, Candy leaned back and spread her legs wider; watching with great anticipation as my arrow found her target and inch by hard red inch disappeared into her hot snatch. As I started to stroke in and out, I pushed Candy’s uniform sweater up and began kneading her titties … I remembered how I had admired the way they bounced when the group was doing cheers.

Linda found my scrotum and her fingers played classical music on my nuts. Candy’s legs locked behind my butt and every time I pulled back, she jerked me forward so that I slammed into her crotch. It seemed to work for her because a few minutes later she said “I’m cumming. Don’t stop, damn it! I wanna cum!” And she did, shaking through a half minute of orgasm. Still I hadn’t emptied my balls bursa otele gelen escort so I kept plugging away at her, even after she had stopped pulling with her legs. A few more minutes of stroking her pussy though got her going again and she was again talking about cumming … just as my balls reached the boiling point and spit shot after shot of hot jism into Candy’s sweet twat.

When my deflated cock backed out of Candy, she jumped down and began hunting for her panties. She said “Linda, you gotta suck him hard again.” Without more encouragement, Linda dropped to her knees in front of me and my cock began disappearing into her mouth. She managed to get most of it in her mouth until it began expanding again and then she had to ease it out and settled for the last four or five inches. However she licked it all clean and then sat on the same metal bar where I had fucked Candy. From behind me, Candy stuck a hand between my legs and grabbed my cock, steering it toward Linda’s pussy, which was already displaying glistening drops of love juice. My cock slid into her all the way to the hilt on the first thrust.

Linda’s tits were smaller than Candy’s but still not bad. While I fucked her, I squeezed her melons for a while and then shifted to squeezing her buttocks. When my two middle fingers met at her anus, she seemed to explode. I used the same ploy to make her cum three more times before I shot another wad of cum into her pussy. I kept thrusting until my legs felt like fresh poured Jell-o.

When I backed away from Linda, Candy was pulling her hand and saying “C’mon, Linda, we gotta go meet the boys. They’ll be dressed any minute now.” Linda put her clothes in place and they started off but then stopped. Linda ran back to me, reached up and thrust her tongue into my mouth in a sloppy wet kiss. In a few seconds, she broke away and said “Thanks, Kevin. That was good.” And then they were gone.


Monday morning between third and fourth periods, Jack Del Ricco, quarterback, and Esteban Estevez, running back, cornered me at my locker. Jack slammed the locker door into my left hand and said that I’d better stay away from Candy and Linda, if I knew what was good for me. I said “What? You two clowns can’t figure out how to keep your women away from a dumb non-jock?” Jack turned livid red and pulled back his fist to hit me. With my left hand I hit a pressure point in Esteban’s neck, sending him to the floor at my heel. With my right hand, I caught Jack’s left little finger and bent it and he went to the floor also, begging me to let him go. I let them both go, pushing them onto their backs away from me and said “Stay away from me. You can’t handle me and just remember that I didn’t start this.” I got my books and left while they tried to recover their dignity. Finally those three years of Aikido training paid dividends!

From then on, I had a sort of uneasy truce with all the jocks. They were civil to me but mostly left me alone and I didn’t go looking for trouble with them. However if one of their girls came to me, I didn’t turn them away either. I figured it was the girl’s business what she did and the guys didn’t own them.

Out of the squad of seven senior cheerleaders, three others caught me at one time or another and sampled my cock. Angela Amondsen took me into the music storage room during fifth period one day and we spent all period exploring her pussy with my long dong. She said she came eight times during the fifty minutes and I didn’t doubt it based on the amount of cunt juice flowing down my leg by the time the bell rang and we hurriedly dressed to make the sixth period class.

Kelly Langer stopped her car beside me as I was walking home one afternoon and asked if I wanted a ride. She took me to a spot in a local park that I never would have believe existed in the city, one that was accessible by car but surrounded by trees and vines that made it seem like a fortress. Once inside, she wasted no time in taking out my prick and working it into an erection. Then in the confines of the car, she worked her then naked body over mine and snaked my member into her hot pussy and proceeded to fuck me royally. It was more than two hours later that she finally said she had to go, worked her way back into her clothes and drove me home as if nothing had happened.

Rachel Goldsmith caught me as I started home from the next Friday home game and we fucked under the same bleachers as with the first two. The major difference was that Rachel’s boyfriend had not played that night because he was home with the flu so she didn’t have a date after the game. We screwed with me standing between her legs as she perched on the same metal support. Rachel sucked me until I was hard again and I fucked her doggy style as she bent over the metal bar. Rachel sucked me again until I was rock hard and then she introduced me to the pleasures of anal sex. She said she lost count of her orgasms after lucky thirteen but knows that she had several more after that. I emptied my balls nilüfer escort three times before I was ready to call it a night. By then the security guards had locked the gates to the field and we had to crawl over the chain link and barbed wire fence around the stadium, which gave me several more opportunities to put my hands on Rachel’s magnificent ass. I walked her home but she pulled me into the bushes and had to have one last fuck before I left. That turned out to be the first of many times Rachel and I would fuck.

Almost three weeks to the day that Mrs. Stanton had first touched my cock, she surreptitiously left a note on my desk, while observing during a test, that said “I would like to see you as soon after school as possible at 11439 Amber Way, although it is not mandatory. E.S.” I knew the E.S. was for Elizabeth Stanton but where was that address? I hastily hid the note.

I knew Amber Way was a residential street not far away so when school was out I made my way in that direction, not hurrying because I didn’t want to draw attention to where I was going, just in case … what? I found Amber Way, checked the street numbers and started walking toward 11439. It was more than a mile away and turned out to be one of the old stately houses in an area where all the houses looked like they had stories to tell. I went to the front door and rang the bell several times but there was no answer. The house had a veranda that ran across the entire front and partially down each side. On one side the veranda was rather dark because of three very leafy trees in close proximity so I found a spot on that side and sat on the deck with my back to the wall.

I only had to wait about fifteen minutes before Mrs. Stanton drove in. She must have parked in the garage and gone in the back door because I heard her in the house so I went to ring the bell again. When she answered, she pulled me inside, looked around to see if anybody was watching, and then closed the door.

“Thank you for coming over, Kevin. I wanted to talk with you a little.”


“Have you talked to anyone about … us … since that day?”

“No, ma’am. No one. Why?”

“Well, I just wondered. Have you thought about it?”

“About telling someone? No, not really. I think I want to keep those thoughts to myself.”

“Yes, I know. It was a very special time. I have to admit that I have thought about it often.”

“Yeah, me too. Every night actually.”

She laughed with a soft musical sound. “Kevin, I have something I wanted to ask you and … it’s very hard. It’s very … personal and very … emotional.”

“Yes, ma’am?” I said, trying to be encouraging.

“I … well, how much did you like what happened that day?”

“Very much, Mrs. Stanton. It was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me.”

“Yes? Well, good. I have to say that it is at the very top of my list too. And I know that I said that it could never happen again, Kevin. But … well, I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop thinking about how good you made me feel. And, Kevin? I want to do it again!” She said the last in such a soft whisper that I wasn’t sure I had heard right.

“You want to do it again?”

Again she whispered “Yes. Do you?”

“Yes!” I said emphatically.

She grabbed my shirt in both hands and stared intently into my eyes. “You have to PROMISE me that you will never let anyone know anything about this.”

“I promise, Mrs. Stanton.”

“Then while we are in this house, you will call me Elizabeth. Okay?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. My cock had already grown hard thinking about the beautiful woman in front of me and the promise of the worlds of pleasure to be explored. She took my hand and led me down a long hallway and into a huge bedroom with a king-sized four-poster bed. Turning to me, she began unbuttoning my shirt and then moved to releasing my belt and jeans. When they were gone, she reached into my jockeys and began to fondle my cock.

That was great but she left it to me to undress her and I had never really undressed a woman. I started clumsily with the buttons of her blouse and she seemed content to let me take my time, just as long as she could feel my spear in her hands. I finally got her blouse off and tossed it on a chair. I had some problems with the hooks on her bra because of the trembling in my fingers but she just smiled and let me work at it. When her huge honkers were free, I was really shaking when I went to work on her skirt and it took me forever, with her wrapped tightly in my arms and my hands working at her waist band behind her … the magnificent feeling of her breasts pressing against my chest seemed to wipe away all semblance of clear thinking from my head. Finally the skirt fell free and I pushed her panties to the floor and she kicked out of both garments.

Elizabeth pulled me up into the middle of the bed and then straddled me facing my cock, which she started to lick along every side. Her sweet little pussy was like a billboard in my eyes and I quickly buried my face in her crevice, searching for any and every drop of liquid I could find. We had been at it for several minutes when Elizabeth looked back and said “My husband is not coming home tonight. Will your mother be okay if you don’t get home until late?”

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