A Reluctant Lover

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Jim had devoted his life to his work and had risen to be President of a significant company. He worked ten or twelve hour days and virtually every day of the week. When he was home, he was on the telephone with work related issues. He loved his family and assumed that they accepted his compulsion to work and provide a good life for them all. It turned out that his wife did not agree and soon after the children left home, she left as well. She could not see him changing and reluctantly decided to find some pleasure in her life while still young enough to enjoy it.

Jim left the house to his wife and moved into an apartment within walking distance of his office. He missed her and had to deal with emptiness for the first time in his life.

He needed a woman and not only for sex. He missed the softness and care only a female can provide. He began to date, not an easy thing for a man so out of touch with the social aspects of life. But word gets around, friends and acquaintances soon directing ladies of interest in his direction. He was well off if not wealthy; his body still fit although thicker than it had been. Most women thought of him as roughly handsome. He could be gracious and kind in company. He discovered that he enjoyed dating.

He relaxed, eased back the controls at his office, allowing younger employees to take on responsibility. He soon became the type of man that his wife had yearned him to be. He would take a few extra days on a business trip to visit places of interest, fly off to Hawaii for a week on an urge, or even just stay in bed on weekend mornings.

Despite this softer approach to life, he could not bring himself to consider remarrying. As a result his various liaisons were of short duration, each one following the same script. There was the initial excitement of meeting someone new; dinner dates and evenings out; seduction and sex and as the romance ripened a consideration to shack up. At some point, the lady in question, who was always of his generation, decided there would not be anything permanent for her and ended the pleasure.

He was at the beginning of one of these relationships now. He had met Anne through a friend. She was a little younger than he, divorced and much like his wife; she was seeking something more in life. He liked her, enjoyed being seen out with her and within a few weeks she came home with him one night. They fucked that night and then early the next morning. Turned out that they both enjoyed early morning sex. Fresh relaxed bodies and minds free from daily pressure made it easy to lose oneself in erotic pleasure. It had been a long exhausting fuck that morning, and after lying side by side for some time, they showered together before Jim drove her home. Jim considered it a perfect night.

He was late for work and eyebrows were raised as he entered the office. The old man late? It had never happened before to anyone’s recollection. This along with the overall relaxed approach he had recently demonstrated suggested that he must have a woman in his life again. As he entered his own office, a young assistant named Andrea was leaving after placing some files on his desk.

She was a very striking looking 25-year-old woman who wore little make-up and displayed a quiet confident beauty. She was about 5’6″ but looked smaller with an athletic but soft body. Jim secretly admired the way her body moved under the clothes, nothing tight or restrictive restraining her breasts or beautiful ass. He had always stayed clear of office affairs but acknowledged that if this young lady ever appeared interested in him that he would have a difficult time refusing.

She smiled up at him as they passed each other, “Good morning Jim, late breakfast?” Jim was taken aback, not used to that sort of personal chat from his staff. But he smiled back at her and mumbled, “Worked late last night, I’m getting old and can’t take it any more.”

He turned to watch her leave his office, her soft delicate scent hanging in the air. He licked his lips as his eyes took in the soft cheeks shivering under the light skirt. She caught him staring at her butt but did not appear to be the least flustered.

What was it with this young woman? He had an erection, and this only a few hours after screwing a very nice woman for the second time. He waited a few minutes for his erection to fade before going for coffee.

Throughout that day, and for several days after that, he was very aware of Andrea. He was suddenly looking for her each time he left his office. He had no plan to approach her but she had become one of his sexual fantasies, despite being about the age of his own daughter. His general outlook on young women was that they were nice to look at but that there was too much of a generational gap to consider seducing one. Andrea seemed different. He thought, ‘I’m going crazy, what’s with this.’

His relationship with Anne continued to develop. They enjoyed many common interests, she liked cooking for him and they fucked like mink as they grew to know each other’s turn-ons. It seemed as escort şişli if they were trying to catch up with all of the sex they had missed in life.

She stayed at his apartment for a weekend on one occasion. He awoke Sunday morning alone in bed. He could smell the bacon cooking and pulled on a robe to join her in the kitchen.

He said, “Where were you? You know I like some pussy first thing in the morning.” He kissed her neck while reaching under her arms to feel her big tits.

She turned in his arms, a plastic flipper in her hands and they kissed. “You had some about 4 am, don’t you remember? How soon they forget.”

They laughed and she turned back to the stove. He did not release her and cuddled her into his body, his hard cock sliding up and down between her ass cheeks. He pulled his robe tie free to bare his belly and legs. He lifted the back of her robe and slipped his cock in between her legs from behind.

She cried out, “The eggs will burn.” She was still holding the flipper. He reached in front of her and turned the element to off and moved her sideways until she was pressed against the kitchen counter.

He forced her legs open with his knees and squatted down in order to angle his cock up her pussy. “Not here,” she moaned, “in bed Jim, not here.”

He ignored her plea and she braced herself against the counter as he fucked his way into her from behind. The only sounds were their moans of pleasure, the sticky sound of his cock surging in and out of her pussy, and the gentle slap of his belly and thighs against her ass cheeks. He lost it a little and pulled her head back by the hair as he raged away on trembling knees. He started to come, his hands clasped her tits, pinching her nipples while pulling her straight back against his arched body.

The rest of the day had been pleasant and relaxed, the world seemed perfect to him. But she was quiet that evening as he drove her to her apartment. She sat still, looking straight ahead and whispered, “I think I want a break from you. Don’t ask me why right now. Give me some time. I’ll call you when I have thought things through. Don’t come in now.” Before he could rush around to open her door she was out and gone.

Jim sat there stunned. He believed that the weekend had been enjoyable for both of them. He had grown closer to Anne than to any woman since his wife had left him. Aside from the sex he just liked being with her and wanted more of her. What the hell, he felt really bad and imagined that she must have identified something in his character that repelled her. He thought of the doggy sex that morning, maybe he had been rough but not mean rough. It couldn’t be that, she had got off with him, kissed and showered with him after that. He chalked it up to the different thought process of men and women.

He was sad and it carried over to his work at the office. He returned to his controlling overworking self. He had a sandwich alone in his office for lunch and became unapproachable to his staff. Even the quietly pleasant Andrea failed to capture his attention. For the first time in months he stayed working late on a project. The thought of calling Anne did not enter his mind. She had made the move and so be it. It was her call. He was not happy, and felt betrayed.

His mind was not on his work and he decided to leave for dinner. To his surprise, Andrea was in her cubicle sorting through a pile of files. He had never encouraged his staff to work late; a solid day’s work was all he thought necessary. He sounded angry when he demanded, “Andrea, what the hell are you doing still working?”

Andrea looked up with a soft smile, “I screwed up today and made a mess of something I had promised to finish. I just wanted to make it right.”

What can you do, he thought. And especially with someone that looks like she does. He relaxed visibly and apologized. “Sorry Andrea, you surprised me being here, I should be commending you not dissing you. I am not in a particularly good mood these days.”

Andreas replied, “No kidding. We have all wondered about you, you seem very unhappy this week.” She returned to her work, head down.

Jim stood there, feeling as if he had been dismissed and feeling as if he deserved it. “Please join me for a late dinner. Come in early tomorrow if you feel you need to finish something.”

Andreas paused, smiled and murmured, “I would love to join you for dinner. Not sure if I am properly dressed for it, but let’s do it anyway.”

She stood up and smoothed and straightened her clothing. She looked good enough to take to the opera in Jim’s opinion. He allowed his eyes to freely examine her as if inspecting her for parade. She wore a flared black skirt, half heels, a white blouse sheer enough to show a lace-trimmed bra underneath. As always, there was nothing tight in her underclothes. Everything moved freely. She was gorgeous.

He asked, “Do you know of a nice restaurant nearby? Pick one and I’ll call to see if we can get in.”

She responded, “Oh thank you, I have kağıthane escort bayan never been to Jorgio’s but have heard good things about it, and it’s only a few blocks from here.”

Jim made the call and they were on their way. They stood apart quietly in the elevator, both surprised at this development. He could smell her scent and sense her body close to him.

She took his arm as they walked, surprising him once more at how open and frank she was. He wondered what she saw in him, she appeared to relish being with him. His concerns about the age gap had evaporated. They were simply a man and a woman obviously enjoying each other’s company.

Andrea felt his body relax as they moved on and moved her other hand across her body to hook his arm more tightly to her breast. She had been attracted to him for some time. He had seemed distant and unavailable to her, despite the way that he followed her with his eyes. She knew that this night could go in any direction. She hoped that it was to his bed.

Jorgio’s turned out to be a romantic dining room, each booth providing a discreet setting for couples and foursomes. The maître’ de settled Andrea in a love seat and as Jim moved to sit across the table from her, she grabbed his arm, her eyes pleading with him to sit beside her. The maître’ de quickly changed the place settings and left them with an order for a bottle of French wine.

Feeling a little awkward and uncertain Jim focused on the menu while Andrea seemed to be completely comfortable. A waiter arrived with the wine and they toasted each other, eyes locking over the rim of their wine glasses. God she had beautiful lips. Jim was aroused and was glad that he was seated, not wanting to be too obvious. Andrea sensed his desire and shifted her body closer to him.

They began to chat about everything except what filled their minds and bodies. They discussed work things, relationships, travel and politics, but their eyes and bodies spoke of romance and desire.

After ordering, Andrea took Jim’s hand and said, “Dance with me.” His eyebrows shot up questioningly. “Please,” she pursued.

He smiled and said, “You might be sorry you asked, I’m sort of heavy footed on a dance floor.” He took her hand and guided her to a small alcove were a trio were playing soft ballads and a few couples were grinding away on a tiny dance floor.

Andrea melted into his arms, her entire body pressed tight to his. He had bumped her with his erection on the way to the floor and now she pressed her hips tight to his, feeling his hard cock rubbing her belly and hip. He had somehow moved it upwards and the knob was trapped under his belt buckle. He groaned, “God Andrea, I’m sorry.” She did not allow him to pull back and whispered, “Don’t be. I want it there.”

Her body was soft and pliant and he suddenly realized how young she was compared to most of the women he had dated recently. It had been many years since he had enjoyed that feeling. He whispered in her ear, “I’m thrilled that you like me, but you are so young, I don’t understand why.”

She laced her fingers between his fingers, eased her other hand around to caress his neck and said, “I’ve wanted this since the first day I met you.” She raised her lips to his for a soft kiss.

His hand was on the small of her back as they danced and as their lips engaged he lowered it down to caress her cheek. “I’ve been dying to feel that for months. Are you wearing panties?”

She said, “No, they are in my purse.” They kissed with passion, soft lips and probing tongues, their feet were still as their bodies melded. They pulled back, suddenly realizing where they were but the other dancers were busy with their own interests. The trio could care less.

They laughed together at the table, “That was close, I’m not sure what we would have done next,” Jim whispered.

Their food arrived, but they had little interest in it, picking away while being fully concentrated on each other. Their legs and hips were stuck together, her breast rubbing his arm and chest almost constantly. He looked at her, glancing down at her tits and murmured, “I want to taste them.”

She bent forward and kissed him, “You will, whenever you want them, my nipples are aching for your lips.” She reached down under the table as they snuggled and rubbed the palm of her hand up and down his stiff cock, now stretched down along the inside of his thigh. Her eyes were heavy with lust, “And I want to taste that.”

Jim almost got off at her words. His body was electric, every nerve burning hot. How the hell could he get out of here without embarrassment? “Andrea, I want you with me tonight. But, let’s cool it bit, I will clean off every table on the way out if you don’t stop.”

She smiled, squeezed his cock once more, and shifted away from him. “Let’s finish this wonderful meal, we won’t need dessert.” Andrea had seized full control of the evening.

They rushed home, Andrea clinging to Jim as if frightened to lose him. Jim was in another world, amazed topkapı escort bayan that this lovely young woman wanted to sleep with him. His past partners had always been more passive during the seduction stage, but this gal was totally open about what she wanted. He would have to calm down or he would be off at the first touch of her naked body.

Andrea was thrilled. She had fantasized about him for months. He was her ideal, older and distinguished, controlling and firm, and yet she had read the desire in his eyes each time he had looked at her. She was experienced, had enjoyed several intense affairs, but this one seemed so different, almost like mating with an alien species.

He could barely remember the electronic code for his door key and fumbled impatiently like a teenage boy. The hot and fast breathing of his expectant lover clouded his mind.

Once inside he turned to her and pushed her up against the door. Their mouths were wide open as they came together in a clash of hot bodies. He pushed his burning hands up under the back of her skirt, desperate to feel that soft ass of his fantasies.

He had to relax. She was rubbing her pussy on his throbbing cock through their clothes. Normally he maintained good control through the seduction phase, but he was too damn close to getting off right then.

He moved back from her. Her lips were puffed out, the tip of her tongue swirling around inside her mouth, her eyes wild with lust, her chest heaving and her fingertips digging into his biceps. Her hips were still jammed up against his, her pussy desperate to feel his cock.

“Slowly Andrea or this will be over before it begins.” He tried to think of something else, one touch of her hand would get him off. “I want to undress you, want to uncover each beautiful part of you, look at it, touch it, kiss and lick it.” They kissed again, she seemingly accepting his need to slow things down, but her hot twisting tongue did little to cool the heat of desire.

He stood her in front of a full-length mirror in his bedroom. He unhooked the waistband on her skirt and watched it drop to the floor. She stood there almost glaring back at him, naked from the waist down. Soft round hips, flat belly and a shaved pussy. His hands trembled as he fumbled to undo the thousand tiny buttons on her blouse. He could see the tip of her slit, parting the triangle of her legs and belly. ‘Don’t touch it, don’t touch it, not yet,’ he argued with himself.

He fumbled to unhook her bra until she murmured, “Front hook lover, between my tits babe.” He slipped his hands through under her arms, kissing the back of her neck as he did so, rubbing his cock up and down between the cheeks of her ass. The bra opened and her firm velvet tits tumbled out into his waiting hands. “Oh my God, they are more beautiful than I imagined,” he moaned. She turned her head upward for a soft burning kiss.

“I told you that you would taste them,” she said, “so taste them.”

He turned her quickly in his arms, lifted her up until his face was between her tits, his 5 o’clock shadow rubbing the velvet skin as he captured a swollen nipple between his lips. She guided his head back and forth between the nipples and became more agitated the harder that he sucked them. She wrapped her legs around his waist, as they stood balanced in front of the mirror. “Use your teeth lover, nip them, I love it.”

He lowered her and sat her on the side of the bed. He removed his tie and dress shirt as Andrea tugged at his belt buckle and pulled his pants down. She pulled the band of his shorts out and reached in to touch and hold his cock with one hand as the other tugged them down and over his ass cheeks. She bent to help him kick off his pants and shorts. Her face brushed his stiff cock as she straightened. She looked up at him questioningly as she kissed the tip of his knob.

“Ah, not now baby, later maybe, for now just hold it and stroke it slowly, let me get the edge off a bit.”

She looked up, pouting, “Just let me lick off that pre-cum, just a little taste.” She leaned ahead and ran her tongue around the knob.

His balls tightened, he was close, and he pushed her to her back sideways on the bed. She was so beautiful, spread out naked, her eyes pleading. She was ‘tweaking’ a nipple with one hand while massaging and rubbing her shaved pussy with the other. She slowly spread her legs and pulled her knees back to expose the red gash of her pussy, lips glistening with moisture. Still standing he moved in between her legs. The ball was in his court now and he felt confident.

His cock swayed as he moved, occasionally rubbing her inner thighs as his fingers teased and aroused her pussy. He loved this first touch of a hot pussy. His partners often had to beg him to stop with the fingers and fuck them. He rubbed her mound with his fingertips, slipped them between her legs, one finger each side of the slit before rubbing the slit from her butt hole to the clit. He grasped the pussy lips between his fingers and rubbed them together, before sliding two fingers into her, hooking them up under the mound to tap for a G-spot. He pulled his fingers out and used the wet tip of one to circle her engorged clit. Andrea pressed her feet down on the edge of the bed and arched her body upwards attempting to swallow his entire hand in her pussy.

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