A School Reunion with Rachel

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The last time I’d seen Rachel it had been messy!

Not in a relationship sense, but in a ‘needing a tissue!’ sense!

Twenty years later she hadn’t changed a bit. Well, just a slightly fuller figure, but just as sexy.

I was at a school reunion back in the town where I used to live. In the intervening years, I’d married, divorced, and had three different jobs in the public sector.

When our eyes met across the hotel bar, there was that moment of recognition, when for a split second, a whole kaleidoscope of memories flash across your mind.

She beamed with delight, and within moments had rushed to throw her arms around my neck.

“Good god, you haven’t changed a bit, well perhaps a bit thinner on top!”

I held her at arms length, but took in everything about her, her blue eyes, her full breasts, her slim waist, her exotic perfume.

“Bloody cheek, you haven’t changed either, still got big tits!”

She smiled again, and stood back. “Cheeky.”

For a brief second I wondered if she recalled that last meeting twenty years before.

On the back seat of a minibus, taking us home late at night from the school prom.

We weren’t an item, but somehow that evening, we’d danced, we’d joked, just as old classmates, and then on the minibus home we’d kissed. Not a passionate kiss, but just a mutually enjoyable kiss.

Both of us had had a few drinks, and although there were others on the minibus, we were the only ones on the rear seats. I guess Rachel felt mischievous, because under my jacket, which was draped across my lap, her hand had found my cock.

I had made some comment about being naughty, but in her usual dare devil way, she had proceeded to squeeze my cock.

Predictably it rose to the occasion, and I must have tried to remove her hand. I remember her words distinctly, “Stop being a spoilsport.”

I gave in, of course, and she carried on just squeezing, and rubbing very gently.

At first, I just began to enjoy it, listening to the banter from the others, and even joining in. They were totally unaware of what was happening behind them.

Rachel was chatting too, and I was unconcerned for quite a while. But then, suddenly, her fingers must have triggered something. I realised that she was going to have to stop, or there would be consequences.

I grabbed her wrist, and tried to pull it out from under my jacket, but there was no way Rachel was going to allow that. I fidgeted in my seat, and put my face to her ear.

“For fucks sake Rachel, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum,” l whispered in a panic. I was trying to speak quietly, and trying not to attract attention.

All she did was giggle, and grab my wrist with her other hand.

Relentlessly her fingers continued stroking. I could feel my face flushing, I’d stopped chatting, and was gritting my teeth in the semi darkness.

I made one more plea, as discreetly as I could, “Rachel! please stop!”

As if to celebrate, Rachel asked out loud, “Has everyone had a good night?”

The whole minibus cheered, and whooped in agreement just as I started to cum.

My “Yes,” was choked, and the immediate pleasure of orgasm was masked by the intense wet sensation, as though I had ‘pee’ed’ myself.

Rachel released her grip, and sat back in her seat, well satisfied with her mischief. As if to accentuate her victory, she passed me a tissue.

“Fuck Rachel, you’re such a cow, for god’s sake I need more tissues.”

She passed me more, and I remember walking home from the ‘drop off’ trying to hide my wet patch.

I picked up my drink, and in the noise of the bar, my eyes must have glazed over for a brief second.

“Careful, don’t spill your drink, you might need a tissue.”

Rachel’s face told it all, and she enjoyed my embarrassment.

“God, I seem to remember calling you a ‘cow,’ no change there then.” It was my turn to laugh. But then, just as we were enjoying that secret reminiscence, a rather striking red head joined us.

” Hello, who’s this? not the infamous Jimmy?”

I felt myself flush. Whoever this was, Rachel had told her the story.

“It is indeed, the very same. Jimmy, this is Jackie, my partner.”

This caught me on the hop, it was totally unexpected. Rachel being gay, or bi, was surprising, and both Rachel and Jackie were enjoying my confusion.

Jackie spoke first, “We’ve been together for three years now, Jimmy, we were both married, but are really happy as a couple.”

Rachel Escort Bayan was smiling, and added, “Your face is a picture,” then paused, and continued, “hey don’t worry, we don’t hate men.”

“Sorry, it’s just not something I was expecting, but I’m glad you’re both happy, I know what a broken heart feels like!” Both of them gave me a hug, and that showed some empathy.

At that moment I got a slap on the back.

“Fancy you being here, and with two gorgeous ladies.”

It was Gary, an old mate. I’d lost touch with him, but he was also an old friend of Rachel. All four of us soon started talking over old times, and when the buffet opened, we all decided to have our meal together.

Inevitably, the story of the minibus came out. Gary had been on it too, and knew nothing of what was going on in the rear seat. There was so much hilarity, “Oh my god, Jimmy, I knew you were a wanker, but that’s soooo funny.”

Gary and I had always traded insults, but Jackie had a puzzled look on her face, until she realised we were joking.

The evening went well, the music soon got going, and the wine flowed. We all seemed to gel like the old days, even Jackie who wasn’t an ex student, joined in the banter.

It had been a long time since I’d made any moves on a dance floor, but somehow I found myself taking Rachel there, just like that night at the prom. I felt slightly odd, given the revelation of her and Jackie, and Rachel suspected that. Above the music she managed to relay to me how much they liked each other. She added that her ex husband had been a bastard, but was at pains to say that she hadn’t gone off men.

I must have frowned.

“Don’t worry, I won’t wank you off tonight.”

Wouldn’t you know that just at that moment the music went quiet, and the two couples near to us stared, wondering if they’d heard correctly.

Rachel grasped onto me, and laughed uncontrollably. We quickly shuffled off the dance floor.

Getting back to Gary and Jackie, we told them what had just happened. Jackie giggled, and asked Rachel if she could ‘borrow me.’

“It depends what for?” she said, “You might need a box of tissues!”

Both girls were sobbing, and shaking with laughter, all at my expense.

“Go on take him, I’ll look after Gary.”

And so I led Jackie to the dance floor. Up close her auburn hair shone, her bare shoulders, and the bridge of her nose had the hint of freckles. The dress that clung so closely to her, suggested breasts that were firm, and perfectly formed.

It was now later in the evening, and the music had slowed. Holding Jackie close, I was nervous, and she sensed it straight away. She pulled my head towards her, and whispered, “Just hold me like a woman, I am one you know,” and then she added, “I do like men, and Rachel and me have this open relationship.”

I’d not had sex for many weeks, and here was a woman hinting that she might be available.

“Rachel’s a lucky woman, I think you’re stunning. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying that, but I don’t get too many chances with women these days.”

Jackie didn’t reply, she just pressed her body closer to me. I could feel her curves, her softness, the movement of her hips. We seemed to be glued to each other for sometime, until the music stopped, and we had to return to the others.

“Jimmy, you’re seducing my partner aren’t you, I hope this is not revenge twenty years on?”

I might have felt guilty if I hadn’t seen Rachel’s smile, or heard Jackie quietly say, “He’s mine tonight.”

I felt a surge of adrenalin, and Rachel winked at me before saying, “We’re gonna leave you guys now, we’ll see you at breakfast I guess.”

With that she took Gary’s hand, and led him towards the lift.

Jackie was still holding mine, and looked at me expectantly. I stood up and said quietly, “Shall we go to mine?”

“Yes please Jimmy, lead on.”

In the lift, we kissed for the first time, not a long kiss, as we only travelled up two floors. It so happened that my room was on the same floor as Jackie’s, and we were just in time to see Gary and Rachel disappearing into their room at the other end of the corridor.

Once inside my room Jackie asked to go to the bathroom, which gave me time to breathe. I hadn’t been with a woman for ages, and with the wine I’d consumed, I needed to gather my thoughts.

In a flash those thoughts were mangled, and in shreds.

Jackie had exited the bathroom, in just a bra and panties. The light Escort behind her, accentuated her wide hips, and slim waist, with a halo effect shining through her hair. She slowly approached me with a sway of her hips, and delicately began to unbutton my shirt.

“We’re going to make love Jimmy, you’re an attractive man. Don’t worry, Rachel and I love each other, but occasionally we need a man in our lives.”

I sighed as Jackie let my shirt drop to the floor. Before she kissed me, her fingers ran lightly over my nipples, her nails delicately snagging them, as they became erect.

The taste of her lips was intoxicating. I placed my hands either side of her waist, watching as she pulled away, and unbuckled my leather belt, and unzipped my fly. The trousers slipped down to the floor, and I disentangled my feet.

As her hand touched my boxers, my cock was pressing outwards, and she gripped it through the fabric.

“This is what Rachel was teasing in the back of the minibus, all those years ago?”

I sniggered, “Please don’t tease me Jackie, I want you.”

There were no more words, Jackie pulled the waist band over my erection, and let them drop. Without touching me, she took me to the bed. I watched as she spread herself back on the sheets, unclasping her bra to reveal her pert breasts. My cock was standing out straight, and as she raised her body to slide the tiny panties down her thighs, I saw the soft, slightly ginger down of a closely cropped pussy.

Awkwardly I took off my socks, and knelt on the foot of the bed, looking down at Jackie’s wonderful body.

“I want to eat you first.” I broke the silence.

“Please, I’m yours, my body is yours, but don’t rush Jimmy, take your time.”

I pulled Jackie towards me so that her legs were over my shoulders, and I was kneeling on the floor. I kissed the soft flesh on the inside of both thighs, running the tip of my tongue from her knee, almost to her pussy, just stopping short, before repeating it on her other leg.

I could feel her squirming, pushing her hips towards my face, but not quite achieving the contact she craved.

“Oh you bastard, please, please.” she uttered, and then, “for god’s sake eat me.”

Her cry rang out around the room when my tongue licked the inside of her labia, and when it slid across her clit she couldn’t help herself.

“Oh fucking hell, god that’s …oh fuck…don’t stop.”

Her pussy was absolutely delicious, wet, soft, heavenly.

I licked, I sucked, and slowly slid two fingers into her cunt, as I continued to make her moan and sigh.

My fingers probed deep, and I could feel that place where the texture told me that this would have a reaction.

“Fuck…fuck…oh god Jimmy…fuck…that’s it…that’s it, god I’m almost there…fuckkkkkkkkk…fuckkkkkkkk.”

Jackie came with her hips bucking, the muscles in her thighs shivering, her cries of pleasure echoing around the room.

Slowly she subsided, and I hauled myself up onto the bed beside her.

Eventually she said, “Oh you fucking bastard, that was so good, so, so good.”

I just smiled, and nuzzled my face in her neck. She half turned, and as she kissed me, her hand closed over my cock.

Sliding down the bed, it was my turn to be pleasured. From the beginning I knew I was going to be teased.

Still lightly gripping my cock, I felt her warm breath close to my balls, and I groaned as Jackie’s tongue ran from the textured skin of my balls up and along the underside of my shaft. Repeatedly her tongue licked my scrotum, as her fingers flexed my cock from side to side to allow her to get to every part.

I was breathing quickly as her other hand slipped under my balls, and her fingers stroked my fundament. She must have used her saliva to ease her fingers into the opening. At the very moment the tip of her finger was working its way inside me, her soft, warm mouth closed over the head of my cock.

“Fucking hell…fuck…oh fuck Jackie.”

I felt my cock against the back of her throat, and slowly she raised her head until its tip was between her lips. Her tongue licked across its head, making me gasp again, and then inexorably her head descended until it was hard against her throat once more.

And then the pleasure became intense. Simultaneously, her finger slipped totally inside my ass, and my cock was forced into her throat. Jackie held my cock, her face pressed into my abdomen, and her finger moved over my prostate.

Momentarily she Bayan Escort allowed my cock to recede, but plunged it back, deep into her throat, and several times I heard her half choke, before working away again. But it was the finger on my prostate that brought the end.

“Christ Jackie, I’m cumming…fuck…fuck…I can’t stop.”

Goodness knows how it all happened, but most of my spunk went directly into Jackie’s throat. As her finger kept massaging, I kept cumming.

When eventually she withdrew her finger, and slid up the bed beside me, she had semen smeared across her face, and down her chin. She insisted on kissing me, and I shared with her the taste of me.

“Where did you learn all that?” I eventually asked.

The reply was accompanied by a giggle, “You’ll have to ask Rachel that.”

I was exhausted, from the sex, from the alcohol, from the long day. I remember Jackie leaning over to turn out the light, and in the total darkness I fell asleep.

How long I slept I do not know, but I awoke, and turning my head, all I could see was a thin line of dim light coming from under the door from the corridor.

I knew that Jackie was awake because her fingers were gently stroking my cock, which was rapidly coming alive again. Being woken to sex in the night was a distant memory, something that happened long ago before I was married, but now it was happening, and I was being prepared by an expert.

As I lay on my back, her hand brought my cock to full erection. No words were being spoken, it was just the gentle movement of the bed, the rustle of sheets.

In the blackness of the room I felt Jackie raise herself on one elbow, and swing one leg over my hips to kneel astride me. In just a few seconds her delicious pussy was sinking onto my cock.

“Oh Jackie, that feels so good.”

As I said that, I reached up to cup her breasts, and to play with those nipples.

In an instant I knew that something wasn’t right, the breasts were large, and then my hands went to her thighs, they were much heavier, and finally there was an extended giggle.

“You’re shocked aren’t you, you lucky boy, two women in your bed in one night.”

It was Rachel, Rachel was riding my cock!

“What the fuck… fucking hell Rachel…what the hell’s going on?”

Rachel’s hand clamped gently over my mouth.

“Just enjoy, this is what we should have done twenty years ago. Me and Jackie decided to have a bit of fun. Gary went home to his wife, he fucked me, and sodded off, the bastard. When Jackie texted me to tell me you’d gone to sleep, I just had this naughty idea…just like I had a naughty idea on that minibus. Now shut up and enjoy.”

“You brazen minx,” was all I could say before Rachel leaned forward to put her mouth to mine, Her hips started to grind away, rotating and massaging my cock.

I was fully awake now, and there was a hint of dawn, lighting the bed, through a gap in the curtains. I could see Rachel’s curvy body moving above me, and in a moment I decided that I needed to fuck her, and not her fuck me.

I pulled her to one side, and briefly my cock slid from her pussy, but once I’d pinned her to the bed I thrust back inside her. I lifted her feet over my shoulders so that now my face was directly above hers. I held her hands out by her side so that she was prostrate, opening her up to my thrusting hips.

The room was filled with the sounds of frantic sex. The bed creaked, Rachel’s head was buffeting the padded headboard, there was the sound of my cock impacting her wet pussy, and then there was Rachel beginning to make the sounds of a woman approaching her orgasm.

“Oh my god Jimmy, I didn’t realise…god…how good you were… don’t stop…keep going Jimmy…yes…keep going…god Jimmy…I’m going to cum.”

With a loud cry, and a long ecstatic moan, Rachel shuddered to a climax, I let go of her hands, her legs slipped down, and they clasped me around the waist.

“Cum in me Jimmy, please cum, it’s been a long time since I felt a man inside me.”

“Are you sure Rachel, really?”

“Yes do it, go on.”

I needed no further invitation, I thrust, grinding my hips down on her pussy. For another few minutes we fucked. Jackie had really emptied my balls, and so I probably lasted much longer.

As I got to the point of ejaculation, Rachel cried out again.

“Go on… oh god I’m cumming again Jimmy…go on, cum in me, fill me up…go on.”

I exploded, spurting deep into Rachel’s cunt, filling her with warm semen.

“Ooooooohhhhh, yes…oh wow…oh Jimmy.”

Both of us fell apart, perspiration glistened on our bodies, we were both totally satisfied.

We needed more of these school reunions!

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