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“ A Secret Place”

By Blueheatt

…Finding a place to really be alone was always a problem. I’m Tommy, and I was 1 year younger than my twin sisters. They decided to take me across the street to the woods one night. Our mom was gone for the evening. We were young and they had always fondled me ever since I was little. Later on, I found out why….

…My one sister brought a small flashlight. She said she saw something that day and wanted us with her when she investigated. There had been a old house at one time, but now just debris and leaves. At what use to be the back of the house, she showed us the corner of what looked like an old cellar door. We lifted it up enough to get in. Stairs went down and a big room was down there. Someone had once lived there a long time ago. With no windows and a second closed door, it was pretty clean. There it was….a big bed. We found some candles and lit two. We found a blanket in a drawer that was all clean and spread it on the bed.

….My sisters giggled and attack me. I of course, didn’t resist much. Off came our clothes and they started playing with my dick. We now had a place to get naked and play our sex games. I loved to feel their little tits and suck on them. They turned and put their pussy’s by my face for me to lick them. ‘699’ we called it. This was the most secret fun we had so far. We didn’t really have to be quiet and we all talked hot sex talk to arouse us all. My sisters were pretty wild and liked to hold me down and take turns rubbing their clits in my face. I was their personal fuck toy….but we didn’t fuck….yet. It was playing, orgasms and jack offs for now.

…Did I want to fuck my two sisters?….of course I did. Did they want to fuck me?….of course they did. It was building up in all of us and tonight….they whispered between them.

….My dad, before he left, had loved to make them sexually aroused. He started fondling them Sex hikayeleri early. They both liked it. As it progressed he use to sneak in their room late at night. In the dark he would feel their pussy’s and then jack off as they watched. They both liked doing this as everyone got a sex thrill out of it. Their sex play progressed further. Dad now licked their pussy’s and they gave him full blow jobs.

…When he left, they missed the male attention and the sex thrills. They then turned their attention to me. In the wee hours of the night, they would both come in my room and talk about sex to get me aroused. By about the third visit they ask me to jack off for them as they fingered their pussy’s. We began doing this a lot. After a while one sister ask if she could do the jacking on me. This led to them both jacking me off and soon giving me blow jobs. I wanted more too. I ended up licking their pussy’s as they played with my dick until they orgasmed and I would cum in their mouths.

…We didn’t know it, but we got discovered by our mom.

… She heard me go in their room one late night.

…Normally a mom would be shocked by two daughters and a son messing around with sex and take action to stop it.….but…no…not our mom. She got horny by it all. She didn’t let on she knew. One night after I snuck in my sisters bedroom to have our sex play, she went in to the den next to my sisters bedroom. It had a door to her bedroom. She looked through the vertical furnace vent and saw enough to know what we were doing.

…It was hard to believe what my eyes were seeing. My three kids all playing sex games with each other. I just knew…. rarely had any mom ever seen this. It was making me horny. Secretly watching them I was actually getting wet. I had no man in my life for now and no sex. I decided to take advantage of the situation. I quietly put a chair at the vent. I got the best view Sikiş hikayeleri I could of the girls bed and watched. I opened up my legs and put my hand down in my now wet panties. This was the most secret thing I had ever done. I was excited as I let my fingers feel my warm clit. As I watched the girls jack and suck on him, they turned and put their pussy’s by his face. He took turns licking them both it looked like. I heard my own twins moan. With that I added fingers inside my pussy. This was the hottest thing I had ever witnessed and I wanted to orgasm bad. I couldn’t dare moan as the orgasm built up in me. I had to leave go in my bedroom and close the door. I let my fingers have their way with me and had the hottest orgasm of my life. I took my breath away. I lay there fantasizing about Tommy on top of me as we had secret sex. From then on, this was my favorite fantasy.

….I was having great sex play with my two older sisters, what more could a guy ask for.

… It got better….

….Dad took a big paying job overseas and just never returned. He send plenty of money home, but hooked up with another woman, and just stayed there permanently. I found out later…., mom and dad were never married. She went on with life…accept… she was getting no sex and it was building up in her. Now she was really getting turned on with all our hot sex play. She turned her attention to…me. I was her target. I was a guy who was having sex ’play’ with his two older sisters, but not fucking them.

….She carefully made a plan to have full sex with me….

… My sisters and I noticed mom was getting very touching with me. Long frontal hugs and her hands were more feeling that usual. My sisters started teasing me…’mom’s got the hots for you’….’mom’s feeling you up, isn’t she’. They enjoyed it and said I should get with her in bed and show her a good time. I said she just need a boyfriend. Erotik hikaye They said that ’I’ was her new boyfriend now. They were getting aroused by mom coming on to me and encouraged me and her both. They whispered that I should take her down to our secret place so I could have a sex romp with her. This was crazy. My two sisters trying to set me up with our mom?

…They would ask me if mom made a move on me today, and did you cop a feel on her? They wanted all the details of mom’s new quest to put the make on me.

…At night they said to just pretend they were mom and to get them hot. They would whisper: (’Oh baby, lick mommy good’….‘suck mommy’s titty’s’) they teased. We of course didn’t know mom was actually listening and watching all of this….

…Mom thought as she watched….

…so the girls want him to get with me. Well…this will just make it easier to get what I want. It’s getting real intense when I feel him close to me. If he only knew how wet I get hugging him and pushing my pussy into him. I love the feel of his warm body against me. I love to watch the girls play with him and make him cum big. I want some of that. He’s so good at making them hot and orgasm when he licks their pussy’s. It gets me so hot I have to finger myself and orgasm too. I’ve never seen them fuck him…good…. I want to be the first one to do that……

___The girls are spending the night tonight at a friends…..now mom can zero in on Tom. She waited till dark…she went in Tom’s room and got in bed with him and covered his mouth……she pulled him on her a said: (…”..get that dick out.”) he smiled and proceeded fuck his mother….(…”..oh my god you have a mans dick…fuck me boy..oh…do it do it…I’m gonna cum…oh jesus…more..more ooo yes…
They saw stars…”Oh Yesssssssss” as he pumped the life into her…..and then……”..ohhhhhhh” ….as she caught her breath…”..ohhhh” that was heaven…

The next day….he told the twins…they attacked him….held him down and both fucked him…

”I guess it’s first cum first serve…..” they said….

That was the first cum she’d had in 3 years…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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