A Shopping Trip

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Big Tits

Dedicated to the one who inspired and lived this with me.


“You choose and I wear. That’s fun”

Clasping your hand and walking with purpose to the lingerie section. The textures, the colours, the scraps of tiny fabric. Your hand lingers on black silk.

“I’ll try what you’re touching,” my fingers lingering on yours.

A few moments later, the curtain drawn.

“I think I need a little help.”

You grasp the curtain, pulling it to one side. Reflected in the mirror, my fingers clasping a stocking to the corset that holds my waist in a loving grip. Black silk against pale skin, a corset that cups my breasts, defines my waist and frames my pussy, encased in sheer black silk. A pink flush on my cheeks as you tighten the ribbon laces, your fingers brushing against my skin. A step forwards and your hips push against my ass cheeks, the outline of your stiffening cock pressing against your pants. almanbahis Your hands stroking, sliding up to cup my tits. The wide mirror on the wall reflecting every subtle move, every touch. My hands moving behind me, grasping your cock, stroking through the now tight fabric of your pants. Jerked back hard against your body, your fingers exploring the taut, dark pink nubs that crest my pale breasts. Teasing and twisting my sensitive skin, scratching the surface with your nail, darkening and hardening them further.

I can’t tear my eyes away from our reflection in the mirror, your hands manipulating my flesh, your eyes following every move. Entwining my fingers with yours, the warmth of your skin caught between my breasts and my palms. I know you can feel my heartbeat racing, my chest rising rapidly. Our hands move over my skin, sliding onto the silk of the corset, down over my stomach, until they hover at the silk scrap that covers my almanbahis giriş mound. I moan when your fingers softly brush over the fabric and feel your moan against my neck as the silk clings moistly to my skin.

In one swift move you have my hands pinned to the mirror, my eyes flaming with lust. Parting my thighs with one of yours, you release my hands and caress the backs of my thighs above the stockings, with the backs of your fingers. Cupping my bare ass cheeks, one finger sliding under the thong between them. I hear the rasp of your zipper, my legs trembling as I know you will have me here, now, with the sound of the shop on the other side of the curtain. I want it, need you so, my blood on fire. Holding your gaze, never wavering, the thong pulled to one side and the head of your cock rubbing between my cheeks. Teeth catching at my lower lip, your cock parting my pussy, brushing over my engorged clit, your shaft covered almanbahis yeni giriş in my wetness. My eyes widening, skin flushing as the tip of your cock penetrates me. You pause and then with a hard thrust embed yourself entirely in my tight heat. Unable to contain my moans as you slowly withdraw, until I hold only the swollen head and then thrust hard again. Your hands gripping my hips, my tits bouncing with each thrust, the thong now soaked with my juices. Our eyes locked as thrust after thrust inflames us further. My hips slamming back to meet yours, needing all of you.

Silk grazes over my clit with every move, my pussy grasping your shaft. Closer and closer we move towards orgasm. I know from your breath you are close, as am I, my pussy throbbing, my stomach tightening. With one deep thrust your balls tighten and you explode inside me, copious amounts of cum. Your cumming triggers my own, my pussy spasming around your cock, over and over. Milking you as your balls are coated with our juices. Your hands catch me as I stagger against the mirror, your lips brushing my shoulder.

A soft laugh as I look down at the garments, soaked and dishevelled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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