A Sofa Surprise

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We arrive at my place after a long drive and retire to our usual spot, the sofa. After some time of just relaxing and chatting I tell you that I’m going to jump in the shower. This gets you excited because you know what comes next and you like how my body wash makes me smell like sweet vanilla.

After several minutes you hear the bathroom door open and close and then you hear my soft footsteps across the floor. A few moments later I walk into your line of vision and you can see that I’m wearing a silky little black nightie and black high heels…I wanted to look sexy for you tonight…and I smile as I see your eyes run a trail up my body. Eventually your gaze locks onto mine and I climb onto your lap straddling you and take a moment to just stare into your eyes, the color of warm mocha, now deep and intense with growing passion. I hold your face in my hands and kiss you gently on the forehead, Then I begin to trail kisses all over your face…your eyes…your nose…your cheeks…and finally one loooong deep kiss on your lips. Once our lips meet you can no longer stay still and you grab my hips pulling me to you. I wrap my arms around your strong shoulders as we kiss more fervently now…our tongues teasing and flicking against each other. You slide your hands under Kayseri Escort my nightie and run your hands across my butt, feeling my soft smooth skin….you continue to slide your hands up toward my hips and you feel the delicate lace of my thong. I feel you grow hard against me and I reach down to caress your shaft…still keeping my mouth on yours and my body pressed against you.

I pull away from you now and kneel down in front of you…I loosen the tie on your pants and slowly slide my hand inside…you lean back, tilting your hips up so that I can grasp your cock and pull it out. I love the sight of you…so long and hard…and I can’t wait any longer to get a taste of that chocolate. I start at the bottom of your shaft and lick slowly up to the tip savoring every inch of you. I flick my tongue and press gently on the ridge where your shaft meets your tip and I smile devilishly as I hear you moan with pleasure. I swirl my tongue now all around your tip and I feel your muscles tighten quickly in response. Then I part my lips and you feel a sudden rush of sensation as I take you into my mouth, as deep as I can. I squeeze your thighs with my hands as I continue to move up and down taking you in again and again.

You stop me after a bit Kayseri Escort Bayan when the pleasure becomes almost too much. You place your hands gently on my face and lift me back up to face you. I straddle you again and raise my arms as you lift my nightie off. In turn I pull your shirt over your head and then we embrace…I can’t help but to sigh as I feel your hot, smooth skin pressed against mine and the strength of your embrace as you wrap your arms around me and hold me so tight. I lean back a bit now as you lift your hands to my breasts, cupping them in your palms. You begin to caress the sensitive skin as you lower your mouth to one breast and tease my nipple with your tongue. I tilt my head back and moan softly as I grasp your shoulders and just enjoy this moment of pleasure. After a few moments of teasing me this way, you pull my body back to yours and kiss me deeply.

The kisses grow more and more passionate and you suddenly lift up, laying me back on the sofa, and you climb on top of me. You can feel how moist I am already as your hard erection rubs against the thin lace of my thong. I reach down and pull my panties to the side and you press down, knowing what I want and wanting it too. I moan deeply as I feel you push into Escort Kayseri me…I love that feeling the first time you enter me…the sensations as you slide slowly in filling me up. I trail my nails down your back and finally rest on that ass, squeezing firmly as I feel you thrusting into me again and again. I wrap my legs around your waist, still wearing the heels, and thrust up toward you taking all of you in. I move my hips in a seductive circle and I can feel you stroking every inch of me inside. It feels so good I find myself moaning your name breathlessly…drawing out every syllable. I feel your body tense and your breathing becoming ragged…I can tell that you are getting close now. So, I lean against you and whisper into your ear “I want to ride you.”

You rise up off me now and lay down at the other end of the sofa, resting your head against the arm of the sofa. I straddle you once again, holding your body between my thighs, and I grasp your dick guiding you into me. I lower down slowly taking you all the way inside and I watch your face intently wanting to see the passion and bliss in your expression. I put my hands just above your shoulders so that my breasts are hanging teasingly above your face and I begin to move my hips up and down faster now. You begin to say my name over and over and I can swear that there is no sweeter sound on this planet. Then I feel your whole body tense as you explode inside me. I stay still for a moment, letting you take in all of the pleasure and sensation, then slowly I rise up as you slide out of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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