A Soldier’s Wife

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The first thing Christine did when she got in the door after work was turn on the computer. The second thing was to reach behind her and unzip the back of her dress. She couldn’t believe she’d managed to keep it on the entire day; it was comfortable and it looked great, but today had been one of those days where she just would have rather been naked. As the dress slid down her body and pooled at her feet, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror in her bra and thong panties. She turned and gave herself the once over, thinking that she didn’t look too damn bad for a 42-year-old mother. She was right, of course, most obviously because she could still pull off wearing a thong. Looking at herself more critically than anyone else would, she felt that there were a few places she could use a little improvement but, overall, she was pleased with how she looked.

She paused in her quest for nudity to get online, deciding to first check in on Sheri. She was more than pleased (she actually felt a tingling between her legs) when she realized that Sheri’s inbox was still empty. She knew in her heart that she should trust her husband, especially when he was overseas serving his country, but she’d thought a little test might set her mind completely at ease. She had created Sheri, who existed only in Christine’s imagination and on her computer, but who knew just enough about Christine’s husband to make him think that she was someone from his distant past. Sheri emailed him out of the blue and quickly convinced him that they’d known each other way back when, baiting him with a couple of risqué pictures. Christine found herself briefly heartbroken as her husband took the bait and began exchanging sexually graphic emails with Sheri, something he’d told her he just didn’t have the imagination to do.

Before she’d had long enough to contemplate how to save her marriage, however, she was delighted when her husband sent Sheri one last email saying that he’d made a mistake in emailing her because he loved his wife then cut off all communication. He’d been true to his word and hadn’t responded to the few prompts Christine had sent as Sheri. It occurred to Christine that she’d need to erase all evidence of Sheri from her PC before her husband returned home. She pulled up her photo viewer and began to look through all of the photos of Asian women she’d downloaded in her quest to find a suitable past and current version of Sheri. Almost unconsciously, her hand slipped down between her legs and began to massage the front of her panties, which was already damp.

It wasn’t long before she’d pulled her panties aside and was rubbing her clit while Asian women popped up repeatedly on her computer screen – naked or in various stages of undress, shaved or with trim bushes, small breasts mecidiyeköy escort with hard nipples or big, fake breasts sticking out unnaturally, alone and posing or masturbating or with a stiff cock or two buried in various orifices. She was reminded by the eastern cutie that was licking a pussy while she got fucked of the one time she and her husband had invited another girl into their bed. She paused the slideshow on this image as she recollected having her pussy eaten while her husband nailed the woman who was eating it. She slipped two of her fingers into her pussy while remembering the soft, pink tongue on her clit and the long, slender fingers embedded where her own currently were.

She had cum as her husband’s hips smacked against this guest performer’s ass, then had slipped briefly from the room, pulling on a robe and quietly heading outside. Peeking in the bedroom window, she watched her husband’s long, slick, shiny cock sliding in and out below their guest’s ass while she pushed back against his incoming thrusts. Standing outside in the night air, Christine had opened her robe and fondled her own large tits, gently pulling and rubbing her hard nipples, grateful for the shrubbery around their yard. She wondered what must be going through her husband’s mind as he pulled his stiff cock out of the other girl’s pussy and looked around the room for his wife. As their partner moved around and started sucking her husband’s cock, Christine was massaging her clit and fingering her hole, quickly on the verge of another orgasm.

She had always had a voyeuristic streak, but had never actually watched through a window as people had sex, much less spied on her husband. It felt almost as though she was watching him cheat and she wondered why it turned her on so much. On this occasion, once she’d cum all over her fingers, she headed back inside because she thought her husband was starting to look concerned. She’d snuck up behind him and fondled his balls as their friend continued to suck him off. He had relaxed, knowing that she was back, so she moved around to eat some pussy while continuing to finger herself, thinking about what she’d seen through the window.

That night had ended with all three of them satisfied, but for some reason they had never done it again. Christine started thinking about the possibility of a sequel, but knew that once her husband had returned, she’d want him all to herself for a while. She was still in touch with the girl who had joined them that night, though, and thought about getting together with just her and taking some pictures to email her husband. That would surely reignite his fire for his wife. It was too bad she didn’t actually know someone who looked like Sheri, and who wouldn’t be against getting naked nişantaşı escort with her and posing for some pictures. Wouldn’t that be a hoot, sending him pictures of herself with her new friend, Sheri?

Somehow, even though it had nearly crushed her reading his emails to Sheri, she still felt completely turned on thinking about her husband screwing Sheri. She didn’t like the idea of him cheating on her, but she couldn’t help picturing her husband nailing this imaginary Asian woman. Maybe she just wanted to watch it as long as it didn’t affect their marriage. Once he was back and she was absolutely certain that their marriage was on solid ground, she’d have to figure out a way to bring this up as an option in their sex life. She couldn’t imagine he’d be against it; he’d get to screw other women and his wife would be so turned on watching that she’d then screw the hell out of him. It was a win-win scenario.

She was so worked up by this point, thinking about the threesome and her husband screwing Sheri, that her pussy was practically gushing as her fingers worked on it. She closed her eyes as she felt her body beginning to tense up, the level of pleasure she was experiencing building up to an incredible level of intensity. Her feet were propped up on the computer desk, her legs spread wide and her hips rocking, causing the chair to squeak rhythmically. Finally, with a cry of pleasure, she completely tensed up, then began to shudder as her orgasm coursed through her. She continued working on her pussy as she came, letting out a long sigh and slipping her fingers from her pussy only once she was done.

She remained on the chair until she’d caught her breath, then stood up on shaky legs, her panties moving back only partially covering her pussy. Glancing at the picture of the threesome still gracing her computer screen, she realized that she was only getting started and went to retrieve one of her toys. She selected a fat, veiny dildo that reminded her so much of her husband’s cock and was heading back to the computer when she passed the mirror again. She stopped, dildo in hand, and gave herself the once over again. Noticing her hard nipples pressing out against her bra cups, she pulled the top edge down to expose and gently massage them with her fingertips. As she watched herself doing this, feeling the latex shaft in her fist, she raised the dildo and watched her reflection deep-throating it.

She knew at this point she wouldn’t be heading back to the computer to peruse some voyeuristic pictures quite yet. Tossing the dildo onto the bed behind her, she reached back and unclasped her bra, freeing her luscious breasts. She let her bra drop to the floor and immediately cupped both breasts, lightly caressing the underside while her thumbs etiler escort brushed over her protruding nipples. Her hands soon dropped to her panties, which she wriggled out of, setting her big tits to jiggling. As her panties hit her ankles and she stepped out of them, she admired her physique again, smiling in spite of herself. Her tits were large with big areolas and thick nipples and her pussy was surrounded by a trim, dark blonde bush. Her stomach was flat and her thighs weren’t thick and full of cellulite. She turned and thought proudly that her ass was pretty fine, but was really in need of a good spanking.

Rather than turning back to face the mirror, she walked over to her bed, picked up her dildo and began to rub it against her clit. It felt so good that her knees almost gave out on her, so she crawled onto her bed, flopped onto her back and, with both hands, guided her dildo into her slippery pussy. She let out a moan as she took in all that she could, then began slowly sliding it in and out, raising her ass up off the bed each time she slid it in. Her mind raced with images as she felt another orgasm quickly building: watching through the window as her husband fucked first their threesome partner, then Sheri, watching herself undressing in the mirror, watching other people undressing, people she knew, people she’d only seen in passing, imagining people who didn’t even know each other fucking while she watched through a window or from a closet.

Her ass was bouncing up and down on the bed and her tits bounced on her chest as she pumped the dildo in and out of her slurping pussy. She started rubbing her clit with the fingertips of one hand while the other continued to work the dildo in and out of her. With her back arched and her ass up off the bed, she felt her orgasm about to crest and whimpered as the pleasure again reached incredibly intense levels. She wasn’t sure whether it was pleasure or relief that washed over her as she began to cum again. Her body convulsed as she collapsed onto the bedspread, riding out her climax. She had no issues with being vocal in her pleasure in the privacy of her own home so, as she came, she moaned and cried out. When she’d finally finished, she lay there catching her breath, letting her dildo remain embedded in her slippery pussy.

Two intense orgasms hadn’t satiated her; she knew she’d be cumming many, many more times over the next few hours. It was as though just feeling the air on her naked skin was arousing her and, given that, she planned to remain naked until she passed out from exhaustion. Feeling recovered and ready to pursue her next orgasm, Christine slipped her dildo free of her pussy and got up off the bed. As she headed back to her computer, the air caressed her bare skin like thousands of fingers, bringing her nipples back to attention. She canceled the slide show of Asian babes she’d been in the middle of and started a slide show from her folder of voyeur photos. Her feet were soon back up on the desk and both hands at work between her thighs. The night was still young.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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