A Special Friend

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Take a chill pill! I forced my body to ease the death grip on my martini glass. Just breathe in and breathe out. This will be fine. I took another sip. Extra dirty, extra olives; just the way I like. Mmmm.

I took stock of the situation. My roommates, Andy, Jens, and Roger were currently in a video game showdown with the source of my trepidation: Elle.

What if she says no? My nervousness crept back. What if she says YES? My body warmed.

I allowed my eyes to rest on her across the room. Intent on the game, Elle’s brow knit in concentration and her very long blond hair swished when she jerked her controller from side-to-side. At that moment she looked at me, her green eyes dancing with delight. I couldn’t help but smile too, my own green eyes shining back.

There I was… Just turned twenty-six years old, practically a professor, attractive, personable… And the thought of making the first move on a woman had me in spasms. To be honest, I’d never had to make the first move with anyone.

But I had decided that tonight was the night that I was going to seduce her and, dammit, I was going to give it my best shot!

Little drinky, little bit of fun, dorky revelry, sleep-over, bada-bing, bada-boom, I was going to go for it.

It’s going to be ok. You can do this. So, you’ve been on an all-dick diet for eight years. You’re breaking a fast, that’s all.

I giggled. All-dick diet. Now that was funny. But really, eight years without another woman’s touch and I was so ready.

“Elle, guys, does anyone else want something to drink? I’m going to make myself another.”

I refilled everyone, and the night continued. Despite my jitters, it was a fantastic time. I’d been living with Andy for two years, the other boys almost a year, and Elle had hung out with all of us more than once. We had an easy rapport and always enjoyed ourselves.

I thought that that night would be the last opportunity to make a move before I was firmly in the “friend-zone” with Elle.

We had gotten in the habit of sleepovers when she lived an hour away and would come to visit for school or social events. Every time she came over we laid in my big fluffy bed, which we jokingly call “Heaven,” and talked for hours and hours and hours. Then wake up and talk until we had to get up. French toast on “Elle mornings” was something of a tradition.

We discussed school and academia and our pasts and love. That’s how I found out she was bisexual. She told me after I mentioned losing my virginity to a girl on my 17th birthday. That bit of information had turned my slight attraction into a full-blown crush.

But she’d moved into town this week and I had a feeling that once she was ensconced at school and settled into her place, I was going to go from sleepover friend to “go home at the end of the night” colleague. So… time to act.

At around 2am I started making noises about being tired and ready to go to bed. We were all pleasantly buzzed from our cocktails and Elle and I made our giggly way to my bedroom. I changed quickly into hipster shorts and a bra tank before hitting the bathroom to brush and floss my teeth. Elle was just finishing changing when I came back in the room.

At 5’10” she stood half a foot taller than I; long and lean, with small firm breasts perched above a flat belly. I tried not to stare at her hard nipples beneath the incredibly thin tank top she wore.

Be good, be good, be good!

While she was in the bathroom, I shook my red-brown hair out of its bun and looked at myself in the full-length mirror on the back of the door. Our bodies were very different. Her long, slender frame to my athletic curves. Her light to my dark. Her honeyed skin to my paleness.

But this could work. Well, if she wants it to work.

I hopped in the bed, leaned back on the pillows, and waited for Elle to return. We had been talking around an hour when I asked, “Elle, what does ‘four or more on floor’ mean?” My words hung between us in the darkness.


“When we played that confessions game at Amy’s bachelorette party and we had to confess our biggest fantasy in five words or less, you said, ‘Four or more on floor.’ What does that mean?” My stomach flip-flopped. I could still back out, but I’d set the ball in motion.

What if she meant four limbs on the floor? But that doesn’t make sense… there are no ‘more’ than four limbs.

I held my breath.

“Oh, uhhh…” She laughed nervously. “You know. Like four or more people… on the floor.” I remained silent. “Having sex. Like an orgy or something.” Anadolu Yakası Escort Uncomfortable silence descended. Well, uncomfortable on her side. I was about to jump off a ledge. I steeled myself.

“Is that a fantasy you just think about, or something you actually want to happen? Because some of my fantasies are ones that will probably happen, others might happen, and then some won’t happen.”

This is it.

More nervous laughter. “Umm. Well. I- I don’t know. I think it would be super sexy, but I don’t know who I would do it with. I don’t want to have sex with a bunch of people I don’t know. You know?”

YES. Perfect, so perfect. Do it NOW.

“I could probably make that happen if you wanted,” I tried for nonchalance.



“What? How?” Elle rolled on her side to look at me. I could make out only the outline of her body by the moonlight filtering through the window. Muted shadows.

It was my turn for nervous laughter. “I know people.” We both giggled and the knot in my chest eased slightly. “Well, you know I’ve been doing my casual sex thing. I know a lot of sexually liberated people. And, um, you’re hot. That makes it easy.”

Now that is what I call, letting it all hang out. Say something. Say something. Say something.

I turned to look at her. She stared back. “What?”

“I mean…” Pause. “If you’re not interested that’s fine. I just thought, you know, since that’s your biggest fantasy.” I shrugged in the dark.

Why isn’t she saying anything. Fuck. I hope she doesn’t tell anyone that I asked this. That’s an awkward water cooler story.

“Wait… You want to have sex with me?”

This is SO not going well. I closed my eyes and breathed. No point in holding back now.

“Elle, who wouldn’t want to have sex with you? You’re pretty and fun and smart… You’re definitely in my top five.” We stared at each other across about a foot of bed space between us.

“Top five what?”

“People I wanna bone.” My voice made a terrible joke out of what felt like a bombshell.


“Really.” Then in a rush: “I mean, I won’t be humping your leg in the night, if you’re worried about that. I just think you’re really hot. And… yea… So, uh, I’m going to sleep now I guess… because I feel really awk-”

Her fingertips stopped my words; rested on my lips. We stayed like that, staring at each other for what seemed like a long time. I opened my lips slightly and kissed the pads of her fingers, one at a time. Then, still looking into each other’s eyes, I gently sucked a finger into my mouth. Her lips parted. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. So full and lush. “Ahhh,” Elle sighed.

Yeeeesssssss… I’m doin it! I’m doin it! Wait, what AM I doing?

I pulled her hand away from my mouth and in seconds my lips tentatively touched hers. While I was the first to make contact, it was Elle who deepened the kiss, her tongue pushing into my mouth. My hands snaked through her hair and held her face close to mine.

“Emma… You don’t have to organize an orgy to have sex with me. All you had to do was ask…” My heart soared.

Omg omg omg omg…

Then I was on top, my hair a curtain around us, our tongues sliding against each other, hands touching everywhere. I pulled back, looking down at her. Our eyes met and we both burst into giggles. I couldn’t help it! I had been so tense and now we were kissing and it was hot and amazing and beautiful. Then we weren’t laughing anymore, only kissing, and touching.

For some reason this felt different than most of my recent hook-ups. Maybe it was the friendship that we had developed over the last year. Maybe it was our connection as colleagues. Maybe it was because the last girl I had held like that had been the first person whom I had ever loved. Whatever the reason, what we were doing caused a million emotions to flow through me – pleasure, happiness, silliness, softness, passion, and even innocence. I tried to catch my breath.

I’d been thinking about this moment for months and it felt like all of that time had been a sort of foreplay all its own. Leading the way wasn’t usually my thing, but I slid into the role easily and found it a comfortable fit. I felt unexpectedly liberated by having made the first move and knowing that I was more experienced with women than she. Empowered. Radiating sex.

I wasn’t sure how aggressive to be, but my hips soon stirred restlessly against her thigh and I leaned back on my knees to skim her shirt up over her head.

Oh, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

The small, tight breasts crested in large, rosy nipples. I adore small breasts. Especially bare breasts under thin white tank tops like the one I had just thrown on the floor.

I said aloud, “Elle, your breasts are fucking amazing.” And then my hands were on them, rubbing as I moved to capture her mouth again. Twisting and pulling lightly on the tips, I marveled at how each tug elicited a gasp against my lips.

“Mmmmm… Thank youuuuuu. Ahhhh…” Her breath came in a sigh-moan against my mouth and she pulled my shirt over my head. I lay down completely, to feel how our bodies fit together. And it did fit. Her body, long and lean yet still so soft, pressing up against my own softness. I practically growled in satisfaction and moved to catch a swollen nipple in my mouth.

“These are my favorite part.” I said as I switched between breasts. Elle’s own hips were doing a twitchy dance and I smiled, her right nipple still between my teeth as I let it scrape out. My fingernails raked up and down her torso lightly, awakening nerve endings. The tips of my fingers smoothed along the skin just above the waistband of her shorts. The palms of my hands slid up her sides. I wanted to be touching every inch at once.

Taking the lead was far from tiring, as I’d always imagined it to be. Every wiggle, every groan, every twist of her head on the pillow energized me to draw another reaction from her twitching body. I was used to being the instrument, but that night I discovered what it was like to make music.

I moved my hands to either side of her shorts. I pulled them down until her smooth-shaven pussy almost lay bare and rained kisses there. Then I looked up, “Elle?” She looked down and saw the question in my eyes.

“Oh yes, pleeeaaase.”

My heart beat a rapid rat-a-tat-tat in my chest as I pulled them clear of her legs. After divesting myself of my own, I settled myself between her quivering thighs. Heat radiated from our naked forms. The winter chill went unnoticed.

Looking down at Elle in the soft focus of night, I smiled silently and cupped her face. Her hands rubbed against my lower back and her knees hugged my hips. Lips pursed, her eyes drifted shut and I knew she wanted me to kiss her again. Instead, I levered myself up on my hands. I could feel the wet heat at her center as she opened her legs wider to cradle my hips.

Pale green eyes fluttered open in question and then widened, her breath wooshing out, “Ooooh,” when I started rotating my hips. My smooth mound slid up and down against her wet slit, spreading the wetness to the clit, where I then pushed and swiveled my hips. I watched her face twist; reveled in the way her tits bounced with each shuddering breath.

I couldn’t resist long and lay down to suck on the side of her neck, nibbling lightly, moaning in her ear. I fucked her with my pussy, rubbing on her clit, until her hips started jerking spasmodically and I knew she was about to cum. Then I pulled her on top of me.

She looked dazed, staring down at me as if I were a puzzle she couldn’t quite figure out. I smiled and pulled her lips to mine, loving how soft and moist they were. She moved between my hips and started stroking my breasts. “Wow…” she breathed, and I blushed.

She didn’t last long; I hadn’t expected her to. Within minutes her hands had moved to my inner thighs, stroking up and down as though she was afraid to go closer. I spread my legs wider for her and murmured, “Yes, Elle, touch me.”

Kneeling over me, her hair tickled my nose and I blew it away, smiling. She had the look of a kid on Christmas as her hand covered my pussy. “Oh, yes, there, mmm…” I was so wet from… everything. The excitement of the night, the thrill of success, the chemistry that zigged and zagged between us. Those long elegant fingers traced along my lips, sliding up alongside my clit. I bumped up against them. One finger found my pussy and slid in easily, then two. I bounced on them, urging her to push harder. She adapted to my rhythm quickly and her lips found mine again.

“Touch my clit. Please touch my clit. I need it. Ohh!” I moaned against the smile that spread across her lips at my gasping request. Pussy wet fingers smoothed over my swollen bud and my legs straightened on the bed, thighs tensing. She slid the fingers up and down and the flat of them in circles. I found a rhythm, bucking in time to her strokes and I knew that I would cum soon.

“Elle, Escort Anadolu Yakası you’re going to make me cum! Oh, that feels so good!” She almost froze, her strokes skipping a beat as she registered that information. I almost screamed. “No! Keep going! Yes, just like that. Thank you! Oh.. Oh.. I’m cumming!”

My pussy spasmed, the tremors of pleasure flowing through my body from the epicenter to my fingers and toes and back again. I continued to move my cunt against her hand until the pulses slowed to aftershocks and then collapsed; gasping; spent.

After a moment my heart slowed and I looked up at her. A look of wonder lay on her face. I giggled. “I know, right? It makes me feel like a superhero too.” The tension that had settled on her broke and she laughed too. Elle lay next to me, cheek against the pillow, staring at my profile.

“Wow Emma… Just wow. You’re amazing.” Her left hand smoothed some of my hair on the pillow. I turned to face her, blushing.

“Amazing?” I grinned devilishly, though I’m not sure she could see it. “You haven’t seen amazing yet…”

I spread her legs again, this time moving until my mouth lay above her slit. I blew cool air on her outer pussy lips. She bucked her hips towards my mouth and I smiled.

“Elle… It’s been a long while. If you want me to speed up, you’re going to have to tell me. I plan on taking my time.”

A nervous laugh. “You can try, but I don’t know how long I’ll last!”

I moaned against the swollen lips, communicating my desire with the vibrations that I knew she could feel. My tongue laved first one side and then the other before capturing one between my lips to suck gently. After a moment I moved to the other, making sure that she was nice and wet everywhere before I pushed her legs wide apart. “Oh!” she peeped, and I felt her force her legs to relax and let me in. I smiled inwardly.

Good girl…

Using my tongue as I might use my fingers, I started at her vagina and swirled the ample juices there before spreading the moisture northward, over her clit. “Oh, oh!” Her sigh-moan-shrieks and the jerking of her hips urged me on, telling me that I was doing a good job.

The flat of my tongue lapped slowly at her clit. She moved against my strokes, but I didn’t let her gain too much pressure. That would be too easy… Two of my fingers moved to stroke the outside of her vagina. Around the hole, slick and sliding; pushing in just a centimeter, knowing she wanted more. Each pump of her hips threatened to swallow my fingers in that damp well.

Finally, I let her impale herself on them, and warmed at the near shout that burst from her throat. “Yes! Oh!” Making an ‘o’ with my lips I sucked lightly on her clit, continuing to stroke with my tongue in the same methodical way.

I let her set the pace and soon she was grinding harder against my lips. I reached up to take her hands and place them on my head. Saying without words that if she wanted more pressure she need only take it. And she did. Mewling noises spilled from her lips at the same time that I felt the contractions begin around my fingers.

That’s right… Cum for me!

I soared, my heart beating rapidly as she unraveled beneath me. I held onto her clit for dear life, trying to maintain the same pressure while her legs jerked and her hips arched under my mouth. Her humping against my face slowed and I matched with my own motions, stroking her gently down from that high. With a jerk she fell still. I kissed each of her thighs before moving to lean over her.

“Oh geez.” I arched a brow. “Oh geez.” Her eyes glistened in the dark, with tears.

Oh no.

“Elle?” One of my hands cupped her face.

She laughed even as tears welled in her eyes. “Oh geez. I had no idea. Wow.” I giggled in relief. She was just overwhelmed. I didn’t want her to cry, but when a woman is saying “wow” after you fuck her… A smile spread across my face and I kissed her forehead, each cheek, and finally her lips.

Gently I slid my tongue into her mouth, knowing she could taste herself on me. I withdrew and lay down, my head nestled in the crook of her neck, our legs entwined. My left hand stroked the long blond hair away from her face and I watched the profile of her beautiful breasts rise and fall with each breath. The rising sun cast a warm shadow across her honeyed skin.

Wait. Sunrise? Really?

Seeing the sun caused a wave of exhaustion to sweep over me. I glanced at the clock on my wall. 6am. Wow. Tomorrow is going to be one tough day. Geez.


“MMmm hmmm?” I mumbled against her neck.

“Do you want me to…?” She started to rise and I used my dead weight to pin her to the mattress.

“Mmmph. No. You have already worn me out, pretty lady. Sleep. Rarmph.” I nuzzled further into her embrace.

Her jaw moved and I knew she was smiling. “Sleep well, my amazing Princezza…”

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