A Summer Night

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Aileen was bored. So she did what she frequently did when she was bored. She got her car out of her garage and drove toward her favorite ice cream store. Why not? It had been a hot day; Aileen had worked hard; it was cool now; she liked ice cream – pow! Ice cream it would be.

Aileen drove to her favorite ice cream store; got her favorite ice cream treat and drove to a baseball field which was nearby. She did this often; two of her most favorite things were baseball and ice cream. And tonight, she was going to enjoy her ice cream while she watched a bit of a local ball game.

She arrived at the ballpark; left her car a safe distance from anywhere that a ball might crash into it; walked over to the fence and stood and watched the teams play a couple of innings.

It turned out that the teams were men’s teams and played in the local senior division. It wasn’t great baseball, but Aileen enjoyed watching anyway. She didn’t know any of the players, but one guy on the Angels team caught her eye. The second baseman – number 27 – played with a confidence and an almost swagger that Aileen found interesting. During the three innings she watched the game,

7 got a hit, stole second, and scored on a short single to right. Aileen noted that

7 could run well and was obviously very confident in his skill level. On defence,

7 fielded two ground balls and turned both into outs; and he turned a nice 5-4-3 double play; again showing good skill and a confidence that attracted Aileen.

She didn’t know who the guy was, but she thought to herself that she’d like to find out.

Aileen stayed to watch the end of the game and eavesdropped on some of the fans near where she was sitting. She was able to determine that

7 was James and he was relatively new in town. The fans seemed to know a lot about him and talked about him in positive terms. Aileen learned that James was about 5 years younger than she was; had attended college in the USA on a scholarship, and had played for Canada’s National Team a couple of years ago.

Aileen was intrigued and decided she needed to know more about this guy. She had intended to watch an inning or two and then head home, but after seeing James in action and hearing about him, she decided to hang around a few minutes and just watch.

She did watch and was pleasantly surprised to discover that James was leaving the park by himself and heading for the parking lot. Aileen fell in step behind him and noticed that he looked nice in his uniform; strong legs; muscular build; walked like an athlete; definitely someone she’d like to get to know.

As luck would have it, Aileen had parked her car right beside James’ car. That was interesting!

Aileen is a relatively bold woman and she saw no reason to hold back. She stepped forward and said: “Nice game.”

James turned around, somewhat startled and mumbled something like “thank you.”

“That was a great double play you turned,” Aileen said, and then thinking what am I doing?

James nodded and Aileen noticed he was checking her out. She was glad she had worn some flattering clothes.

James and Aileen conversed for a few minutes, then each got in their own car and drove away. Before doing that Aileen promised James she would come back and watch another game. James liked that idea and told Aileen his next game was on Saturday night.

Aileen arrived at the Saturday game just as James was taking the field for the second inning. She watched the game very carefully and was very pleased on one occasion when James was running off the field and he waved to her. The game went by fairly quickly and James once again played very well. He clearly was one of the best players on either team and he knew it. After the game, James came over to where Aileen was sitting and began to chat with her.

It didn’t take very long until Aileen found herself mesmerized by this guy. She had liked what she saw at first glance and now up close, she was even more interested. And so when he suggested they take a stroll on the outfield grass, Aileen agreed. By this time, nearly everyone had left the ballpark area and Aileen’s old fantasy – making out in left field was becoming more a reality.

James walked Aileen through the home dugout and out into left field. Halfway out, they stopped and James reached out, took Aileen’s arm in his hand and turned her slightly. He stepped in and kissed her. He then immediately stepped back and began to apologize. He thought Aileen would be upset with his forwardness. Nothing could be further from the truth and she told him that. And as a bonus, he was a very good kisser!

James pulled Aileen in to him again and kissed her again, this time more aggressively. Aileen responded with her own tongue and soon found she was kissing James vigorously. She liked what she felt: James was a good kisser!. She was beginning to feel her juices flowing, partly because of her reaction to James’ kisses, but more so because of her fantasy of making out in left field. Aileen felt James’ hand caress her side and Anadolu Yakası Escort was not surprised, nor did she stop him when he began to massage her breast.

Suddenly, James stopped and stepped back.

“Oh. I’m so sorry.” he said. “I just got carried away.”

Aileen was surprised by that and took a moment to respond.

“It’s alright James.” She said and took a step back toward him.

“No!” James said. “This isn’t right. You must think I’m awful for starting to kiss you like that.”

“It’s alright James,” Aileen tried to calm him down. She was enjoying the kissing and liked the touching, but saw that he was very nervous.

“I liked what we were doing. I want you to kiss me some more.” she said. But by the time she’d finished speaking, James was already starting to walk away, toward the outfield fence.

Aileen walked after him; caught up with him in a few steps and again tried to reassure him that she was ok with the kissing and touching. She found it a bit odd that a guy would walk away from her kiss. Usually most guys went crazy when she kissed them and often she had to put the brakes on so the guy wouldn’t go too fast too soon. This was a totally unexpected reaction.

They continued to walk toward the fence; Aileen trying to calm James; James continuing to be anxious and nervous. When they finally got to the wall, Aileen corned James, put her arms around him and pressed him against the fence. She kissed him deeply and took one of his hands and placed it on her breast. James at first resisted, but began to relax as he felt her tongue probing his mouth. He began to caress her breast and Aileen felt her nipples harden under her sun dress.

James again suddenly stopped. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” he blurted out.

It was then that Aileen realized part of the issue – James was a virgin! Now this was interesting. Aileen has expected that the self confident, almost brash man on the field would also be a confident and brash man romantically. Not so! She was going to have teach him what she liked and what she wanted. Her fantasy of making out in left field was coming true, but not how she had imagined! This was going to be fun! She got excited about the concept.

“You’ve never been with a woman before?” She asked cautiously.

“No,” James said quietly. “I’ve wanted to, but the girls at college always teased and went so far, but they never let me do much. And the girls around the other teams I’ve been on always seemed interested, but then never let me do much with them. You’re the first woman who’s let me kiss her and touch her and then not pull away.” He said somewhat embarrassed.

“It’s ok James”, Aileen told him. I’m not going to pull away; I like how you kiss me. Do you like kissing me?”


“Well, come kiss me!”

James did that eagerly. He kissed her on the lips; then ran his tongue around her lips; and then put it into her mouth. She liked how he moved his tongue around and how he played with her tongue. They kissed like this for a few moments; Aileen pressing James up against the wall. Then, Aileen whispered to him: “I want you to touch me. Here, give me your hand. I’ll show you where I want you to touch me.”

She took his hand and guided it under her dress onto her breast.

“Do you want to touch me?” She asked.

“Oh yes!” He responded and began to trace the outline of Aileen’s bra. They kissed some more as he continued to squeeze and press and trace all over Aileen’s breasts. Aileen showed him how to lightly pinch her nipple and roll it between his thumb and forefinger.

Ohhhhh, that felt good, Aileen thought to herself as she felt her nipples timgle and get even harder.

“Now here.” She said as she took his hand and placed it on her abdomen. She guided James’ hand lower and lower until she felt his fingers graze her pussy. The fabric of her dress was very thin and her bikini panties were lacey and see through, so she could feel the heat of his fingers as they moved to her mound.

“That’s the way.” She said.

“Touch me James” and at the same time, Aileen moved her hand to James’ crotch. He gasped when she first brushed her fingers against his bulge, but relaxed as she probed and squeezed his erection.

They continued to kiss and to grope each other for a few moments; each becoming more turned on. Aileen realized she was going to have to take the lead; James clearly did not know what to do.

“James. Have you ever fucked a woman?” Aileen asked.


“Do you want to fuck me?”


And then he pulled back, looking at her. “Right here in left field?”

“Yes. Right here in left field!”

And with that, Aileen reached down and undid his belt.

“Just relax.” She said as she undid the belt and the zipper. She slid her hand inside his pants and could feel his cock. It was rock hard and throbbing. Oh, this was going to be good, she thought as she slipped his pants off his hips and let them fall to the ground. She then pulled his shorts Kadıköy Escort off and knelt in front of him. She could feel him tense up as she took his cock in her hand and moved her mouth closer to the tip. Drops of lubrication we’re already leaking out the tip as she put her tongue on it.

“Relax James. I’m going to suck your cock for a moment, and then you’re going to fuck me.”

James stammered “OK” and sighed out loud as he felt Aileen lick his tip.

Aileen licked all around his tip, tasting his juices and using her tongue to spread them all around. When she first opened her mouth and took his cock in, she could feel him stiffen and heard him cry out. She slowly moved her mouth down until she had most of it in her mouth. He was pretty big and pretty thick and so she couldn’t deep throat him at first go. She moved her head back, slowly dragging her tongue along the underside of his cock. She licked the large vein all the way to the small place just before the tip, then paused there to swirl her tongue. She knew this would feel really good for James. Many of her former lovers told her that the way she gave head was so exquisite. She took pride in knowing she could please any man and that her oral technique was as good as any woman alive.

Down his shaft she went; a little deeper this time. And when she got almost to the base, she sucked hard. She liked to feel the tiny ridges on his cock and could feel the juices flowing even more. Slowly back up the shaft, dragging her tongue along the vein, then swirling around the tip; then back down.

Up and down she bobbed; once in a while using her hand to stroke his shaft in opposition to her mouth. Stroking, sucking, licking; up and down; all the way into her throat. She had long ago mastered the deep throat technique and very seldom gagged even when a large cock like James’ went deep down and into her throat. She liked to feel the head as it went down and really liked the feel as she took it back out. She continued to suck and to stroke James’ cock for several minutes and a few times was pleased to feel him thrusting

Into her. She liked it when the guy fucked her mouth. She could feel James getting harder and thicker and didn’t want him to come just yet, so she stopped, withdrew her mouth, stood up, kissed him deeply, and said quietly “Your turn. I want you to eat my pussy.”

James looked shocked.

“I, I, I…” he stammered.

“I’ve never done that. I don’t know what to do.”

“Kneel down.” Aileen said as she helped him get down in front of her.

“Lift up my dress and pull down my panties”

James did that and then stared transfixed, looking at Aileen’s naked pussy.

“Take your fingers and run them down my lips. Like this.” She said as she showed him how to stroke her lips.

He did that a few times and then got the idea that his finger could separate the lips to access the treasures below.

“That feels good.” She encouraged him.

“Now take your middle finger and find my opening.” She said as she guided his fingers to her pussy.

James was a fast learner. He inserted a finger into her pussy and then withdrew it, running his fingers back up along her lips. He did it again, this time going a little deeper inside her. Again, and again, each time a little deeper, until finally his entire finger was inside her.

“Now take that finger and take the juices up onto my clit” she coached him.

“Like this” and she again guided his finger to her clit. The clit was already swollen and Aileen gasped as James first made contact.

James got the idea! He ran his finger around and around on Aileen’s clit and soon she was moaning in pleasure.

Up and down her lips.

Into her pussy.

Up and around and back and forth on her clit.

Over and over!

James was turning her on a lot!

Up and down.

In and out.

Round and round!

Aileen could feel herself tensing and then she came.

At first James was startled and removed his hand. But when Aileen took his hand and put his hand back where she had showed him and continued to stroke and rub and prod. Aileen came again and this time James did not remove his hand.

Finally, Aileen was at the point where the pleasure was terrific, but so intense, she couldn’t stand it any more.

“Ok” she said “Wait!”

And as she gasped, she pulled James up and kissed him deeply. She could feel his cock throbbing against her and was getting anxious to get that inside her. Be patient she told herself. He’s going to learn how to eat you first, and then you can fuck him.

All this was going on in her mind while at the same time, she was enjoying her fantasy come to life – she was making out in left field! A dream come true.

James was obviously turned on ; his cock was fully hard and when he pressed against her, she could feel the throbbing. She knew it was going to be delicious to have that big cock deep inside her. She giggled as she thought to herself – and its a good looking cock too!

Aileen İstanbul Escort stopped kissing James, looked him in the eye and said “That was wonderful! Thank you. You are a good student. Are you ready for your next lesson?”

James nodded and looked questioningly into her eyes.

“Good! Now you’re going to eat me!” Aileen said as she gently guided James back onto his knees.

She held his head and gently brought his face to her pussy.

“This will be similar to what you just learned, except now you’re going to add your tongue. Put your tongue out and lick my lips, just like you first touched them with your fingers.”

Aileen moaned as she felt James’ tongue make its first pass down her lips.

“Again! One lip, then the other.”

She sighed with delight as James did as he was told.

Up and down. Up and down, he licked her lips.

“Now use your fingers to spread my lips apart and stick your tongue between them. Go up and down and taste my juice. You’ll like it!”

And James did!

He stretched her lips apart and ran his tongue up and down, feeling her inner lips and teasing the opening of her pussy.

Up and down.

Just inside.

Oooooh. That felt good!

“Find my clit and lick it. Sucking it is good also.” Aileen said a little more commanding than she intended, but it worked.

James found her clit and ran his tongue around and around and when he sensed her “button” was fully exposed, he took it into his mouth and sucked on it.

Aileen gasped. “Aaaaah. That’s so good. Keep going!” She begged of him.

And he did keep going.

Up and down her lips.

Teasing the opening.

Round and round the clit.

Aileen grabbed James by the back of his head and pulled him right up tight to her pussy. She got his face so tight to her pussy she thought she might smother him. But then she came! Delicious and powerful release; pussy throbbing and shuddering; so powerful; so good. For a moment, Aileen thought she may collapse, but she steadied herself and again pulled James up to stand in front of her. She kissed him deeply; wildly thrusting her tongue into his mouth, tasting herself on him; smelling herself around his mouth.


“Thank you James! That was wonderful!”

“No. Thank you.” He replied.

“I’ve never done that before. You’re amazing!” And he hugged her tightly.

“Alright James. There’s one more thing I want you to do.”


“Yes. You’re going to fuck me.”

James’ eyes grew large and he obviously was really excited by this idea.

“I’m going to turn around to face the wall. Then you’re going to put that big cock of yours inside me and fuck me. Think you can do that?”

“Oh yes!”

And without any prompting, James spun Aileen around, bent her slightly forward, reached down and put his cock into her pussy. She was so wet, that his cock slid in easily.

He didn’t need any instructions at this point – he drove into her over and over.




He pounded into her; thrusting vigorously.

Aileen leaned on the wall for support as he banged into her over and over. James reached around and used her hips as a leverage point so that he could thrust and pump and fuck her deeply.

Aileen leaned slightly forward and spread her legs a bit more and was overjoyed to feel James’ cock ramming into her. The tip slid almost all the way out and then ploughed back into her, far up inside, almost right into her womb. James was very strong and very forceful. His cock continued its assault; over and over he pounded into her.

Twice, Aileen felt herself come and then she reached down with her right hand and touched her clit. As James’ cock drove into her, and her finger prodded her clit, she came again.

And when she let her finger wander a bit lower so she could feel his cock sliding into her pussy, she could feel him growing tense. The build up was coming; she knew he was close.

“Fuck me James!” Aileen called out.

“Come inside me!”

“Fuck me hard!”

And he did. He kept ramming his cock into her fast and hard and deep. Aileen loved every thrust; could feel his cock filling her pussy and running along her walls.

And then – James thrust one last time; pulled her hips tight against him, pushed his cock as far in as he could: and exploded!

Spasm after spasm. Hot cum spurting inside her. More spasms. More shuddering. Another blast of cum. And Aileen felt herself come one more time on his cock.

And then they stood there; locked together; James’ cock deep inside Aileen’s pussy, right there against the wall in left field.


She did it!

Made out in left field!

James gradually began to subside and eventually, his cock escaped. Aileen quickly knelt down and licked and sucked all the combined juices and sperm off James’ cock.


Aileen loved that last taste; the combination of fluids was one of her favorite things and she always wanted to have that last taste.

They both gathered up their clothes and walked together back to the parking lot.

“Wow!” James said.

“You’re terrific! That was wonderful. Thank you.”

“My pleasure James!” Aileen said with a wicked grin.

“Maybe after your next game we can make out in the dugout!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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