A Summer of Slow Transition Ch. 02

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Ch. 2. A little performance for the boys:

Pam awoke Sunday morning to an empty bed. This was not unusual. Bob always got up before her to get ready for school and left the bathroom open for her to get ready for work during the week. When she decided to get up, she noticed a large note taped to the bedroom door. She removed the note and headed to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of juice before reading it. She sat at the kitchen table and grabbed the note while taking her first sip of the nice cold orange juice.

Bob just told her that he had gotten a call from his Dad and he had to head to the warehouse to help his father for a few hours. He told her to call him there when she could and that he might have a better idea when he would be getting home. Bob ended the note like he always did. “Love, Me.”

Pam picked up the Sunday paper and started looking through the store advertisements for any interesting sales while she finished her juice. She thought she’d wait until she finished to call Bob.

After a few minutes she called the warehouse. Bob told her he should be home around noon. After hanging up she thought, “Oh good. It looks like it’s going to be another warm spring day. I can get out in the yard and get the garden completely ready to start planting flowers next weekend. Bob will be home around noon, I’ll wait until then to go out in the yard. It’ll be warmer then.” Her thoughts flashed back to yesterday and how Charlie was looking at her. She admitted to herself that once it was obvious that Charlie was looking at her in a sexual way, she did experience mild tingles in her belly and vagina, but would never admit that to Bob. It was kind of fun, in an awkward and different way, she thought to herself. Still confused and embarrassed by what she was feeling.

Bob got home a little before noon and was telling her that his father called telling him that the guy who was scheduled to come in today with him called with a family emergency, something about one of his kids or something. “You know how that works,” Bob said.

“Well, your father pays you as a full time employee while you’re going to school. He’s good to us, so it’s the least you can do. I’m sure he appreciates you going down to help him on such short notice. The business will be yours one day, if you want it. He’s already told you that. And he’s very proud of you.”

“Yeah, I know. What’s for lunch? I didn’t get to have breakfast this morning. I’ve got to keep up my high school figure. You know.”

“You still look like you did back then to me.”

“Back then? You make it sound like it was decades ago. It hasn’t even been four years yet.”

“You’re one month away from getting your Degree, so you might as well say four years.”

“And two years, next month, since you made me the luckiest man on earth.”

“Well thank you, kind sir. And two years since you made me the happiest woman on earth. We’re even. Now, kiss me, you fool.” Then she laughed that shy little impish giggle she liked to use at times like this, when she’s feeling just a little frisky and naughty.

“I’ll do more than kiss you,” he said, as he grabbed her arm and placed her on his lap.

She giggled naughtily again, and said, “Oh, no, big boy. You’re hungry. You didn’t have any breakfast. You’ve got to keep up that high school figure, remember?”

“Speaking of figures … have you thought anymore about wearing that green polka dot outfit with no bra and giving our neighbor a better look at your tits? You’d give him a pleasure he’s not experienced in a very long time. And you’d give yourself the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing you’re making an old man feel better than he has in years!”

“He’s not a bad looking man, although kind of on the short side. He still looks like he’s in pretty good shape. No huge gut like most men his age. His hair is thinning, but he’s clean cut and shaven. You say he’s a wonderful man with great qualities. I bet he has no problems with the ladies. What would you say he is? About 5′ 7 “or thereabouts? You make it sound like he’s been a hermit or something.”

“Yeah, that’s about his height, I would say. But don’t be so sure about him getting the ladies. It seemed like he worshipped his wife and I’m sure he would be very particular, fussy even. You know what? He might just appreciate the attention of a young beautiful woman such as yourself giving him a look or two to stimulate his blood flow.”

“No, I haven’t thought about it.” “A little fib,” she thought. “You make it sound like I work in elderly services and would provide him some great service that they normally do in those places to make the elderly feel happy and special again. You make it sound so clinical.”

“You would be providing a service, kind of. And it is kind of clinical, in a way. You absolutely would make him feel happy and special once again. That fact alone would be a nice feeling for you, I would think. I bet he hasn’t felt special since his wife escort levent died.”

“That last part is such a sad thought. I told you I would think about it. I’ve never lied to you before.”

Pam got off Bob’s lap and went into the kitchen and asked, “Would a few nice juicy cheeseburgers satisfy your hunger until supper time?”

Pam couldn’t get the thought of how lonely old people must be, especially once they lose their spouse, the person who made them feel most special. She had never thought about how old people must feel once they’re completely alone. The thought saddened her, a thought that would linger, as she would soon find out.

“Perfect,” Bob yelled out. “Just like you.”

“I’m far from perfect,” Pam said under her breath. Still confused about these new sexual feelings she was experiencing. And feeling somewhat guilty at the same time.

While Pam was putting his favorite condiments on his cheeseburgers, she saw Charlie getting onto the large boat. She brought two burgers out to Bob and said, “I’m going to take a shower. By the way, Charlie’s back on his boat. I just saw him climbing onto it.”

“Oh really? After I eat, I may just go over say hello and reintroduce myself as his new neighbor. I’m sure he’ll remember me and be happy and surprised to see me again.”

Pam didn’t say anything, she just went about getting ready for her shower.

Bob finished eating and brought his plate and glass over to the kitchen sink to rinse them. He looked out the window to make sure Charlie was still out there. Bob went out the back door and approached the rear fence that divided their properties. As Bob got closer he said, “Hi Charlie.”

Charlie looked up, squinted, and said, “You look very familiar, like I should know you, but my mind isn’t as it once was. Please forgive me for being so absent minded but—”

“Bob … Bob Taber. I had you for Civics one year and U.S. History another, at Hawthorne Jr. High from1958 through 1960. And you were my infield coach for baseball there.”

“Oh, I’ll be damned. Bobby Taber, of course. How are you? You haven’t changed at all, just got taller. You the husband of that lovely young lady that just moved in last month? Come on, get up here on the boat so we can talk and you can tell me what you’ve been up to.”

“Alright, but I’ll have to walk around to your street. Give me a few minutes.”

“No, no, no need to do that. Behind those Arborvitae trees in a semi-circle over there in that corner. Behind them is a gate leading from your yard to mine. Your new house was my sister’s, so when I put up the fences, she wanted a gate to visit each other rather than have to walk around. There’s only a small latch on your side. I have the hinges and big latch on my side. If it’s frozen from the weather let me know and I’ll come down and open it from my end. There’s enough separation between the side fence and the trees to get to it.”

Charlie’s house was not directly behind theirs. His boat was on the empty lot that was. His house was on the lot next to it. Bob assumed he owned both lots simply because there wasn’t any fence separating the two. Naturally his boat being on it was a pretty good indication as well.

Bob opened the gate and climbed the ladder to his boat. They shook hands and he said, “My second pleasant surprise in as many days. Sit down, it’s a mess. Got a little work to do to get her ready for a summer of fishing. Do you fish? She should be in the water around late June, early July, only about 2 months to go.”

Bob didn’t have much of a chance to answer any of the questions Charlie was asking. He just kept babbling on. “I see what Pam meant now about him constantly talking,” Bob thought to himself.

“That pretty young lady your wife? She is sure a looker, even for an old man like me. The good Lord surely knew what he was doing when he put her together. Truly a masterpiece. You’re a lucky man, there, Bobby.”

“Yeah, I fish. Yes, Pam’s my wife. I think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s certainly a masterpiece to me. Yes, I know I’m a lucky man. You’ve been teaching a long time now.” Bob tried to answer all his questions at once, not knowing when he’d get another chance. He also was trying to break Charlie’s train of thought so he wouldn’t ask so many questions.

“Yes, two more years until retirement. I can’t wait, to be honest.”

“Wow, that’s right around the corner. You must be happy.”

Bob’s tactic didn’t work. Charlie went on. Pursuing the subject matter he wanted to pursue. “Typical teacher,” Bob thought, as Charlie continued talking about Pam.

“Well, I certainly enjoyed meeting her yesterday. Lovely girl, and she sure looks healthy, if you don’t mind me saying. I couldn’t stop staring at her. I hope I didn’t offend her. I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll have to remember to apologize the next time I see her out in the yard.”

“Yeah, she told me it seemed like you enjoyed meeting escort bayan istanbul her. She does have a great figure, if that’s what you meant by healthy. No need to apologize to her. You didn’t offend her and she enjoyed meeting you as well. She might be coming out shortly to do some more yard work, seeing it’s warmed up again today. She works during the week. Nice weather for April.” Bob said with a little smirk on his face.

He knew exactly what Charlie was saying. He was the same old Charlie though, very polite and conscious of choosing his words so as not to offend. Anyone could tell precisely what he was saying, the excitement and the slight trembling of arousal in his voice exposed him. The thought of all that caused butterflies in Bob’s stomach and a tingling in his balls. He could only imagine what Charlie was feeling yesterday, and more than likely again today. Keeping in mind the assumption of abstinence poor old Charlie had endured since the death of his wife, he must have a boat load of tension and emotion just waiting to explode, Bob surmised.

“This lot your boat is on, does it belong to you too?” Bob was sure it did, but was still trying to change the subject.

“Sure does, I own the lots on either side of your house and the three that abut them on my street behind you. Five lots in total.”

They talked a little longer about all sorts of things, except Pam. Bob thought Charlie might be afraid he would not be able to hide his interest in Pam and the excitement she created inside him. Bob was pretty turned on himself just thinking about the affect Pam was having on Charlie. Charlie was babbling on about whatever he was talking about. Bob was lost in his own erotic thoughts when he heard his backdoor open, breaking the euphoric trance he was in.

Pam came out and stood at the door a few seconds, adjusting her eyes to the bright sunlight, even though she had dark sunglasses on. Looking like the Goddess she was, she looked around the yard for Bob. The sun was a little behind Bob and Charlie, it shone off of Pam’s light colored hair, accenting those reddish highlights even more. She was wearing white short shorts, and a button down pale blue blouse that stopped just above the waist, exposing a portion of her firm, tight, stomach. Bob then noticed that it appeared she had three buttons undone showing quite a bit of cleavage, something she never did in public. Bob then called out to her, “Over here, honey.” Pam looked in the direction of Bob’s voice, but still didn’t see him, not expecting him to be on Charlie’s boat. After spotting him she smiled that big smile of hers, and said, “Oh there you are. Hi Charlie”, and gave a very demonstrative wave.

Charlie had already stopped talking and just remained silent and waved to Pam. Pam began moving toward them and Bob noticed that her tits were jiggling a lot more than normal, almost like she was braless, until he spied a glimpse of white under the opening the undone buttons provided. He wondered what she had on under her blouse. Then he remembered the light, almost sheer bras she often wore when the weather got hot. They were sheer, with the exception of the area covering her areolae and nipples, so they would not be outlined under a blouse. As she sauntered toward them, with that gorgeous, sweet smile of hers, Bob heard Charlie say, under his breath, “Oh, my God.”

Pam got to the fence and said, “Is chivalry not dead, or do I have to get my own tools?” Bob immediately got up from where he was sitting beside Charlie. Pam chuckled and purposely shook her head very hard, causing her tits to jiggle and sway, and said, “I was just teasing, I’ll get them myself. You guys enjoy your time together.”

She then seductively turned and walked to the shed, giving them both a great view of her shapely round ass, which was accented by her tight short shorts. Charlie just stared and sighed, “Truly a masterpiece … teasing is not the word I would use to describe what she’s doing. I wonder if she even realizes it. I need a beer, you want one?” Bob nodded “yes”. Charlie reached in the cooler beside him, grabbing one for each of them. Bob thought to himself, “Stand by, my friend, this may only be the beginning. You haven’t seen anything yet. I have a feeling this is going to get your blood truly boiling. You may not be wondering for long if she realizes what she’s doing.”

Pam came back to the side of the yard where she was preparing a good sized spot to plant some newly bloomed spring flowers she had seen in pots at the garden center nearby. She had decided right then that she had to get the yard ready and buy some and plant them to add some color.

She got on her hands and knees and started removing large clumps of weeds, positioning herself sideways to Bob and Charlie, giving then a perfect silhouette of her fine body, her round ass, and her tits just hanging in that half unbuttoned blouse and thin bra. Bob could see Charlie rustle a bit and readjust escort bağcılar his position on his stool. As Pam worked and pulled on the weeds, it caused her ass to gyrate and move from back to front like someone having sex doggy style. Her tits were swaying in unison while gravity showed, very clearly, the fullness of her tits.

With all her erotic movement, which she was somewhat unaware of, Bob heard a long low groan or moan that seemed to last a forever, come from Charlie. He glanced over slightly and noticed Charlie had an obvious hard-on that he could not hide. Bob just kept watching as Charlie was savoring Pam’s every move, not saying a word. Charlie was definitely enjoying the sight and, more than likely, the thoughts and visions going through his mind. Bob had thoughts of his own and was just as hard as Charlie. Seeing the affect she was having on Charlie was even more exciting than he had imagined it would be.

Bob knew what he, himself, was feeling, and could only imagine what Charlie was feeling and thinking, although he had a pretty good idea. He just thought how intense and exciting this must be for Charlie, after all these years of being alone.

Pam changed her position, now facing and giving them a clear view of her tits, still swaying from her movements. Bob heard Charlie, in a whisper, say, “Oh, my God. She is so hot and so lovely. I could eat her right up.” He had not purposely intended Bob to hear. Bob noticed Pam look their way slightly, with a tiny smirk, while she continued her gardening. That’s why she wore the sunglasses, it finally came to him. She wanted to see how she was affecting Charlie without him knowing.

She stopped for a moment, straightening up on just her knees. She reached in her pocket and pulled out one of Bob’s handkerchiefs and straightened her back, causing her tits to stick out even more. She then rubbed the perspiration off of her face and forehead before rubbing her neck and, eventually, her chest above her tits. She was still watching Charlie while doing this and she knew he was staring at her and enjoying all she was showing. She then reached in her blouse, from the waist opening, and stated wiping the perspiration from her belly all the way up to the underside of her tits, slowly. This last move made another button come undone, causing her blouse to open wider. Bob thought he saw a slight smile turn up the corners of her lips and then wondered if she knew another button had come undone.

Pam went back to her weeding, still facing them and attacking the weeds with the same enthusiasm. This time however, both her breasts were nearly fully exposed, just covered by her sheer bra now. Bob saw the quick movement of Charlie’s hand as he reached closer to his hard, stiff, fully erect cock, now nearly tearing his pants from the tension. Charlie placed his hand on his cock and started squeezing, in rhythm to Pam’s movements. Pam was now concentrating more on Charlie, even though she couldn’t see what he was doing. Bob was sure his facial expression gave it away. Charlie was obviously in ecstasy and grunted something almost unintelligible, still not thinking or intending Bob to hear, but a little louder that Bob could clearly make out. “I love those tits. I wish I could see them without that fucking bra.” Bob then noticed Charlie’s leg muscles tighten and thought he might be shooting a wad, but wasn’t positive. Charlie changed nothing in his demeanor or position, just kept staring and lusting for Bob’s hot wife.

Pam remained working on the garden for about 15 more minutes, then gathered up her tools and the weeds she had taken from the ground. She looked up at both of them with a big smile and said,” This hard work has made me so hot. I think I’m done here for the day.” She stood up, bent over, with her ass facing them, picked up a clump of weeds that had fallen from her hands and took them all to the shed. Then she went into the house.

Bob said nothing and neither did Charlie for at least another 5 minutes. Then Charlie said, “She’s not the only one who is hot ight now. Bobby, you are a very lucky man. Your wife is so beautiful in every way. It’s as if she is a gift from heaven for me just to look at. I could look at her for days on end and never get tired of the view. I’m surprised you don’t have any little one’s running around yet.” Bob said, “I’m married to her and I never get tired of looking at her, so I know what you mean. Pam’s on the pill, we can’t afford kids right now.”

“Ah, she’s on the pill. That explains that! She’s such a hard worker, and seems to enjoy it. I bet she does everything with the same intensity and enthusiasm,” said Charlie.

“She’s one in a million, that’s for sure. I just wish she didn’t have tunnel vision when it comes to her moral thinking regarding sexual matters and loosen up a bit. We’ve been married for almost two years and she won’t experiment at all. She is dead against oral sex, giving or getting, I’ve tried so many times. She just pushes my head away and says no. I wish she would just be more adventurous, we could have so much more fun together.”

“We? You mean you and her, of course. Yes, of course, that’s what you meant. Sorry, I didn’t mean any disrespect. That just came out. Very sorry.”

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