A Surprise For Him

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He hurt her. He may not of intended to, but he had. Thomas was just preoccupied with other things. He didn’t think that it would matter that much. When Teresa, his wife, suggested a nice hot shower, he made some excuse not to partake of the offer. In doing so, he upset her. If he had of thought what it meant to her, he would never have said he didn’t want to.

She had said it was fine, and went off to bed. When Thomas followed her to bed a few hours later, he knew she was still awake, but when she feigned sleep, he let it pass, thinking that she was just tired. Teresa was forming a plan. She knew that she wanted to make him think about what it meant to her. As memories of passed showers that they had shared filtered through her mind her smiled… it was at that moment, that the plan she was tossing about formed completely. Having decided on a course of action, she gave a deep sigh and settled down to sleep.

The next day proved to be a usual day. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred. Thomas went on about his plans for the day while Teresa made her plans for the evening to come. With a satisfied grin, she made sure everything she’d need was well hidden, but within easy reach.

When Thomas returned that evening, Teresa had a nice hot bath ready for him. Helping him out of his clothes, she washed his back for him and left him to his own devices. They had a light dinner after which, Thomas said he was going to bed. A quick peck on the cheek and he was off to bed. Teresa made sure he was asleep before going into the bedroom herself. Two hours later, when she entered the bedroom, he was snoring peacefully, the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest a giveaway to deep sleep. A sly smile crossed Teresa’s face as she quickly implemented her plan.

Thomas never moved. He knew that something was holding him down though, when he tried to move, he couldn’t. When he looked around him, he could see nothing. How in the world could this have happened to him?

Panic filled him. “Wh-what is happening? What are you doing?”

“Shhhh… don’t think… feel. ” she whispered as her lips continued to play on his neck.

At 33, Thomas never thought he’d ever end up like this. Tied to his own bed, stripped naked, and blindfolded. Tugging at the ties that bound him, he discovered that he wasn’t tied as tightly as he’d first thought. If he wanted to, he could release himself, but something told him to stay right where he was… to see where she would take this.

The softness of Teresa’s lips were intoxicating to him. His heartbeat was strong and fast and he just knew that she could feel it pulsing beneath her lips. When she bit his neck lightly, he was lost to her.

She knew that he could get loose if he chose to, but was glad to see that he stayed as she’d tied him. She wanted to experiment a little with him, in hopes that he might like it. From her vantage point, poised directly above him as she was, he seemed to enjoy it a lot already. A smile played across her lips as they followed a torturous path down his body. His chest, heaving with each breath, was adorned with several small kisses as she almanbahis adres slid over to his nipple. Once her teeth grazed it, she knew she had him. His nipples are sensitive enough, more ticklish if truth be known, but he enjoyed it just the same. Letting her tongue slip from her mouth, she led a trail down to his stomach… as her tongue slipped into his belly button to swirl around, HE knew she had him.

Thomas was content to lay as relaxed as possible, until she got to his stomach. A slow moan escaped him as she pressed her tongue into his belly button. It was one of his weaknesses that she loved to play on. After 10 years of marriage and a “usual” sex life, this was definitely something different. Having never been tied, or even THOUGHT of being tied, well, this was certainly turning out to be interesting.

She moved slowly down his body, leaving little bites on his hip as she moved on an slow inward trek. To avoid direct contact with his cock, she slipped along the side of it letting her cheek brush against it occasionally. The jump of his cock surprised her a little, but she knew he was highly aroused. To further demonstrate her “control” she leaned over directly above his cock and let her warm breath waft over him. Her hands slid up along his thighs, the heat of him almost burned her hands as she touched him. She let her hands come to a rest just below his balls, she leaned up to kiss him fully on the mouth. With the first touch of her tongue to his, he tensed up, he wanted to touch her, needed to feel her body close to his.

As she teased his body she realized it had turned her on more than she expected. She sat on the bed close to his head, spread her legs and let her fingers tease across her thighs. Her soft moans gave her away to her husband. He knew she had touched herself, had given herself pleasure, and he wanted to watch her.

“Let me watch you pleasure yourself, baby”, he begged

“No, not yet, let me play with myself a bit longer, maybe I’ll let you watch” she giggled in response.

She watched his body strain to get some sort of touch from her, she let her knee fall over to touch his cheek. Grateful for any touch, he kissed the outside of her knee. The sharp gasp that burst forth from his wife and he knew that she had just penetrated herself with her fingers. He could hear her wetness against her fingers. The scent of her, called to him, God he wanted her then. He wanted her NOW.

Her body responded to her touch with each gentle caress of her hands and she’d gotten herself all worked up with her fingers and his responses to her, Teresa moved once more. This time to straddle Thomas’ face, as her thighs settled on either side of his face, he needed no further encouragement. As his tongue pushed deep inside her, a deep satisfied groan burst from her. Her hips rocked gently against his face, the pressure on her clit built quickly and she moved slightly, not willing to cum yet. His tongue buried in her cunt had driven her mad with passion. She rocked harder against him, they both knew her cum would not be staved off for long. She was to aroused, to hot for her husband. almanbahis adresi Thomas’ tongue found that little pleasure bud and sucked it into his mouth to send his wife over the edge. The pleasure of it rocked her against him, her hips ground onto his face her orgasm approached her quickly. The soft keen of exploding pleasure echoed through the room.

Her fingers uncurled as she slipped from her husbands face to collapse beside him on the bed. Her head rested on his chest, the soft rumble of his breath brought her gently back to earth. Her eyes opened to see Thomas’ cock, beaded with precum, and a small pool of it on his abdomen.

The scent of her juices permeated the room. They glistened on Thomas’ face, he cared little that his grin was that of a giddy schoolboy.. he had just pleasured his wife to the core of her being, and hoped to feel her hot breath caressing his body soon.
“I want to touch you Teresa, please, untie me”

“No, I am not quite finished with you Thomas. You hurt me yesterday when you declined my offer of a shower. It’s rare that we have an evening alone together, and you know that I enjoy our time together, but you denied me that pleasure. I am now, denying you your pleasure of touching me. “

She knew how to get to him, she knew that he loved to thread his fingers through her long auburn hair while she made love to his cock with her mouth. She would deny him that now.

Slowly she edged her way down his stomach. At that particular moment, Thomas knew what she was about to do. It niggled him that he had hurt her, he hated to hurt her, but knew that she would have her way with him no matter what he begged, pleaded, or demanded she do. He also knew that he would not release himself from the bonds that held him as it would lessen HER pleasure of dominance over him. So he laid there, waiting for her to do as she would

It was her hot breath that touched him first. The heat wafting over his exposed and ever hardening cock intoxicating him with erotic images of what Teresa MUST look like hovering over his bound form. In his minds eye, he could picture her long hair, cascading over her shoulder onto the bed, her lips forming a perfect “O” as she exhaled onto him, her eyes, closed to the torture that she gave him, the passion etched so finely on her beautiful face. Yes, Thomas had just discovered that he was enjoying this “bondage” as much as Teresa was.

Her gentle hand on his balls startled him. So lost in his own images that he had almost forgotten that Teresa was there. Her soft words of pending pleasure the only sounds he could hear. Thomas moaned loudly as her tongue slide the length of him. Her tongue bathed him up one side and down the other, not yet touching the head of his cock. His whispered whimper begging her to do so. She denied him. Lower she slid her tongue until they caressed his balls. Teresa toyed with them, lifting first one then the other with her tongue only to let them fall and rest again as she moved on.

Her hair splayed across his right leg as her mouth found the spot just to the side of his cock. Between his cock and his thigh, almanbahis adres she placed her lips and bit softly into the flesh there. When she heard Thomas’ quick intake of breath, she knew he was lost to her. Having gotten his complete surrender to her, he moved quickly to take the head of his cock into her mouth, letting her tongue swirl over the tip, tasting him for the first time. With a deep thrust downward, she took him completely into her mouth. When he hit the back of her throat, she forced her muscles to relax to allow her to take him as deep as she could. His hips pushed forward off the bed as her mouth claimed him. A small smile played over her stretched mouth as she worked her throat muscles against the tip of him.

“God Teresa, where did you learn to do that?”

Her muffled reply was all he got in return.

“Please, oh God, Please don’t stop… that feels sooo good baby… I’ll not ever deny you again. Not if I can help it. “

She continued working her muscles over him as he begged and praised her. Her mind spun at the possibilities of what she COULD do to him, now that she had him in such a prone position. She’d never hurt him, she loved him to much for that, but she did want to give him the ultimate in pleasure. Her next thought was of something she’d never done before.

Her mouth came up and off of him, only to kiss further down, lower and lower her mouth crept, when her tongue touched the tiny bud of his asshole, he almost came off the bed. He never expected that she would do something like that. Oh he knew that she enjoyed it when he played with her that way, but he never thought of it being done to him. When her tongue pressed against him, he pressed down against her. He WANTED her there, he wanted her to penetrate his ass, her fingers were small enough, her tongue felt wonderful as she worked it up inside him. He cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain when her finger slid into him the first time… his cries turning to whimpers of lust as her mouth covered his cock once more. Her hand and her mouth working against the rhythm of the other, when her mouth went down on him, her finger receded from his anal cavity. He was ready, she knew he was, it was to much for him. The dual rhythm she had been working on him was too much for him to handle.

“Teresa, Oh God…. I’M GOING TO CUM!!! OHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS” he shouted as his body ground against her face and hand. The pressure and volume of his orgasm surprised her. She felt that it would be an explosive one, and she proved herself right. Swallowing several times as Thomas ejaculated into her soft mouth, she finally let him slip from her mouth as her finger slid from his ass. She nuzzled his spent cock softly as her body came to rest up along side of him. One hand reached up as she first untied his hands, and then removed his blindfold.

His soft hazel eyes looked lovingly into her vivid blue ones. The way he looked at her told her everything, and nothing at the same time. She knew he loved her, she knew, too, that he enjoyed what she just did. But she didn’t know if he wanted to ever experience it again. She hoped he would. When he kissed her, she had her answer.

As he raised his mouth from hers, he again looked into her eyes… “Teresa, I promise, I will never hurt you again. ”

In his mind he asked himself the question, ” Or will I?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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