A Surprising Journey Ch. 01

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The day I decided to break out of my usual routine and take a little journey changed my life in a surprising way. I’ve lived a pretty quiet life since I retired from teaching to give myself more time to write historical novels for young people. I have a contract with a publisher to produce one or two books a year based on some historical event or famous person. I do the research by reading two or three books, sometimes, though rarely, I travel to a place to get a sense of the area where an event happened, but mostly I stay put in my little cabin. You could set your clock by my routine. I get up at five every morning, drink a cup of coffee then get down to work. I take a little break at nine, make two sunny side eggs with rye toast, another cup of coffee and get back to work. I rarely work past noon and spend my afternoons reading, working in the garden or taking long walks. It’s a pretty solitary existence.

I had just finished the first draft of a novel about the Revolutionary War and a boy who was an aid to George Washington. The boy was a spy and, like most of my books, is an adventure story where I work in a lot of historical information. It was October and the leaves were at their peak of color, when this strange feeling came over me. I looked up at the clear blue sky above the red and orange leaves of the trees surrounding my cabin. I noticed leaves falling to the ground and suddenly started thinking of getting old and closer to death. “Am I like those leaves fluttering to the ground?” I thought. Without articulating what I was feeling as I looked out the window of my cabin, I said, “I need to get a way from here for awhile.”

This restless feeling surprised me. I don’t usually like to take trips. I love my quiet little world in the Maine woods and remembered Thoreau’s statement when he was at Walden, “I’ve traveled wide and far at Walden.”

I’m still not sure what came over me as I watched the colorful leaves falling, but a strange restlessness urged me to get away, like something calling me. I took a deep breath that became a deep sigh. “I need an adventure. I need to let go and leave my cares behind me.” I looked around my cabin. “I’m in a rut,” I said to myself. “I need to go somewhere new, where no one knows me and just let loose.”

I decided to be spontaneous for a change and just take off. I watered the plants, put some things in a backpack, got in my old Subaru and went off without any destination. I decided to stay on back roads, turning left when an interesting looking road appeared or right when another road caught my attention. I just kept driving, and actually driving faster than I usually do. This was so unlike me. I had no plan, no map and didn’t care where I ended up.

At fifty-five years old, after doing what was expected, getting married out of college, having two daughters, now grown, teaching at the same school for twenty years, coming home every day to a dying marriage and finally divorcing, I was weary of the plainness and safety of my life. I wanted the unknown, the passion of uncertainty, the freedom of not caring. I wanted surprise and adventure.

I was traveling west over narrow bumpy roads, past farms, then through thick woods with the colorful leaves of fall blazing all around me. I had been driving for over three hours and realized I was getting hungry. It was about four in the afternoon. I was far from any restaurants when I noticed a small farm stand ahead. I was surprised to see it because there didn’t seem to be much traffic on the road.

I decided to stop and get some fruit. When I pulled over, I noticed a woman sitting in a folding chair, reading a book. As I approached the stand, she looked up and smiled at me and said, “Hi there.”

When she got out of her chair and walked over, I was stunned by how gorgeous she was. She had long wild auburn hair that went halfway down her back. She wore tight blue jean cut offs and a low cut orange shirt that barely contained her large tits. She was tan and had a thin waist, wide hips, long legs, a pretty face with high cheek bones and a radiant smile. I certainly didn’t expect to see someone so sexy at a fruit stand in the middle of nowhere. I tried not to look at her but found that impossible. “What a body,” I thought to myself as I looked at the variety of fruit and vegetables on the table.

“Nice apples,” I said, glancing at her tits, then back at the apples.

“Thanks,” she said. “I just picked them this morning,” she added.

“How much are they?” I asked, trying not to look at the cleavage revealed by her low cut shirt. “She’s really built,” I thought to myself, looking at the apples.

“Fifty cents each,” she said.

“I’ll take two of them,” I said. I then looked around at the farm and saw the barn about fifty yards in back of her and over to the left, not far from the edge of the road, a white farm house with a wrap around front porch. I noticed a small sign, “Maggie’s Farm.” I couldn’t help but think of the Bob Dylan song.

“Is this your farm?” I asked.

“Kind of,” she Yenimahalle Escort answered. “Actually, it’s my ex-husbands and mine. We’re squabbling over it right now.”

“I see,” I said.

She picked up a paper bag and put the apples in it. I handed her the dollar.

“Nice place,” I said as I took the bag, still trying to keep my eyes off of her tits. “Do you live here alone?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’ve got some help with the farm from Dad and some neighbors. He’s got a farm down the road, but mostly I keep up with everything and make do between the farm stand and my waitress job in town.”

“You must work hard,” I said. Just then she bent down to pick up a paper bag she dropped. She turned around and I saw her round ass barely contained by her tight cut offs. She put the paper bag back on the table. Her tits were spilling out of her tight low cut orange shirt. When she stood up, she caught me looking at her tits. Our eyes met and she smiled, but didn’t say anything. I was getting aroused looking at her and felt my cock getting big and hard.

There was an awkward silence as we both looked at each other. “Would you like anything else?” she asked, smiling slightly. I wasn’t certain but the way she looked at me and smiled made me think she was flirting with me—something that never happens. She kept her eyes on mine, smiling.

It was impossible not to look at her tits and the nipples pushing against her tight shirt. “See something you like,” she asked and smiled, looking me in the eyes. I looked down at the table quickly, embarrassed to be caught gawking at her tits.

“What would you recommend?” I asked, concentrating on the variety of produce on the table, trying not to look at this sexy woman. I felt my cock bulging in my jeans.

“Well,” she paused, “let me see.” She leaned over the table and picked up a large peach. While reaching, her tits practically fell out of her shirt. She looked up at me then at the bulge in my jeans which I tried to hide with my bag of apples. She held out the peach. “I bet you would like to eat something wet and juicy,” she said, smiling, looking me in the eyes and then back down at my bag covered crotch.

I could not believe what was happening to me. I was out of my comfort zone. “Is she teasing me?” I wondered, baffled by her words and the way she looked at me.

“I’ll take the peach,” I said, trying to keep the conversation on the topic of fruit.

She leaned forward with the peach in her hand. “Here, open the bag and I’ll treat you to a peach,” she said.

I held out the bag and she dropped in the peach, but I know she saw the tent in my jeans. There was no way to hide what was happening to me.

“I’ll pay you for the peach,” I said, trying not to look at the nipples poking out of her tight shirt. I was looking at her smiling face and said, “By the way, you have a nice smile.” “Well, thank you mister. You have a nice smile, too,” she said.

“Really,” I said, surprised. “Oh, thank you,” I added, feeling awkward. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a conversation like this with a woman, let alone a sexy woman. I wanted this interaction to continue but no words came to my mind. The words, “eat something wet and juicy,” went through my mind. “Was she being suggestive or was I reading something into it?”

We just stood there looking at each other.

“It must be hard keeping a farm like this going all by your self,” I said.

“It is, but the work isn’t the hard part.” she said. “It’s after work that’s hard. It’s going into the house and not having a man around.”

I didn’t say anything, but noticed how she was looking at me, her eyes glancing down at the bulge in my pants and then back to my eyes.

Then she asked, “So, what brings you this way?”

“Good question,” I said. “I don’t even know where I am.” I added. “I just felt a need to take a trip and get away from my every day life.”

“I know what you mean,” she said, “an escape.” She nodded, smiling at me, nodding her head as if she understood.

“I guess so,” I said.

“You look like a nice guy,” she said. “Like someone who deserves a good time.”

“Thanks,” I responded, “Maybe that’s what I’m looking for…a good time. I think I need an adventure,” I added, feeling a little bolder by her complement.

“Good for you,” she said. “Going after what you need is important.” She smiled at me. “I believe it’s important to go after what you need,” she said, “but out here it’s not always easy to get what you need….if you know what I mean.” She bit her lower lip when she said that.

We looked at each other feeling something hot brewing between us.

I looked over at the sign, “You must be Maggie.” I said, wishing I could think of something clever to say but no words came.

“What’s your name?” she asked, not taking her eyes from mine.

“Thom,” I answered, “Thom with an “h,” I added.

“Oh, Thom with an “h,” she repeated. She extended her hand for a handshake, “Glad Ulus Escort to meet you Thom with an “h.” she said, smiling.

We shook hands, “Nice to meet you, too, Maggie,” “So you’re on an adventure,” Maggie said. “Where are you heading?”

“Good question,” I answered. “I’m not heading any where.”

“Cool,” she responded. “That’s really cool.”

When she said that, I wondered if she were an old hippie.

“How long have you had this farm?” I asked.

“Been here ten years,” she said. “My husband and I were ‘back to the landers.’ A bunch of us got this farm, but I’m the only one left. My husband and I tried to keep it going but we couldn’t agree on anything. He drank a lot and so we just went out separate ways.”

“So what’s the squabble about,” I asked.

“He wants to sell it so he can get on with his life, but I don’t want to sell and can’t buy him out.”

“Too bad,” I said. “It must be good having your dad nearby.”

“It is and that’s another reason I want to stay here. I love this place and being near my family.”

“I didn’t mean to get personal with you,” I said.

“It’s okay,” she said. “It’s nice talking to you.” She smiled again and then said, “You have a nice face and it’s cool you took off like that with no destination. I like that about a man.”

“Well, thanks, it’s a little weird but who knows what might happen.”

“Right, who knows what might happen,” she repeated, and bit her lower lip. “What would you like to happen?” she asked, looking me in the eye. “Got any ideas.” She was definitely flirting with me. I had never been in a situation like this so I decided to just go along for the ride and see where it led.

“You were right when you asked if I’d like to eat something wet and juicy.” I said, looking into her eyes.

“I know. I usually can tell what a man wants,” she added, she glanced down at the bulge in my pants that hadn’t gone down.

“I haven’t had anything wet and juicy for a long time,” I added. “So thanks for the peach.”

She smiled and then turned and walked over to her chair, swaying her hips. Her round ass looked so good in those tight cut offs. She sat down and spread her legs, smiled up at me and said, “I bet you’d like to eat something other than the peach.”

She stretched out her long legs and spread them apart. I stood in front of the farm stand, not believing what she just said. I looked at her crotch and felt my cock getting harder. I looked up and down the road then back at Maggie sitting there with her legs spread, teasing me.

I put my bag down on the table and walked over to her. I stood above her between her legs looking down at her. She looked at the bulge in my jeans and then at my eyes, smiling. Her nipples were poking out of her tight shirt, her tits looked so luscious. I was just about to get down on my knees when she asked, “Would you like to see the barn?”

“The barn,” I repeated, standing between her spread legs, looking down at her crotch. My cock was straining in my jeans. I wanted to get down on my knees and devour her cunt. I’d never been so aroused. “The barn,” I repeated. “Oh, sure,” I said. “I’d like to see your barn.”

“Great,” Maggie said, and stood up. When she did, she leaned into me, pressing her tits against my chest. “Come on, follow me,” she said.

“Damn, she’s a tease,” I said to myself, as we walked up to the barn. She was in front of me and her round ass swayed from side to side. “Boy do I want to fuck her,” I said to myself, surprised to hear those words in my brain. I felt like I was a different person. Maggie was bringing something out in me—something wild that I didn’t know existed. “I don’t believe this is happening to me,” I thought, as we entered the barn.

“Nice barn,” I said, looking around at the stalls, the straw, a few hens pecking into the dirt.

She smiled at me. “Follow me.”

We went to the rear of the barn where several bales of hay were stacked in a corner. It was dark back there, except for the sunlight at the entrance and some sunlight peaking through cracks in the roof.

“Let’s get stoned” she said, and took a joint out of her jeans pocket.

I hadn’t smoked pot for years, but said, “Why not? I’m on an adventure.”

“Right,” Maggie said, lighting the joint. She took a hit and passed it to me. I coughed as soon as I inhaled. She said, “Take your time.” I took another hit, passed it to her. “Nothing like fucking when you’re stoned,” she said.

I was stunned by the bluntness of her language and how in control of the situation she was. I managed to get a few good hits. It didn’t take long but I was definitely stoned.

Maggie found a blanket and covered a few bales of hay with it. I looked at her ass as she bent over. “Damn, she’s sexy,” I said, feeling my cock get even bigger in my jeans.

Maggie then sat down on one of the bales and looked at me, “So what were you saying about wet and juicy,” she said.

She leaned back, her arms in back of her, her legs spread wide. “I’m horny” she said, “I need you to eat me and then fuck me.”

I never heard a woman say so bluntly what she wanted.

She unbuttoned her shorts and squirmed out of them. “Come on, Thom, I’m wet and juicy and ready to eat.”

I got down on my knees, put her legs on my shoulders and felt an energy surge through me. “Spread your legs for me, baby,” I said, surprised to hear myself talk like that. But I was now out of my mind with lust.

“Come on, eat my cunt,” she said.

Her dirty talking was exciting and got me even hotter.

I started licking her, lapping up the juices, while she moaned and pushed herself against my tongue. “Harder,” she said. “Eat me!”

I was darting my tongue as deep into her as I could, swirling around, moving in and out. Her legs were on my shoulders; her hands were on my head pulling me into her. She was sliding her ass forward on the hay bales, trying to get me even deeper. “I love it,” she screamed. “That’s good. That’s it, Eat me. Ohhhhhgod I love what you’re doing.” Her words were urging me to keep going. I found her clit and started sucking on it, licking it and that threw her over the edge, “YES! OH YES! THERE! RIGHT THERE THAT’S IT I’M CUMMING. OHHHHHHGOD EAT ME HARDER, HERE IT COMES.”

She was out of control pushing her cunt harder against my tongue. “I’M CUMMMMMING,” she screamed, lifting her ass off the hay as she convulsed and then fell back. “Oh my god that was soooo intense,” she said, as I gave her a few more licks.

My cock was bulging in my jeans. I stood up, looking down at her laying on the hay bales, her wet cunt still dripping juice, her legs spread. “That was sure wet and juicy,” I said, unzipping my jeans and grabbing my swollen cock. She looked at me standing above her between her spread legs, then at my cock standing straight out. “I want you in me, now. Come on baby, fuck my brains out.” Maggie wiggled herself up on the hay bale, never taking her eyes off of my cock, “Come give it to me.”

I was on my knees in front of her spread legs. My cock was just above her cunt. I pushed her legs back so that her knees were against her tits. I moved my cock up and down her cunt lips, playing with her. She then put her feet down on the hay bale, lifting herself and pushing her cunt up to my cock, “Fuck me,” she said, “Stop teasing me.”

I liked playing with her, driving her crazy, teasing her, being in control. “You really want me to fuck you,” I said, moving my cock along her pussy lips, “You really want it bad, don’t you baby?” I added, enjoying talking to her like that. “Beg for it!” She then reached up, grabbed my ass, wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her. “FUCK ME YOU BASTARD!” she screamed as I plunged into her.

I pulled out, my cock hovering just above her cunt, “Say it again. Beg for it. Tell me what you want.”

She looked me in the eyes and shouted, “GIVE ME THAT COCK! I CAN’T STAND THIS. DON’T TEASE ME ANYMORE!” Maggie was lifting her self up, her hands on my ass trying to pull me into her. She looked up at me, her eyes were fierce. I was out of my mind with lust and when I plunged into her, driving her back to the hay bale, she screamed, YES! OHHHHHHHHHHGOD!

“You’re so tight,” I said, pushing into her, opening her up.

“You’re so big,” she screamed. “You’re cock is huge.”

I pushed into her, inch my inch, opening her tight cunt. I pulled out and thrust into her again, then pulled out again and thrust into her even harder, ramming harder and harder, opening her tight cunt up to my cock.

Maggie was lifting her self off the hay bale pushing her cunt up to take me in. “You feel sooooo good,” she said. “I love it. I want you in me.”

“Take my cock, baby” I said as I rammed into her. “Take it.”

“Come on, Fuck me harder,” she said. “Give it to me, harder. Fuck me harder, damn it. Do me harder!” Then she screamed, FUCK ME! HARDER!”

I loved her words, telling me she wanted. My cock was like a red hot rod. I’d never been so filled with lust. We were fucking like wild animals.

Suddenly, she pushed me off of her. “I want to be on top,” she said. “I want to ride your cock.” I was on my back and she straddled me. She was on her knees. She grabbed my cock, put it at her cunt and then came down on it, screaming, ‘OHHHHHHHHHHGOD OH MIGHTY.” She was sitting straight up, coming down harder and harder. Her tits were bouncing, her hair was all over the place, she was out of control. I was thrusting into her every time she came down. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” she screamed looking me in the eyes. “FUCK ME!”

She was riding me like I was a bucking bronco, forcing my cock deep into her cunt screaming at the top of her lungs, FUCK ME! OHHHHHH I LOVE THIS!”

I grabbed her ass, loving how round and firm it felt. I then put my finger in her asshole, moving it in deeper. She shuddered and screamed, ‘OHHHHHGOD ‘HERE I COME, OHHHGOD I”M CUMMING! I’M CUMMMMMMMMING!”

Maggie was going wild on my cock. Her juicy cunt was still tight on my cock and I could feel my sperm beginning to rise. I then grabbed her by the waist and started lifting her up and bringing her down even harder on my cock. I was thrusting into her. I knew I was on the verge of cumming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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