A Sweet Summer’s Night

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The warm summer breeze strokes my exposed shoulders as I reach over to entwine my hand with yours. The day has been hot and muggy and my skin feels sticky, but the sun sinking below the horizon and the light breeze wafting through the trees has helped. I worried that the babydoll tank top I had on wouldn’t offer me enough protection from the sun today, but it was so hot that I’m glad I took the chance. Between that and my light skirt, the heat hasn’t been too overwhelming.

We pick our way through the crowd of people as we head away from the stage, wanting a minute or two to ourselves. As the crowd thins you let go of my hand and I glance at you to see what’s up, but before I can reach for your hand again you have it around my waist as you tuck me closer to your body. Our touching has been at a minimum throughout the day because of how hot it’s been and I think we’re both missing that intimacy. I can’t stop the quiet smile that takes over as you possessively squeeze my hip.

“Where are we heading?” I ask, not really caring as long as I’m with you, but curious all the same.

“Thought we’d head back to the truck for a bit.” From your hungry expression, I know we’re not just taking a few minutes away from the crowds before heading back.

Though the festival is still going strong, I don’t mind ducking out to spend some time with you. Our friends won’t miss us, and I’d much rather some one-on-one time with you for a bit. “Sounds good,” I say as we start to pick our way through parked cars. The parking lot surrounding the venue is wide open, but the overflow parking is in a copse of trees and that’s where we’re parked. Perfect for a little privacy.

As darkness settles in, the lights from the festival are enough for us to pick our way through the trees without needing a flashlight and the music wafts across the parking lot towards us, adding a kind of magic to the night. We find our truck and you pop the back down. “Up you go,” you say, as you grab me by the waist and slide me up onto the bed of the truck. I expect you to climb up next to me so I’m pleasantly surprised when instead you guide my knees gently open and step in between my legs.

“Hey you,” you say before leaning in to kiss the crook of my neck.

“Hey babe,” I say, my words sounding breathy as your lips cause my stomach to do a little flip. After all of this time, you still affect me the way no one else ever has.

“Missed you,” you whisper against my exposed skin, your hands sliding my light skirt up my legs as you step closer to me.

“Missed you too,” I whisper back, and I realize it’s true. Despite being with you all day, I missed this, this intimacy, and I’m glad you thought to bring us out here.

“Good,” you say as you take my mouth, and then our words die off.

The feeling of your mouth on mine, the possession and the need that comes through is an instant aphrodisiac and I feel myself getting wet. Your hands push my skirt higher and higher up my thighs until you reach my panties and without hesitation you dip your fingers under the fabric and right into my wetness. I break our kiss to let out a moan, but only for a moment. My hands come up to gently frame your face as I give you my mouth again, and as your finger slides into my tight folds I bite your lower lip as a powerful need overwhelms gaziantep escort me. You chuckle a little at this but I don’t even care, too busy trying to wiggle my hips to get you to start moving that finger of yours. Luckily you take pity on me and start sliding it in and out of my tight chamber as your thumb rubs my clit.

I’m already breathing heavy with desire and need and we’ve only just started, but you always do this to me. In all of our time together, I’ve never stopped wanting you as much as I did when we first met. You’ve always been able to wind me up like this, and I know it’s the same for you. My hands drop from your face and find the button to your pants, making deft work of it and your zipper as I reach in to grab your cock. Hard and stretching against your waistband, I wrap my hand firmly around you as you continue to pay close attention to my pussy. My thumb slides over your tip and I can feel the wetness from your pre-cum and it drives me crazy.

All the while, the music from the festival keeps us company, setting the mood for us. It’s a perfect summer night, with the stars shining bright above us, and I couldn’t be happier. But my need is getting overwhelming as I stroke your hard, thick shaft and finally I break. “Please, babe. Please,” I whisper, eliciting a chuckle from you.

“Lift up,” you say, and as I do you slide my panties off one leg and then another. Off in the distance we hear a couple of people laughing as they make their way through the trees to the festival, and although it reminds me that anyone could stumble onto us here, I decide that I need you inside of me far more than I care about being discovered.

Before you line yourself up at my entrance though you slide first one and then the other spaghetti strap off my shoulder. I’m not wearing a bra and feel a moment of unease as I look around the woods as you expose my breasts to the warm summer air, settling my top down around my waist. As your thumb caresses my hard nipple, I once again decide that I don’t care. There’s no one around that I can see, and I’m having too much fun to stop you. And then your bulbous head is at the entrance to my chamber and all other thought flees as you start to slide in. I gasp as your thick cock pushes into me; after all of this time, you’re still a tight fight and I feel myself stretching to accommodate your girth.

Slowly, so slowly, you inch your way into me as I try to push against you to encourage you to slide deeper into me. Your hands settle on my hips though, keeping me from moving. “There’s no rush,” you say before giving me a soft kiss. I let you take the lead, knowing I’ll enjoy the ride.

Finally you’re seated completely inside of me, pausing a moment as we enjoy the feel of being this connected. But it becomes too much too quickly and pretty soon your strokes start, long and slow at first. I fall back down on the truck bed as I get lost in the feel of your cock sliding in and out of me, stretching me, claiming me. Your hands are on my hips, keeping me from sliding away from you as you start to pick up your pace. In and out, in and out of me, all the while the music of the festival is playing off in the distance, providing a soundtrack to our lovemaking.

And then suddenly voices near us warn that there are people nearby. My breath catches at their nearness, and you pause as you gauge their distance, but only for a moment. Before I can say something you’re sliding back into me, picking up speed as your cock pushes deeper and deeper into me until I don’t even care about the people near us. A moan escapes my mouth as you start to fuck me with wild abandon and my hips rise up off the truck as I try to take you as deep into me as I can, all the while the voices get closer and closer. “Don’t stop,” I whisper, not caring about who hears or even sees us.

“I wasn’t going to,” you force out, while continuing to focus on fucking me.

It’s almost animalistic in its intensity and my moans of pleasure get louder and louder as I feel an orgasm coming on. “That’s it baby, cum for me.” And that’s all it takes to push me over the edge.

I cry out in ecstasy as I feel myself tighten around your cock as my orgasm overtakes me. “Yes!” I call out, enjoying the feel of my pussy pulsing around your hard member.

You pause to appreciate the feeling but don’t let yourself cum. Not yet. And when you’re sure you can handle it, you start to move again. Your strokes are harder now, and you slam deeper and deeper into me. Your hands anchor me as you fuck me with a wild abandon.

“Through here,” a male voice says as footsteps make their way into the clearing our truck is parked in.

My eyes shoot open and I look at you in panic. You slow your pace but don’t stop as you raise an eyebrow at me, letting me know the decision is mine. If I gave you the word you’d pull out now and help me adjust myself . . . and while I doubt we’d be fooling anyone, we at least wouldn’t be caught mid-act. I hesitate, standing on a precipice and not knowing which way to tip. In the end I don’t want to stop, even if that means we’re caught. With a wicked grin I let you know my decision. “Harder, baby,” I say, not worried about trying to be quiet.

With a shit-eating grin to match mine, you grab my right leg and move it to your shoulder, which lets you get even deeper with every stroke. “God, yes!” I call out, “Like that, please!”

A woman’s giggle echoes through the trees around us and I know that we have company, and that they know what we’re doing. I don’t care; they can come watch us if they want for all I care right now.

My breasts bounce at the intensity of your thrusts as you fuck me like your life depended on it. “Over there,” a man’s voice says, and I know we’ve been spotted.

The truck is bouncing now with every thrust as I hear footsteps getting closer and closer. Your eyes stay locked with mine, too focused on your cock deep inside my pussy to stop to look around for our company. I moan with every thrust as I feel another orgasm coming on.

“That’s it, baby. Just like that. Cum for me again,” you encourage.

“This is so hot,” the woman says, and I know they’ve stopped to watch you take me, and it’s enough to send me over the edge and I’m crying out as I cum again on your big, fat cock.

Before I have time to recover though you’re pulling out of me. “Wha . . .” I start to say in protest, as you carefully slide me off the back of the truck.

“Shhh,” you respond, and I can tell from the strain in your voice that you’re doing your best to stay in control so I don’t argue. When my feet hit the ground you spin me, slide my skirt and top down off me so that I’m standing there in nothing but a pair of sandals. Then you bend me at the waist and place my hands on the bed of the truck so that I’m supporting myself as you line your cock back up at my entrance and push into me from behind.

“Oh fuck,” I call out as you slide into me hard and with almost no warning. Spreading my legs with your foot, you push deeper and deeper into me as we hear a gasp off in the distance. I’m naked, bent over the truck and getting fucked hard from behind all while being watched by a couple of strangers and I’ve never felt so turned on in my life. You’re quiet as you fuck me with an intensity I’ve never seen, like you were being spurred on by our audience’s reactions.

“Yes, baby, yes, yes, yes!” I call out over and over again, unable to stop myself. Some sucking noises off in the distance make me wonder what’s happening with our guests, but I decide I don’t care. Whatever they’re doing, they’re enjoying it and us because I can hear their moans of pleasure joining ours.

And then it’s all too much as my third and biggest orgasm hits me, the intensity of it catching me off guard as I feel myself contracting around you. “oh god, baby . . . please, please, please!” I plead, over and over again, not wanting you to stop. “Yes baby,” you encourage, before finally letting your own orgasm wash over you. As my pussy tightens around your impossibly thick cock, I can feel your seed pour into me as I cry out in pleasure. With hands on my hips, pulling me against your body and fully seating yourself in my tight canal, squirt after squirt of hot cum fills me as my pussy milks you dry.

I’m almost crying from the pleasure of it all, as you bend over and your hand slides around my stomach, your body wrapped around me. For a moment we just sit there like that, enjoying the feel of skin against skin as your hand comes up to lightly stroke my breast, claiming me like this even after you’ve claimed me in the most primal sense of the word. Mine, it’s as if you’re reminding me.

Finally, when we’re ready, you pull out of me with excruciating slowness. “Aww,” I whine a little, not wanting to lose the connected. You give an amused chuckle as you promise, “Later, my sweet.”

“Okay,” I say with a smile, knowing you’ll have me naked and wrapped around you later tonight. For now, I’m more than satiated. You give me a long, slow kiss before helping me dress again. Suddenly remembering our guests, I look around and find a couple off in the distance a little, the woman on her knees with her partner’s cock deep in her mouth as he watches her, their interest in us all but forgotten.

“Mmm, how about that later,” I ask, loving the idea of a mouthful of your cum.

“Anything you want, my love,” you say.

“Good, because I want your cock deep down my throat . . . hey, where are my panties?” I ask suddenly distracted with trying to find them.

“Here,” you say, as you pocket them with a look. “I’ll keep them safe, but I want you to feel my cum running down your leg for the rest of the night.”

As I let out a surprised giggle, you wrap your hand around my waist again and start leading us back to the festival. “Mine,” you say out loud this time, as your hand gives my ass a nice smack.

“Yours,” I say in complete agreement as I let you lead me back to the festival. As if I could ever forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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