A Tad Unusual

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Another group conference. Why? So the boss can strut and prove his worth?

Una had never understood the need for people to show off. These days we could all do it over the internet. Instead she had to drive miles, be away from home and proper work for three days, be bored senseless and of course be hit on by every guy in the place. Yuk.

Her closest friend among colleagues is Breda. We have done this job and been to these conferences for twelve years. We acted foolishly the first couple of years by dressing normally which is professional but feminine. We quickly learned, after the eighth offer of unbelievable sex that looking good simply encouraged the lounge lizards. Now we only wear black, we buy cheaper than we normally would, no jewels other than our wedding rings and flat shoes. We should not have to do all this but it makes life so much easier if you are ignored!

The conference itself is routine. There are some good people attending and they mix and talk to them but also know who to avoid, or try to avoid. Breda and Una are known as the nuns, so have been very successful with our camouflage. The downside of this camouflage is that they can’t let their hair down. If they were away for three days on their own they would most certainly be different, their hair would come down and they would dress up not dress down.

They got through the first day OK and then had dinner with the people they like. The whole thing is between people who want to be seen and those who like to be anonymous. The job itself is great, more money than people need, autonomy to get on with work, good customers generally, there are a small number who get visited when Una brings out the black everything ensemble.

Dinner was fine and the conversations amongst the anonymous folk was excellent. Just about 8.30 the show offs headed for the bar. Alcohol with dinner had been free and many had got a head start. Our side of the room compensated by having little so that allowed the others to have lots. Breda suggested keep talking here for another ten minutes and run away. Good plan. They could hear the noise in the bar increasing and so headed back to their room. It is the ultimate boss who allocates rooms. Working in descending order depending how friendly to him you are. Breda and Una are always allocated a shared room.

The only two who get this treatment and it is supposed to be a knock down and probably a suggestion that they are lesbian, though of course no one has ever said anything. Dental treatment is expensive and Una packs a good right hook. They rolled with the blows and ignored the supposed insult.

Four years ago they found a great bar not far from the hotel, also a back way out of the hotel and the night manager will look out for them when they come back.

The bar is a local, a lot of the hotel staff go there which is how they found it. The staff suggested it.. They keep to the all black clothing and don’t attract attention. Breda told Una that she had invited a man to go with them. This was a first and she tried to describe him to Una and she could not even think that she had ever seen him before.

They got to the back entrance and there stood a man. How had Una never noticed him before? He wasn’t particularly good looking or tall or big but he radiated confidence.

You could tell he had his world sorted out perfectly.

“Una please meet Tad and vice versa” and they shook hands. It wasn’t practical to talk on the walk to the bar so Sex hikayeleri it was only after sitting and ordering that we could find out about him.

Breda obviously knew more than Una did.

“Tad joined the company about eighteen months ago and came to work with me to learn the ropes for a month or so. Then he moved to his own territory and is now the number one best in the company”.

Una was amazed, she had never heard of the best person in the company, surely he got awards, rewards, recognition. Why was he not up on the main stand at our conference?

She put her foot in it and asked him.

“I am seen to be gay by our colleagues and superiors”

“Seen to be gay? How does that work? And why does it matter?”

” Why are we sitting here now?”

” Well Breda and I are hiding somewhere we won’t get hit on and you, I guess are avoiding the drunks?”

“Exactly. Our supreme boss hates me with a passion because I have the best results but I am not one of his ass lickers.”

Tad had an edge to his voice which meant he coped with the situation but did not like it.

” But what about this seems to be gay thing?”

” They do not know, they have decided I am gay because I don’t fit into their lifestyle. For your information I am pan sexual, I have no preference other than it must be an emotional attachment, which you will understand would not be forthcoming in the hotel bar tonight”

“Yes, emotional attachment probably doesn’t even merit thought in the hotel bar. Actually they only have three thoughts, kiss ass, drink beer and hopeful have sex”.

Breda smiled, she and Una had been through all the crap that Tad as getting and knew how angry they got initially. They didn’t know if it was better or worse for Tad but it was shit.

They drank slowly, talked fast and lots and both Breda and Una fell in love with Tad, even if it was just on an emotional level.

The conference ended and we all went our separate ways for another year. Thank goodness!

Una had always made time to talk to Breda once a week and now did the same thing with Tad. Mutual support kind of thing. She learned a lot about him. Initially it was messages, which then progressed to messages and photos and then moved on to online conferencing. Looking back it was nuts to start with messages because our whole company used conferencing for any discussions so we walked backwards to doing what was second nature.

One morning Una got a message at 5 am. Well it was sent at 5 but she didn’t read it until 8.

Tad had been dismissed through some trumped up charges of insubordination. Breda was in tears when they spoke.

“They ganged up on him. The supreme leader got his buddies to create a story. It was sent further up the chain of command and Tad is suspended until further notice.”

Una phoned Tad immediately.

“It was expected, top secret, I have been approached by the higher ups to replace the supreme commander. He must have heard something and decided to cut me out. I have been told to lie low for a couple of weeks. Officially I am suspended but in reality I am on a work break.”

Una was part relieved but also anxious, obviously there was some war going on above their heads and Tad might be collateral damage.

” Can you tell Breda please, and do you want to come and stay with me for a while?”

The first part was courtesy to her friend, she didn’t even know why she invited Tad. OK maybe she Sikiş hikayeleri did know. She was divorced, never told anyone at work other than Breda, not ashamed of being a divorcee, far from it, but if pretending to still be married is a price to keep the wolves away then so be it.

Two hours later Una had spoken to Breda several times and then Tad phoned to say if I was serious he would love to come visit! Now she was in a dilemma, what does he expect, what does she expect, oh my goodness.

Tad arrived.

Una was like a cat on a hot tin roof. She had no idea how to treat him, colleague, friend, man. Potential lover, possibly. Tad saw her anxiety.

“Shall I put my bag in the guest bedroom?”

Una stood silent.

“Or shall I put my bag in your bedroom?”

Una made noises, but no recognised words.

So Tad dropped the bag where he stood, walked to the kitchen area and started making coffee. He was comfortable waiting, Una would speak sometime soon, default position he would go to the guest room. He made coffee and got her to sit down. He lived alone, he was used to silence, he had no need to fill the air with waffle. They sat. Una deep in her own thoughts,Tad just rolling along.

Eventually she spoke “I don’t know. I like you and probably did want you to share my bed, but now you are here I am frightened. It has been a long time since I had, eh, a lover”.

“Don’t worry. This evening I will go to the guest room, if you want to join me, you will know where to find me”.

That released the tension, so they became two adults discussing what was happening to them, to Tad specifically, what happens if… and they got on fine. They had a conference call with Breda, which gave Una some cause for concern. She did wonder if Breda also had her eyes on Tad, even though Breda was married. Somehow Tad also seemed to sense it and he managed to convey that he knew a man who lived close to Una’s house, so switching him from lover to lodger.

They went out to dinner at Tads insistence and got home late. Friday night so no work in the morning. They sat and had one last drink and Tad said goodnight. Una’s house having two bathrooms, they didn’t even get in each other’s way.

Tad showered, shaved and settled into bed. Una, showered, shaved other parts but could not settle. Stay in her room? Go to his? She said a few swear words and marched to his door. She raised her hand to knock and backtracked to her own room. His room, her room, she was reduced to a bag of nerves. Then her phone rang, she panicked, what was it.

“Hi, Una it’s Breda, I am sitting outside your front door, will you let me in?”

“Of course, I am on my way down now.”

Breda looked apologetic, “Sorry I was so off with you earlier, I was jealous.I know I am married but I so want….”

Una brought her in and upstairs. She had an idea, she phoned Tad.

“Tad, I am going to come into your room, will you please keep your eyes tightly closed.”

They sneaked in as quietly as possible and Una blindfolded Tad, she then tied his hands to the bed head. She pulled back the cover, he was fabulous, she and Breda nearly came there and then just looking at him. He obviously used the gym a lot and they both delighted looking at his penis, not large but so nicely shaped. Each of them imagined. Una started to massage Tad, starting at his shoulders and working downwards. Una was naked Breda was dressed, she tried as quietly as possible to get naked. Erotik hikaye Una was now kissing Tad’s nipples, he was enjoying the attention and his penis showed pleasure coming through.

Breda was now naked and stood alongside Una, although the room was fairly dark, Una could see the outline of lust on Breda’s face. She indicated. Breda reached out her fingers, touching his helmet and rubbing the top of his penis. Tad’s penis reacted violently, bouncing fully erect along the bottom of his stomach. Una was still massaging, so Tad knew he had three hands on him. He said nothing. Breda kneeled down and took him into her mouth. Una stared in shock, it had been a long time for her, she was so out of touch. Una massaged past Breda and stepped around her to hold Tad’s testicles. Tad was still not saying anything but he was being very vocal in appreciation. His hips were swaying, he was murmuring, he was turned on, and then some.

Tad was trying to raise his body to force his penis into the mouth that was doing so much for him. He suspected Breda was there but didn’t know. His body jolted when Una’s finger found his anus, mouth on penis, scrotum gripped and massaged, now a finger inside him. Now he knew for sure there were two women.

Tad started to buck his body, he was coming, Una could feel his testes tighten and Breda sensed it. Una still had one finger working in and out of his anus and Breda moved her head back. She still had a hand on his penis and she directed towards Una. Tad came and covered Una’s face, then Breda turned him to cover her. Tad was making noises like a helicopter flying whoomp, whoomp and he sprayed so much semen. They thought he would never stop, he thought he would never stop, but eventually the spray became a drip, drip became a dribble and finally just sat on the tip of his penis. Breda licked it off. Tad collapsed into the bed, he had been to the mountaintop and now he was coming back down.

Breda turned to Una and started to lick the semen off her face, Una then did the same for Breda.

“Hey, have I been forgotten?”

Tad was still tied and blindfolded. They released him and he was delighted they were both there. They snuggled in with him and chatted.

“Now, who goes first?”

The women looked at each other.

“Me please” the said in unison.

Tad laughed.

“OK Breda first, Una you come and lean against the headboard, Breda you lie with your head between Unas legs.”

So now the nuns were being made into lesbians!

Tad was stiff again, he was as excited as them, He lined himself up and penetrated Breda, he did think about it, having met her husband, but she would not be here if she didn’t want to play. Once he and Breda were comfortable, he positioned his face directly into Una’s crotch. Breda had her hands free so she brought up fingers to stroke Una, and Tad stuck his tongue out. Each time he moved into Breda, the momentum brought his face up and over Una’s labia and his tongue raked along up to her clitoris. Breda’s fingers were inside Una’s vagina and she was loving it. The sensation, being in bed with the two people she thought most of, having a threesome, this was giving her so many “firsts” she would probably write them out later.

Breda was pushing down, Tad was pushing up so he was as deep as possible, her fingers were exploring Una, which she had wanted to do for years, but had been too frightened to ask, and Tad was having a great time. It had to end, fortunately the only tragedy was Una coming before Tad and Breda. The end product was a damp bed and three sweaty people.

Tad simply said “Time we all had a shower.”

Una marked that as another “first”.

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