A Teachable Moment Ch. 02

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Laying on her side, her back to her sleeping husband, Rita was gripped by anger at being left wanting once again. At the party they had attended earlier in the evening he had consumed too much alcohol, having to be helped up to the bedroom and undressed. In his drunk stupor, he had manhandled her and attempted to fuck her but could not get it up. Now, She was sexually aroused and angry. Such a thing had happened too many times in the last year.

She was happy John had a few more weeks before he and his sister returned to college, but he was not here at present and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway as her husband was home for at least three more days. There was little else she could do except try to go to sleep. Sleep eluded her but she soon drifted off.

She was awakened around 5 AM by her husband fingering at her pussy. She was soon aroused and ready to fuck.

“Come over.” She whispered her desire.

He clambered over between her legs and she lifted them. She sought his cock and placed it to her. They coupled and he began a frantic, determined rhythm. She instantly knew the outcome and tried desperately to bring herself to orgasm before he shot off into her. He fucked her sloppily and showed no concern for letting her climax first. He soon shot off into her. She hated the way he moaned and made no apology as he rolled off of her and left the bed, leaving her bitter. She put it behind her, knowing her son would be home a few more weeks, and drifted off back to sleep.

John found Tina, wearing only panties and T-shirt, making toast in the kitchen. Having braved her sarcastic mouth in the wee hours of the morning, he had tussled her into submission and a most satisfying fuck for both. He eyed her conspicuously waiting for her to badmouth him. Seeing the orange juice container on the counter, he fetched a glass out of the cabinet, pouring it half full. The toast popped up and he grabbed one of the pieces before Tina could stop him. She’s smacked him firmly on the shoulder.

“Where is mom?” He questioned.

“She was here about 10 minutes ago. I think she had a headache and took one of her strong pills. I suppose, if she is not in the shower she is back in bed. Where the hell are you going? You took a bite of that toast, you moron! Leave mom alone. I think she has a hangover and I don’t think she wants you on top of her! I gave you some pussy this morning, dammit.”

“Well, let mom decide that!” John shot back, leaving the kitchen.

If Tina was to be honest with herself, she would admit that sharing her brother with her mother was what really irked her. That, and his obsession over her “more mature” pussy. There was little she could do but watch him walk away. Or, was there?

Apparently, Rita had worn her light maroon nightgown to the kitchen. Having a brief conversation with Tina she had complained of a headache, taken a pill, and had not bothered to pull the nightgown off when she returned to her bedroom, rolling onto the bed. Her right breast was covered as were her arms. The rest of her naked body was exposed, her right leg straight, her left knee bent, leaving her pussy on display for anyone who might desire to view her. One such person was standing at the foot of her bed – studying her intently.

“Leave mom alone, you pervert!” Tina hissed in a whisper coming across the room to stand at his side, looking at him sternly. “I told you she was not feeling well.”

“You are not my boss!” He’s hissed back at her. “Why don’t we let mom decide what she wants.”

“You know dad probably fucked before he left this morning. According to her, he usually does.”

“And! And, as you probably know, he is like a bunny rabbit. She hates it.” John retaliated.

“And you know this how?”

“Because two people, when they are intimate, talk, that’s how.”

“Get real! You and mom, intimate! Y’all fuck! You, dumb ass!” She said sarcastically. “Look, I’ll fuck you. Just leave mom alone and let her rest.”

“So, you didn’t get enough of my cock this morning?” He said with a chuckle.

“You conceded pig!” She accused, trying hard to keep her voice to a whisper. “I’d rather fuck a goat. I just want you to leave mom alone. She needs to rest.”

“Then, gets your panties off and get your ass in the bed.”

“Here! Lets go to your room or mine.” She suggested.

“Nope! muş seks hikayeleri Right there! Next to mom.”

Disgustedly, Tina began to remove her panties and T-shirt. John followed suit, removing his shorts and T-shirt.

“Sis, you have a great ass.” He remarked, adding to piss her off. “But not as nice as mom.”

John knew his sister’s nature. She would not give him a good fuck unless she was horny as hell or treated well before coupling. She seemed perturbed and laid passively, her legs together. He began to kiss her belly, working his way down, pushing his nose through thick bush. Her legs parted and her knees bent slightly, then, lifted considerably as her knees spread. He nosed her labia briefly before putting his tongue to her. With eyelids closed, she was soon moaning appreciatively.

Unbeknownst to Tina, as John pleasured her pussy, his right hand fondled his mother’s breast, both now exposed, thumbing and pulling lightly on her nipples with two fingers. He worked his way down cupping and squeezing each breast, explored her slightly pudgy belly, then, stroked between her legs, playing with her thinning bush. Her vagina was becoming wet. A very low moan escaped her lips.

“What the fuck are you up to!” Tina whispered, opening her eyes and lifting her head to discover John fondling their mother. “You incestuous bastard!” She accused not bothering to whisper any longer.

John did not answer his accuser and Tina soon lost interest in protecting her mother or verbally admonishing her brother. She found the molestation of her mother erotic and she was soon climbing the ladder – watching her unresponsive mother – nearing the top rung – and, after long minutes, toppling off. Her body stilled, shook and quaked, her belly contracting repeatedly. Having come early that morning did not keep her from experiencing another strong orgasm.

John continued to pleasure his sister until her body still. He then maneuvered over to his mother, spreading her legs with his knees, lifting them as he positioned himself between them. Taking hold of his cock he poked a few times before finding the entrance to her treasure and pushed in. All to the renewed disgust of his sister.

“You are raping her!” Tina accused. “Why couldn’t you just fuck me.”

Tina wanted to just leave but she reclined back, quieted down, and watched her brother fuck her unconscious mother. As he straight armed himself over her, Tina rubbed his left arm. He stroked into his mother with a slow methodical rhythm, his eyes lightly shut.

“I know what you are feeling.” Tina said. “When you fuck me slow like that it gives you a feeling of contentment. That is what you are feeling, isn’t it?”

John nodded his head slowly and replied. “If she knew what I am feeling right now, I don’t think she would be mad at all. If I were to be aggressive and come in her that would be different, sis, but I just want to be inside her. I’ll be back over in a minute, if you’re willing?”

Take your time, Bro.” Tina replied lovingly and offered. “I’m not going anywhere and I’ll give you a good hard fuck.”

Tina had almost drifted off when she felt her brother maneuvering atop her. Robotically, she lifted her legs as her right hand sought to take hold of him. Placing him to her, she groaned as he gingerly entered her. They were off to the races with his hands gripping her ass, locking her in tight. She was soon involuntarily moaning, while making a concerted effort to fuck him back, though feeling no arousal.

John’s body tensed momentarily, his groan starting low as his cock pulsed, draining his balls. He lay still, his breathing elevated. Tina’s hands lay on his shoulders. Only after the fact, of every sexual encounter with him, did she feel melancholy about servicing him, though she had to admit, he had never left her warning or unsatisfied. No mention of fucking his sleeping mother was ever made.

The remaining weeks found the man of the house gone frequently. Mother and siblings were sometimes sexual as a threesome, but most likely one of the females would be alone with John, and, often within hours of each other.

Tina could not help herself. She preferred to be alone with him. She had a tinge of jealousy anytime the three were in a room together. John would playfully fondle their mother first, couple with mom first, and she could not object.

One morning, Tina and John were watching TV as their mother dusted the furniture. Her mother, bending over near John, received his hand running up the back and inside of her thigh. She observed her mother gently removing his hand while smiling at him. She shot John a look of pure hatred. She received a smirk from him.

She was across the room in a heartbeat. With pillow in hand, she began to beat him around the head and shoulders. It was on! John went after a pillow of his own.

Not knowing exactly what the ruckus was about, Rita stood watching her children pillow fighting, verbally encouraging her daughter. With stances wide, they circled.

John ducked under Tina’s swing and tackled her, dropping her gently to her back. He scrambled over her. She kicked and swung her arms wildly. Gripping her face left hand, knowing it made her especially angry, he shook her head. With his right, he intentionally jiggling her left breast. She went wild. Her resistance escalated twofold. He was soon trying to pin her to the floor.

Rita joined the fray on the side of her daughter. Tina was soon free and mother and daughter was soon getting the better of John. But John had lost interest in winning the battle. He was now into enjoying the fruits the two females had to offer. He intentionally grabbed their breast and ass, nibbling and biting, causing them to squeal hysterically. When the opportunity presented itself, he would get between their legs and push his erection against their clothed crotch.

Soon, John was trying to strip the two women. Tina resisted more successfully than her mother and after long minutes John had totally stripped his mother. Really, there had been less to remove as she was wearing only a cotton sack dress and panties. Tina wore a T-shirt, bra, shorts and panties. She was soon left with just a bra.

John had retained all of his clothing; shorts, underpants and T-shirt until the they ganged up on him and began tickling, smacking him, while stripping him. Tina removed her own bra. They continued the 2 against 1 brawl. John retaliated by smacking his sister’s ass. She screamed obscenities at him but her ass cheeks were soon a rosy red. In turn he reveled in giving his mother the same ass spanking while restraining her over his thighs, while she only begged for him to stop.

Eventually, wrestling his mother, finding himself between his mother’s legs, he repeatedly poked the head of his cock against her uncovered pussy. He felt the head of his cock sink in and he shoved, penetrating her. Rita gasp and instantly gave up the struggle. John became still, embedded deeply into his mother’s pussy.

Rita and Tina both expected their struggles to become sexual at some point with John. Rita was caught totally unaware, halting her struggle, realizing the fun just become serious, while mother and son’s coupling only ignited Tina’s fury over her brother’s choice. But he had chosen and there was little she could do but lay back and watch and wait her turn. The threesome had set a pattern and she knew her brother would stick to it. He would fuck both of them and the one that showed more passion would be the one he would cut out from the herd. Her anger was due to her brother picking her mother first.

For Rita, it wasn’t that sex wasn’t fun, it was, but the feelings, both mentally and physical, were more of a serious nature. She was on the pill but there was always that specter of danger in the back of her mind when she had intercourse with her son. As he began to stroke inside of her, she cleared her mind, closed her eyes, and concentrated on the feeling of his cock inside of her.

Tina stood and took the few steps to the sofa and flopped down. She immediately left the sofa, rounded the coffee table, and flopped into her father’s large leather chair. It gave her a perfect view of their coupling. She brought her feet up on the edge of the chair and toyed with her pussy while she stared at her brother’s cock stroking into her mother’s pussy. Why did her brother prefer the older, more loose vagina? That it belonged to his mother, was a no-brain er, but she had a tight little hole and she put way more energy into the act of fucking that her mother did. She pondered, would her own ass compress against the floor like her mother’s older, beefier ass.

The action on the floor was heating up. John was now stabbing at his mother’s pussy. Compassion struck her and she hurriedly sought a pillow off of the sofa, offering to place it under her mother’s head to make her more comfortable. She received a smile for her effort.

Tina’s arousal had never really surfaced due to her anger at her brother earlier fondling of his mother and picking her first to hook up with. They were doing fine without her. Without picking up her clothes, she headed for her room for a nap.

Things were indeed in a frenzied state on the living room floor as mother and son were now fucking hard. John was concentrating on making his mother climax. He did not know the location of his sister but subconsciously knew his mother preferred him not to come inside her, so he did so only occasionally, mostly waiting for her to ask for it. Though both women used protection, it would be just as bad to get his sister pregnant, but he would save his cum for her.

Rita, nearing the top rung of the latter, her knees ratcheting double time, her ass trying to match his every thrust was in her sexual element. Her husband’s neglectful, sexual treatment of her and her daughter’s liberal sexual attitude had brought her to this point; butt ass naked on her back on the living room rug, her thighs spread, knees pulled back, with her son between them, with his cock inside her, fucking her lustfully and passionately. He might possibly even ejaculate into her.

“My god, John! Don’t stop! I love to fuck you. To be fucked by you. Your cock is so strong and hard. Oh fuck! Yes! Deep! Again. Deep! Keep doing it! Just like that! AAhhhhh! AAhhhhhhhh! FFFffffuuuuccckkkk mmeeeeeee!”

The orgasm gripped her strongly and was slow to dissipate, but dissipate it did, and she laid exhausted, her feet flat on the carpet, breathing heavily. John continued to slowly stroke into her, then, stopped.

Just having his cock inside her, she knew, was a risk. It was one she was willing to bear, though this time she would not have to sit on the toilet to purge herself of his semen.

“Why don’t you go find Tina.” She encouraged, tapping him lightly on the shoulders. “And don’t take no for an answer. I’ll straighten up down here.”

He pulled his rigid cock out of his mother’s pussy. He mounted the stairs quickly and found his sister lying straight and on her belly in the middle of her bed. She made no movement as he stood at the foot of the bed studying her ample, firm, bubbled ass. ‘So much like moms, in a young woman’s frame. I bet when she was young mom’s ass had not even a tinge of sag, was just like Tina’s.’ He thought assuredly.

He kneed himself onto the foot of the bed, gripped her ankles and spread her thighs. She did not move or resist. He studied the younger pussy before him. He moved to mount her and with cock in hand began to probe for her treasure hole. Her assistance went unnoticed but it helped him to enter her. He did as best he could to keep his weight off of her as he began to stroke inside of her. Still she made no movement.

“I know you are not sleeping.”

“Look, I let you stick your dick in me. Both of you think it’s better to shoot your come in my pussy rather than hers. I prefer you do too, I suppose, but why do you prefer her mature pussy over mine?” Tina quizzed.

“I don’t know. I just do.” He rationalized.” If dad had a choice between your pussy and moms, I bet he would choose yours over hers every time.”

“Do you think so, really?” She questioned. “To hear mom talk he’s kind of self-centered.”

John was now humping Tina’s ass with a moderate rhythm.

“Yeah. You spread your legs for him and he would probably come before he even got it inside of you.” John chuckled. “You could teach him a thing or two.”

“Let me turn over.”

Reluctantly, John lifted off of his sister’s ass. She maneuvered under him and they’re coupled, she, moaning pleasurably as he entered her. They returned to the moderate rhythm.

“What do you think mom would think about me fucking dad?” She questioned. “I think she’d have a fuckin heart attack. Maybe I could teach him to be more appreciative of her needs? We can’t be around all the time and forever, you know.”

“Who the hell is this “we”?”

“You know what I mean.” Rita defended.

They had much to think about as they were lost in their provocative thoughts and incestuous lust.

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