A Treat on Halloween

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Big Dicks

It was Dan and Marie’s first Halloween together since they turned twenty-one. As Dan drove to Marie’s, he teased himself thinking about what Marie would wear tonight at the party. He thought about Marie’s curves as he rounded the corners of the road to her parent’s house. Marie was a nicely curved woman, twenty-one years old with shoulder length dark hair that laid gently down her neck and touched the top of her soft, round breasts. Her legs were thin at the bottom but grew thicker and smoother as they curved to round out her butt. Dan grew excited as he got closer to her house. The anticipation of a night where his girlfriend could show off her goods was too much for him to handle all alone in his car. His cock twitched in his jeans with anticipation as he pulled into her driveway.

Dan rang the doorbell and waited as he heard Marie head down the stairs. Marie opened the door in a pair of gray cotton shorts and a white tank top. Dan could see her black bra through the shirt and wondered how her parents let her answer the door like the knowing Dan was on his way over. “Hey, nobody’s home so we have some time alone, cutie.” she cooed as she kissed Dan at the door.

Dan’s cock began to twitch harder with anticipation as he looked over the curvy woman before him. Marie had large breasts as it was but tonight she chose a push-up bra that supplemented her tanned chest. She liked to show off her chest to Dan when she could and she knew that tonight she would have a chance to do a little bit of teasing before the party.

The coupled headed up to Marie’s room so Marie could put on her costume for the party. When they got into her room, Dan grabbed her from behind and began kissing at her neck. At first Marie stood straight, allowing her boyfriend to nibble at her neck but after a few seconds she decided to play back and started grinding her hips lightly against his crotch. With his girlfriend’s soft ass rubbing against his jeaned cock, Dan grew hard. “We gotta get ready, right? Don’t wanna be late to Gianna’s do we?” Dan teased as he moved his hands around Marie’s stomach and under her shirt. He began to kiss harder, running his tongue down her neck and pushing her hair aside with his nose.

“Get your costume on, big boy.” Marie replied back as she pulled away and turned to her closet. “My parents are back soon, so we better get going.” she ended with a wink.

As Marie pulled her costume out of the closet, Dan went back downstairs to grab his. Dan went with a simple idea. He would be a referee. He pulled on his striped shirt and matching black pants, threw on a headband, to make it look like he tried to pull together a costume, and headed back upstairs. Dan felt embarrassed that his costume was simple but he knew that his legs and butt looked nice in the black pants he had. Being a runner, Dan was lucky enough to have a lower body that his girlfriends enjoyed looking at as much as he enjoyed looking at theirs.

Marie stepped out of her room dressed as a witch, sorta. The skirt of the witch’s costume fell short below her hips and covered very little of her thick thighs. Her legs were held in tight orange and black striped socks that went up about an inch or two from the skirt itself. Her thighs looked even bigger with the socks running up to them and Dan was having a hard time focusing on the rest of her costume with such a short skirt covering, what Dan knew to be Marie’s thick ass cheeks. The front of the costume was a silky black color with a Mersin Escort white ruffled top that had a hard time covering Marie’s cleavage. Just below the cleavage the top was laced and tight, causing her C cups to look like DDs. Dan knew he was in for a rough night if he had to keep his hands to himself for most of the night.

“Ooooh” Marie sang at him as she looked Dan over, “you picked out the pants I like huh? Wow, you must really like me or something.” Marie’s voice was slightly lower and slower than usual adding a sexy and mysterious feel to it. “I hope you picked the underwear I like too.” she whispered as she pulled Dan down for a long passionate kiss. Their tongues met in the hallway with Marie’s hands moving over the front of Dan’s pants and resting on his stiffing cock. The two continued to kiss as Marie groped harder at Dan, feeling his cock, his thighs, and his ass as they tried to stand.

The teasing was too much for Dan but he knew that Marie’s parents would be home soon. He pushed Marie up against the wall and decided that he could make her cum now and ask for her to return the favor later. With Marie against the wall Dan moved his hand under her skirt. He took his time to feel up her thighs and pinch the soft skin hidden by the candy corn colored skirt. Dan brushed against Marie’s cloth covered lips as he kissed her and held her tight against the wall. Marie began to moan gently. Her knees started to bend as the kissing and stroking became too much for the excited young woman to take at once. She wanted Dan, badly, and would have had him now if it wasn’t for the sound of a car horn honking once.

“Shit, my parent’s!” Marie hissed as her and Dan separated and headed down the stairs. “That was them locking the car door, am I presentable?”

“Yeah, I didn’t mess with anything too much.” Dan chuckled as he gave Marie one last steamy kiss.

Once Marie’s parents walked in, Dan said his short hellos and goodbyes and the two headed out. Dan drove them to Marie’s thinking about the fun that the two missed out on back at Marie’s. They laughed as they pulled out of the driveway.

They got to the party a little late but it was still close enough to 8:00 when they arrived. Marie was a good girlfriend but she cared a little too much what her friends thought, so she insisted that the two arrive on time to the party. Once inside, Dan grabbed a mixed drink and made one for Marie too. The two sat on the coach in Marie’s living room, chatting and joking with Gianna’s other guests. Most of the people had gone to school with either Dan or Marie and were familiar faces.

As the night progressed and the drinks kept coming, Marie and Dan got a little more frisky. Between dancing and looking at everyone else in their costumes, Dan was getting pretty turned on. As Marie danced with Dan, grinding her hips on him in the crowded living room, Dan stole a few extra touches along her thighs and butt. Marie knew that Dan was getting turned on and looked back over her bare shoulder at him making eye-contact long enough to show that she was thinking the same thing.

The two left the living room hand in hand and headed to a quiet section of the house. Marie had been to Gianna’s house before and knew where a decent sized laundry room was where the two wouldn’t be disturbed.

As the coupled headed eagerly to get some privacy, the ran into Molly, one of Marie’s especially attractive friends. Molly was dressed as a hula Mersin Escort Bayan girl, with a strapless bright blue bikini top with white flowers. Her skirt went down to her knees but had a deep cut up the thigh that showed off her toned legs. Molly’s light brown hair was put up in a bun and she looked good tonight. “Hey, troublemakers.” she laughed as she poured herself another drink. “See you two back out there!” Apparently, Molly didn’t catch what Marie and Dan had left for and the two were glad that there little secret was still alive and fun. Both Dan and Marie couldn’t help but notice Molly’s smooth stomach and perky breasts as she skipped out of the room and back to the rest of the party.

“She’s too hot, ugh” Marie vented, half joking half not, “I mean, come on.”

“She doesn’t have this though.” Dan slyly whispered as he grabbed Marie’s ass with his hand, taking her firm cheek in one hand. Marie’s ass was so nice and tight but her ass bounced and jiggled in all the right ways too.

The two finally made it to the laundry room and Dan had Marie back up against the wall. Dan’s hands were back under Marie’s skirt as soon as she pushed the door shut with her foot. Her pulled her underwear down and slid his fingers into her warm pussy. He slid his middle finger in and out slowly as Marie breathed heavily and started to pull on his shirt. As Dan fingered her, he moved his other hand around to grab Marie’s ass. He pulled and squeezed as he fucker Marie harder with his left hand. Finally the teasing was too much for the two of them and Marie started to pull down Dan’s pants. Dan reached into his back pocket and pulled out a condom that the two desperately slide onto Dan’s hardened cock.

Marie bent over, holding onto one of the machines with her ass out to Dan. Her black lace thong perfectly fitting her tan ass. Each ass cheek was plump and bounced as Dan took them each in his hands and slid Marie’s thong to the floor. Marie parted her legs and took her boyfriend’s eight inches into her wet pussy with a light gasp. Soon she was whimpering and muttering as Dan began to push his cock into her slowly.

“God, baby. Oh.” she moaned trying to be quiet so that nobody would hear them. Her whimpering became muffled as Dan pushed harder and moved his hands around her waist to get a better grip on his lover. Dan began pumping harder as Marie’s breath quickened. His hands felt so big on her waist as he squeezed her hips in pleasure. Dan’s cock twitched and grew as he pulled himself to the point where he was almost of Marie before reentering her. Dan started thrusting harder as Marie’s knees started to shake. The thrusting got to be so hard that Marie was pushed up against the machine, causing it to rock as Marie was fucked hard from behind. Marie felt naughty and dirty as her boyfriend handled her in her friend’s laundry room. She could hear the party down the hall and felt sexy, knowing that she was doing something so tabooed.

Dan’s cock grew harder and thicker as he railed Marie. Dan started smacking her ass lightly as to not make too much noise and pull her hair, showing Marie that he was close to coming. “I’m close baby, so close.” Marie moaned as her man continued to pound at her. “Oh, baby” she let out as she collapsed onto the machine in front of her. Dan knew just how to keep Marie coming though and pulled out of her and pulled her close to him. He began to rub her clit as he held her back up against him, his hard Escort Mersin cock pressing against the bottom of her ass. Marie moved her head back in ecstasy kissing wildly at the man behind her causing her so much pleasure. She came twice already and knew she could steal a few more before Dan would lose control and start to jerk himself off.

Dan started rubbing Marie’s cunt in circles. He cupped her breasts with his free hand, sliding them under her blouse. He moved his hands up her stomach and chest, scratching and tugging on the woman that he wanted to so bad. Dan made it to Marie’s bra, lacy and smooth to the touch, sliding his hand underneath and caressing Marie’s nipple with his long fingers. Marie’s nipples grew hard as she began to moan further. The circles on her cunt were now being traced on her chest as well and she knew she couldn’t take it much longer. As Marie slipped into her third orgasm, waves of pleasure pushed through her body. Her legs, thighs, and cunt all roared with a warm feeling of release and lust.

As Marie lived out the last moments of her third orgasm, she pulled off her top and dropped to her knees in front of Dan. She took his throbbing eight inch cock in her hand and peeled off the condom, still wet with their lust. “You’re turn, baby.” she cooed from her knees, taking Dan’s penis in her hand and stroking it fast. Her chest bounced lightly with each stroke of her hand and in her black bra her chest was heaving and massive. Dan had a hard time lasting long starting down at her chest and glanced away to lengthen his pleasure. “Don’t be shy, hottie.” Marie flirted back up at him as she undid her bra, letting her gorgeous melons drop slightly.

Marie pushed out her butt and knelt even lower, now taking Dan’s cock in her mouth. Dan could feel Marie’s soft hair on his groin area and she bobbed her head up and down his steel cock. Dan’s cock head grew harder and wider as Marie pushed out her round ass for Dan to enjoy. Looking down, Dan could get a perfect view of Marie’s ass and her bouncing tits as she sucked and slurped on his cock, trying her best to keep it all in her mouth. Her tongue ran over the head of his dick in her mouth. Her lips traveled all up and down his shaft, paying special attention at time to the sensitive part of Dan’s cock right below the head. Dan leaned back against the wall. He was getting close. He took Marie’s hair in his hands, gently feeling the softness and sexiness of her long hair. Marie knew her man and knew he was close so she decided move slower on his cock, teasing him. Dan moaned and let out a long breath as Marie slowed her pace. Dan was so close and the slightest touch would cause him to explode. Marie took her time on his cock now, milking every bit of pleasure out of her man’s thick member. She looked up at Dan, moved her hand to his cock and began jerking him furiously. Dan wasn’t expecting this and his cock grew painfully thicker immediately before exploding everywhere. Marie’s chest took most of the load but the rest ended up on her neck, stomach, or the floor. Dan’s legs gave out and he slid down the wall to the floor, his legs and ass covered in sweat from the love making.

Marie began kissing and sucking the rest of the cum from Dan’s cock as the two lay on the floor for a bit. When Marie was done, they lay together, Dan rubbing lightly on Marie’s clit and Marie running her fingers on Dan’s thighs. When the post-orgasm wiriness had worn off, the two got dressed and headed to the door. Marie turned around and took Dan close for one hard last kiss.

“Am I presentable?” Maria asked for the second time that day, knowing full well what she was doing.

“Yeah, I didn’t mess with anything too much” Dan chuckled as he smacked Marie’s ass, “at least not yet.”

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