A Trick or Treat to Remember

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My wife and I have been married for a bit over ten years. We’ve always had a good relationship, but both of us have felt like the sex life had gotten a bit routine. Maybe that’s partly having to raise kids, maybe it’s because both of us work, who knows. All I know is both of us have felt like things had gotten too routine, and both of us wanted to find a way to fix it. We spent one night without the kids, just talking about fantasies, and exploring what each other thought was provocative or interesting, from the relatively benign, like clothing, to the extremes.

We had started some role playing and such, but were just really starting to touch into the fantasy world, when one night I came home to what appeared to be an empty house, except for my wife, who was stretched out naked on the kitchen table, surrounded by small dishes of foods. We spent an enjoyable and sexy night eating the various dishes, some of them off her hot body, others that I fed to her. Of course there was plenty of really good sex to go along with it. But since that incident a couple months ago, she hadn’t really done anything and I wondered if she were having second thoughts about it all.

Now, my wife is a real reader, and I suspected she had every book on how to spice up your relationship that the self help aisle had in it. I doubted that there was a page that was left unread. When I walked in from work the one thing that stood out was the complete lack of the books laying around the house. Usually there were piles of books sitting around everywhere. Not just her self help books, but books of all kinds. Every pile of books, which other than kids toys, were the only real clutter around otherwise clean house, were put up in a book case in the livingroom. That in itself was a bit odd. What was even more odd was the clothing bag hanging in the hallway that contained what appeared to be a roman soldiers costume.

I was greeted not by her normal quick peck, but a hot wet kiss that I learned a long time ago meant “I’m horny as hell!” I didn’t even have time to ask what was up before she announced that we were going to a party, a Halloween party of all things. I asked about the kids, and she told me that after trick or treat she would take them to her mothers, and right after that we would go to the party, so we might as well wear our costumes for trick or treat.

After a quick dinner, we got the kids ready and then went into our room to dress. She insisted that I wear the outfit without underwear, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but one look at her outfit and I quickly agreed. Her outfit, which was a female Zorro getup, was made up of knee high black boots and a pair of skin tight pants that made her ass and legs look spectacular. Her top was an even bigger surprise. I really couldn’t believe she was planning on going out dressed the way she was. The top was incredibly tight over her breasts, which since she got pregnant were now a nice full thirty eight D. In addition to tight, the thin , low cut, bare midriff top made her lack of bra obvious and her hard nipples stood prominently out inside the thin material. I doubted anyone would be watching the kids when she went to the door. She spun around and showed me that the back was almost non-existent, with the shirt scooping down in the back until it was only a strap a few inches wide holding the stretchy, skin tight material to her breasts. She finished off the outfit with a black sash type mask and a large hat with a flat round brim.

“DAMN!” I said quietly as she turned for me and then strode over to me, sliding a hand up my leg and under my skirt to my quickly hardening dick. “You really going out in that?”

“You like?”

“Hell yes!” I answered enthusiastically.

“Good. I hoped you would.” She said as she stroked my dick slowly. “I want you really horny for later. I have big plans for this.”

“We don’t really have to go to the party. We could just stay here.”

“uh uh uh. You’re just being a bad boy now. No, the party is definitely on.”

“Ok.” I said raising my eyebrows. She hadn’t ever gone out in public in anything even remotely this revealing, so I was willing to go along with just about anything she wanted to do.”

“I think I’ll take the kids. Why don’t you man the door and hand out the candy?” she said as I stroked the smooth material stretched over her tits. If you couldn’t tell I’m really a tit man at heart.

“Sure if you want.” I said, somewhat disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to parade around town and maybe grab a bit of ass or more in the dark.

“I know what you’re thinking, and don’t even think about it.” She said with a grin, letting go of my hard dick and heading for the bedroom door.

I really didn’t have any more chances to try to feel her up before the doorbell started going off. She slipped out with the kids, blowing me a kiss before disappearing into the dark while I handed out little candy bars to the kids.

It was almost an hour into the Alanya Escort Bayan trick or treat time and the partly cloudy sky was just beginning to glow from the rising nearly full moon. I had been handing out candy pretty regularly and was not the least surprised when the bell rang yet again. I opened the door and leaned down to give out the candy and froze in mid motion. Standing on the doorstep was a woman in a nearly identical zorro outfit. After a very long double take, I handed out the candy, doing my best to not take my eyes off the raven haired beauty standing in the pool of light in front of me.

She was a bit shorter than my wife, and her skin color and features were definitely south of the border, probably really Mexican or south American. Her shoulder length black hair flowed over her shoulders, which were barely covered by the skin tight bare midriff top. Her simply fantastic tits were even larger than my wife’s, each the size of a good melon, and as I stood and stared, I could see her nipples harden slightly, each easily the size of a nickel in width.

“Gracias Senior.” She said with a smile as she ushered her two kids off the porch. She looked back and winked at me as she walked down the walk, leaving me staring at her retreating back and swaying hips. If I didn’t know better I’d say she were making them swing even more just for me.

I finally stepped back and closed the door, only then realizing that my hardening dick had tented out my “uniform” until it was obvious even to me that she had to have seen it. I shook my head and tried to put her out of my mind, but each time the bell rang her hot body flooded my mind.

Finally the bewitching hour ended, and according to the rules we were to put off the lights and stop handing out candy. There were a few kids who came to the darkened door. The first few I gave candy to, and then started to ignore the bell. My wife called my cell and said she would be walking the kids to her mothers and then be home. I settled in to wait, thinking of partly her and partly the raven haired Mexican that had shown up. Wearing only the skirt type uniform I soon found myself unconsciously stroking my hard dick as I thought about the two of them.

The doorbell rang once again, and I sat and ignored it. Three more times it rang, each time with apparent growing urgency. Finally in frustration I got up and walked to the door, opening it expecting a bunch of kids. I froze in my tracks for the second time that night surprised at seeing the female zorro again. She stood on the step, illuminated only by the light flooding from the doorway, alone.

“Please would you help me?” she asked with a distinctly Spanish accent.

“If I can, what’s wrong?”

“My car will not go, and I need to call?” she said animatedly.

“Um sure. Come in.” I said stepping back and holding the door open. I led her to the phone in the kitchen. She dialed a number and talked in rapid fire Spanish to the person on the other end

“Where is theees?” she asked, holding the phone to her chest to cover it. I gave her the address and she rattled it off to whoever was on the other end, partly in english and partly in Spanish. She listened for a few more moments and then replied what I presumed meant goodbye before hanging up.

“Help will come soon.” She said with a smile. “I go wait outside.”

“In the dark? No no. I think you should wait inside until help gets here.”

“It ees ok with you wife?” she asked pointedly.

“Sure, no problem. She’d probably kill me if I put you out in the dark anyway.” I told her with a chuckle. “Come on, we can watch some TV or something.”

I led her back to the living room and plopped on one end of the sofa facing the big screen tv and turned it on while she sat down gingerly on the other end of the sofa. I found a good sci-fi movie and sat back to wait.

We sat for some time before she took her hat off and set it on the arm of the sofa, shaking her head to fluff her hair and then pulled the black mask off of her face. I looked over and was stunned by how beautiful her face was, but what was most noticeable were her deep emerald green eyes. I couldn’t tell if there was any makeup or not on them, but I couldn’t take my eyes from them. I stared at her as if I hadn’t ever seen a woman before, and she looked back almost coyly.

“You look at me a very long time.” She said quietly.

“Um sorry. I guess, well, you have such beautiful eyes.”

“You like them? Some men say I have bedroom eyes. Do you think I have these bedroom eyes?”

“I would have to say you definitely have bedroom eyes.”

“Tell me, what does it meeeen, bedroom eyes?”

“Well, it means, um. It means that they say you want to…” I said stopping mid sentence.

“It meeens I want to what? Take you and make mad sex with you?” she asked with a giggle.

I nodded sheepishly.

She turned on the sofa and lifted her legs and rested her booted feet Alanya Escort on my lap. “Most men think my breasts are my best part. What do you theenk?” she asked gently stroking a finger across the front of one of her breasts, letting it bump across one of her hardening nipples before she stared drawing slow circles around it with her finger.

“Um, I think… I mean… Yes you have beautiful breasts.” I answered, feeling a bit embarrassed and guilty at the same time. I was terribly attracted to this woman, but at the same time, I was very afraid of what Tina would say or think when she came back from her mom’s.

“You think they look nice? I think they are maybe too big?” she asked as she reached for the bottom of her top and slowly pulled it out and up, letting the stretchy material bunch up over the top of her large firm breasts. They were even more fantastic looking naked than they were covered. Each breast was easily the size of most of a cantaloupe, equally firm and round as well. Her nipples were nickel sized, sticking out a good half inch, and each one was perfectly centered in the middle of a darker areola that was several times the size of the nipple. She slowly stroked her fingers across both her breasts, teasing her nipples even harder while she smiled and looked at me. “I theenk you like how they look.” She said pressing her boot against the tent my dick was making in the skirt thing I was wearing.

“Um… yeah.” I answered dumbly, staring at her nipples growing fatter and harder, just dying to suck on them.

She moved her hands behind her and pushed herself across the sofa, letting her legs hang over mine until she was sitting almost on my lap. She reached for my head and wrapped one hand around behind it and gently pulled it toward her tit. I let her pull me down until I could suck her luscious nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around it while she pulled us down slowly. I ended up lying on the sofa next to her, sucking eagerly from tit to tit with abandon while she moaned and stroked my hard dick with her hand. As suddenly as it started, she stopped it, pushing me away from her and standing up in front of the sofa.

She stood there with a devilish smile on her face, looking down at me for several seconds before she reached up and slowly pulled the shirt up over her head, tossing it aside. With her now naked above the waist she stepped one foot up on the sofa in front of me and slowly slid the zipper of her boot down her leg, slowly pulling the boot off and letting it drop from her hand. She repeated the process on the other foot, leaving her standing in nothing but the tight black pants. She hooked her thumbs into the waist of her pants, and slowly pulled them down, revealing more and more of her perfect body with each passing second. I watched in fascination and lust as her bare mound slowly came into view, followed by her meaty pussy lips. She spun on one foot and bent over, sticking her ass out toward me as she slowly pushed the tight pants down her legs. She stepped slowly out of them, letting each foot settle on the ground farther out from her body. She bent over farther, reaching between her legs and gently stroking her fingers between her lips, drawing her wetness out with her soft flowery inner lips.

“Tell me. Would you like to taste me? Make love to me? Steeek your hard fat dick into my hot wet pussy?” she asked seductively.

“God yes.” I mumbled as she turned to face me, moving one hand to her tits and gently stroking them while her other hand stroked her pussy lips.

“Then maybe you should undress me too.” I heard my Tina whisper from behind me.

Shocked I turned on the sofa, my heart in my throat as I realized I was just telling a strange naked woman I wanted to fuck her, and I did it in front of my wife.

“Relax lover. This was my idea. Tonight you get to experience one of your fantasies and help with one of mine at the same time.” She said as she reached for the buckle holding the top of my outfit. She undid the clasp on my right shoulder and pushed the material off my left shoulder. Zorroette reached a hand out and took one of mine, slowly pulling to get me to stand up. Tina stepped around the sofa, while Zorroette pushed the material of my costume down over my waist and let it slide to the floor. “This is Maria. She has agreed to help us both out tonight.”

Maria stepped close to me and gently kissed me on the lips while she pulled Tina closer to the two of us. She broke the kiss from my lips and turned her face to Tina, pressing her wet lips against Tina’s. As she kissed my wife, she moved my hands to Tina’s top, pressing my palms into her hard nipples poking through the material. While the two women kissed sensuously I pushed Tina’s shirt up over her tits and leaned down, sucking one of her hard nipples into my mouth. I continued to suck on her tit while Maria broke her kiss and knelt down in front of her. I watched Maria work while I licked and sucked Escort Alanya first one nipple and then the other. She pulled Tina’s knee high boots off and then moved her hands to her legs. She gently pushed me away from my wife, pushing me toward the sofa, clearly wanting me to watch for the moment.

Maria stood up and ran her hands up my wife’s sides, letting her fingers tangle into the shirt and pushing it up until my wife lifted her arms and let her pull it all the way off. Maria stepped against my wife’s body, bringing her hands down behind her back and pulling them together. I watched as she gently moved her body back and forth, rubbing her hard nipples back and forth across my wife’s bare tits, making their nipples bump across each other. I heard my wife moan gently as she bit her lower lip, clearly enjoying the sensation. While she stroked their nipples together, Maria lowered her hands to my wife’s waist and untied the strings on each hip. I watched, filled with lust, as Maria slowly sank to her knees, her tits rubbing down my wife’s body, pushing her tight pants down over her hips as she went.

I watched my wife’s creamy skin appear inch by inch, a stark contrast to Maria’s darker skin and the black of her pants. Maria sank slowly to her knees, pulling the pants down ever farther, uncovering my wife’s neatly trimmed brown bush and then her clearly wet pussy. Maria helped my wife step from her pants and then gently pushed her back until she had nowhere to go but sit on the sofa next to me.

Maria smiled at the two of us as she sank down between my wife’s legs. She lowered her face to my wife’s curly brown bush and kissed her way across her mound and down her right thigh. I watched as she kissed and licked across to her other thigh, each spot along the way getting a gently wet kiss and soft lick with the tip of her tongue. Only after she had worked my wife to the point where she could hardly sit still, Maria let her tongue slip between my wife’s wet pussy lips. She pressed deeply between them and licked up until her tongue found my wife’s hard exposed clit and flicked across it, bringing a sharp squeal of surprise and pleasure from her lips.

I watched Maria slowly work my wife’s pussy, getting hornier and hornier with each passing second. Finally unable to stay out of it any longer, I stepped behind Maria and knelt down, reaching out and gently stroking her pussy.

“Oh yes. Fuck me!” Maria demanded as she pulled her face from between my wife’s legs briefly. She didn’t have to tell me twice, and I quickly moved myself behind her and rubbed my engorged head up and down her wet pussy, spreading her juices across my head. I heard Maria moan as I slowly pushed my dick into her, my fat head expanding her wet tunnel as I eased into her. I continued to push until my hips were touching her firm round ass, and then slowly stroked back out, stopping with just my head inside her. I pressed quickly in, slapping my hips into her ass and bouncing her whole body.

Maria moaned into my wife’s pussy, and my wife moaned and thrashed on the sofa as I stroked into Maria with abandon. I really didn’t want this to end, but I also was too turned on to stop myself. With a jerk and a loud groan I started squirting my cum deep into Maria, my dick pulsing with each new shot of cum.

Maria trembled and squealed as her orgasm washed over her, triggered by my shots of cum deep in her pussy. Her whole body twitched with each shot of cum that pumped into her, her orgasm slowly passing with mine. She quickly went back to licking my wife’s pussy, driving her tongue deep into her pussy and flicking her clit with the tip of her tongue. My dick slipped from Maria’s pussy and I moved to the sofa, quickly sucking one of my wife’s tits, something that I knew she loved to have done.

Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks, her whole body shaking and jerking as Maria assaulted her pussy and I worked her nipple, sucking it deep and flicking it with my tongue. She cried and thrashed in a stronger orgasm that I recalled her ever having before, her whole body showing the effects for nearly a full minute before she finally slumped down in exhaustion.

Maria slowly crawled up her body, kissing her way up and dragging her big tits until she placed her lips over my wife’s panting lips, sharing her own pussy juices with her as they kissed. Maria embraced her for several minutes before she shifted her kisses to me, pulling me closer to the two of them and using one of her hands to draw one of mine to one of her firm breasts. Once I was engaged in squeezing her breast and teasing her nipple, she moved her hand to my wife’s, drawing it toward her pussy. I felt and heard her moan into my mouth as my wife slipped a finger between her lips and stroked it slowly up her slit and across her clit.

“Let’s go the bedroom.” My wife said after several minutes of this attention to Maria’s body.

“Yes.” Maria said quietly, pushing herself away from the two of us and holding her hands out for us. We each took a hand and allowed her to pull us up, and then led her to our bedroom and king sized bed. Maria crawled onto the bed while my wife switched the main light off, leaving on only a small dressing table light bathing the bed in a soft glow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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