A Typical Evening – Monday

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*Be ready in front of the door, in my favorite position, by 6:00PM*

I look down at his text, I shiver as I shift my car into drive, pulling out of my spot at work. I’m usually home by 3:45PM, and I had a list of chores to do and a list of instructions to follow – which I absolutely love, and he knew that.

I pull into the driveway exactly at 3:44, pulling into the driveway and shifting my car off, reading the entire list from beginning to end, twice. I strive to be a good boy always, which includes following every single direction perfectly.

*Go into the house, put your work stuff where it belongs, then go into the bedroom and change into the outfit I’ve laid out on the bed, then start laundry.*

I walk into the bedroom, and look at the bed, which is neatly made. I get home so early from work because I leave early. I depart at 6:15am, which is about 15 minutes after he’s woken up, to which I bring him his coffee in bed and kneel at his side. He strokes the back of my neck while sipping the coffee every morning. He grips my neck, spins me around, and swats my ass, “too much creamer boy. A little less next time.”

“Yes Sir, my apologies Sir. Thank you for correcting me, Sir.”

“Good boy, now, go get ready for work.”

I get dressed, and depart for the day.

I change into the outfit he’s picked for me. I slide my cock and balls through the leather jockstrap, snap on the black pouch with the white stripe down the middle. I then reach for the leather tank top, zipping up the side careful not to pinch my skin. It’s also black leather, with a white stripe down both sides, and white accenting on the back. I grab the last part of the ensemble, tight fitting black pants, made of leather of course.

We were both leather men, me a submissive guy, him the dominant one, so I wore what he told me to wear every day once I got home. I pick my work clothes as he isn’t awake early enough, but once I arrive home, my outfit is laid on the bed for me

I adjust everything to make sure it fits, and go into the closet, stand there in my presenting position, legs spread apart, hands clasped behind my head, looking down. I stand, count to 20, then turn around, count to 20 again, and I then grab the full laundry basket in the corner.

I do this every day because he has a camera in the closet, which he watches to ensure I have complied with his outfit choice.

I get the laundry in the washing machine, check the dryer, grab those clothes and put them away where they belong.

*Unload the dishwasher, and put the steaks on the counter. *

I follow all directions carefully. I put each dish in its proper place, setting the dish on the counter with the seasoned steaks in it from the fridge. The aroma of the meat smells amazing, which it always does.

I rather enjoy our arrangement. In terms of the household stuff, we are partners, we take care of things together. I usually tend to house chores – especially when he instructs me to do. He tends to all the cooking because I can only make three dishes. Shopping and major purchases are done together, as partners. It’s a great arrangement we have.

Sexually, Çanakkale Escort he is in charge, my Sir, my Dom, and in the right mood, my Master.

As I lean down to close the dishwasher to start it, my chain collar jingles as the tag with my name makes noise, causing me to smile and drip precum simultaneously.

I check the clock, it’s only 5:15PM. I still have 45 minutes. I check my phone.

*Once those are done, you are free to do what you like until 6:00PM. *

I venture into the living room and flip on the television, lean on the couch, set an alarm on my phone for 5:55pm, and doze off. I made the mistake one time of not setting an alarm, and napped longer than I meant to. I was punished for not being where I was expected to be when he arrived home.

That was not fun nor was working in my chair the next day.

My alarm begins ringing at me, to which I promptly hop up, wipe my eyes of any crusties, and find my spot on the floor.

I position myself about six feet from the door. I start by kneeling, with my back to the door, push my knees together, then sit back on my feet. I lean down, placing my forehead to the floor, and place my hands behind my back, grabbing my wrists together.

I hear the garage door open shortly after I get comfortable.

He walks in the door, and seems like he’s in a good mood, “there’s my sexy cum slut boy, ready for me with his second finest asset presented just for me.”

“Thank you Sir.”

He sets his bag on the floor, approaches me, squats down, and reaches his hands under me spreading my legs apart. He grips my cock and balls through the pouch, gives a firm squeeze, “of course my boy is rock hard, and I’m sure there’s a pond in there already. Come with me boy.”

He walks away from me, to which I get up and follow, quietly of course. We walk into the bedroom. He sits down, begins to remove his work suit, handing me his shoes, socks, jacket and belt. I put everything where it belongs, as I usually do when he gets home.

“Come here in front of me boy.”

I walk to him, drop to my knees, my chin to my chest, and place my hands behind my back.

He grips my neck, pulls my chin upwards, “good boy, now, show me that you’re excited for me to be home.”

That’s my cue to be a little less formal and rigid. I pop up, plant my face on his, pushing him over onto the bed, giving him gentle kisses all over his neck. I unbutton his shirt, pulling it from his pants, planting my kisses down his chest, finding both nipples with my tongue, giving each one a very gentle nibble.

He puts his hands in my hair, gripping it in just the right way, causing me to moan in pure sexual energy.

“Okay boy, that’s enough, unless you intend to start something you can’t finish.”

“Oh come on, like I’ve ever NOT finished you,” as I chuckle out loud.

“Well, that’s true. Take off these clothes for me, I wanna get into some leather and match my sexy boy toy.”

I blush, and slide off the bed, opening the button on his pants, and sliding them off his legs. My hands “accidentally” brush against his crotch while I’m making Çanakkale Escort Bayan eye contact. His right eyebrow raises up.

A large smile spreads across his face, and he grabs both of my hands, “okay boy, you asked for it.”

He grabs the thick leather collar off the nightstand, where it always sits. Right when I’m ready to walk out the door, I always come back to his side of the bed, plant a kiss on his mouth, he removes the leather collar, and I have permission to go to work.

He stands in front of me, picking me up by the armpits, and throws me on the bed, face down, “don’t move slut.”

I wiggle my ass a little, and he smacks the right check, “I said don’t move.”

I keep my head down, and my hands on the bed, I hear him rustling around, opening the drawer of his night stand.

He climbs on the bed, lays on my body, and wraps his hands over my mouth and throat. He’s wearing my favorite pair of leather gloves, “now, since you’ve been a greedy slut, I’m going to give you what you want; Sir’s load before we continue with this evening. I know you have no objections, so I’m just going to take it the way I want to.”

He removes the hand off my throat, grabbing the bottle of poppers, and letting my face go as he opens them. He pushes one nostril closed, “deep breath boy, these are the only poppers you’re getting.”

I inhale deeply, he switches hands and covers the other nostril, I inhale deeply again, feeling the warm rush take over me. He closes the bottle, positions himself and pushes his hard cock deep into my hole, all the way to the base.

I’m swarming from the poppers, and groaning at the intrusion. His hard 7.5 inch thick cut dick penetrates my hole, rubbing my prostate as he goes in, causing me to moan, groan, and leak precum in my jock.

He waits a minute, positioning his legs on top of mine, grinding his hips slowly back and forth against my body. The leather I’m wearing creaking against the bed, my moans sounding through the room.

He leans down against me, places his gloved hand on my mouth and nose again, pulling his hips back as far as he can, then thrusting all the way back inside me, causing a large grunt from me, muffled as it may be.

“See boy, I told you, I’m going to take it how I want it.”

He continues this repeatedly, only occasionally letting me inhale deeply through my nose when I start to struggle. I don’t push him against him, I know better. I was mildly uncomfortable, but loving every second of his treatment.

He shifts his body, pushing himself up off me, his hands on my back as he continues thrusting his hips and pushing as deep into me as my body and his will allow. I’m grunting, “oh fuck, yes, please, thank you Sir. Please use my hole Sir!”

He falls back onto me, pushing a ball gag into my mouth, tightening the straps as far as he can go, “I didn’t tell you to speak boy. Just lie here and take what I’m giving you, and remember to be grateful.”

I grunt through my gag. He sits back up again, pushing my legs underneath my body. His hard cock never leaves my hole, just the way we both like it.

He Escort Çanakkale grabs both of my hips, and begins the thrusting that I know will lead to a deposit of delicious Sir cum in my hole.

“That’s right boy, take my fucking cock, like the good little cum slut you are. Don’t think I forgot how well you took the four of us over the weekend – including Blake, the hung Black stud from down the street.”

I grunt in approval, as his dirty talk is impeccable, and I feel my own orgasm building, his thrusts causing me to grind against the bed, though in this codpiece, I can’t get much friction.

He leans back down, “Yes, you fucking slut,” every word accented with a hard thrust inside me, “take my cock, and any cock I wish to share down this delicious slutty hole. I have also decided that this weekend, we will be getting a chastity device for that little cock of yours. I think it will be way more fun to slut you out with my friends when you haven’t even been able to get hard for days, or weeks.”

“Then, when I’m ready, if I’m ready, I’ll unlock you and let you have the most mind blowing orgasm you’ll ever have. So much energy released that you’ll be begging me to lock your dick up for weeks, or months at a time. Just a hope for that amazing orgasm, and all the loads I can fill you up with. Fucking dirty cum slut, a dick-delirious cock boy, isn’t that what you are?”

He grabs my hair, pulling my face off the bed, unbuckles the ball gag swiftly, “tell me slut. What are you?”

His breathing is heavy in my ear, as he grips my hair, “come on slut, I wanna shoot my load and I need to hear you say it, what the fuck are you?”

“I’m a dirty cum slut, hungry for the dick Sir, especially your cock and cum.”

He pulls my hair harder, “I’m sorry slut, I don’t think I heard that correctly.” as he continues thrusting his full length inside me.

“I’m YOUR dirty cum slut Sir, hungry for YOUR dick and any dick you wish to give me Sir!”

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming slut,” as he thrusts his hips deep inside me, unloading his shots deep inside my hole. I feel his pulsing cock inside me as he continues his short thrusts.

His orgasm finally ends, and he lays there on top of me, his breathing in my ear heavy, my breathing matching his. As a bottom boy, I’ve always enjoyed the energy transfer of a Dom cumming inside me, sharing the heightened state of pleasure between the two of us.

“Oh fuck boy, damn, that was so good. I can’t wait to do that again later tonight. Now, we don’t want to make a mess,” he hands me the poppers, which I know what that means.

I open them, take a deep hit in both nostrils as he then pushes a large plug inside me. I grunt at the intrusion, pushing out as best as I can, breathing deeply until it pops through, and I can relax, falling onto the bed.

He reaches down, grabs the back of the collar, pulling me up off the bed, zipping the back of my pants up, grabbing the back of my hair, pulling me into his mouth, kissing me hard.

He pulls back, looks me directly in the eyes, “You are the best slut boy ever, and I am the luckiest man alive. Now, let’s make dinner. Leon will be here soon for dinner, and well, the dessert he’s looking most forward to is a piece of my slut boy’s ass.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

I walk awkwardly from the bedroom and as he slaps my ass, causes me to jump and squeeze the plug in my hole. I look down, another drip in my codpiece.

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