A Vacation Surprise

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“Madam?” The waiter handed Estelle a pink cocktail.

“Thank you so much.” She accepted it and rested it in the glass holder of her sun lounger. Her first vacation alone since her divorce and she welcomed the time to herself and to admire the scenery.

The ‘scenery’ was mainly the hot young guy sat on the other side of the pool. He was about 20 years old and here with his family. She didn’t know his name but she wasn’t especially interested when his body was this good. Estelle didn’t know what he was – professional swimmer? Budding male model? Amateur bodybuilder? – but his body was mesmerizingly good. His pecs bounced when he ran to the poolside, Estelle always made sure she watched him when he got up to swim. Her eyes feasted on the size and definition of his chest – remembering the years at college when guys like him were a dime a dozen. His arms were equally brawny and as she stared up his golden smooth thighs and imagined crawling up in between them and licking his young cock, Estelle felt a shiver run through her. A nice warm shiver however! She took a sip of her cocktail and continued to enjoy the view.

An hour had passed and Estelle had polished off her cocktail and decided to head back to her room to prepare for dinner. She got up off her sun lounger, grabbed her beach bag and started to walk back into the hotel.

In the elevator Estelle pushed the button for her floor and gently flicking her sun-kissed hair with her fingers. She watched the doors start to close but just before they completely shut, a hand pushed them back apart again and Zak burst into the elevator carrying Estelle’s sarong in his hand. In turned out this was the young guy she had been checking out all day.

“Excuse me Ma’am I think this is yours?” Zak handed Estelle her sarong.

“Oh thank you, how silly of me!” Estelle smiled and gracefully accepted it. “I can be such a klutz sometimes – thank you. Are you going up?”

“Er yeah, floor 38 please Ma’am.” Zak wasn’t planning on leaving the pool but all of a sudden he changed his mind.

“Same floor as me.” Estelle smiled warmly. She pushed the button and waited this elevator took them both up.

Zak was trying to stop his eyes wandering, but with mirrors all around and in front of him, Estelle was hard to avoid. Estelle was a tall woman and her turquoise one piece did her assets every justice. She had large, heavy breasts but on her tall frame they were just as impressive as some of the magazines his friends had given him.

Estelle kept looking straight ahead but every once in a while she would catch Zak staring at her either directly or in one of the mirrors. He could feel himself getting more and more aroused – he had been horny all holiday but with is parents around there was little chance of a one night stand. With the heat of the sun and everyone dressed so scantily Zak’s hormones had been raging and he was ready to go upstairs for some ‘manual relief’. He knew the ladies liked him – especially his mom’s friends – but this lady had got him hooked! The things he could do to Estelle in that lift right now were building in his mind nicely for when he got back to his room and could be alone. The elevator lights counted up “24…25…26”

Zak continued to try and catch glimpses of Estelle – he had never seen a woman like her before in his life and Estelle also took advantage of the confined space and mirrors too. Thankfully Zak had not had time to put on a shirt nor had he changed into anything more substantial than his speedos. They were still barely covering his rockhard ass, which seemed to spill out of the top and sides. His back was wide and the muscles at the base of his neck were Bostancı Escort thick and toned. Staring straight ahead though, Estelle got to examine him from the front – he was just as fine indoors as he was outdoors.

The elevator lights counted up again “30…31…32”

Zak cleared his throat and kept looking ahead but couldn’t resist one last glance at Estelle to make sure he had memorized her body. This time she caught him and met him eye-to-eye but he didn’t shy away. Instead Zak stared at Estelle’s breasts blatantly – his facing beaming – and then quickly raised his eyebrows.

“Are you looking at my breasts young man?” Estelle asked.

“Yes Ma’am. Yes Ma’am, I am. My name’s Zak by the way.” Zak kept staring at her confidently while his body started to lean towards her, his eyes showing his willingness and desire.

“Well hello.” Estelle turned to Zak and ran her finger over his chest in a zigzag pattern.

“This is quite a body you have Zak.”

“Fancy taking this body back to your room with you Ma’am?”

“Absolutely!” Estelle replied cheerfully. Ping – the elevator doors opened.

Estelle guided Zak to her hotel room by his hand. She opened the door, dragged her young lover in behind her, threw him up against the wall and kissed him savagely. Zak didn’t know what had hit him, her lips ravaged Zak, her mouth sucking and kissing and taking in all of his luscious soft lips as their tongues fought each other for dominance. She explored him ravenously, rubbing her hands all over his refined upper body like a sex-starved divorcee. She ran her hands along the edge of his manly chest, caressing his pecs and nipples before slipping his hands straight down his sides and massaging his young cock through the fabric of his swimwear. Zak pulled Estelle’s swimsuit straps off her shoulders and yanked the costume down to expose her massive, supple breasts and let his hands get to work. Her breasts were enormous and his hands fought to get just a handful: she was all woman! With her hand on Zak’s cock and Estelle’s breasts in his hands, the two lovers were locked together as they continued to explore each others’ bodies.

Estelle broke off their wild kiss to see Zak still pressed against the wall; he was red in the face and hard in the cock.

“Ma’am you are amazing!”

Estelle went back to the room door and locked it – Zak wasn’t going anywhere!

“Tell me something I don’t know honey. Now go lie down on that bed.”

Zak jumped onto the bed and rested his hands behind his head. Estelle walked over to him and wriggled herself out of what remained of her swimming costume, exposing her wide hips and flat stomach before her shaven pussy was unveiled for Zak to feast his eyes on. She stepped out of her costume and looked down at her breasts before caressing each of them.

“Do you want some more of these honey?” Estelle asked Zak innocently as she held her breasts in her hands.

“Would you like to fuck these Zak and may be this too?”

Estelle licked her middle finger and rested her foot on the edge of the bed, before opening her pussy up for Zak to see and then sliding her finger inside her. Estelle started to groan as she pleasured herself in front of Zak, working her pussy into a frenzy right in front of him so he knew just how willing she was to take advantage of him. She let her hips grind against her as she warmed her pussy up for her young lover. Estelle could feel her body start to loosen up even more, her pussy getting wetter as she rocked against her own hand. She didn’t know if young Zak could last through foreplay and sex, so she ensured that she was wet enough to Ümraniye Escort do what she wanted with him. Estelle finger fucked her hot hole until she was dripping with pleasure.

Zak lay on the bed mesmerized. He had dreamed of a woman doing this in front of him and now his fantasy was coming true. Zak looked down at his cock and started to rub it through the fabric of his speedos, his cock was so hard and so swollen it almost hurt. Estelle climbed onto the bed and straddled Zak’s legs.

“Oooh Zak… let me at that honey.” Estelle lent down and licked his cock through his speedos.

“Yes Ma’am.”

Zak’s handsome face grinned as he eased the top of his tight speedos down over his swollen cock. Slowly more and more of his cock appeared before he lifted his hard ass off the bed to slide his speedos down to where Estelle was and she got rid of them all together. Estelle didn’t say a word but just took Zak’s young eager, meaty cock in her soft hands before lifting herself up and sliding her pussy straight down onto his hard manhood. Moans of satisfaction roared from Zak as his inexperienced cock slid inside Estelle’s mature pussy and her juices smothered every inch of him. Estelle started to ride him like he had fantasized about, letting her weight sink down onto him so she smothered his cock. Estelle rode him like a cowgirl, letting her pussy do all the talking and to Zak she felt like silk – so smooth and hot.

“Oh baby you want that don’t you?” Estelle asked breathlessly as her body gyrated on top of her young piece of ass, and it was one very muscular ass! Estelle squeezed her tits together – her massive F cups spilled out of her bejeweled fingers as she rode Zak.

“Oh Ma’am! Fuck me!”

“That’s it Zak, your cock in my pussy, where it belongs, you fuck me nice and good.”

She leant back and placed her hands behind her so she could hammer his cock harder, sitting back on his legs so her pussy teased his cock back before she started to grind her hips into him again. Estelle rocked back and forth and up and down and any which way she could to keep Zak moaning like he was. His face showed all the pleasure he was experiencing as she swiped her hand teasingly across his washboard stomach. Zak let out a little laugh before his blush-pinked face contorted to show what his cock was feeling. He looked up to see Estelle’s breasts jiggling with satisfaction – they were so big and fuckable, he just wanted more! He got turned on even more knowing that it was his cock that was making her moan and her tits jiggle. His cock and no one elses.

“Oh fuck me Ma’am, your tits are amazing!”

“They are all for you Zak honey, your cock feels so hard, so good!”

Estelle really made him sweat: she had got all the experience he had wanted in a woman and her heavenly pussy was making it mind-blowing. Zak pulled himself upright and yanked Estelle closer to him so her mammoth tits smothered his face. Estelle wrapped her arms around his head, sinking his head deeper into her massive cleavage so his face was practically buried.

“Oh Zak! Your body gets me so hot baby, God you’re so hard! I love your cock inside me! Fuck me, fuck my pussy.”

Estelle ran her hands down his hard toned back as his cock fucked her deep inside her pussy. She rode his cock like she had gone without sex for years like it was her last time.

‘Ma’am I think I am gonna cum,” Zak cried loudly from beneath her breasts.

“Not yet you don’t honey!” Estelle gently released her body from Zak’s grip and climbed off Zak and turned around. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs, inviting Zak back in.

Zak took a moment Kartal Escort to catch his breath before he straightened up and then positioned himself inbetween Estelle’s legs.

“I want to see your cock slide into me.” Estelle instructed.

Zak crawled up the bed so they were face to face before he looked down and guided his young, throbbing cock back inside Estelle’s pussy. Together they watched as Zak’s young, juice covered cock entered her again and as soon as he was inside her, Zak turned to face his lover and watched as her eyes flickered with pleasure. Estelle screamed as Zak now found his own rhythm and drove his cock right into Estelle with the energy that only young studs like him have. Her enormous tits were squeezed against her as the weight of Zak’s muscular body lay against her.

“Fuck me Zak honey! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it hard!”

Zak did as he was asked and used his cock like a deadly weapon! He stretched and teased Estelle’s pussy until she felt like she might burst. His hips rocked and rolled and fucked his lover like he had fantasized about in the lift. This was far better than jerking off! Estelle ran her hands down his back again until she felt the swell of his hard buttocks. She dug her nails into his sweet flesh and with one hand strategically placed on each buttock – she pulled him in closer so her pussy and his cock were locked together!

“Oh FUCK!” Zak nearly lost it but he managed to hold on long enough to enjoy a woman appreciating his hard body.

Estelle squeezed her legs together – trapping Zak’s cock in a vice like state. He had no where to go other than to fuck her!

“Oh fuck my pussy Zak, fuck me hard, fill me up! Fill me up!”

She squeezed his ass harder so he could just barely move his hips. Zak couldn’t hold on any longer and thankfully Estelle wanted his load. Zak’s first shot of cum burst out of him like a bullet out of a gun! It splashed out inside of Estelle with such force it gave her body the prompt it needed. Her ass began to thrash against the bed as both their orgasms pulsed through their hot, grinding bodies. Animal sounds streamed from their lips as Zak’s young cock pumped Estelle’s mature pussy as they both came wildly.

“Take my cock Ma’am. Take it.”

Zak managed to scream out one more time before his head fell into Estelle’s neck – saving his energy to keep his young cock going. Estelle moved her hands to hold onto Zak’s strong back as her orgasm consumed her and her pussy drank every last salty drop of Zak’s load: his balls pumping and pumping more of his cum into her sopping pussy.

Zak sank onto Estelle’s body, he was exhausted, but fully satisfied. Estelle rubbed his back soothingly, rubbing away the scratch marks before patting his smooth ass once more. Those speedos were such an inconvenience!

“Honey you got me so wet.” Zak lifted his head and kissed Estelle full on the lips.

“That was the best sex I have ever had.”

“So I can see sweetie!” Estelle ran her hands through his short blonde hair. “Why don’t you hop in the shower before you go back down to the pool?”

“Are you sure?”


Zak slid off the bed and went into the bathroom. Estelle heard the water start running and walked into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and watched the hot water pour down over Zak’s equally hot body. He smiled beneath the wall of water that was coming down his face and rubbed his stomach for Estelle’s benefit! The water trickled down his beautiful body before running off his still semi-erect cock. Zak let his head rest back and allowed the water to run all over his chest. Estelle stood up, took his cock in her hand and licked it soothingly. Zak immediately put his hand on the back of Estelle’s head – very hopefully!

“No no honey, no more for now but you know my room number and if you want some more, you just let me know, whenever, wherever. You won’t keep a lady waiting now, will you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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