A Vanilla Twist

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So yea, hey there everybody.

Now the reason that this is called Vanilla twist is that I was originally intending this to be a completely vanilla piece, but as my stories tend to do, it stray quickly south.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the story, and I hope you enjoy it. Any and all criticism is welcome, but if you could be nice that would be astounding.


Josie and I had only been going out for a short time. From my limited experiences, I knew that she was a bit different, but I never expected what happened the next time I went over to her house to pick her up.

I walked up to the door, dressed casually, jeans and a button up shirt. I rang the doorbell, listening out for the sound of her heels clicking their way to the door. I waited a few seconds, but when the when silence and a closed door continued to greet me, I decided to try my hand at knocking. Raising my hand up, I rapped my knuckles loudly against the hard wooden door. “Josie? It’s Mark!”


“Josie, you there?” I didn’t hear any response again and so I reached out my hand for the door knob, twisting it and finding it unlocked. I was beginning to worry; maybe something had happened to her.

I opened slowly, peeking inside, looking amiss. Just as I was about to call out her name again, I noticed a small sticky note stuck to the wall opposite the door. I quickly strode over, picking the note off the wall and bringing it up to the light to read. It was a random demand, or a suicide note, or a…

All the note said was ‘bedroom ;)’.

More confused than worried, I quickly began to search out the bedroom, hoping that Josie could explain what was happening when I found her.

I was quickly walking down a hallway with every door closed. I went up to each door and gave the room behind it a cursory look before moving on. I’d fallen into a habit, so when I did find the bedroom, I merely opened the door, looked around and immediately closed it. It was only after I had taken a step away that the image registered in my mind, and I quickly turned back and threw open the door. The image I was confronted with was certainly not what I was expecting.

Josie was sitting on the bed, one leg crossed over the other. Perfectly at ease, she was clearly fine. I however was not at all fine. My heart was racing, blood pumping, and I almost certainly looked like a deer caught in the headlights. This was all because Josie was sitting in front of me, but it wasn’t so much this that had me frozen; it was more what she was wearing.

She was clad only in her underwear, lacy black bra and panties, each a size to too small. True to the theme, her legs were clad in black stockings up to mid-thigh, capped off by a lacy garter. Completing the ensemble was a pair of ridiculously red high heels.

When I managed to look up, I noticed something around her neck. She was wearing a collar.

After standing there for what felt like a lifetime, Josie stood up and somehow managed to walk over to me, embracing me in a hug.

Still stunned it took me a few seconds to react, and by then, she had already pulled back and started to kiss me. It wasn’t just a peck; I could feel her tongue playing with my lips as the kiss deepened. There was something quite different in this kiss from when we had kissed before. This kiss had passion.

Another eternity passed as she brought her hands up to my face and I placed my hands on her hips, pulling her in closer. Moments later she pulled back, both of us breathing hard. Bringing her hands down from my face, she laced then behind my neck.

‘Hey there Mark. Nice to see you too.’

Breath ragged, eyes wide, speaking was beyond me at this point. I was in a daze, half convinced that I was dreaming, although it was certainly a very pleasant dream…

I was brought out of my musings by Josie lightly tapping my face. ‘Mark? You in there?’ Blinking rapidly, I almost felt like pinching my arm again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Seeing that I was waking up, Josie smiled. ‘Well at least one part of Escort Bayan you is awake.’ As she said this, I felt her hips begin to move under my hands, grinding up against me. Now I certainly had no idea of what to do in this situation, but my body apparently did. I suddenly leant forward, capturing her lips with mine, the two of us slowly moving deeper into the room as my hands roamed over her body.

All of a sudden I feel the back of my legs hit the edge of the bed, and feeling her smirk against my lips, Josie gave me a light push backwards, pushing me over with little effort. She walked a short distance away, leaving me sitting in the edge of the bed. As she stepped away, I was mesmerized by the way her hips moved as she walked, and the way her lovely butt jiggled. I was distracted from the wonderful view when her hands moved behind her back, reaching up and unhooking her bra. As she slowly slid the straps down from her shoulders, she looked over her shoulder at me with a devious little smile and a fire in her eyes.

As she finished taking off her bra and I was left looking at her bare back, I was surprised when her bra suddenly hit me in the face, blocking my vision.

Whilst distracted, Josie had turned around, her breasts now bare. Dragging her hands sensuously up her sides, with her hips swaying hypnotically to an unknown beat, her hands ending at her breasts as she began to play with them for my pleasure.

Turning suddenly, she brought her hands up to run through her hair as she wiggled her curvaceous ass at me. With her hands beginning to run slowly down her body, she turned around and began to strut back towards me, her hands ending with her thumbs hooked under her panties. She began to play with her panties as she walked back towards me, lifting them up high, and pulling them dangerously low.

When she was a foot away from me, she once again swivelled on her dangerously high heels, and bent at the waist. This position, as was no doubt intended, stuck her ass almost right in my face as her hands began to pull downwards again, sliding her panties slowly over her lovely ass. Centimetre by painfully slow centimetre, her pale flesh came into view as she slid her panties over her ass. And then, suddenly, her pussy was in view right in front of me face.

She looked beautiful from this angle, and I couldn’t wait to fuck her.

Despite all of her claims that she could never be a stripper, this was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

Turning around, she leant down to kiss me just as I had summoned up the courage to lean forward and start licking all over her luscious ass. Her hands slid down my face and began unbuttoning my shirt before stripping it off of me.

I was as hard as I had ever been, and yet my brain was still trying to catch up, even as my body strained for release. It became even harder to control myself when she knelt down in front of me and began taking off my pants.

Slapping my hands away as I tried to help her, she quickly went to work removing my belt and unzipping my pants before grabbing my underwear and pulling the whole ensemble down to my ankles.

My hardness was now exposed, and Josie wasted no time in leaning forward and grabbing my length with both hands. Her breath was hot on my tip as she began to slowly stoke me. I groaned aloud at the treatment, and Josie looked up and me with mischief in her eye as her tongue snaked out of her mouth and licked a bead of precum off the tip. I gasped as suddenly Josie was licking all over me with her tongue, her saliva helping her hands as they started to stroke faster and faster over my cock.

Suddenly Josie brought her mouth up to my tip and engulfed me in her mouth. The sensation was unreal, feeling her moist hot mouth wrapped around my cock. I brought up my hands to stoke her hair as she began bobbing her head slightly, only taking a small amount of my cock in her mouth. While certainly pleasurable, after a few more moments of this teasing I began to grow frustrated, wishing she would take more and go faster.

My Escort body reacted on instinct and my hands suddenly tensed in her hair, grabbing a fistful and pulling her down on my cock. After a few seconds of gagging, I felt her relax and she began sucking and moaning, grinding her tongue against the underside of my dick. A shocking thought came to me. She was enjoying this.

I held her down for a few more seconds, enjoying the feeling of her tight throat around my cock before pulling her off of me. After allowing her a few seconds to catch her breath, I caught her head in my hands and brought my tip to her lips, pulling her back down as I began to rut into her face

The sounds she was making as she was forced down on my cock combined with her moans soon had me close to the edge as my movements became more frantic.

All at once I reach the edge and I pulled her face all the way into my crotch, burying my cock deep in her throat as I pulsed and came inside of her.

It was perhaps the most intense orgasm I had ever had, and it didn’t seem to stop, I just kept cumming, filling Josie up with my seed. After almost a minute, Josie was starting to panic as she ran out of breath and began to suffocate. With her mascara running down her face and cum leaking out of her mouth, she began to try and force the cock from her throat, but my grip was too strong, and I held her there until I was finished, and then a few seconds after, enjoying the feeling of her throat on my now sensitive but still rock hard cock with a few light thrusts.

As I released my hands, Josie quickly extracted my shaft from her mouth, falling back onto her butt with her hands supporting her as she took in sweet lungful’s of air. After a few seconds however, she brought one of her hands up to her face, scraping the cum that had escaped onto her fingers before sucking them clean.

If I wasn’t already hard, this slutty display would have had me raging within seconds. As it was it was too hot not to do something about.

Before she could react, I stood up and reached for her, lifting her up into my arms, and, still feeling quite dominant, threw her onto the bed. Almost miraculously, she managed to quickly get her bearings and get onto her back, grabbing her legs and pulling her stocking clad thighs apart, an invitation, as I saw it, to fuck her as hard as I could. Tonight was going to be all kinds of fun, I thought to myself as I quickly got into the bed and lined my throbbing length up with her pussy. Before I drove my hips forward however, I hesitated a second, fixing this image in my mind. Josie, lying almost naked, covered only my her stockings and heels, and holding her legs open for me, her eyes begging me to just slide in.

Unable to hold myself back any longer, I thrust my hips forwards, burying myself up to the hilt in Josie’s hot pussy.

The feeling was heavenly, her hot walls wrapped tightly around my cock.

As soon as I had thrusted in, Josie had thrown back her head and moaned out loud. The reaction on her face as I slowly pulled my shaft out until just the tip was left inside was something I will never forget.

Pleasure, mixed with hunger.

I drove myself into her again, this time she wrapped her legs around my back, trying to hold me close to her. With a flash of inspiration, I quickly grabbed her hands from where they had fallen to the bed beside her and held then above her head, looking at her face as I slowly thrusted my cock in and out of her depths, increasing my pace until Josie’s moans and the slap of our hips colliding resounded throughout the house.

Leaning down, I captured one of her nipples is my mouth, as I continued to thrust all the way into her core.

All of a sudden Josie’s moans grew higher in pitch, and she told me in no uncertain terms that she was close to cumming. Exerting my dominance again, I quickly pulled out, much to the horror of Josie as she cried out, and flipped her onto her front, with her legs and ass hanging over the edge.

Instead of sliding myself into Bayan Escort her from this new angle as I knew we both wanted to do, I instead grabbed her ass, and pushing the halves together, began to slowly slide my well lubricated cock through them. Josie began to whine and beg.

“Please Mark; just drive it into me and I cum, just a few thrusts and I cum around your thick cock.”

Relying on the instincts that got me this far, I merely raised a hand a brought it down hard on her ass with a very satisfying sound.

I leant forward so that my mouth was next to her ear as I continued to thrust against her, my weight pinning her to the bed.

“You’ll cum when I let you. You. Little. Slut.” As I spoke, I punctuated each word with a trust forwards.

If anything this seemed to turn her on more and she began grinding herself back against me, moans now mixed in with her whimpers. As I resumed my previous position, I grabbed hold of both of her hands, capturing them and holding them by the wrists behind her back.

After a few more moments merely sliding against her, I suddenly piled back, aligned myself, and drove into her pussy with a great slapping sound as my hips collided with hers, making her butt jiggle. Eager to make her really feel it in the morning, as well as she her ass shake again, I grabbed her hips and began rutting into her with long quick thrusts.

She was definitely not close to cumming anymore, but at this pace the both of us were getting close fast. I switched to long, slow thrusts, even though all I wanted to do was bury myself as deep as I could go and cum inside my slut.

That was all she was I realized, looking down at her glazed expression with her tongue lolling out, alternatively moaning and panting out her pleasure. She was nothing but a cock hungry slut, and she was all mine.

No matter how much I loved the expression on her face, I wanted her conscious for what I was doing to her, so I brought my hand down again on her ass, leaving a red hand print on her other cheek, and as she started awake, I slapped her ass again for good measure before I amped up the rhythm, starting to thrust into her faster.

I leant over her again as I continued to drive my cock into her again and again, bringing my mouth next to her ear.

“I’m going to cum deep inside of you Josie; I’m going to fill you up.”

Her only response was to moan uncontrollably as I continued to hammer my hips into hers, trying to reach deeper with every thrust.

Soon it became too much for me, and I felt myself quickly reaching the edge as I felt my sluts walls begin to clamp down on me as she got close to her own orgasm again.

Not trying to stop myself or even slow down, I continued hammering against her ass, trying to get us both there as fast as possible.

“Cum for me Josie, cum around my cock.”

Somehow, through her chorus of panting and moaning, she somehow managed to push out some words.

“Your cock feels sooo good. Oh Mark, just keep fucking me like that, just like that! Fill up your slut with your cum!”

That was too much for me, and with one last thrust I buried my cock as deep as it could go as came. Soon after I felt Josie’s walls clamp down on me even tighter as she came around my cock.

The feeling was heavenly, her walls milking me as I pumped my load deep inside of her, filling her up with my cum.

Finally we both came down from our respective highs, but after I pulled out and noticed no reaction from Josie, I realized that she had passed out.

Suddenly my dominant streak was gone, washed away with the loads of cum I had dumped inside of her.

I lifted up her body, laying her on the bed before pulling up the sheets. I held her in my arms, with her unconsciously snuggling up to me. My breathing deepened and I drifted off to sleep with the woman of my dreams in my arms.

I awoke to the sound of running water. Sitting up, I noticed the cloud of steam blowing out of an open door adjoining the bedroom that I hadn’t noticed last night. Josie must be in the shower, I thought as I noticed the absence of warmth beside me. With the mental image of Josie standing under the water with it streaming down her naked body, a thought came into my head. Grinning from ear to ear I got up and walked into the steamy cloud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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