A Very Bad Girl

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Cassie Stevens was a stunning woman. She kept herself in amazing shape, particularly for a mother of two, and for someone her age. At over 40 years old, she was still able to turn heads, and she knew it. Her body was a testament to the many hours she put in at the gym and in her yoga classes. She was slim and toned, with an ass women half her age would kill for. Her breasts were not exactly enormous, but were a decent size, and lacked the sag many of her friends experienced, again thanks to her commitment to physical fitness. Her facial features too, did not betray her age, as years of high priced facials and her natural beauty kept her youthful appearance intact. And her golden locks always looked perfect, whether tied back in a simple ponytail or cascading down to her shoulders in a waterfall of voluptuous curls. Indeed Cassie was a sight to behold.

Jack, Cassie’s husband of over twenty years, was a wealthy man, and like his wife, enjoyed the finer things in life. Of course, in order for them to keep up with such a lifestyle, he had to endure many late nights at the office and frequent business trips. He worked hard, and was good at what he did, but the long hours often took their toll on him, and quite often the time he did spend at home usually saw him either rundown or in a rather irritable mood. Cassie seemed to understand that this was the price they had to pay in order to have the lifestyle they had become accustom to, and throughout the years she had easily found ways to entertain herself when Jack was unavailable.

It was not until recently that Jack’s routine finally began to wear on Cassie. Throughout the years she had been able to busy herself with her various interests and hobbies, but mostly she focused on their only child, Mark. But he was getting older. Mark was already in his second year of university and was only home on holidays and for the summer. With her baby no longer a major draw on her time anymore, Cassie was left wanting more from her husband, and therefore found herself simply wanting more.

Cassie’s want soon turned into a deep desire for something more. A personal fulfillment that she just was not getting from her husband. He was a good man, and excellent provider for her and their son, but a deeper desire had begun to swell within Cassie, one that she felt obligated to explore…

Cassie felt guilty about the affair almost as soon as it happened. He was a good looking guy from her gym, about her age, whom she had struck up a bit of a friendship with while running on the treadmill. It only happened a couple of times, once at his place, and once, shamelessly in the back of his minivan in the parking lot of the gym. She was so ashamed of what she had done, the risk she had taken with her marriage and her family, for her own personal satisfaction. Shortly after that heated night in the parking lot she had told the man it was over and even switched gyms as to not tempt fate again. After about a month had gone by, Cassie finally started to feel normal again, and made a promise to herself to put the unfortunate incident behind her and forget it ever happened. But putting it behind her was not going to be as easy as Cassie had thought.

It was a random weekday afternoon, and Cassie decided to log on to her computer and check her email. Mark was usually pretty good about keeping in touch with his parents online and letting them know how things were going at school. She had skimmed through a few emails when she came across one from an address she did not recognize. Usually she would simply delete such a message, but the subject line caught her eye, “Been in any good minivans lately”? Cassie’s heart skipped a beat as she read the title. Was her one-time fling trying screwing around with her? If so, she was not amused. Angrily, she clicked on the email to open it. What she saw mortified her. In front of her, in full colour she saw three photos of herself, in that minivan, cheating on her husband. And there was no mistaking that it was her in those photos. Two of them captured her face dead-on, her expression in each, one of wanton lust and depravity. Her eyes filled with tears, and it was all she could do to scroll down to the text written below the damning pictures…

“You’ve been a very bad girl Cassie. Was so glad I was there to catch it. Was even happier that I happened to have my digital camera with me. We should probably get together soon to talk. I’ll be in touch, and don’t worry, if you decide not to acknowledge my messages, I’m sure your husband will know how I can get in touch with you. See you soon.”

Cassie broke down in tears. What had she done? Not only had she cheated on her husband, but now it looked like she had been caught doing it and was about to be blackmailed or something by God knows who. Her mind raced in a thousand directions at once. Who could this person be? What do they want? What should she do? It did not take long for her to realize that those answers would only come whenever her new friend decided to get in touch with her again. bursa escort

It was only a few days later when she received a second email. This one included another photo, one of Cassie with her shirt pulled up over her breasts and her lover sucking on her nipples. There was no denying that this person, whoever they were, certainly had the goods on her. One look at these pictures by Jack and her marriage was most likely over. The message that followed below was just as frightening…

“We need to get together, and I’m sure you’d prefer to do it when hubby isn’t around. When’s the old man’s next trip out-of-town? I will come by then to see you. Trust me, you want to tell the truth on this one… you’d hate for me to pop by when Jack’s at home.”

Cassie took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She knew from the first email that her blackmailer wanted to meet face-to-face, she just did not expect it would be so soon. The message did offer her one piece of information though, this person was certainly familiar with her and Jack’s life, otherwise how would they would not know about his frequent business trips. Again her mind raced, thinking of all the people she knew who might be capable of this cruel torture. Quickly she stopped herself, deciding such a path would lead nowhere, other than complete distrust of just about everyone she knew. Once again she resigned herself to the fact that she was left with little choice but to go along with her tormentors requests, hoping to find the answers before certain photos found their way to her husband.

She had replied truthfully to her mysterious pen pal that Jack would be out of town for three days the following week. Cassie certainly did not want her husband anywhere near the house when this freak came by. Again, it did not take long for another email to come in, this one to confirm their meeting…

“Wednesday night, 9pm sharp. No games. Dress nice, I want this a formal meeting. You’re to be wearing stiletto heels, a short skirt, with stockings and garters, and a tight, low-cut blouse. And I want those sexy blonde curls of yours done right out of the salon. Be ready for me.”

Cassie’s heart sunk. Her worst fears were coming true. She had hoped that this guy (she was pretty sure it was a man at this point) was coming after her for hush money, to keep him from going to her husband, but she had considered the possibility that her blackmailer could want something else, namely sex. And now it was pretty obvious to her that sex was exactly what he had in mind. Why else would he be so specific about the outfit she was to be wearing when they met? Plus, it did not take a genius to figure that the use of the word sexy when describing her hair was pretty much a dead giveaway. Cassie thought about her options, and quickly decided she still was in no position to defy her tormentor’s demands, at least not until she knew who she was dealing with.

Wednesday night, 8:40pm. Cassie checked herself out in the floor to ceiling mirror in their front hallway. She had to admit she looked good. As requested, she was wearing a pair of black four inch stilettos, a black mini-skirt, and silk stockings with garter belts. The skirt was so short that the bottoms of the garters were clearly visible whenever she moved. Her white blouse was certainly tight, accentuating her breasts quite nicely, and only buttoned three times, leaving an ample amount of cleavage in full view. It did not hurt that she wore her best push-up bra to help define the area. And of course, as directed, she had been to the hair salon that afternoon and had a new perm done on her blonde locks. Her fresh curls were tight and glistening as the fell down her neck and onto her shoulders. Cassie had caught herself getting swept up in preparing for the meeting, maybe even enjoying doing herself up in such a suggestive way. She certainly did not do it very often for Jack anymore. There was something almost exciting about the situation, but she knew that her appearance was simply a means to an end, and that once she learned the identity of her blackmailer, she would be able to negotiate some kind of deal that did not involve her committing adultery again. But until then, she knew she would have to play by his rules.

A sudden knock on the front door startled Cassie back to reality, and she frantically looked at the clock on the wall. 8:45pm. Was he early, or was this some ill-timed visitor who could potentially blow her marriage apart with their inopportune pop-in? She raced to the door and looked out the peep hole. With a sigh of relief, she opened the door. Standing there was Gary, one of Mark’s oldest friends. The boys had been buddies since grade school, and Gary occasionally still popped by when Mark was home, or to drop off something for his old pal while he was away at school. While Cassie was relieved that it was only Gary, she knew she had to get rid of him as quickly as possible. She didn’t want to have to explain to her son’s friend why some mystery man was showing up while her husband was out-of-town.

“Hi bursa escort bayan Gary, what brings you by?” she asked with the best fake smile she could muster.

“Hey Mrs. S. Just dropping of some books for Mark. Thought they might help him with his psyche course.” he replied as he took it upon himself to walk into the house and drop some books on the nearby coffee table.

Cassie cursed to herself. The clock was ticking and she had to get him out of here. “Well, thanks Gary. I’ll be sure he gets those as soon as I see him.” she said as she began ushering him back towards the door.

He was almost out the door, when he noticed her outfit. “Wow Mrs S. You look really good tonight. Going out?” She had temporarily forgotten about her appearance, and was struggling for a response when thankfully, he bailed her out, “I should jet then,” he said. “Oh wait, I left my notes in one of those books.” he took a step inside.

“Let me get it for you,” Cassie jumped in. She didn’t want to risk him sticking around any longer, or asking any further questions. She quickly walked over to the coffee table and saw some pages sticking out of one of the books. Grabbing them hastily, she was halfway back to the door when she haphazardly glanced down at the papers she was carrying. Her jaw dropped immediately.

Cassie stared in disbelief at the digital picture print-outs she held in her hands. It was all coming together for her now. Gary was a member at her gym. Gary knew her family intimately. But she could not believe that he was capable of this sort of thing. She had know this boy since he was 10 years old, had him over for pool parties and sleepovers countless times. And now this? She was speechless. Shaking her head in disbelief, she barely even realized that Gary had locked the door and removed his jacket and was coming towards her.

“You’ve been a very bad girl Cassie,” he said with a devilish grin.

“But, why?” was all the response she could muster.

“Why not?” he callously replied. “Just taking advantage of a situation that fell into my lap. Who knew I’d find you fucking some guy in the gym parking lot? Good thing I’m smart enough to recognize a golden opportunity when I see one.”

The shock of the revelation of her tormentor’s identity was still rendering Cassie dumbfounded. “What do you want?” she meekly asked, knowing full well what the answer was likely to be.

“We both know what I want Cassie. The same thing that guy in the picture wanted and the same thing I’ve wanted from you since I was old enough to know what fucking was.” He reached out and stroked her face, brushing her hair out of her tear-filled eyes. She quickly turned away from him, dropping the horrific photos as she did. She could not think straight. Everything was happening so fast.

Almost immediately Gary was right behind her, his body tight against hers. Cassie could feel him gyrate his hips, forcing his pelvis into her ass, and she could feel his hot breath through her hair. He pressed his nose into the bed of curls at the base of her neck and moaned softly, “Mmm, I love your curls Cassie. Did you do these up just for me?” Before she could even bring herself to respond, his lips had found her neck and began gingerly kissing her flesh. At the same time, his hands had travelled to her front and were busy exploring her chest.

“Gary, please,’ Cassie finally mustered. But it was in vain. Gary continued to alternate between kissing her neck and nuzzling into her hair, while at the same time his quick hands had moved down her shirt and onto her breasts. All the while his gyrating hips continued to press his pelvis into her, forcing her to reciprocate his movements with her own ass.

“You know you want this as much as I do.” he whispered in her ear between kisses. Cassie was beginning to wonder if maybe she did want it. Gary was definitely no little boy anymore, he was quite the handsome young man, and he was clearly quite adept at heating things up with a woman.

Suddenly, Cassie felt the sharp, painful sensation of Gary pinching her nipples extremely hard. Shocked to her senses, she pulled herself out of his grasp and turned to face him. “Gary,’ she stammered, “I can’t, I won’t.”

“Oh Cassie,” he said, the devilish grin reappearing, “you can, and you will.” With that he once again moved in close to her and reached for her face, this time wrapping his hand around the back of her neck and pulling her into his lips.

He kissed her with intense force, pushing his tongue into her mouth and pulling her towards him at the same time. Cassie could not resist the temptation of the passionate kiss, and willingly gave her tongue to him in return. Again, the realization of what was happening hit her like a ton of bricks, and she tried to push away from him., but he held firm. After a few more seconds of their lustful lip-lock, he relented, letting his grip on her neck subside enough for her to back her head away. Staring her in the eyes, Gary smiled again, “Now get on your knees escort bursa and pleasure me.”

In an almost trance-like state, Cassie did little to resist being forced onto her knees. Gary had both hands on her shoulders and guided her down in front of him. Once she was kneeling before him, her face was directly in front of his crotch. He quickly undid his belt and pulled his zipper down, leaving her staring at his jean covert pelvis, knowing what was to come next. “Pull it out.” he ordered. Meekly, she glanced up at him, a look of pleading in her eyes. “Now.” he commanded. Defeated, she reached into his pants and wrapped her hands around his waiting manhood. Slowly she removed his penis from his jeans, watching it spring out semi-hard by now, and ready to be serviced.

Cassie took her time, preparing herself for what was about to happen, the sin she was about to commit – again. Impatient, Gary felt the need to hurry her along. Grabbing a handful of her blonde curls, he pulled her head towards his groin, while at the same time thrusting his hips forward. His member slammed into her face, forcing her to open her mouth, if only to give his stiffening cock somewhere to go. “That’s a good girl.” he complimented, as he began to rhythmically pump his hips back and forth, gliding his penis between her lips. Fighting the urge to gag, Cassie quickly realized that she’d better at least do her part, lest she choke to death being force fed his ever hardening cock. Plus, she hoped that if she were able to get him off with her mouth, perhaps she would be spared any further humiliation and degradation.

Gary smiled to himself as Cassie began bobbing her head back and forth in front of him, his now rock hard penis sliding in and out of her willing mouth. She was now eagerly sucking him and pumping her hand over his cock as she moved her lips up and down over his shaft. “Oh, Cassie,” he moaned, “I always knew you’d be a fantastic cock-sucker.” The compliment actually rang true for Cassie, who did consider herself pretty adept at the task at hand, not that she had given her husband a blow-job in recent memory. Still, she knew she was skilled at pleasuring a man with her mouth, and hoped her talents would make for a quick ending to this unfortunate situation.

“Rub your pussy while you suck me off.” he commanded. Cassie did have to admit that the whole situation did cause a bit of a tingle between her legs, and some relief might actually be welcomed. Dutifully obeying Gary’s order, she slid her free hand under her skirt and began slowly stroking her pussy. She was more than a little surprised to find it was already getting moist. Deciding to turn it up a notch, she pulled his unit out of her mouth and moved her lips down to his swollen testicles. Still jerking up and down on his dick, she alternately sucked each of his balls, knowing he would not be able to last long with this new assault manhood.

“Holy shit!” Gary exclaimed, as he once grabbed a handful of her golden locks, this time however, pulling her away from his throbbing meat. “That’s enough of that.” he pronounced, much to Cassie’s disappointment. She figured he could have only lasted another minute or so with her skills. Suddenly, she felt a searing pain in the back of her head as he forcefully pulled her up by her hair and onto her feet. Wincing in pain, he dragged her towards the nearby couch in the front room and thrust her over the side of it. Forcing her head down, he bent her over the high armrest and positioned himself behind her. His hand promptly moved to her skirt, forcing it up over her hips, exposing her lace panties. In one swift movement, Gary grabbed her underwear and ripped it off of her, exposing her glistening pussy. “Mmmm,” he commented, as he slipped a couple fingers between her cunt lips. “Wet already? That didn’t take long.” Unable to find the words to protest, Cassie squeezed her eyes shut and waited for what she knew was coming next. “I’ve wanted this for so long baby.” Gary announced as, in one forceful motion he rammed his fully erect cock deep into her pussy.

“Ugh!” Cassie cried out as his rock hard penis drove into her. Gary immediately started a vicious pace, pounding into her with incredible force, his nuts smacking into her engorged pussy lips, and the couch inching sideways with each powerful stroke of his cock into her cunt. He reached his hand underneath her chest and groped for her breasts, grabbing hold of her blouse and tearing the fabric away from her heaving bosom. She was breathing heavily now, and she couldn’t help but let a low moan out as he found her nipple and began to squeeze and pinch it between his fingertips. She felt guilty to admit it, but Gary’s dick felt amazing in her hungry pussy, and in some other time or place, Cassie could see herself quite enjoying this young stud’s relentless assault.

“Oh, Cassie.” Gary moaned as his he slowed his pace a bit. “Your pussy feel so good wrapped around my cock.” Again, she had to admit that the pleasure was mutual. As much as the situation disgusted her, there was no denying that the sex itself was pretty amazing for Cassie as well. Almost as if her could read her thoughts, Gary called her on it. “You fucking love this don’t you Cassie? You love me fucking you, don’t you?”

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