A Very Satisfactory Arrangement

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“. . . . and she was saying how lonely she is. You know, we really must invite her round soon,” Rose was saying, as they were eating their breakfast one Monday morning.

“Yes dear, whatever you say,” Kevin mumbled into his newspaper, and went back to reading the match report of Saturday’s big game.

“You didn’t hear a word I said,” said Rose, slightly irritated.

“Erm, what dear? What was it were you saying?” replied Kevin, putting his paper down and giving his wife his full attention. After thirty five years of marriage, he knew better than to ignore her when she used that tone of voice.

“I was talking about Elspeth, my dear. We had coffee last Friday, and she was telling me how lonely she has been since John’s death, especially now that the children live in Australia. They Skype every weekend of course, but it just isn’t the same,” Rose explained.

“I don’t know why she didn’t take up their invitation to move out and go to live with them,” Kevin said, “I’m sure that she would have enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time with her grandchildren.”

“Kevin, that just wasn’t practicable, as you know too well. However much her children might love her, to have left all her friends at her time of life would have been a very bad idea. And to leave the lovely home she and John had made together would have been a terrible wrench; those memories are very dear to her. Anyway she wasn’t just talking about company, she misses the physical side of marriage — the kisses and cuddles, and you know . . . the sex,” said Rose.

“Well Elspeth is still a very attractive woman,” replied Kevin, “I mean, she is in fantastic condition for a woman of her age, erm, as are you my darling; a little plump perhaps, but I don’t know any man who doesn’t prefer a few curves in the right places. Who really wants to wake up with one of those skinny supermodels? I’m sure that there are many unattached middle aged men who would be only too happy to take her up the aisle — she is still young enough after all, and many widows and widowers have very happy second marriages.”

“I will take that as a compliment my dear, although I think we would rather think of ourselves as voluptuous and alluring,” laughed Rose.

They didn’t say any more about it, and half an hour later, after kissing his wife goodbye, Kevin was on his way to work, the conversation entirely forgotten. Rose couldn’t get her conversation with Elspeth out of her mind however, and later that morning once she had done the washing up and put the washing machine on, she sat down with a cup of coffee and thought about what she and Kevin could do for their friend.


Rose and Elspeth were best friends, and had shared many intimacies about their husbands and children over the years since they were at teacher training college together. They had been room mates, and their first appointments after graduating were in the same primary school. Even though they moved to different schools after a year or two, they had remained close and they had been maids of honour at each other’s weddings.

They had both given up their jobs when babies came along, preferring to invest all their energies in their children’s upbringing, and even when the children were at school they decided not to go back to full time teaching, although Elspeth did do a bit of supply teaching from time to time, more for fun than the extra income. When their children were small the two families had often gone on camping holidays together, and once the children had left home, she and Kevin and Elspeth and John had been in a couple of overseas trips. As her closest friend Rose thought that it was her duty, as well as being a pleasure, to see what she could do for Elspeth.

Rose continued to ruminate over the problem over the next few days and gradually a rather naughty idea began to take root in her mind, although she did wonder how she was going to put it to Kevin.

Rose and Kevin still had a very warm and loving sexual relationship, although the intensity of the early years of their marriage was just a memory. They still made love once or twice a week, usually at weekends when they were relaxed and could set aside the concerns of work.

They had both been more or less faithful to each other but when Kevin had to spend six months in Africa, Rose was pretty sure that he must have had the occasional liaison, although she had never asked him. On a later occasion when he was in India for several weeks, she had had a brief and very satisfying fling with a young man from the church that they went to; nothing too serious and with no emotional commitment, just a bit of sexual fun and certainly nothing to disturb their marriage. It had come to an end once Kevin was back home and she had never seen any reason to tell Kevin.

A couple of weeks escort esenyurt passed, but over breakfast on the Saturday morning, Rose finally plucked up the courage to put her proposal to Kevin. When they were sitting with their second cup of coffee, in order to make sure she had his full attention Rose gently took his newspaper out of his hands and laid by her plate.

“Kevin my love,” she said somewhat nervously, “you remember what I was telling you about Elspeth,” and he nodded politely, although he really couldn’t recollect the conversation, “well I have been thinking what we could do about her problem.”

“What problem was that my dear,” he replied, wracking his brain in a vain attempt to remember what it was she was talking about.

“You must remember,” she said, “it was only just the other day. I told how lonely Elspeth has been since John died, and how much she missed the physical side of marriage.”

“Well that is only to be expected,” he replied.

“Not just the ordinary things,” Rose said, “not just the kisses and cuddles, but love making. To put it bluntly, she misses sex.”

“Oh,” was all that Kevin could say.

“I have been thinking about it,” Rose continued, “and I have come to a decision. You have always found Elspeth attractive, and enjoyed flirting with her. Well, I would like you to make love to her.”

“What,” Kevin said, rather surprised, but also just a little aroused — it was true that he found Elspeth attractive. He loved the feel of her womanly curves pressed against him when she gave him a kiss of greeting and had occasionally fantasised what it would be like to fuck her. “What do you have in mind precisely?”

“I have invited her round next Saturday for dinner and told her to bring her overnight things so that we can have a nice relaxed evening together — just the three of us. And after dinner I thought we could go upstairs and change into our night clothes, and then perhaps we could have a little naughty fun. We have talked about spicing up our sex lives and I want to watch you making love to Elspeth, and afterwards we will see what happens. In fact I am very excited about imagining what we can get up to. It will just be some harmless fun between three mature adults who are good friends, nothing too deep and emotional, and it won’t affect our love for each other or damage our marriage in any way.

Kevin said nothing, but spent several minutes in deep thought. Rose wisely said nothing, as she knew this was rather a lot for him to take in. Eventually he looked up and smiled at his wife, “okay, I’m happy to go along with what you suggest, it will be rather fun and I am quite definitely aroused by the thought of having sex with Elspeth.”


The week that followed went by very slowly for Kevin and Rose, both of them growing increasingly aroused in anticipation of the coming weekend. Rose decided that Kevin needed a new pair of silk pyjamas, and she also bought a new sexy nightie for herself. She bought some scented candles for the bedroom too, guessing that Elspeth would feel more comfortable in the their warm glow rather than the glare of electric light.

At last Saturday arrived. Rose busied herself preparing the meal — a light meal of grilled fish, buttered new potatoes and asparagus shoots, followed by syllabubs. Kevin fussed around nervously so she packed him off to buy a couple of bottles of a nice dry white wine, nothing too heavy as she wanted them to be pleasantly relaxed but not inebriated. Once she had everything ready for the meal, Rose went up to the bedroom and placed the candles around the room ready for what she hoped would be a night of slow and gentle loving. To be honest she did feel a little apprehensive, little butterflies fluttering in her tummy; but she dismissed these thoughts, thinking that if they didn’t feel comfortable about it when the time came they could just kiss goodnight after a pleasant evening, and no harm done.

Elspeth arrived promptly at seven o’clock. Kevin answered the door, and giving Elspeth a hug and a kiss on the cheek, he took her overnight bag. “Let me take that up to your room,” he said, “while you go into the living room. I will be down shortly to fix us an aperitif.”

The evening passed very pleasantly, and although nothing was said about what was going to happen later there was a frisson of expectation in the air, and conversation became increasingly playful and sexy under that influence of the food and wine. Just after ten thirty Rose suggested that Elspeth might like to go up to the bathroom to freshen up and change into her night clothes. Kevin and Rose followed her upstairs a few minutes later and once they were in their bedroom, Kevin took her in his arms and gave her a tender kiss.

“Are you okay with this honey?” He asked, escort ataköy “we don’t have to go through with it if you don’t want. I don’t want you to be hurt.”

“No darling,” she replied, “I am very happy, and very excited about it. I know that it will be a very loving night, and we will all have a lot of pleasure. And in the morning I am sure that there won’t be any guilty feelings, just nice memories of our mutual love making.”

After they had undressed and changed into their night clothes Rose went round the room lighting all the candles and turned down the lights, while Kevin put a CD of romantic music in the player. Looking round the room, Rose sighed, “well my love, are you ready? No last thoughts?”

“My dear, I know that you originally did this for Elspeth’s sake, but I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to make love to two beautiful women. It is like all my Christmases have come at once, and I will do my best to give you both a beautiful time.”

Just then there was a quiet knock on the door. Rose opened it and ushered Elspeth into the room. She was wearing a simple white silk nighty which clung seductively to her curves, her nipples already hard with arousal.

She embraced Rose, “thank you darling,” she murmured, “it has been a long time since I have felt a man inside me, and it is so good of you to share your husband. I cannot tell you how excited I am about making love to two such kind people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my dear friend.”

Turning to Kevin, Elspeth threw her arms round his neck and kissed him passionately, their tongues entwining and dancing in delighted abandon. She pressed her body close to him and grew more excited as she felt his hardening erection pressing against her tummy. After a few minutes they forgot that Rose was in the room, lost in their mutual arousal. Kevin’s caressed her hair and then ran his hands slowly down her spine until they rested on her shapely bottom.

Elspeth pulled back from their embrace after a few minutes of blissful kissing. “Undress me now Kevin darling, and make love to me.”

Putting her hand out she stroked his erection through the silk of his pyjamas. “Oh, how beautiful,” she said, “and so strong and manly. I can hardly wait until you enter me; I am already tingling and I know that I will soon be in rapture. Why don’t you take your pyjamas off so that I can see you properly.”

Kevin pulled her night dress slowly over her head and dropped it on the bed. “You are very beautiful my dear. Lie back on the bed and let me take you on a journey to paradise,” he said.

Pausing only to slip out of his pyjamas, Kevin knelt beside Elspeth on the bed and began to kiss her face and neck and then her breasts, sucking her erect nipples which made her moan with pleasure. Cupping her breasts in his hands, he gently squeezed them and then ran them down lightly across her tummy until his fingers rested gently on her mound. He put one hand around her waist to pull her towards him and slid the fingers of his other hand between her engorged labia to caress her slit, which was wet and slick with her juices.

“Oh lover, that is so nice. Please put your fingers inside me and make me come, it has been so long and I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be made love to,” she moaned.

Kevin pressed his lips to hers in an open mouthed kiss of desire, and slipped first one and then two fingers into her wet and velvety depths. Finding her g-spot he started to finger fuck her while stroking her clitoris with his thumb. Elspeth thrust her hips against his hand, pushing his fingers further inside her, and soon she was lost in the the throes of her orgasm. As she reached the pinnacle of pleasure, she arched her back and cried out as the exquisite sensations of delight carried her over the edge into a world of ecstasy.

After several minutes of sexually bliss, she relaxed and looked up at Kevin with a look of profound tenderness. “Oh Kevin, thank you, that was so beautiful, thank you. Now let me feel and kiss that beautiful cock. Straddle my face so that I can make love to it properly.”

Elspeth put her hand beneath Kevin’s legs to caress his scrotum, and then circled the base of his cock with a thumb and forefinger, running them along the length of his throbbing shaft. Lifting her head she sucked his balls into her mouth, running her tongue along the septum of his scrotum. She then licked along the length of his manhood from his balls to the head, which was swollen with desire, before slipping it between her lips to engulf his cock in her mouth. Kevin groaned and started to pump his hips, fucking her mouth with increasing urgency.

“That is so good,” he said, pulling back to sit on his haunches, “but I want to come inside your sweet pussy this first time, escort zeytinburnu there will be other times when you can allow me the pleasure of coming in your mouth.”

“Oh yes, fuck me now please,” she whispered, “I am ready for you, take me, lover, take me now.”

Moving down the bed until he was between her thighs, Kevin stroked the head of his cock along the length of her slit, and placed it at the entrance to her vagina. Slowly he pushed it home until the length of his shaft was fully engulfed in her wet heat, his balls slapping against the cheeks of her bottom. Elspeth put her legs around his waist to pull him even deeper inside her, and they started to fuck, slowly at first but with an ever increasing urgency, their hips moving in harmony as the rhythm of their passion mounted to the summit of mutual desire.

While Kevin and Elspeth had been making love, Rose sat in a chair so that she could watch them. She hadn’t realised how arousing it would be to see her husband making love to her dearest friend, it was so beautiful and right. Pulling her night dress up over her hips, she slipped two fingers between her labia into the depths of her hot wet hole to caress her most sensitive places, and masturbated as she watched the erotic scene just a few feet in front of her, stroking the hard bud of her clitoris with her thumb. She knew when Kevin was coming by the way his balls contracted and the cheeks of his lovely bottom clenched as he ejaculated his hot seed deep into Elspeth’s womb.

The sound of the lovers cries as they were carried away on the tide of their mutual orgasms, drove her over the edge into her own climax, as waves of exquisite pleasure washed over her body like breakers on the shore, roaring and crashing in patterns of extreme delight.

Kevin collapsed onto Elspeth’s body and they lay there for a while, basking in the languorous glow of post orgasmic relaxation. Eventually her rolled off to lie beside her with a look of utter fulfilment on his face. He turned to kiss her, tenderly stroking her hair and face and murmuring words of love and thanks for the pleasure she had given him. There were tears of joy in Elspeth’s eyes as she returned his kisses with equal fervour.

Moved by erotic feelings she had never felt before, Rose got up from her chair and kneeling at Elspeth’s feet she began to kiss her pussy, rolling the soft petals of her labia between her lips, then licking the length of her slit from the distended entrance to her vagina to her clitoris. The savour of the mixture of Elspeth’s sweet nectar and the musky taste of her husband’s semen acted like a powerful drug on her inflamed senses, and soon both women were lost in another wave of sensual delight and rapture.

Deliciously satiated by their rapturously climactic love making, the three fell asleep cuddled up together under the duvet. The thought crossed Kevin’s mind that there could nothing more heavenly than to be snuggled up between two soft and curvaceous women. He kissed them both tenderly on the forehead in turn and lay back with a sigh to fall into a blissful wonderland of slumber.

Elspeth was the first to wake as the rosy fingers of the dawn spread their gentle rays across the entwined lovers. She reached across and gently stroked Rose’ soft curls as they tumbled across the pillow like a golden halo. “Thank you my dear friend,” she whispered, “that was so beautiful, and it was so thoughtful of you to share your delicious husband so generously. I shall never forget the pleasure you have both given me, it has really helped to lessen the ache of loneliness in my heart.”

Kevin was the next to stir. He stretched and yawned, not knowing at first where he was, but as consciousness slowly returned, entrancing recollections of the night’s pleasures flooded across the screen of his mind. He put an arm around each of his inamorata and pulled them close to his chest. “My darling angels,” he said and waxing unexpectedly poetical, continued, “the morning is young, and the world is full of joy and light. I think that I might be persuaded to ride with you in Venus’ gilded chariot once more, if you are so minded. I can feel the stirrings of new energy in my loins and it would give me the greatest pleasure to lead you into the Elysian Fields of sweet delight.”

This was all rather corny, but neither Rose nor Elspeth seemed to mind, and for the next few hours the three lovers embarked on a journey of leisurely sexual exploration, repeatedly taking each other to the heights of shared physical pleasure.

Elspeth never did find another husband. As she said many months later to Rose and Kevin over lunch one weekend after another night of shared bliss, “Why fish in the uncertain waters of the dating game when I am so happy and contented with two people I love, and who love me and bring me so much joy,” sentiments with which they wholeheartedly agreed.

It was Kevin who summed it up when he raised his glass and said, “Let us drink a toast my dears to a most satisfactory arrangement, long may we live to enjoy its wonderful benefits.”

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