A Walk in the Winter??

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It had been months since I had seen Chrissie. Despite us walking and keeping things casual between us she had started to tail off with her walks and eventually she told me that it was because she had a boyfriend and he didn’t like the idea of her walking with someone else, let alone someone else who was nude and who enjoyed fucking her and all the other things we had done together. I must admit it had left me a bit deflated as it had taken ages to find someone who enjoyed nude walking and then to lose that as well as her friendship was a bit of a bitter blow.

I had continued through the following year, pandemic allowing, finding secluded places to walk and the relaxation of rules in the summer saw me making the most of being outside when it was possible and being naked when I could. It was just odd not having Chrissie with me. Strange really as I’d gone full circle from walking nude on my own to walking as a duo to now walking on my own again. Ah well, maybe someone else would want to join me.

The months went by and we went from lockdowns, to tiers to now another lockdown again. When I could venture out I did, sticking to secluded areas but now the weather was against me. I had tried a couple of walks in early January but it was not only freezing cold, it had started to rain and it had become more of a punishment than a joy so I took to staying indoors and dreaming of warmer days when I could just get out and enjoy being out and more importantly being nude and out.

As i sat gazing out of my bedroom window one morning my phone buzzed as a text landed. I picked it up and saw that it was Chrissie, I wondered if it was a belated Xmas wishes message. How wrong could I be. She wanted me to ring her so I did.

Chrissie answered the phone, it seemed strange hearing her soft voice again. Strange but comforting and reassuring at the same time. She explained that after 8 months her and her boyfriend had split up when she had found out from a friend that he was cheating on her. She explained that she had thought long and hard about contacting me but in the end she had given in and messaged me. I asked her why she had thought long and hard about it and she explained that she didn’t want me to think that she had got in touch just because she was lonely and needed a friend. I told her to not be daft and that she could have messaged or called me at anytime.

“Anyway, when can we go for a walk?”

Chrissies’ question caught me off guard.

“I didn’t think you’d be up for it Chrissie, do you know how cold it is out there some days.”

“Yes I know, but I’ve seen the BBC weather this morning and a warm front is heading in from the west so the latter half of the week should be warmer.”

“How much warmer, 39 in the shade?”

“No Pete, maybe 10-12.”

The thought had me shuddering just thinking about it but her request had me twitching.

“Ok, well, you choose the location, nowhere too open I don’t want to freeze to death and let me know a time and day.”

“Ok, give me a day or so and I’ll let you know.”

By the time I had finished the phone call I had cock that was so erect i could have hung my towel on it. Of course to ignore such a thing would have been a crime so I lay on my bed and masturbated, thinking of seeing Chrissie again and what could potentially happen and whether we would pick up from where we left off or whether we would just walk and that would be it. It didn’t matter really as I’d missed Chrissie and was looking forward to escort bayan seeing her and chatting with her.

A couple of days later my phone buzzed as Chrissie sent me a text. It simply read, “Wednesday, 12.30pm – be ready!”

I responded with a confirmation text and my mind raced, where were we going and how would it be compared to all of the other times.

Wednesday came and as Chrissie had said, it now seemed quite mild, well, mild by January standards and nothing more. I picked a pair of fleece lined shorts, a t-shirt and a fleece jacket along with my trusty rucksack. At 12.30 Chrissie arrived outside my house and I walked out to her car. Opening the passenger door I slipped into the seat and looked at over at Chrissie who smiled back. Her blonde hair was scrapped back off her face and up into a pony tail. She was wearing a denim jacket that was buttoned up and a pair of white denim shorts.

The low winter sun pierced itself into my eyes and I quickly fumbled for my sunglasses. We chatted as we drove along and Chrissie seemed quite upbeat, despite what had happened with her ex. She said that she had come to the conclusion that maybe she was destined to be single which made us both laugh.

After a few miles we left the main road and started heading out into the countryside, passing through villages which had the winter suns glow on them. As I looked over I could see that Chrissies denim jacket was gaping open around one of the buttons and she was naked underneath. She looked over and caught me looking, she did nothing but giggle and then start to use one hand to open her jacket up.

“Your boobs still look as good as ever.”

“Why, thank you, it’s always nice to be appreciated.”

After a while Chrissie pulled up at the side of a field. Given that it was winter there wasn’t much cover other than the hedge which was about 6 foot high and quite dense. Chrissie climbed over the gate to the field followed by me. Once on the other side she stopped and took her jacket off and then her shorts, leaving just the small ankle boots that she had one. Not one to be outdone I took off my fleece jacket and t-shirt followed by my shorts. Chrissie stood watching and smiling,

“Its been a long time Pete hasn’t it.”

“It certainly has I said.”

The cold winter air pinched at our bodies as we stood staring at each other as if we had never done it before.

“Come on, standing here we’ll just get cold.”

With that we set off as Chrissie led and I followed on behind. I watched her cute butt as it wiggled along wishing that there was some where warm that we could stop. I must admit that I hadn’t been here before and wondered by Chrissie had chosen it. After a while I could see why, there in the distance was an old farm house which looked unoccupied. As we got nearer to it Chrissie turned round and smiled at me.

“Almost there Pete, hopefully you’re not too cold.”

I could see her nipples were sticking out and although it was cold my cock had done its best not to disappear completely.

When we got to the farm house I could see that although it was derelict the windows were all intact and it had a roof that wasn’t full of holes. Chrissie told me that she had seen the farm house some weeks previously and had ventured across to it just to make sure it was derelict and not used, shew said that as far as she had found out it wasn’t used but she wasn’t 100% sure. Chrissie neared the back door of the farm house and saw that nilüfer escort it was shut, bizarrely she knocked on it and waited.

“What are you doing?”

“Just making sure no one’s in.”

We both laughed as it was clear no one had lived in the house for some time.

Chrissie then twisted the door knob and the door opened. The house was quiet and dust covered as many surfaces as it was possible to cover. We walked around the house checking that no one was there and feeling the simple warmth of being inside a house and not outside in the chilly January air. We walked upstairs and again Chrissie led the way, seeing her pussy and her arse as she walked upstairs had my cock twitching. My cock started to warm up a bit as I pulled at it and tried to bring it back to life. It then swung from side to side and my balls swung in their sack as some semblance of warmth made its way back into my body.

The bedroom at the front of the farmhouse was where Chrissie headed and it was completely empty. We then made our way to a bedroom at the back which had a bed frame in there, no mattress – not that we would have laid on it and just a broken chair in a corner. Chrissie lent over the end of the bed and her arse jutted out. I gave it a playful tap as I walked past and I looked out of the window. Nothing moved and no one was in sight for miles.

I walked back to Chrissie who was still bent over the bottom of the bed. This was a view I never thought I’d see again and here she was now stood in front of me.

Chrissie must have realised that I was looking at her.

“Enjoying the view Pete?”

“Very interesting, I need somewhere to warm my cock up.”

“Cheeky, but there’s no need to rush?”

“None at all, but your pussy looks like it needs a play.”

“Well, that goes without saying Pete.”

I stood behind her and sucked on a couple of my fingers as I stared at her pert arse. I gently inserted my fingers and Chrissie gasped as I pushed them in and out of her tight pussy.

“Go on Pete, harder, make me wet, I’ve missed your attention.”

I did as she asked and started to moved my fingers in and out of her pussy harder and faster. My cock twitched as it became erect and my ball bag tightened.

“Mmmm, this is so much better than my dildo and you have always had a way of knowing what my pussy needs Pete.”

Chrissie then groaned as I pushed my fingers deeper into her pussy. As I pulled them out I could see her juices on them and I put them in my mouth so that I could savour a taste I’d not had in months. Boy did she taste as good as ever. I went back to fingering her pussy and I could feel her move as she placed a hand between her legs and she started to rub her clit. I could feel her pussy becoming a lot wetter and she then arched her back as her pussy tightened round my fingers and I could feel her juices dribbling round them.

I removed my fingers and Chrissie stood up, she suddenly grabbed my hand and pushed the two fingers in her mouth, tasting her own juices.

She then dropped to her knees and took my erect cock in her hand, her scarlet red nails gripped round my thick shaft as she ran her tongue up and down it. Then she took it in her open mouth moving her head backwards and forwards and at one point she had just the tip in her mouth and as I looked down I saw it glistening before she started to move her head backwards and forwards on it. She even took it as far as she could in her mouth altıparmak escort before moving her head back. Her movements were controlled and she was clearly enjoying my cock. She squeezed my balls and then looked up at me as she moved her head off of my cock.

Chrissie stood up and moved back towards the end of the bed, bending over again. I moved in behind her and guided my cock into her waiting pussy. I started to slowly rock my hips backwards pushing my thick cock deep into Chrissies wet pussy. I could hear my balls slapping on Chrissies arse as I thrust in and out. Chrissies boobs slapped together almost in time with my balls slapping. I had my hands on her arse cheeks as I pushed in and out with Chrissie’s breathing getting deeper as I rocked backwards and forwards.

I could feel her push backwards on the bed so that she could feel my cock more as it went inside her. I alternated between slow thrusts and then pushing in and out of Chrissies pussy faster and harder, making her groan with every push and thrust. I then stopped at one point and she started to push herself backwards and forwards onto my cock. This was great as Chrissie was now dictating how she wanted to use my cock and was a new one on me.

She then stopped and I sucked the index finger on my left hand so that it was nice and wet and then gently inserted it into her arse hole while I pushed my cock back into her pussy. She gasped as my finger probed her tight arse and my cock thrust in her. My thrusts getting harder as I fingered her arse.

“Pete, why don’t you push that lovely, big cock of yours into my arse, I want to feel you in there.”

I moved back, taking my cock out of her pussy, it was shiny and coated with her juices. I moved my cock towards her pucked arse hole and I could see her tense up as she looked behind. I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her arse hole and then gently started to push it in, I could feel her resist.

“Chrissie, you need to relax or your lovely arse hole won’t be taking my cock anytime soon.”

“I’ve never had anal before Pete but I want to, I’m just not sure if my tiny arse hole will take your big cock.”

“Ok, well, lets take it a step at a time and see how we get on.”


I waited and then pushed a little bit more, my cock was inching its way inside her very tight arse hole. It took some time and some deep breaths by Chrissie but once it was inside I stopped and waited for her to speak to me.

“Fuck Pete, that feels so good but take it easy please.”

“Your wish is my command.”

I gently started to move backwards and forwards, this was like heaven. Her tight hole was gripping my cock as if her life depended on it. Chrissie moaned as I pushed my cock in and out and I could then feel her move a hand towards her now empty pussy so that she could play with her pussy lips and her clit as I fucked her. My balls were slapping against her and I had never felt anything this tight that my cock wished it would never end.

I could feel her tense slightly at times but she seemed to get into it more and as Chrissie relaxed I pushed a bit harder and then harder still as I got into a rhythm. Chrissie was now arching her back and pushing herself back onto my cock so that she could feel the sensation more as I fucked her arse and boy what a cute arse it is.

I pushed and pushed, balls slapping against her and I could hear her boobs slapping together as she moaned and groaned as I fucked her harder. My cock started to twitch and I could then feel the sensation as I emptied my balls deep inside her arse.

We both stopped and I slowly started to take my cock out of her arse when we both heard the door we had come in open.

Looking at each other we wondered who it was………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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