A Warm Summer’s Evening

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The evening breeze blew warm and dry. It had been a long hot day and the cold beer in his hand felt good. Especially the part where he could sip it, and feel the coolness of the liquid as he tasted and swallowed it.

The cracker box condo he lived in was adequate, but lacked any grace or style. It was just there. Like all the others. The price you pay for dense housing, he thought. He sat back in his chaise lounge chair and surveyed the panorama before him.

His balcony faced Northwest, so he got the evening sun at an odd angle, not straight on. Being on the third floor gave him a wide view of the courtyard below him and of the building opposite his. From what he could see and hear most of the people around him were young between the ages of 25 and 30 he thought. Mere children. Either renters from absentee owners or if they were the frugal type, maybe this was their first purchase.

The courtyard and balconies during the day may hold some interesting items to view. Given the age of the occupants. He had not had the opportunity yet to sample the visual pleasures that might be had. But up until now he had a life.

Something caught his attention. Across the courtyard a window illuminated. Ah yes, it must be that time.

And for a moment he could see a silhouette in the light. Of a feminine nature. A very feminine nature. At this distance it was hard for him to make out much, but what he could see interested him. From a observational point of view he felt that this might take his attention for a slice of time.

He could see that she was doing something, repeatedly. After a moment he realized she was brushing her hair. Which appeared to be long and straight. Long lingering strokes down the length of her hair. Her shadow traced across the curtain, a specter in the fading light. Sipping his beer he turned to watch, wondering if she knew the image she was sharing with the courtyard. He glanced around and saw that he was the only person outside.

All at once the shadow and light was gone. To bad he thought, and gave consideration to going inside.

A moment or so later a vision appeared in the courtyard. A vision of long silky auburn hair, pale skin and dressed to slay all comers.

She could not have been more than 25.

She had a bust if she was not careful, it could put your eye out.

A flat tummy exposed to his appraisal.

She had legs up to her neck.

A pair of those nasty fuck-me shoes.

And a skirt that if it was any shorter – it’d been a belt.

In the back of his over tasked mind his senses registered that his beer was slowly sliding out of his hand. He was not that distracted. Getting a grip on the bottle, he raised it to his lips and in a moment of curious symmetry, caught her eye and raised the bottle in friendly acknowledgment.

Her eyes met his and for a moment she smiled as if just for him. He was dazzled.

But tried to remain calm under fire.

As she walked on he followed her with his eyes, her glutes moving beneath that shirt sleeve that passed for a skirt.

When she passed from view, he tipped up his beer. Drained it.

A man can work up a powerful thirst in the evening, he smiled to himself and went in to get a second beer.

Opening the fridge he pulled out the next victim and twisted the top off. Fitting the top between his thumb and index finger, he flipped it towards the recycle box. It floated across the room landing in the box with a reassuring “clink”.

He was just about to go back to his chair when the doorbell rang.

He opened the door, revealing the most striking set of green eyes he had ever seen.

“So any more where that one came from?”, she asked motioning at his beer…

“uhh, yeah sure…” , he stammered, not expecting either her or the question.

“My name is Candace, I saw you on the balcony with you cold beer, looking so inviting, so I thought I would come up and see if you were as inviting as you looked…”

“Henry – come in if you like – I’ll Alanya Escort Bayan get you that beer…”

His mind reeled… He was in a state of shock, not expecting anything like this to happen – at least of all to him.

He called out from the kitchen, ” Would you like a glass? “

“No bottle’s fine…”, came the reply.

He went to flip the bottle cap into the bin – and misfired – it bounced off his forehead and onto the floor.

* giggle *

He tossed it into the bin and brought her the bottle.

“So were you only going to worship me from afar? Yes I’ve seen you watching me comb my hair out…” , she tossed her head slightly, causing her auburn tresses to shimmer in the light.

“ummm, wellll I had hoped to meet you at some point, and I’ve seen you around the complex. But… ”

“but what? You think I might not go for an older guy like you?”

“Well yes, a hot sweet number like you must have plenty of young stu-, er, guys looking to hook up.”

“That’s the fucking problem!” She exclaimed. ” All of the guys my age are jerks!

“They only want me for one thing… Not that I mind the one thing.” She grinned at him slyly.

She tipped the bottle to her lips and drank down a swallow. exposing her neck pale white neck. His eyes followed it down to the neck line of her form fitting tank top. He found it difficult to resist the draw of her soft cleavage. He found it even more difficult to maintain eye contact.

They had sat down on opposite ends of the couch.

” So what made you come up here? Certainly not some middle-aged guy drinking a beer on his balcony…”

“No it wasn’t that” she replied. Drained her beer and began picking at the label.

“I wanted to talk to a guy that was interested in something else beside S&D&R&R”


“Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll”

“Oh ok…”

“I wanted to see if you might have a broader view of life.”

You think I believe that there’s more to life than news weather and sports?”

She smiled and re-crossed her legs, in his direction then tugged at her skirt.

“Well there is… I just want to find it.”

He got up and went over to the stereo and put on some blues music, He turned to se her rolling the empty bottle between her knees.

“Sorry to be blunt, but since we don’t know each other very well, I have to say you’re sending me mixed messages, you’re saying one thing and doing something else”

She stopped rolling the bottle and looked at him.

“hmmm, yes I am aren’t I… I want more, but… I am very horny right now…”

She leaned back on the couch, causing her skirt to slide up and revealing her lack of panties.

“So very horny…”

She began to touch herself, all the while holding his eyes with hers. He sat back down across from her in stunned silence. His arousal very apparent.

Her skirt was up around her waist and she opened her legs wide, giving him an un obstructed view of her sex. A tiny wisp of pubic hair indicated the top of her pussy.

Her eyes gradually became hooded as she began to lose control to her touch. grasping the bottle, she began to tease herself with it.

A low moan escaped her and she slid the top of the bottle inside of herself.

She closed her eyes and began bucking her hips, fucking herself with the bottle.

Henry drank the rest of his beer, watching her please herself, in total disbelief.

She began moan louder and seemed to ride the wave of a mildly intense orgasm.

After she subsided, she held his eyes again. She removed the bottle, ran her tongue around the top and then slid it into her mouth. She then put it on the table.

Henry thought oh my god…

Standing up, a bit wobbly, she slid her skirt down her body, bending over and giving him a view from behind. Showing him her round full moon ass. She peeked around at him flashing him a wicked smile.

She turned and walked over to him. Dropping to her knees and she Alanya Escort reached for his legs. Grasping them firmly, she opened them wide, allowing her hands to slide up his thighs.

She leaned in, all the while holding his gaze with hers. Her hands wandered up the legs of his shorts. He could feel her fingers sliding across his skin, light as a feather and nimble they were. It made the hair on his body stand up at attention.

All at once she found her objective. He was hard and warm. She could feel his nut sack, filled with cum. He gasped at her touch, his head lolling back on the couch.

Grasping him in one hand, she yanked down his fly with the other and his pulsing erection emerged, she held it as if a prize.

All at once he could feel her lips on the tip of his cock. Then her tongue. It slid around the underside of his shaft. In the back of his mind it dawned on him, she may have down this before. And than she might be enjoying doing it now.

“mfmuck my mufh” she said.


“fuck my mouth!” she repeated.

Oh god yes he thought.

She placed his hands on either side of her hand, and he did her bidding. His hips thrust up ward and she met him stroke for stroke.

She took him deep into her mouth, he could feel her throat opening up to envelope him. Sensation began to rise within him.

He tried to hang on, but it was hopeless. Candace, naked in front of him, breasts swaying in rhythm to the oral pleasure she was giving, on her knees no less, simply blew him over the top.

All at once he groaned the groan of a man with a load of cum to expel.

And expel it he did.

She took some of him in her mouth, the rest she directed at her face and onto her breasts. H

After he subsided and caught his breath, he watched her rub his seed into her skin. Her hands smoothing the sticky cum into her breasts and and upper chest. She paid close attention her nipples, teasing them to small, tight, erect points. Her hands wandered across her body, familiar with every curve and nuance.

Her eyes never left his.

She licked her fingers sucking them clean, slowly one digit at a time.

She laid back on the floor and beckoned to him. Her legs opened wide as an invitation for him to partake.

His shock and doubt had given way to desire and abandon. Laying between her thighs, he tasted her pussy. He found her to be as woman should be and began to tease her pussy lips with his tongue. Her hands reached down to his head and she began to press him closer to her.

Her legs wrapped around his back and he could feel the heels of her “fuck me” shoes touching his back. He let his hands wander under her legs, cupping her ass, kneading it., he found her rosebud and teased it with his thumb before penetrating her briefly.

She reacted by pushing against his thumb, causing it to go deeper.

His tongue found her clit. He swirled around it teasing it gently, but firmly eliciting moans of pleasure from deep inside of her.

He had not touched her tits yet, They seemed to him to be so pure and perfect. Alabaster mounds, crowned with deep pink points of pleasure. His eyes traversed her shaven mound and smooth belly, and drank in the gently wobbling sight.

She removed a hand from his head and pinched, pulled and twisted a nipple.

He applied very light pressure with his lips around her clit with his lips and sucked hard, causing her hips to thrust up at him.

“Mmmm… yessss… please… just like that …” she growled, “fuck me with your tongue”

He felt her begin loose control, she began thrashing her arms and legs.

” Yes…. yes… YES….. OH GOD YES!!!” she cried out between deep breaths.

Al at once he found his face covered in her juices. He had not expected that and could not hide his surprise. But he did not mind really, it just was not something he had expected.

Breathing hard she twisting around and kissed his lips, chin cheek, hell she just kissed Escort Alanya all over his face wherever her juices were.

His hands found her body and pressed it to his, her breasts squeezed tightly against him.

“An un-expected treat there my dear”

“Oh I hope it’s OK”, she replied.

“I was surprised, but not offended, I’ve just not see or experienced it before. I’d heard about it”

“Mmmm, nice…”she said,”You eat pussy almost as good as some women I know, who ever taught you, I would like to thank them, personally”

“Practice makes perfect”

“I see…”

He reached out to caress her perfect breast, she covered his hand with hers, guiding it to where she felt best.

“I’m still horny as hell”, she said

He began to feel his arousal beginning to return, the touch of her hand on his hardening cock caused it to jerk, and point at her.

‘mmmmm, you’re getting me going Henry..”, she said caressing him, “You going to fuck me with this?”

“You want me to?”

“In the worst way”

She separated herself from him, got up on her knees and presented her ass to him. A clear indication that he would have any access he wanted. He knelt behind her bending his body over hers, feeling the heat of her against his skin. She pressed her ass against him, seeking his cock. She reached between her legs to guide him into her. He felt her wetness envelope him almost pulling him inside of her.

A moan of pleasure escaped her as he found the depths of her sex.

Withdrawing he could feel her clenching on his shaft, he pulled out, and teased her lips with the tip of his penis, feeling the wetness and the cooling of the evening air on his skin.

“Give it to me… ” she whispered, “Give it to me now”

“Here?”, he asked plunging back inside of her.

“ohhhh yes….”

“Or here…”

She felt his withdrawal, followed by pressure against her ass.

She gasped, and then replied ” oh please yes, but …”

“Yes I’ll go slow to start.”

She pressed back against him and his cock began to enter her nether region. She whimpered as he filled her. And then backed up.

He pulled her towards him until her buttocks pressed against him. Her ass muscles flexed around his cock, and he almost came right there. She ground against him, seeking her release.

He pulled back…

And then in…


and then in…

Candace met his every thrust, pushing back against him abandoning herself to him. Her ass flexing around his cock was causing him to lose his control. Welling up deep within him he could feel his release coming on.

Within the roar of his rising passion, he could also tell she was close to her release as she was now pounding her ass against him.

Between breaths she whispered, “cum with me….”

This drove him over the edge. His cock exploded inside of her, which in turn caused her release.

“yes… Oh yes… OH GOD YES…” she screamed.

He continued to push against her as he subsided, her orgasmic shudders weakening. They collapsed on the floor, bathed in sweat, in the failing sunlight. His arms wrapped around he and he pulled her close against his body. His cock slid out of her ass as she tuned to face him, her breasts pressed against his chest, head on his shoulder.

They slept for a time, he was not sure how long. When he awoke. she was gone.

He stood up and looked around for her in the apartment.

Nowhere to be found.

“Shit” he thought.

He pulled on his shorts and wandered into the kitchen and open the fridge.

He pulled his last beer out and twisted the cap off. He turned and snapped it across the room, bouncing it off the wall and into the recycle bin.

He went out on the balcony that overlooked the courtyard. It was now fully dark and the lights illuminated the grounds courtyard. Several of the units across from him had lights on. His eye wandered to where he had seen her silhouette earlier.

The light was on.

And he could see her.

Combing her hair.

He thought for a moment. Closed his eyes, seeing in his mind her writhing body. flushed with passion.

He sipped his beer…

and pondered the possibilities.



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