A Week of Pleasurable Horror Ch. 03

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Hushed voices woke me up. With the recent events I was on alert immediately and started to carefully slide down the couch and crawled around it to find a nice little hiding spot. I did not want to be discovered, I did not want to be taken and abused, and I needed to get out of here. ‘Oh please don’t let them see me’, I begged in my thoughts and curled up into a tight little ball, wanting to disappear.

Footsteps coming closer, my breathing shallower with fear, desperately trying not to shake for fear of making a noise that would tell them where I was hiding. Then it was quiet.

‘Maybe they’re gone now and I’m safe.’ With the fear subsiding, I carefully opened my eyes and started to look up. “Oh God, Nooo,” I gasped as I directly looked in a hooded man’s face leaning over the couch towards my little hiding spot. He laughed evilly and I crawled backwards quickly, trying to escape. I bumped against a strong pair of legs, my head falling backwards to look up. Another hooded man standing there over me, laughing evilly at me as well.

Before Kartal escort bayan I could say or do anything, he grabbed my arms and pulled me up so hard that I stood in the air for a couple seconds. I winced with surprise and pain only to be hushed by their evil laughter. He began to drag me out from behind my little hiding spot towards the large mahogany table. I still have no idea what I was thinking at that point, but I started to struggle against his grip on me, trying to break free. I kicked and kicked at his legs. “Damn you slut!” The other man came over to help his buddy. Both of them dragged me towards the mahogany table. One of them cleared the table; the other ripped away my bathrobe. They were so quick; I had no chance of escape.

“You will pay for that you bitch!” the man I kicked moments ago yelled. Before I could do or say something he picked me up with his strong arms and literally threw me onto the mahogany table so hard that it took my breath away. Tears started to flow over my face, but I did not dare say Escort Kartal anything, hoping they would just leave me alone.

Quickly my hands were tied behind my back with a rough rope that cut into my wrists. One of the men pulled me and slid my across the table so that my upper body was supported by the table, but my lower was not. The table was just high enough for my feet to be unable to reach the floor, so one of the men started to tie my dangling feet to the table legs. I was spread just right for them to do what they wished.

Now one of the hooded men pinned my upper body to the table’s surface hard. I could not move at all. “You will learn to obey, bitch!” the other man howled at me; his rough strong hand now massaging my bare ass cheeks, and then moving between them probingly. I could not help but moan, getting all hot and wet. He immediately thrust 2 fingers into my dripping wet pussy so hard that I thought he would tear me apart. I winced and moaned at the same time. Fast and hard he proceeded to fuck my love hole with his Kartal Rus Escort thick strong fingers. It hurt, he was fucking so hard, but I loved it so much that I was about ready to cum. “Ohhhhhhhhhh, m-m-more,” I begged. With that the fingers withdrew from my soaked, throbbing love tunnel. Frustrated, I continued to beg for him to make me cum. All I got was silence, but I continued to beg. I cried and begged and cried and begged.

“Swoosh” An all too familiar sound, as a switch cut the air sharply. It bit the flesh of my ass cheeks so hard that my upper body jerked upwards, despite the other man pinning me down. It stung so much it took my breath away, no sound escaped my lips, but tears were flowing freely over my face, my fists clenched, my toes curled at the tremendous pain wave that swept through my body like electricity. I did not have enough time to realize and enjoy the sensations it caused on my pussy, as the switch struck again just below the first. I was screaming with pain now, but the switch came down on my poor ass and upper thighs relentlessly, each strike biting deeper and harder. Through my screams I was begging for him to stop, it hurt so bad, so unbearably bad. It did not matter to the hooded men and the switch continued its torture on my ass and upper thighs until I could take no more and passed out.

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