A Weekend in the Country Ch. 06

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A rumble of thunder awakened me. I lay on my side, aware of my mom’s soft, warm body pressed up against me, listening to the sound of constant thunder coming from the west. An overnight thunderstorm, what we call “pop up storms”, had developed and was moving our way. I turned over and picked my cell phone up off the bedside table and glanced at the time, 3:37AM. Damn it, I thought. I hate waking up that early in the morning because usually when I do I can’t get back to sleep. I loaded the weather app on my phone and pulled up a current radar. There was a storm headed our way, no doubt about it, and a large one at that. The center of the cell was a large red spot which means it could get very intense if it holds together.

I put the phone back on the table then turned back over, draping my arm over my mom’s hips, when suddenly the window curtains billowed out away from the window and a gust of cold air filled the room. The storm was a lot closer than I had thought. I got up out of bed and went over to close the window. The wind was already blowing and if the rain came, as it was almost certain to do, things were going to get wet, my mom included since the window was on her side of the bed That was when I saw our cars were parked in the driveway. These overnight storms usually moved through the area quickly, but they can also be quite nasty. High winds, hard rain and hail.

Three years earlier I had left my car parked outside and the hail from one of those pop up storms had destroyed it, the insurance company totaling out the vehicle. There was only one thing to do, move the cars inside the barn. I got out of bed as quietly as could so as not to wake my mom. I grabbed my cell phone and used the screen light to search the floor for my shorts before remembering that they were still downstairs on the living room floor. Making my way down the stairs I found my shorts and slipped them on. My keys were in the ignition of my car. When I’m in the country I always leave them in the ignition. There’s no reason to take them out because there’s nobody around. I assumed my mom’s keys were in her purse. I went in to the kitchen and turned on the light and saw my mom’s purse on the table. I opened it up and retrieved her keys then headed out the door.

It was just beginning to rain as I made my way across the yard to the barn. I was hoping the heavy stuff would hold off until I got the barn door open and the cars inside. I could hear the rain picking up, banging on the sheet metal roof as I slid the barn door open. I moved my mom’s car in first then pulled mine in behind hers as the rain continued to increase. I closed the barn door behind the cars and just as I got to the walk-in door the skies opened up. The wind picked up speed and the rain came down in sheets. I ran across the yard towards the house but by the time I made it to the porch I was soaking wet and cold. Once inside I kicked my shorts off and draped them over one of the coat hooks that hang next to the door, then grabbed a towel and dried off, shivering from the drop in temperature and the cold rain, before going back up stairs.

I crawled back in to bed, pulled the blankets up and cuddled up as close to my mom’s body as possible. I was wide awake now and the idea of going back to sleep anytime soon was just wishful thinking. My mom moved as I lay close to her, turning over on her tummy. I placed my hand on her back softly and just lay there listening to the wind and rain. I wasn’t really thinking anything in particular when I became aware of my hand caressing my mom’s back as she slept. This awareness brought ordu seks hikayeleri me back to reality, the reality that I was lying naked next to my mom who was sleeping peacefully after a full evening of having sex with me, and I felt my cock glide across my thigh as it began to swell and lengthen. I ran my hand down my mom’s back and across her ass as I became fully erect. My mom has a very nicely shaped ass. Whether she was dressed in jeans, shorts, dress or skirt didn’t matter. More than once I’d caught men, and a few women, checking out my mom’s ass a few years ago, and they still do.

I slid my hand down her ass and towards the inside of her thighs. In the dark and under the covers I couldn’t tell if her legs were opened wide enough to slide my hand between them and touch her, but I hoped that they were; no such luck. Slowly I slid my foot between her feet at the end of the bed begin pulling her left leg towards me; hoping I wouldn’t wake her. As her legs begin to part I let my hand creep down between them. I didn’t need much room to get my hand down where I wanted it to be and slow inch by slow inch I was slowly getting the room I needed. After what seemed like an hour, but in reality was only a minute or so, I felt the soft mound of flesh that I was seeking. Her pussy was soft, warm and slightly moist to the touch. No doubt this was due, in part, to the fact that she’d been wet with excitement the entire evening, had cum more than once and been fucked right before she went to sleep. The thought that my mom lay sleeping with some of my cum still inside her pussy caused my cock to throb with excitement.

I slipped my finger between the lips of her cunt and slowly moved it in a circular motion. As I continued to massage her in this manner she moaned a little and spread her legs a little farther apart. I thought perhaps she had awakened but to my delight she had not. I continued so finger her and after a few more minutes I felt a wetness cover the tip of my finger. I massaged her more as the wetness began to increase until my fingertip was easily gliding up and down and around her pussy. She softly moaned again as my finger found her clit and began to massage it. As she slept I continued to massage her clit, which was now swollen and sensitive. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could make her cum in her sleep, I thought as I continued to touch her. Making her cum while she slept, or rather, making her wake up because she was cumming would be so erotic! As I slipped the tip of my finger inside of her I heard her softly moan again. A few seconds later another soft moan came from her throat followed by a soft whimper. Mom begin to softly moan when I returned my finger to her clit. She begin to move her hips ever so slightly as she turned her head from one side to the other so she was now facing me. I slowed the speed at which I was touching her, thinking she may be awake but the rhythm of her breathing told me she was still asleep. I pressed my finger against her clit and moved it in a circular motion.

“Oh, Rhys…” she moaned.

She was dreaming! I don’t know exactly what she was dreaming but she’d just moaned my name in her sleep. I pressed my fingertip against her clit a little harder, moved it a little faster.

“Oh…Rhys..” she moaned again as her hips begin to move a little more forceful, a little more steady.

I felt her body tense and begin to lightly tremble. I could feel her warm breath on my face as it began to change from deep, rhythmic sleep to a more shallow and rapid breath. My cock began to ache and feel as if it would burst as I realized that I was going to make her cum while she slept, and I felt her body spasm.

“OH…UH…MMMPH..MMMPH!” were the sounds coming from her as she opened her eyes.

“Good, early morning”, I whispered to her as the fog of sleep dissipated. A mischievous smile crept across my face, “Did you sleep well?” I asked.

I felt her arm move beneath the blankets, searching for a moment until she found my swollen cock. Her hand was warm, almost hot, as she wrapped it around me and began stroking me.

A small, sleepy smile appeared on her lips as she closed her eyes and quietly mumbled something.

“Hmm?” I asked?

She opened her eyes, that sleepy smile appearing on her face, “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me.”, she said as she closed her eyes.

I rolled over on top of her, pushing the blankets down around my waist as she spread her legs. I reached down and guided the tip of my cock to her wet slit, easily sliding inside of her. She lifted her hips a little as I pushed myself farther inside of her until my balls were pressed tightly against her body. I could feel the bottom of her pussy touching the end of my shaft.

“Oh god, that feels so good,” she moaned. “You’re in so deep.” she whispered as she raised her hips a little higher and causing the my tip to press harder against the bottom of her cunt.

I begin to fucking her with long, slow strokes, sliding out of her until just the tip of my member was barely penetrating her, then sliding slowly all the way back inside of her and pushing at the last second so that I would touch the bottom of her silky canal. Each slow stroke in and out of her brought me closer and closer to emptying my cum filled balls inside of her. I pushed down inside of her, touching inside of her again, and stopped moving. I just kept my full weight centered on my cock, centered in her pussy, maintaining the contact between tip of cock and bottom of cunt. An involuntary moan came from me as she squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles.

“Good?”, she asked, squeezing me again.

“Wonderful.”, I replied as she squeezed me again.

She began squeezing me in a steady rhythm as I began taking very short strokes, an inch or less, inside of her. I increased the speed of my short strokes and as I did so she increased the speed at which she’d squeeze my cock with her love muscle.

With a voice between a moan and a groan I told her, “Mom, I’m going to cum.”

“Mmmmmmmm, you’re so deep, son.”


I pulled my cock almost all the way out of her then slammed back in to her as hard as I could.

“GOD!” she shouted as my cock struck bottom.

“GOD!” she shouted again as I rammed my cock inside of her and slowly started to withdraw.

“That almost hurts but it feels go…FUCK”, she shouted.

Hearing my mom shout like that as I rammed her pussy with all the thrust I could manage filled me with that animalistic lust. I wanted to fuck this woman and I wanted to fuck her hard. I wanted to hear her scream as I filled her with my meat.

“You like it hard?” I asked, as I slammed inside of her again.

“Oh..oh yes..I like it a …FUCK! Oh fuck! Do me hard again…do me…hard..FUCK!

Now I’d settled in to a steady flow, slow withdraw, hard slam back in.

“Don’t stop son…don’t..FUCK…God that feel ..OH…don’t stop, I’m going…FUCK…C..!!” she screamed as a slammed in to her once again.

The slow strokes were gone and now I was frantically fucking her, ramming in to her as hard as I could.

“You going cum all over my cock, mom?” I asked, slamming her again.

“Y…YES” she shouted. “I’m going to…C, Cu…OHHHHH!” she wailed.

Hearing her cry like that from the pleasure my cock was giving her, I thrust inside her one more time just as I felt the cum racing from my balls and through my cock. The tip of me was pressed hard against the inside of her body just as my cum gushed out.

“MOM…OH FUCK MOM…GOD, I LOVE YOU,” I shouted as I pumped what felt like a quart of my sperm deep inside of her. Spasm after spasm, stream after stream of hot, sticky cum flowed out of me. The intensity of the contractions caused my head to pound. I arched my back in a vain attempt to push more of me inside of her. My desire to feel her body wrapped around me was so strong that had I been able to slid my balls in her, I would have. Such was the satisfaction and pleasure she had given me that my cock began to go soft almost as soon as the last drop of come had been pumped from me, and I collapsed on top of her, pulse pounding and out of breath.

“I can feel your cum inside of me.”, she whispered as I lay upon her, catching my breath.

By now the thunderstorm had passed and the sky was brightening. I don’t know when, or how long the storm lasted. Time had lost all meaning from the moment my hand slid between my mom’s legs until now.

I climbed off of her and went to the window, the one I’d closed earlier, to look and see what may or may not be coming from the west. As I stood at the window my mom turned over on her side, reaching out she cupped my balls in her hand.

“I was having a dream about us when I woke up.” she said as she cupped my balls. Then, reaching up and wrapping her hand around my flaccid member she said, “In my dream we were coming out of something like a Broadway show, a musical or something like that. The car was parked in one of those multi-level parking garages. When we got to the car you came around and opened the door for me but as I was getting in the car you turned me to face you, pushed me down in the seat, pushed my dress up around my waist, pushed my panties to the side and started licking me. I kept telling you not to do that right there but you didn’t stop. When I started to feel like I was going to cum I stopped telling you to stop. Then, in my dream I really did start to cum.”

Smiling down at her I asked, “Is that when you woke up; when you started to cum?”

“Kind of,” she replied. “I was cumming when I woke up. It took me a few seconds to realize that I wasn’t having a wet dream. I really was cumming and that what was your tongue, in my dream, was really your fingers.” She pulled me closer to the bed, using my dick as a handle, then leaned forward and placed a very light kiss on the tip of my cock. “What a lovely way to wake up and start the day.”

Reaching down and caressing her breast I replied, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Son, do you want to make my morning even better?” she asked with sly smile on her face.

Even though my cock was completely satisfied I felt it twinge deep inside. “Sure.” I answered.

“Go down stairs and start the coffee. I’ll be down in a minute.” she said as she gave my cock one final little tug.

“Damn, woman. That’s almost mean!” I announced in mock indignation. Leaning down I kissed her lips, then placed a soft kiss on each nipple. “The coffee will be ready in a few minutes.”

I took a quick glance out the window as I stood and turned to leave the room. I could see the back edge of the storm that had rolled through. It would pass over in another hour or two and become a bright, sunny day. The rest of the day was going to be as beautiful as the morning had been so far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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