A Woman’s Fantasy Fulfilled

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A few years ago I connected online with a very imaginative and highly sexed woman. Through correspondence we found that we shared many fantasies and jointly decided to meet for an evening of enjoyment. It was beautiful and exciting. Afterward we collaborated on writing down what we did and what we felt. The relationship went on for a couple years and involves many, many terrific memories. This account was titled by “Sarah” (both our names are fictional in the story).

* * * * *

When I answered the anonymised ad in the “Singles Partyline” and was attracted by the mystery lady’s words. I never knew that she would one day begin to reveal to me her innermost desires and fantasies. I am 48 years old and have known many women but have never known one who would open up her libido like a book. I have always been fascinated with the fact that women have fantasies but keep them “secretly clothed”. Although a woman may bare her body for you I have found it rare that one will bare her soul.

As Sarah and I began to correspond via e-mail, I was fascinated with her free expression of her inner-most sexuality and fantasies. In my wildest imagination I never thought we would actually ever meet, touch and hold each other in our arms.

FROM SARAH: ***I responded to his reply with a little hesitation. He had a refreshing sense of humor and if nothing else, would make for an interesting e-mail friend. I am 34 and didn’t realize then, that within two weeks, this man would have me totally intrigued.

FROM JIM: ***If someone had told me that only a couple weeks after making e-mail contact with Sarah we would be together in a motel room fulfilling one of her fantasies I would not have believed it. Our e-mail correspondence was the first thing to take an interesting turn. Sarah suggested that we compile a fantasy together, in writing, by each of us adding segments. “The Sales Call” which I have posted here is the actual compilation of our story we wrote together.

FROM SARAH: ***With our frequent writings, we had talked about everything under the sun. Our last topic of conversation was fantasies. He had asked about mine and I told him about a situation I had often thought of. His reply was that of a similar situation. I wondered what would happen if the two were combined, and suggested we give it a try.

FROM JIM: ***At the beginning of our e-mailings we agreed that we would not meet. About ten days later when we had compiled this hotly erotic story together, Sarah told me that although she had said she did not want to meet initially that she was having a change of mind. She said she had thought of a fantasy which she had and which she was considering fulfilling with me if I were willing. She asked me how much of a risk taker I was and I told her I like adventure.

FROM SARAH: ***Throughout our writings, I found that we were very much alike. After initially not wanting to meet, I began to realize that this particular man could very well play a very important part in a fantasy which I have had for some time. But would he be willing? This was not an average fantasy, and not one to which just any man would agree. He would be taking a risk of being put into a situation where he wouldn’t know whether or not he liked it until it was too late.

FROM JIM: ***Sarah’s fantasy was that she wanted to meet me *just for sex* without ever having met face to face beforehand. She said she had other “surprises” if I were interested.

FROM SARAH: ***The fantasy in my mind was becoming more and more vivid and the thought more and more intriguing. But there was a problem. In order for it to work, I couldn’t tell him all the details. For if I did, it would not be spontaneous, and the fantasy would become just another play. He would have to trust me. Could he? Would he? I knew I would have to *make* him interested, so I created a few “catches” in order to appeal to his curiosity.

FROM JIM: ***Thoughts began flashing through my mind. Positive thoughts included the knowledge I had gained of Sarah that she was a highly erotic and expressive woman. She not only had fantasies but could describe them in some detail and with clarity. Negative thoughts included the possibility that Sarah had fantasies because there was something “undesirable” about her. She might be physically unattractive in some way or might have a severely low self image.

FROM SARAH: ***Before approaching him with this, I wondered what he would think of me, and what he might think *I* thought of myself. I also thought of the possibility that we might not be physically attracted to one another upon meeting and decided to read over our previous letters. I was definitely attracted to this man and I told myself it didn’t matter what he looked like. But what if he didn’t feel the same way? I eagerly awaited his reply. Adventure won.

FROM JIM: ***After weighing all the possibilities (including that she might be “dangerous”) I decided that I was truly an adventurer. I began to adjust my Manavgat Escort Bayan business travel schedule so that I may schedule the meeting. Several days later it was scheduled and I was driving to a motel in a suburb of a large Midwestern city.

FROM SARAH: ***He agreed and the reservation was made. There were some last minute preparations which would have to be taken care of. I scheduled the day off in order to assure things would go smoothly.

FROM JIM: ***Sarah and I were to meet at a nice motel located in a middle class suburb at an interstate highway exit. I was somewhat familiar with the area. As I drove toward it on the interstate I was surprisingly calm. I was thinking positive thoughts about meeting Sarah face to face or “body-to-body” as it were.

FROM SARAH: ***Packing my overnight bag, making sure I had everything, I was much more calm and together than I had anticipated. This would be a good night. On the way to the motel, I made a few stops. We would need something to drink and something to eat, nothing alcoholic, this was a night for sobriety, a night we’d want to remember. The food had to be light, so fruit (grapes and strawberries) was an excellent choice.

FROM JIM: ***Sarah had told me that her fantasy centered around the scenario that we would meet in the room in such a way that we would not lay eyes on each other until we were totally naked in each other’s arms. She also said there was another surprise having to do with our “initial conversation”. I, of course, wondered what Sarah looked like. Was there a reason she did not want to make eye contact before we made body contact? I wondered. Did it matter? I decided not. She had given me instructions on locating her car in the motel lot and how to enter it and get the room key and further instructions from an envelope she would have there. In my mind’s eye I envisioned going to her room and that she would be in the bathroom with the door closed as I disrobed. We would talk about something, I didn’t know what. Then, I would open the door to the bathroom and she would be standing there naked and we would embrace. That is the image I had. Although her physical attributes were a wondrous mystery I knew it wouldn’t matter either way because Sarah had proven to be a wonderfully erotic woman.

FROM SARAH: ***As I entered the room and looked around, a few adjustments to the original plan would have to be made. Nonetheless it would work out just fine. As I proceeded to do what was necessary, I wondered at what he might be thinking. Would he show up or have a change of heart at the last minute? In either case, I was there and I proceeded as planned.

FROM JIM: ***We were to meet at 7:00 p.m. and spend the night together. As I reached the exit and located the motel it was 6:40. I was somewhat apprehensive that I may be too early, perhaps even beating her there. As I approached the very large, three story motel I immediately spotted her car parked near the lot entrance. I grinned; Sarah had thought of everything. I had easily detected in our e-mail that Sarah was a highly intelligent woman. I would not have to drive around searching for her car.

FROM SARAH: ***I arrived extra early for various reasons, one being the fact that he may show up early. The other being that I needed the time to prepare.

FROM JIM: ***The lot was relatively empty. I had my choice of parking spaces. Being early I parked next to her car and sat there for a few moments, smoking a cigarette. It was a beautiful day. We had a couple nice, warm spring days last week and last Tuesday when Sarah and I met, it was unusually warm and sunny for this time of April. I looked at the motel. It looked like a nice place. It was large and stately. Many windows pointed toward the lot where I sat and I wondered if Sarah might be at one of the windows monitoring her car to watch me enter it for the envelope. It would be unfair if she allowed herself to evaluate me before I had the chance to see her. I doubted she would do that. Finally, the suspense was overcoming me and I decided to follow her instructions, enter her car and read what was in the envelope. As I looked into her car window, the envelope sat conspicuously on the passenger seat. I opened her car door, took the envelope and locked her car. I went back to my car and opened the envelope. Inside was a greeting card with a design on the front which related to some element of our e-mail conversation. I grinned. “I am liking her more and more already”, I thought to myself.

FROM SARAH: ***After parking the car, I retrieved the card from my bag and placed it on the seat in plain view. I wondered at what his reaction would be.

FROM JIM: ***I opened the card and inside was her typed note to me plus a little motel receipt slip which showed her room number. It was on the third floor. My eyes looked up and scanned the third floor level windows to see if a female face were at one of them. I did not see any. Then I read the contents Manavgat Escort of her note: “Good Evening, Mr. Baker 🙂 GLAD YOU COULD MAKE IT! 🙂 When you arrive at the door, knock twice, wait 30 seconds and enter. Once you are inside, immediately remove all your clothes and proceed towards the bathroom, where you will then see the back of me. Do whatever is necessary to get the front of your body against the back of mine. Once your arms are around me, I will turn around and reveal myself to you. Oh yes…..the “catch” 🙂 > I want you to tell me…EXACTLY what you are thinking…and what you are feeling…from the minute you open the door… until the time that our bodies are pressed together. > Since it would not be fair for you to be in this predicament alone, I will answer any question you direct my way. > “Are you feeling a touch of anxiety, yet?” > 🙂

FROM JIM: ***As a matter of fact, I was not feeling the anxiety I had expected. I was *very* amused at the note. This was a woman with class and with a sense of humor and with a very vivid imagination. I was now, less than ever, mindful of her appearance. Her soul was what I was after. I was also amused with her fantasy. It was actually pretty close to what I had anticipated. This was obviously a woman who wanted, this one time, to be *in control* of the situation. As a male this has never bothered me. In fact, in matters sexual, I have found that when the woman is given total freedom she responds so hotly it makes sex almost unbelievable. I was loving it already. I looked at my watch. It was only 6:45. I decided to enter the motel and get myself out of the parking lot. Just in case Sarah might look out the window at some point, I figured I’d reduce the likelihood that she’d see me there. I entered the lobby and walked to the elevator and soon was on the third floor. Room 321 was right next to the elevator alcove and I passed by the door. It was silent. I noticed that the room was oriented in such a way that it faced toward the lot. Based on the orientation and where the car was parked she could have been looking out the window. It was early and so I took the elevator back downstairs, lit a cigarette and walked back outside into the sunlight. I walked under the entryway verandah and out into the lot and looked up. Nope, she couldn’t see her car or that part of the lot from her window because the large verandah structure blocked the view. I walked back inside and finished my cigarette and looked at my watch. It was 6:50. Time was going horribly slow. I went back to the elevator and returned to the third floor. The elevator doors opened and my heart immediately began to pound. I looked down at my shirt and it was fluttering like it was being blown by a sea breeze. I walked hesitantly toward the door and knocked twice. I looked at my watch and watched 30 seconds tick off and my heart was pounding about three times a second. I placed the key into the doorknob and turned.

FROM SARAH: ***At 6:30, everything was in place, I was ready and patiently waiting. The time went by slowly as I referred to the clock often. Wondering if he had arrived, if he had retrieved the note, or had he changed his mind. I checked the clock again; it was 6:52 and a knock was heard. My heart began to pound with excitement. I got into position as I heard the opening of the door.

FROM JIM: ***The lights in the room were off except for the entryway light at the door. There was a sweet smell in the room and a post-it note on the bathroom door. The note told me to remove all my clothes and then to enter the bathroom. “Hello!” I tried to exclaim calmly and enthusiastically. No doubt the enthusiasm was there but I was both alarmed and amused at how my voice quivered. “So you want to know what I’m thinking, huh?”

FROM SARAH: ***His voice sounded the same as it did on the phone. Soft and yet very masculine. My heart raced as I began to answer.

FROM JIM: ***Sarah’s voice, which I had spoken with by phone twice, was very sexy and she spoke so softly from inside the bathroom I could barely hear her. “Yes, if you don’t mind”. “Oh I don’t mind.” I was struggling to get out of my clothes as fast as I could. With a shaky voice I continued, “I wish I had worn jump suit!” “A jump suit? I don’t understand.” “Yes, I mean it would be much quicker to get out of my clothes if I had worn a jump suit.” Somehow I had the feeling that my attempt at humor was failing. “So”, I ad-libbed, “tell me what *you* are thinking.” “My heart is pounding!”, Sarah spoke again very softly with her words echoing inside the bathroom and exiting through a small crack in the slightly opened door. The light inside was out. My voice was shaking badly, affected by my jumping diaphragm, and not knowing what to say next, I tore off the last pieces of clothing and placed my hand on the door knob. “Okay, I’m coming in…”

FROM SARAH: ***The moment had finally arrived. I was going to feel his body against mine. I could not believe the speed at which Escort Manavgat my heart pounded. I took a deep breath and told myself, “This is it!”. This is the feeling I wanted to achieve. The exhilaration of the heart, the mind and the soul, all combined and racing at full speed. I slowly opened the door and expected to see her standing there with her back to me. “Turn the light on”, she almost whispered. I could not see her and when I turned the light on she was not standing there as I had anticipated. Around a corner to my right was a Jacuzzi and as I took one step forward, there, huddled up to the far side of the Jacuzzi in a fetal position with her back toward me, was Sarah. She had her head down in her folded arms and her body folded so that her chest was up against her thighs. She was huddled up toward the wall which was a huge mirror behind the Jacuzzi. The sweet smell I had noticed upon entering the room was bubble bath. The water and bubbles reached a level just below her waist. I expelled a gust of air, sort of like, “Wheeeeww”. Sarah, at least from this vantage point, was beautiful. Her body was trim and just slightly muscular. Her dark blonde hair was curly and full, cascading down to her back to just below her neck and shoulders. A pretty tattoo of a cut rose graced the back of her left shoulder. “Come and sit behind me”, she said softly and I detected just a hint of quiver in her own voice. I walked to the Jacuzzi and sat down behind her. Her slender backside was pressed against my chest and groin as we sat in this position. “Mmmmmm”, I gasped, “you are beautiful.” Sarah lifted her head from her arms and looked into the mirror and into my eyes. She smiled. She was a goddess.

FROM SARAH: ***As I lifted my head and looked into the mirror, I saw his face for the first time. Surprised at my luck, I couldn’t help but smile. He was a very distinguished looking gentleman, and he was mine for the night!

FROM JIM: ***”Can you feel my heart beating against your back?” I asked. “Yes, I can Jim,” she whispered, “and mine is beating out of control too.”

FROM SARAH: ***His heart seemed to be beating throughout his body. I was glad to know that he was experiencing the same feeling as I. I wanted to reassure him that I too, was excited.

FROM JIM: ***My hands had been caressing the sides of her shapely torso and legs as they were folded together before me. I moved my hands to her chest to feel her heart. She leaned back toward me and took my hands, placing them below her full breasts and I could feel her heart pounding. She twisted to face me and we smiled at each other and kissed warmly.

FROM SARAH: ***His lips were soft and well tuned. His hands gentle and persuasive. I began to feel the changes in my body as it went through a series of stages, from extreme excitement, to a warm arousal, to a heated passion as our hands and lips eagerly begin to explore each others bodies.

FROM JIM: ***Sarah’s beautiful lips were like moist, sensuous cushions pressed against mine. Her face was beautiful and her lovely hair curled in tresses, augmenting her facial qualities. Her eyes were beautiful open and lovely closed and she alternated opening and closing them as we kissed and began to explore with our tongues.

FROM SARAH: ***My head was turned and my body twisted. As the passion began to grow more intense, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain the contorted position. I wanted to see him….all of him….and I wanted him to see me.

FROM JIM: ***She and I were twisted into an awkward position sideways in the small Jacuzzi and she softly recommended we move to a more comfortable position in the foamy water. I smiled at her when she asked to be on top and I lay down into the water as she straddled with her knees beside my hips. Sarah’s entire body was as beautiful as her face. As she positioned herself over me I admired her endowments. Below her face and hair was a beautiful chest, adorned with ample and enticing breasts but they were not “gargantuan”. Her nipples and aeriola were dark tan. Below her breasts her tummy was flat below her lowest rib. She had a cute navel that, at some time, I wanted to explore with my tongue. Sarah’s legs were slender and long with a pleasing amount of muscle. Sarah had told me that she has worked out with weights and it was obvious to my eyes that she had been truthful. Even Sarah’s feet were beautifully formed and proportioned. As I watched her position that body over me I realized I was going to enjoy exploring every square inch of her. I also felt a strange feeling of how fortunate I was to be with such a lovely woman when I had absolutely *no idea* what she might look like ahead of time.

FROM SARAH: ***As he lay in the water, I began to lower myself upon him, I was then able to view him completely. His body was slender, his skin light and the hair on his chest, just beginning to show a hint of gray, was not massive. He was not built like a 25 year old but he had taken good care of himself. I have always held an attraction for older men, yet somehow this man was different. Though most would probably say he looked his age, through my eyes he didn’t look a day over 30. I was becoming more and more enchanted with him and I prayed the night would never end.

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