A Wonderful Awakening

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I woke up feeling groggy, God what a night! I really had to stop drinking so much – it wasn’t good forgetting what had happened the night before – particularly when you let your friends take you to the seedier bars in town. Anyway, what on earth did had I drunk? I felt weird as shit and, though not a normal hangover, I could feel a real migraine kicking in – like my brain was fighting something. I shifted slightly in my bed – at least I had made it home – and felt my body shift under the sheet. Wow, did I really snog that gorgeous blonde with the to-die-for eyes and ever so nice cleavage just begging to be nuzzled? She had seemed a pretty easy girl and had even dragged me into the corner of the bar for some more intimate action – I just love slipping a hand down a girls skirt, past her knickers and dipping at her pussy entrance. The way they gasp, bucking into you as your finger just moistens up – heaven…

Hey, wasn’t it Saturday – how about a morning of porn and self pleasurement? Girls were great but they rarely came back for a shag 1st night no matter how game they were and I just felt really horny. I thought of the DVDs in the bedside drawer and the magazines under the bed but really they didn’t seem needed – what was wrong with me? I definitely needed to cum but something wasn’t right. Just then I shifted again and I felt a jolt run through my body from my chest. I reached up a hand and vaguely clocked that my skin felt smooth and damp despite me feeling chill inside. As I got to my stomach I began to feel scared – where were my stomach muscles? Why did I feel all soft? Moving quickly I suddenly came across a mound of flesh on my chest and, simultaneous with having a near heart attack, I experienced a sudden and deep thrill. Exploring around I realised I was holding a large and soft pair of tits. Falling against my chest I had thought their weight was the sheet pulling against my body but it felt like the cause was actually at least a DD cup. Still in a morning daze I spent a while playing with them and savouring the feelings running through my core when I squeezed my (much enlarged) nipples.

Suddenly, I woke up fully and realised I wasn’t having some warped morning dream. Sitting up I looked down at my body only to see a damp sheet clinging to 2 large mounds on my chest, dark areole were visible and I became aware of even darker hair falling down either side of my face. Barely able to think I reached up and ran a hand through what felt like thick, long luxuriant hair with one hand whilst pulling the sheet down with the other. Yes, I really was looking at a curvaceous woman’s body completely and totally different from the one I had gone to sleep in.

I began to run my hands over my face, neck, breast and stomach – hoping to feel muscle and hair – instead feeling soft, pliant skin and a deep throbbing building inside me every time I ran my (feminine, I noticed) fingers over my erect nipples. Comically, I did a double take and reached down under the crumpled sheet on my lap – pushing a hand between my full thighs as I pulled my legs apart. Nothing. I was too scared to explore further but I didn’t need to – I knew what I would find and decided to leave that particular shock to later (though as I considered this the throbbing increased). Sliding off the bed I gathered the sheet around my waist and neatly tied it at the side; all the while too aware that I was a lot smaller in relation to the room than my memory said I should be. I took a deep breath and stepped across to the closet door mirror, eyes screwed tight against the frightening proof of what they would see.

An early-twenties, long black haired, buxom stranger looked back at me when I eventually opened my eyes. Glancing away I took a deep breath and checked she was still there. She was. “Okay, you can do this Alex” I thought. “Just go with it and it is bound to make sense somewhere along the line – I mean this shit doesn’t just happen does it?” Checking again I decided that I looked like a wavy/curly haired Lauren Bacal though with paler skin. Definitely curvier than the current vogue but – “God I should be giving myself a hard-on” I thought, then “Oh, no – lets not think about that just yet…” I had dark, gentle eyes and soft rounded cheekbones tapering down to a pouting mouth and a slim jaw. A delicate neck sat atop a fine pair of shoulders that obviously hadn’t been pumping iron in a gym but still weren’t dulled by any layer of fat. The twin globes of flesh hanging off my front were somewhat wide apart but my earlier guess of DD looked spot on and, at this age at least, were still firm and pert with a minimal crease under them. The nipples were actually in total proportion but I was aware of them sticking out in profile in my lower peripheral vision even whilst gazing at them head-on in the mirror. I’m sure I saw them twitch and had to resist grabbing them as I continued my vain appraisal. Under these…tits…I suppose (though the word seemed crude now) my stomach tapered away and then curved out to the breadth eskişehir escort of hips still hidden under the folds of white sheet.

Still feeling light headed from the surreal events I didn’t want to go any further down yet but reached my hands up from where they had been hanging limp at my sides and slid over my flanks (since when had I called it that?) towards the lower curve of my breast until my thumb and finger cupped the lower contours. Breathing deeply – and relishing the sudden thrill running over my skin – I reached up and hefted their weight, letting my finger tips graze over my nipples. An involuntary groan left my lips as I realised I had very, very sensitive nipples; inhibitions falling away I shucked the sheet off and gazed, dumbstruck at the evidence of my femininity.before me – a dark, trimmed triangle between a pair of shapely legs and framed by the gentle curve of child bearing hips.

Curiosity kicking in I stepped forward, opened my legs and peered closer at the mysterious shapes that greeted me. Never having been a fan of pussy licking I had never looked closely at one other than in magazines and in repose it looked kind of neat. I opened my legs further and pushed my hips forward in a distinctly unladylike pose to allow my self to watch as my fingers prised my outer lips open to show my pink pussy mouth. Shaking myself I took one last look in the mirror then stepped back to the bed and lay down with my eyes glazed over as my fingers took control and started to probe deeper. Just as I had done to that blonde last night I started to slicken up and my fingers were soon pushing deeper and deeper into my pussy and my breath was coming shorter and shorter. Moments later I experienced my first female orgasm – relatively minor I was to find out later – though the most intense, whole body explosion I had ever felt.

With my migraine really kicking in I went to the bathroom and took a couple of aspirin. I was painfully aware of my hips and breast swinging as I walked and my long hair brushing on my shoulders, my smooth back. As I reached up on tip-toe to reach the top shelf (which was a new experience) my tits stuck out and brushed my nipples against the cold mirror, sending a shiver down my spine – Jesus, I had to cover those sensitive points up otherwise I was going to cum all over again before too long! I swallowed the pills and lay down, pulling the sheet up over my new body before slipping into a deep sleep.


I woke up sometime later with the daylight coming through gaps in the curtains – a glance at the alarm clock showed it to be midday before I remembered and ran my hands over my body to check. Fuck. It wasn’t a dream, I was still this most gorgeous sensual creature that yesterday I would have loved to fuck. In fact, I realised that I still would – Christ, I was turning myself on just thinking of my own body! At least that meant my mind was unchanged – no lusting after cocks today thank you very much…

Getting up I went for a shower, already more comfortable with my new shape and becoming used to the sway of hips, hair and tits as I walked about. With a superhuman effort I resisted the urge to play with myself though I was feeling seriously horny by the time I switched the water off and stepped out of the cubicle. Towelling myself off I was faced with my first annoyance as a woman – my hair didn’t just towel dry. Deciding that I was going to have to use a hair drier at the same time as realising I had no suitable clothes for my 5’9ish frame (that I guessed was about a size 12 to go with the DDs I felt sure I was sporting) I fastened the towel around my chest as if I had been doing it for years and wondered across the hallway to my flatmates room.

Kate had been away for a week on a purchasing trip for her company and wasn’t due back for a few more days so I reckoned I would be safe. As I flicked the switch the bulb blew and I had to stand at the door waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dim light before threading my way past furniture, bags and myriad clothes scattered over the floor. With the curtains open I could make out the dressing table and stool covered in what looked like her work clothes. Clearing these onto the floor I sat down and faced the mirror – once more seeing my lovely face and neck, still slightly damp from the shower. My hair hang slick down my back with a few wisps beginning to curl up as they dried off. Rummaging around produced a drier and I began the first, laboured efforts at drying thick and long hair. I was just beginning to appreciate the efforts women went to every day even before they walked out of their bedroom door.

Finally satisfied with nearly-dry hair (though it still looked fairly chaotic and nothing like it had when I had woken up in the morning, how I now wanted that wavy curly look to reappear!) I sat back and pondered my next move. Normally I would be showered and dressed within 15 minutes of waking up but it had already been 45 minutes and I didn’t even know where to start with gaziantep escort clothing. Kate was smaller and stockier than me though probably about the same at the hips and chest, I figured I should be able to find something suitable amongst the overflowing drawers and piles of (I hoped) clean clothes scattered about. She may have been untidy but she was certainly hygienic and I reckoned she was probably fastidious about using the laundry basket in the bathroom. Opening a small top drawer I found a jumble of knickers and pulled them all out trying to decide which ones would fit best. Giving up on doing this by eye I tried a couple on before settling on a black lacy thong that neatly cupped my pussy lips and trimmed bush at the front whilst settling comfortably (though odd feeling) between my ass cheeks. Glancing in Kate’s full length cupboard mirror I decided I looked even fitter with a little covering on and felt my insides lurch as I thought how great it would be to fuck me.

Now feeling horny again (the hair drying had pushed all earlier, post-shower thoughts from my head) I rejected the first few bras I found in an adjacent drawer as being too sensible until I spotted a black, lacy balconette number – which looked like a suitable match for the thong. Having watched girlfriends do it before I new the easy way to put a bra on was to fasten it back to front around my waist and then pull it round and up. Even so, I found the small catch fiddly and wasn’t helped by my longer nails – the first time I had really noticed them I realised. With the bra secure around my waist I couldn’t help but notice how slim that waist was – it looked like half the size I had been as a guy. Quickly pulling the bra round I slipped my arms into the straps and lifted each breast into their cups, God what a feeling! I couldn’t decide if I felt imprisoned, on display or just downright horny! After a couple of strap adjustments I felt comfortable enough in Kate’s 34D cup though by the amount I was overflowing the cups I figured my earlier assessment of DD was correct. Quickly glancing over at the cupboard I caused my hair to flick back which I caught a glimpse of in the mirror. Experimenting a little I tossed my mane from side to side and admired the way my constrained breasts bulged and my hips swayed under that weight of hair.

I was now faced with a decision – what to do with the rest of the day, as it would determine what I wore. The sensible thing to do would have been to stay in, go to bed early and hope I was back to normal in the morning but I was still feeling warm inside with sexual, sensual longing for something I didn’t yet know (other than to fuck myself which I obviously couldn’t do!) Making my mind up I decided to venture out and walk down to the local shopping centre, I had a few things I needed anyway and it would give me a chance to experience a bit more of life as this totally captivating (to my eyes at least!) creature. It being a warm, though overcast summer day I selected a medium length crimson skirt and a sleeveless black t-shirt that looked like they would go together (only afterwards did I realise that I had even considered coordination at all – it was obviously not just my body changing here I grimaced to myself). Unwilling to risk heels, and appearing to have smaller feet than Alex I slipped a pair of flat sandals onto my feet and stepped up to the mirror to inspect my work. The overall look was decorous whilst showing off some cleavage but the hair was amateurish I decided and glanced at the dressing table before spotting what I was after – a tortoiseshell hair clasp Alex often wore. Gathering my hair together I piled it up on the back of my head and loosely held it in place with the clasp; as I did so I exposed the soft curve of my neck from my shoulders up to my ears – unpierced I noticed with a pang of regret. Finally satisfied with the result I headed downstairs and picked up wallet, phone and keys without thinking before realising I had no pockets. A quick dash upstairs to Kate’s room again unearthed a soft canvas handbag which neatly took the items. Smiling I remembered all the girlfriends I had had teasing me over my reluctance to look in their bags – I suppose they may have had more in theirs but I was still uneducated to the requirements of tissue, lipstick, powder, tampons and discrete vibrators!

Locking the front door behind me I clocked a surprised glance from the young mother over the road and waved at her, I must get to know her I thought before realising – I had lived there for 2 years without saying more than good morning before. “What was happening to me?” I thought before providing my own, obvious answer – I was becoming female mentally as well as my rather obvious physical shape. The mother waved shyly back before suddenly grinning and hurrying down the road – she probably thought I was some shag of my old self from the night before, well I suppose I was in a way. Smiling in turn to myself I walked off the other way and marvelled at the different feelings giresun escort around my body. I loved the thong clenched between my bum cheeks and the swish of skirt against my thighs though I was somewhat alarmed by the glance a middle aged man in a suit gave my chest – he didn’t once look at my face.

Turning into the shopping centre I quickly completed the errands I had planned for today before my transformation and was heading back when I caught a glimpse of a beauty salon. I had always known it was there but had never looked twice other than to admire the stunning red head who often worked at the station by the window. She was there now and, though busy with a lady’s nails smiled at me as I gravitated nearer and then indicated the empty waiting chairs the other side of the door with a toss of her elegant head. “What the hell,” I thought, “I can get my nails painted or whatever else they do here – especially if I get to spend some time legitimately talking to this stunner. The receptionist, Kirsty her badge said, took my name (thank God Alex is unisex because if it was really Brian I would probably have said it without thinking!) and ushered me to the seats, giving me a fresh, crisp New Woman magazine – no 5 year old Tog Gear magazines and Computer Shoppers here. Idly flicking through it whilst I tried to marshal my thoughts I started to pay more attention to what I was looking at until a small cough dragged me away from an article on accentuating your body’s best points with careful clothing choices to see the red head standing above me with her head cocked to one side gazing at me.

“I didn’t really want to disturb you, you looked so engrossed and peaceful,” she apologised, “but I’m free now if you want to come over…”

“Thank you…Lucy,” I stammered as I took refuge in reading her badge to cover up my embarrassment at being caught reading a girls magazine before realising there was nothing unusual in that in my new incarnation; “I was just trying to decide which style suited me best from this summer’s fashions.” I was quite proud of that one.

“Oh, you would look good in any of those, Alex, with a body like yours” she said over her shoulder, momentarily confusing me until I remembered I had given Kirsty my name. “Though I’m sure we can improve things even more – what are you after today?” she enquired indicating the chair in the window for me to sit in. Realising I had nothing else to do and wanting to spend as long as possible in this girl’s company:

“Umm, a full manicure?” I queried. To my relief she smiled and said what a pleasure it would be. Pulling a trolley up behind her she sat down on a stool by my feet and started to manicure my unpainted toes whilst I relaxed and enjoyed that wonderful ritual and badge of femininity. She chatted happily whilst she worked and I gradually relaxed until I found myself engaging with her and had to be careful not to say anything suspicious. Concentrating as she was on my nails I had free reign to drink in her body and face, occasionally catching her eyes as she glanced up through the odd strand of red hair hanging down from her head. Her Paul Smith style stripy shirt tightened over her small, but pert looking breasts and as she bent over I could see the tops of her pale breasts above her white bra.

The receptionist, Kirsty, wandered over and quietly said she was going home early as it was so quiet and could Lucy lock up – of course she could came the answer, though could Kirsty lock the door on the way out to stop those teenage boys coming in and pinching stuff whilst she was engrossed with my nails.

A half hour later Lucy was just finishing the final coat to my fingernails when she said:

“Why haven’t you pierced your ears, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I don’t really know” I replied, “I thought it wouldn’t suit me I guess” I continued truthfully.

“Rubbish, with a neck like that an attractive pair of danglies would set it off and draw attention to it perfectly!” She took a deep breath and continued, “I could do it now in minutes, there’s no pain – well not much anyway” she blushed.

“Ummm” I hesitated a bit and then remembered my regret earlier and chucked my caution away: “yeah, go for it! I would love you to, Lucy!”

She fussed about with her things for a bit, tidying up the varnishes and preparing a needle I guessed when she pulled her chair closer to me and leant over my face. I could see her cheek and hair pulled back over the top of her ear and feel her shallow breaths on my own cheek. She had a delicate fresh smell and her with my heart thudding in my chest I realised I fancied this girl like mad and wished she would move inches to her left and just kiss me. Suddenly I was disturbed in my thoughts by a sharp pain and she exclaimed:

“There. That wasn’t so bad was it?” A moments fussing and shifting over and the other side was done. She had swabbed the holes with alcohol wipes and affixed a couple of studs in place, I wandered if the holes would still be there when (if?) I reverted back to being a man. Having tidied up Lucy then walked over to the cashier at the side of the room, hidden from the window behind a Chinese-style screen; realising it was all over I hid my disappointment and followed her. She punched a few numbers in and then hesitated, saying:

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