A Wonderful Summer

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Even as at 18, I was what the guys considered “one hot little bitch.” I was told this by students and teachers alike. I’ll never forget Joe, a coach at our school, along with a few other teachers.

Joe stood out because he was not only my teacher about all sexual things, but also my friend. I can’t believe it all started at a BBQ at Mrs. Jackson’s house…

I was sitting in Mrs. Jackson’s class thinking about how she was acting. Mrs. Jackson was in my standards a wealthy woman. She lived in the richest part of town and always presented the perfect “Southern Belle” appearance. Then my imagination went on to fantasize about Coach Murphy. Joe on the other hand was really nice, yet sexy because he had that rugged look. I swear I went weak in the knees every time I saw him.

On Thursday, Joe came up to me and asked me to go to a BBQ at Mrs. Jackson’s house. I was shocked because, this was my teacher’s house and party! Anyway, I said yes, and agreed to meet him at her house around 9:00.

I met him as I had said, and we went directly into the backyard where the party was stationed. We mingled Casibom a little bit, and I started to feel a little strange. I was the only one there that was a student. All the rest of the couples were middle-aged and looked at us with great question.

We headed to the living room where the stereo was located. As a slow song came on, we started to dance. Closer and closer until I was basically grinding on him. After a couple of fast songs, I felt his erection growing. I started to tease him a little by bringing his hands to caress my ass and pussy. Joe turned me around abruptly and grabbed my hand.

He pulled me through the crowd to the kitchen. My stomach was turning flips because I was at a party with a coach from school! He pulled me into the kitchen and lifted me onto the counter. I needed to say no, but my body responded before my mind did. Joe’s lips were hotter than mine; they pressed all over my neck working their way down to my chest. As I pulled his face to mine, he started pulling the straps of my tight sundress down. As his lips left mine, they went straight for my right breast. Casibom Giriş I started to feel the counter get wet with my juices. This just made me feel hotter, and all I could do is run my fingers through his hair. Suddenly, Mrs. Jackson walked through the kitchen door and said, “Why Ellie, are you enjoying your summer?” I couldn’t believe it! I am sitting on her counter having my breast sucked on and that is what she asks me?! All I could do is nod my head yes, then she handed me a drink and then left.

Joe laughed and grabbed my hand, and we walked down the hall. He found the master bedroom and we went inside. He gently led me to the bed and he sat down. He pulled me close and we kissed passionately. Joe unzipped my dress and pulled it off. He stood and gazed at my body, then removed all of his clothes. As Joe started to pull my panties down, I whispered in his ear, “This is my first time.” He nodded, smiled, and pulled my thong down.

I laid down on the edge of the bed and Joe moved slowly in-between them. He slowly licked my pussy lips, while I started to play with my nipples. Casibom Yeni Giriş He inserted his tongue slowly and the more rapidly he started to fuck me with it. Before I knew it, I was reaching my first male induced climax. It was pure bliss!! Then Joe sat up and started to tease me by sliding the head of his dick up and down my slit.

When I started begging for it I could feel him slowly enter me. His dick was 8 inches long and I started making up my mind that I was going to have every bit of it in my pussy. I told him, “Joe, I’m ready!” With one swift and hard thrust, he entered me fully. I let out a loud gasp, and Joe gave me a moment to adjust to the wonderful feeling of fullness. Slowly we started a rhythm. As I got used to the feeling, I twisted my legs high around his waist. I was screaming Joe’s name in pleasure when he softly kissed my cheek and said, “I love it when you scream my name.” With that, he bit down hard on my nipple. I threw my head back and screamed, “Joeeeeeeeee!!!”

When we where done, we fell asleep with legs and arms intertwined. After awhile of sleep I awoke when I felt a light on my face. I looked towards the door and saw Mrs. Jackson standing there. She looked at her bed and then me and said, “Summer IS wonderful season, isn’t it?” I let out a small giggle and said, “It certainly is!”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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