A Worried Warden

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I think I knew that my career as an associate warden of a major state prison was going to end the night that I passed Turk’s cell for the first time.

I had a habit of wandering up and down the cellblocks, day and night, just to let the inmates know I was tough and was ready to rumble if they were.

It’s true, I’m a hardass. Well, not at home. When I’m at home, I’m my wife Sorbonne’s little bitch.

I try to forget that I suck the blood out of her used tampons when I’m berating my guards for not being tough enough.

I also try to block the whippings I get from Sorbonne, as well as the enemas and the strap-on rapes when I’m giving the convicts a lecture over the loudspeaker.

I love being a submissive at home, but I never thought it would overlap into my professional life.

Sorbie has often told me that I am far too much of a sissy-faggot to run a men’s prison.

To emphasize this, he often makes me get into full drag makeup and a Princess dress and then has me walk down the street in our town’s red-light district.

She follows in her car, honking and waving, and sometimes men will “Bid” on my services. Usually Sorbi has mercy on me and picks me up, but once or twice I have had to give some head.

Hey, I know I’m a real guy at work, right? I rule those men, don’t I?

I thought so…

But then, one night, somehow I stopped in front of Turk’s cell. He was watching television, and using a long stick to change the channel, a stick that was illegal.

My father was a warden before me, and used to complain that everything went to hell when the bastards started getting television, to say nothing of having it in their cells.

So I went up to the cell and demanded Turk give me the stick. Turk is a big, burly African-American, covered in muscles, and very evil looking.

His eyebrows, in a perpetual frown, look like caterpillars. I guess I should have been glad we had the bars between Kartal Türbanlı Escort us. He laughed in my face.

I got up close to the bars and told him that if he didn’t’ t hand it over, I would have my goon squad come and kick the shit out of him and throw him in the hole.

I have no idea what happened after that.

We were talking and shouting at each other, and then we kind of calmed down. And then I asked him if I could suck his dick through the bars!

I’m not a homosexual, in any way, shape or form.

It’s a sin, big time, and I went to West Point, and had a huge military career, making major before my thirtieth birthday.

Then I’d resigned my commission to take over for Dad. I had been annoyed that I didn’t make head warden, but I was still a hard-ass.

But there was something about Turk.

I told myself, insanely, that I was trying to use honey instead of vinegar to get him to give me the remote control stick, but that was ridiculous, right?

Who sucks a convict’s dick except another convict?

Turk was very nice about it, pushing his dick in and out of my mouth, really jamming it. “That’s right, white boy. You lick that meat of mine. Don’t worry, no one’s coming.”

I finally got him to give me the stick, by promising to get him a real remote control, the kind you operate from a little cell phone looking deal.

But then I thought about it the next day, and realized that I had to tell Turk what an asshole he was being. And to make him realize that I was the boss! I had been so hard, thinking about Turk and what he’d put me through.

And I’m in a chastity belt, I’d asked Sorbonne for that, and she cheerfully acquiesced. I confessed to Sorbonne what had happened with Turk, and I’d been worried that she would get angry that I was unfaithful.

Not that she has room to talk, you know.

Sorbonne has fucked half the neighborhood, but she is kind of the Kartal Otele Gelen Escort boss around the house.

But Sorbonne laughed so hard after I told her, that she almost fell off the bed.

Sorbonne had gone and gotten the big black strap-on that I lusted after and she ordered me to my knees, and insisted that I show her how lovingly and tenderly I’d sucked that thing.

And when I mentioned how Turk had skull-fucked me, Sorbonne grabbed my head and slammed the damn plastic cock into my throat until I nearly threw up!

And then she’d unlocked my belt and let me jerk off all over the floor, while she called some of her dominant girlfriends, and they’d had quite the laugh.

The next day, I decided I had to read Turk the riot act.

I did pick up a remote control at Best Buy, since I’d promised him.

I called him into my office, and told the doubtful hacks who brought him, to uncuff him and leave us alone.

First I handed Turk the remote, and then I got up to lecture him. But he interrupted me.

“What the fuck’s this, Warden? This is a crappy piece of shit.”

“Look, you should be damned grateful–“

“Did you sass me, boy?” Turk got up and got in my face. “Take down yo’ drawers, and give me that belt.”

I protested, telling him that he had to remember who was in charge around here.

Turk picked me up in his big arms and shook me as if I were a rag doll.

“You going to call the screws in here to take me away, Warden?” Turk’s face was very close to mine. He has these beautiful lips. I just don’t know…

I burst into tears and unbuckled my belt and handed it to him, and Turk really knows how to give a whipping.

I have had male Masters before; when I was in Iraq, my staff sergeant would give me vicious paddlings with his shoe before ordering me to blow him. But I always told myself that was a phase.

I was the Staff Sergeant’s superior Kartal Ucuz Escort officer, sure, and he was a silly faggot at heart. I must be a real man I’d self-reasoned, because I was a decorated war hero, right?

But although the Sarge had been a bit of a homo, there was nothing nelly about Turk, and after he’d reduced me to jelly, he’d taken me on his lap and cuddled me.

Turk was fascinated with the chastity device, and asked me to call my wife.

I am not sure what went on between Sorbonne and Turk on the phone.

When he hung up he gave me a big grin before ordering me to give him a nice beejay.

Sorbonne is a Civil Liberties lawyer (Can you believe we got married?) and she found inconsistencies in Turk’s case.

So he was released early, and I brought him home.

I did resign my wardenship, and started my own security guard business.

Turk is one of my employees, but really, he just collects a paycheck.

And he does our commercials, it gets customers, can you imagine being looked after by a scary motherfucker like Turk?

Turk and Sorbonne share the bed, and I am kept in a cage in the basement. When I’m not working or doing housework, I am either servicing the happy couple, or sitting in the little cage.

Turk says it’s a good way for me to realize how the, uh, other half live.

I honestly don’t think I am a homosexual. I love Sorbi’s full breasts, and she has the tightest quim I’ve ever stuck my tongue in.

Cleaning Turk’s mess out of her every morning after I’ve served them breakfast in bed is a great experience.

But I have to admit, Turk has a huge and beautiful penis. I can’t keep my mouth off it! When we’re at home, I insist that not only does he let me suck him off constantly…

But also, that I can take his penis in my mouth when he needs to piss.

Turk has invited old friends of his, big black ex-cons and gang members to visit, and he lets me suck them as well, and sometimes they take turns disciplining me and ramming their cocks up my ass.

I rarely am out of my chastity device, but my mouth and my ass are always busy.

Sorbi always tells me how proud she is of me! I am far happier than when I was a confused warden, that’s for sure.

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