A Wounded Dove Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Healing

Soon the summer passed and it was time for Brian and Melissa to return to their respective colleges.

“Can you believe it’s senior year?” Melissa had said the night before they left.

“Not really, the summer flew by.”

“It sure did and especially since you were working so much these last few weeks. I hardly saw you.”

Brian had signed up for as many shifts as possible at his summer job. He could use the money and needed an excuse as to why he could not go with Melissa to Jen’s house to ride the horses or visit. Brian packed up his car and made the several hour drive back to his college. Once there he got busy with his studies and reconnecting with friends as he tried not to think of Jen and what happened on the fateful night. However when he was alone at night he often couldn’t help himself. He would think about her full supple body and how it felt being inside her when they had made love. Even though it had been just one night, he felt it was not just sex, as much more had been shared that summer. There was this girl Sandy in one of his classes that Brian had started connecting with and a relationship was developing. He had no idea where it would lead, but she seemed sweet and he enjoyed her company well enough. Sometimes he wished she had some more depth, but she was a nice girl.

Back in her home Jen had had some time to think. She started examining her life as it was at the time. She had stayed with Scott, still stuck in those same patterns. He had never hit her again since that night, but all of the same issues and unhappiness persisted. Jen often thought about Brian and all that had transpired over the summer. She started to realize that she had acted harshly and shouldn’t have pushed him aside so quickly. She remembered how she was on fire that night and had not experiences passion of that magnitude since. She worried she might never again. She knew all Brian was guilty of was caring for her and she did miss that friendship. She wondered if she would ever get that back, and if it was even right to try. She decided she would write him a letter. She took some time crafting her thoughts.

Dear Brian,

Things here are not well these days. I suppose I don’t have to tell you that. You know how it is around this house. Scott hasn’t raised his hand in anger since that morning, so there is that to be thankful for. I am writing because I have had some time to think. I miss our friendship and our talks. Your support meant so much to me and that is clearer now that it is gone. I feel horrible about what happened that night. I came to you and gave you an opening to cross a line that you were trying hard not to cross. You were being a gentleman; you knew it was wrong, and you knew I wasn’t ready. I led you to believe I was and we shared a beautiful moment. I see now how selfish it was of me to take that moment and not think of what came next. I didn’t see that there was no going back and that I would be forced to make decisions I couldn’t and still can’t make. You are such a loyal and caring person and I hope that we can be friends again.

Sincerely Yours,


In his dorm Brian read the letter and he didn’t see how they could be friends again. If she is still with Scott, there is no place for me, he thought. They could not visit and Scott seeing letters coming to the house would only cause problems. Brian also was of the belief that Jen had made her decision and now she had to live with that. I was there supporting her, showing her she deserved better, and offering her an out, but she cast me aside, he thought. That is on her and not me, so I will just keep me living my life and she can live hers. Jen tried sending some shorter follow up e-mails, but those also went unanswered. One night he was studying when the phone rang.

“Brian, it’s Melissa, I wanted to talk to you.”

“Hey Melissa, what’s up?”

“I’m fine, but what’s up with you and Jen?”

“What do you mean? I haven’t talk to her in over a month.”

“That’s just it. You were so close, we all were, and now she says you haven’t answered her emails or letter. I know how much you love a good old fashioned letter.”

“Well, I guess I just got tired of hearing her talk about how bad her life has been. I can’t be her perpetual shoulder to cry on, you know. I don’t think you should either”

“That’s cold Brian and doesn’t sound like you. You know that is just how it is with her and Scott.”

“Yes, I do, but what does she expect me to do? Or you for that matter?”

“To listen I guess, as friends do.”

“I can’t anymore. I mean we are closing in on graduation and have to go and live our lives. I am not going to spend any more time playing the will she or won’t she leave game.”

“I suppose I hear what you are saying. Plus I have always said she won’t leave him.”

“You were right, but I guess I always held out hope; seems like it would be the right thing to do for her, him, and the kids.”

“Yes, but it is not our place to do anything.”

“Exactly my point, so I am doing nothing. You can tell her that Eskort if you want.”

“I’ll let her know that you need some space.”

“Thanks and I better get back to my studying.”

Brian felt bad keeping a secret from his good friend, but he didn’t see another way. Melissa knowing would be super awkward and problematic. That semester came and went as did the next. On holiday breaks Brian went home and while he always spent time with Melissa, she couldn’t get him to go see Jen even with the lure of the horses. Then graduation came and needing a change of scenery Brian signed up for the Peace Corps and spent a year living abroad. His girlfriend Sandy was not keen on the idea, as she wanted him to stay put for her. Brian knew he needed some time to find himself and figure out his life. They stayed in touch, but had decided that they would not expect exclusivity, and would revisit their relationship later. When he came home he settled himself in a bigger town between NYC and his smaller hometown. He wanted his own space, more job opportunities, but also to be close enough to family, after his year away.

Brian had reconnected with his family and Melissa. She was living closer to their hometown, but they got together about 2 times a month. Brian was working as part of a community mental health team, while he was applying to graduate school for counseling. He always found himself helping people, so he figured why not get paid. Sandy had moved out west back to Texas near her family. Brian made the trip out a few times, but he didn’t like it there. It was just much too hot in the summer and not his scene. The last time he went they had a fight. Sandy gave an ultimatum; either move here and get serious, or go home and don’t come back. So in response Brian left without any plans to come back. He knew he would find someone better. The return flight was heavily delayed and Brian hurried off the plane hoping to catch a bus to Grand Central Station and then a train. He checked the train schedule on his phone as he hurried along, dragging his suitcase behind him.

At that moment Jen was just arriving into the same airport after having worked a long flight. She was signing up to work as many flights as possible these days. She needed the money and the distraction that work provided her. Jen was also in a hurry for the same reasons and because running through an airport was something to which she had become accustomed over the years. “Just put your head down and push through the crowds,” she said to herself. They were both running and then boom.

“Oh I’m so sorry miss. I was buried in my phone and not paying attention,” Brian said.

“No, I am sorry sir, When I get in full flight attendant mode everyone else better watch out,” Jen said.

Brian looked up from his phone to see if the woman was ok. “Jen, is that you?” he asked almost unsure. Man she has let herself go was his first thought. She is so much better than this.

Jen also looked up and focused at the sound of her name. “Brian! Wow, how long has it been?” She asked.

“2.5 years or so I think,” Brian answered.

“I know we haven’t spoken in forever, but please say we can catch up,” she said.

“What would Scott have to say about that?” Brian asked, giving Jen a certain look.

“There is no more Scott, or at least not in my life.”

“Wow, never thought I’d see the day. In that case I would be happy to catch up.”

“Can I take you to dinner?” Jen asked.

“You have fed me plenty of times in the past, and I can see we are both tired from our travels. How about you come to my place and I’ll whip us up something. It isn’t much of a train ride.”

“Sure, lead the way.”

They walked for a while mostly in silence navigating the hoard of people and squeezing onto a bus. Then came the usual hustle and bustle of Grand Central buying tickets and hurrying to catch the train and find a seat. It was a crowded train so they sat apart looking out over the beautiful Hudson River. “This is my stop Jen,” Brian called out to her as the train pulled into the station. They hopped in a cab and in a few short minutes they were at his apartment, a modest old 1 bedroom with lots of character.

“Make yourself at home. There is a soft couch in the living room and wine in the bar over there. If I remember those dinner parties correctly you were always fond of the Merlots. Or was it Pinot Noir?”

“Good memory Brian. I like both, but the Pinots are my favorites. What I really need is a shower though. Get the airplane germs off of me; it’s another flight attendant thing. But I’m afraid the cleanest outfit I have is my nightgown.”

“You know that never bothered me before. The bathroom is across the hall there. There are clean towels in the closet.”

Brian went to his freezer to see what kind of food he had. Before trips he liked to cook up food and freeze it for easy eating when he got home. He pulled out some pasta with seasonal vegetables and homemade pesto sauce. He put that in the oven along with bread and prepared a dipping sauce. Jen came out of the bathroom fussing with her hair.

“I’m going to clean up as well. There is a glass of pinot on the counter. Can you check the food in a few minutes? I would hate to burn the bread.”

“No problem and it’s starting to smell yummy.”

Soon enough Brian walked back into the kitchen where Jen was pulling the food from the oven and had set the table.

“I feel better seeing you in your PJs so thanks for that,” she said.

“Enough about our outfits, let’s eat; and tell me about this ex-husband of yours.”

“It was the start of the following summer after you graduated and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Nothing had changed, so I served him divorce papers. He was mad, I didn’t have the means to fight for much, so he got the house and I got my freedom.”

“That couldn’t have been easy. So where do you live now?”

“In the air mostly, at hotels for work, but I rent a room in the city from a co-worker sometimes. She has an extra room and I can sort of pay as needed.”

They talked also about the children. Kevin was finishing up college and Billy had gotten into UCLA.

“He got as far away as he could,” Jen said with a sigh. “Tell me about you? Melissa told me you were seeing someone.”

“I was, but just got back from ending that. Really it was over a while ago, she just finalized it.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be. I have a decent life here and more good things to come. I’m going to study counseling I hope.”

“You’d be a natural, so good luck with that.”

They moved the conversation into the living room. More wine was poured and it felt very natural; like old times from that summer.

“So now that he who will no longer be named is gone, does that mean you can go back to being the cinnamon bun lady?” Brian asked with a smile.

“What on earth are you talking about?” Jen asked with a puzzled look.

“Surely you remember those morning chats; you in your nightgown much like now, and the aroma of cinnamon buns baking in the oven. That is the woman I remember as the true Jen.”

“Wow Brian, that is a sweet sentiment, but I haven’t been that woman for a while now. Plus look at me. No one wants to see me in my nightgown now.”

“Nonsense, I can see you are still the same Jen on the inside. You are magnificent.”

There’s that word again; but is it accurate? Jen thought. Before she registered what was happening, Brian took her hand and moved in closer. He ran a hand through her hair that she had just recently started growing out. He leaned in to kiss her.

“Wait Brian, this is not why I came here. Remember last time.”

“It’s ok, you need this; we need this,” Brian responded.

Jen let the kiss happen and was reminded how good it felt. She had not experienced real intimacy in sometime and she could tell that something was still there between them. They continued kissing awhile and relaxing more. There are no worries of anyone finding us this time, Jen reminded herself.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” Brian said taking her hand.

Jen followed him not sure if she was ready to be truly seen in her body. She feared rejection, even from this old friend who had seen her on some of her worst days. Brian sat on the bed and started taking off his clothes, and Jen stood on the other side almost frozen. She pulled her arms out of the nightgown straps, but then instinctively, clamped her arms around her chest to keep it from falling to the floor.

“Jen, don’t do this to yourself,” Brian said reassuringly.

“I don’t know if I can let you see me, or anyone see me like this,” she said almost tearfully.

“It’s me Jen, look in my eyes. You are the same you underneath it all.”

“You are looking right inside of me; I still don’t know how you do that,” she said calmly.

Brian reached his hands out to her and she took them allowing the nightgown to fall onto the floor. He took a moment to look at her; yes she was a bit bigger than she had been; it seemed like her breasts were more luscious than he remembered, and this pleased him. There were also those same intense eyes that shown to her beautiful and troubled soul. Jen lay down on the bed and Brian kissed her again. He ran his hands all over her body and once again Jen felt the chills. He caressed her breasts and sucked on her sensitive nipples. Jen twitched and moaned, remembering what it was like to be touched so tenderly. Brian moved down kissing her stomach and her thighs. Jen found herself lost in the moment and forgetting her self-doubt. Brian stuck some fingers inside of her pussy that was already moistening. He moved them around as he massaged her clit. The sensations started building inside of Jen. When he switched to his mouth and started actively licking and sucking on her clit, Jen could hardly contain herself. Her moans got louder and her arms hung by her sides, gripping the bedsheets. Brian worked faster as he could tell that she was nearing her release. Jen felt herself tighten up as pleasure ripped through her entire body and she came harder than she thought possible.

She lay back recovering when Brian came up and lay beside her.

“Oh my, that was almost overwhelming,” Jen said.

“It has been awhile, hasn’t it?” Brian asked.

“Too long apparently, judging by my body’s reaction,” she commented.

At that moment Jen reached over and took Brian’s already hard cock in her hands. She gently stroked it feeling it pulsate in her hands. Then she leaned over and took it into her mouth. She sucked slowly and steadily, paying close attention to the sensations. Brian could tell that she was starting to let go of her inhibitions. Being with Jen again felt really good and he could see that in time perhaps she could get back to that person he knew she could be. Just then Jen pulled away and lay down again.

“Are you ready,” Brian asked.

“Yes, I’m ready; I want you inside of me.”

Brian rolled her onto her side and kissed the back of her neck. He wrapped his arms around her cupping her breasts, as he entered her from behind. He started slowly and gently, still massaging her breasts, and then moving to her clit. The heat rose inside of them both. Jen once again had the sensation of being on fire. She clutched his hands, wrapping herself up in his arms, and pulling him closer. “Give it to me Brian,” she said in tone that surprised him. He pushed himself into her deeper and harder. He felt her tighten around him as she experienced another release and screamed out in pleasure. At that same moment the tension built up inside of Brian and he burst inside of her with waves of pleasure. They laid there quietly for a moment simply enjoying the warm and comfort of it all.

“I could tell that was an emotional experience for you. How are you feeling?” Brian asked.

“It was wonderful, but truthfully I’m worried,” Jen said.

“Why is that?”

“Well, this is you; you know my soul. Other men don’t and when the first thing they see is this body, how do I get them interested?” she asked with a sad tone.

“Well you just have to make your outside more closely match your inside. But it is late so why don’t we talk about this in the morning.”

“Oh my, it is late; so you want me to come back tomorrow?”

“No need to come back if you stay now,” Brian said and with that they let their eyes close and soon were sleeping.

The next morning Brian woke up to the smells of food in the kitchen. He walked in and there was Jen brewing coffee and cooking.

“Good morning sleepy head,” she said.

“Good morning. Looks like you have been busy.”

“Yes I hope you don’t mind that I started a load of clothes and raided the fridge. You didn’t have any cinnamon buns, but you did have some good eggs, fruits, and lean meats.”

“Wow, I appreciate the yummy meal. I try not to eat too much sugar, so I haven’t had a bun in forever.”

They enjoyed a nice meal and had more conversation, talking about where they would go from here.

“So what did you mean last night? When you said make my outside look more like my inside,” Jen asked.

“Well, as I said you have a wonderful soul, and you are also a beautiful woman; just seems like you haven’t had a reason to take care of yourself recently.”

“Yeah, I hear you on that. Plus it is hard when I am on the go a lot; so easy to just grab certain foods and lounge around hotel rooms.”

“Well what could you do differently?” Brian asked.

“Well I guess I could grab packaged salads or healthier sandwiches at the airports. Plus almost all hotels have pools and gyms, so I can get some exercise.”

“Exactly what I mean; why don’t we start by taking a brisk walk this morning.”

They walked and Brian suggested that Jen stay with him whenever she flies into NYC, and they discussed the details.

“You really want me to stay?” she asked.

“Sure, I could use the company, and seeing you become the woman I know you can be, would be an added bonus. You don’t have to pay rent, but the occasional meal would be appreciated.”

So it was settled and Jen made a plan to get the few things she had from her friend’s apartment after her next flight in couple of days. The days came and went and Jen made good on the changes in her life. She opted for the healthier foods and spent hotel nights swimming laps and on the elliptical machines. The two friends developed the habit of taking walks that eventually turned into slow jogs. Brian was pleased to see Jen have more energy and stamina. Brian also liked that she had those things in bed as well. Sometimes when Jen would return to NY, arriving on a late flight, Brian would be awoken to her stroking or sucking his cock. She seemed insatiable at times and wanting to try new things. She would sometimes tell him to pull out so he could finish in her mouth while she savored the salty and sweet taste. It was also obvious that she was gaining more self-worth and allowing herself to take charge. Each time she arrived back to the apartment Jen would go into the bathroom and lock the door. She would strip down naked, weigh herself, and check out her body in the mirror. She slowly started to see some pounds be shed and a slimmer form taking shape. It wasn’t an immediate change, but she started to see a body that she could be happier with. One day they were talking over dinner:

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