A Younger Woman

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Big Tits

This was published several years ago, under HOW TO … With really good reviews “scores”, but not much circulation ( due to it being in the How To category ) … Worth another posting in a new genre.


She was too young for me, twenty-two … twenty-three maybe. I had her by a good fifteen years. We never dated as such; we just fucked a lot.

It started when I had loaned her a truck to move her stuff from a college apartment into her ‘first job’ apartment. Her mom was a neighbor, a friend. When she returned the truck she brought along a couple of bottles of really good red wine. I had some shrimp gumbo left from a couple of days earlier.

We drank both bottle of the wine … an Australian shiraz. I licked the last drops from her nipples … or maybe her belly button: I don’t remember for sure. I un-snapped her hip-hugger shorts, unzipped her. She lifted her hips, making easy work of sliding down the shorts, her panties.

“I’ve been exercising my pussy,” she said.

“You been fuckin’ a lot?” I asked.

“No … I been exercising.”

Sexual Benefits are the most exciting part about doing vaginal muscle exercises. Doing vaginal exercises will dramatically enhance and strengthen your love muscles. The most important muscle is your PC muscle. This is the muscle that contracts when you have orgasms. If you make it stronger with simple exercises, you will have more powerful orgasms; orgasms so strong that you’ll be left paralyzed on your bed. You’ll not only have more powerful orgasms, but you’ll have multiple orgasms. This is because your conditioned muscles will require greater blood flow. More blood means greater sensitivity, and thus more orgasms.

I had a finger deep inside her, looking for that special spot; was considering putting in a second finger. The squeeze started gently, grew in intensity. Her eyes were big as walnuts, she gave me a sexy, open-mouthed grin.

“You feel that little hug?” she asked.

I did … she was actually squeezing my fingers with her pussy!

“I told you.” she said. “I been exercising.”

I was speechless, well, figuratively speaking.

“You can do that to my cock?” I asked.

“Just you wait,” she said. She squeezed me again, laughed a deep throaty laugh

Your man will also love your new, stronger love muscles. You will develop awesome control over your PC muscle, allowing you to clamp and clench his penis whenever you want. You can milk him until his eyes roll into the back of his head! You really can develop muscles this strong. One thing is for sure, if you want to improve your sex life tenfold, then strengthening your vaginal muscles in the number one way to do it.

I couldn’t wait to be inside her … had no interest in waiting. I eased the entire length of my cock into her wetness. Normally I wouldn’t have done that. Foreplay is, to me, an art form. Something to be prolonged, enjoyed. Drive the lady wild: tease her, stroke her, lick her, taste her. Then fuck her. This time, however, I separated her legs, stroked the head of my cock up and down her open pussy, rolled it around on the distended clit. Then … I pushed in.

The squeeze on my cock was there immediately. She stared at me with those big eyes, her mouth open.

“You feel that?” she asked; contracted those muscles again.

“Oh, shit … mother-fucker!” I said. At least I thought I did. Most likely it was just an un-intelligible moan.

Slowly, I eased my cock back out until only the head was still inside her. The grip of her pussy was tight around me for the entire stroke.

She just looked at me, laughed. It was like she was playing with me, and she knew it.

“How do you do that?” I asked. “Who taught you, how did you learn that?”

How to Do PC Muscle Anadolu Yakası Escort Exercises

Locate your PC muscle. The pubococcygeus muscle forms the floor of the pelvic cavity and stretches like a hammock from the pubic bone to the bottom of the spine. Pretend that you are urinating, then try to stop the flow with a quick muscle contraction. That muscle you just used to stop the flow from the bladder is your PC muscle. Try to keep your stomach and thigh muscles relaxed and focus only on the PC muscle.

Flex the PC muscle twenty times. Hold it for one or two seconds each time, then release. Repeat this three times a day, three to four times per week. Breathe normally during this exercise and try to avoid holding your breath.

Add ten really slow squeezes to each set. Take five seconds to slowly squeeze your PC as tight as you can. Now hold the tension for a full five seconds, if possible, and release gradually over the next five seconds.

We began fucking once a week, maybe every ten day.

It wasn’t a plan; we never discussed it. It just happened. Sometimes at my place, sometimes in the front seat of my truck … sometimes outdoors. She had a risqué streak re: doing-it in almost, but not quite, in public places … the risk of getting caught. Once we fucked in a restaurant parking lot, in the triangle formed by a row of hedges, the truck door, and the truck itself. Her, all the time, holding her phone to her ear … in make-believe conversation with her mother!

In my bed later, I asked. “You don’t have a boyfriend?”

“I had one … two actually … at school.”

She leaned forward, resting her upper body weight on her extended arms, her palms flat on the bed on either side of my shoulders. ‘Cowgirl’ was her favorite position. I wasn’t complaining. She leaned down, lowered a nipple to my mouth.

“They live somewhere else,” she said.

She lifted her hips, clinched the walls of her pussy around my impaled cock; released the ‘hug’, slammed down hard against my pelvic bone.

“Anyway, I was getting tired of them.”

Over time she found a ‘local’ boy, a banker apprentice; then a second fellow, an engineer, she had known from high school, an ex-athlete.

“Somebody to go out dancing with, take to parties.”

“You fuck them?” I asked, moving my mouth away from the warm wet spot between her legs.

“Of course,” she said. “But, they’re still learning how.”

She caught her hands in my hair, pulled me back to that spot.

“Lick me,” she said, reached with the fingers of one hand to spread herself wider. “Merde! … Oh, yes!” My tongue back where she wanted it, needed. “Oh, sweet Jesus … you sure know how!”

She seemed to not want to meet at her apartment. She never said; I just decided the didn’t want one of her “real” boyfriends coming by, finding her with an “older man” in her bed, licking the taste of her, in her bed … in her pussy.

Clench your PC muscle longer and more. After about two weeks, you should be able to stretch your PC muscle easier and for longer durations. Like any muscle in the body, it responds to stimulus and grows with use. Next, try upping the length of the flex and go for more flexes.

Instead of a one or two second hold, try to clench your PC muscle for five to seven seconds. Try twenty reps, three times a day, shooting for up to 50 reps, three times a day. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll should learn how to clench your vaginal and anus sphincter muscle separately or at the same time.

After the a couple of months it became obvious that the squeezes were stronger, the grip of her pussy tighter on my cock. Lasted longer.

“You’ve been exercising your pussy,” I told her, asked.

She grinned, squeezed, held me tight Kurtköy Escort for ten-fifteen seconds. She moved herself up and down on my shaft, it buried deep inside her … her riding me cow girl style.

“You like?”

“Oh … sweet Jesus!” I managed; one hand on her hip, the other holding one of her marvelous tits.

She laughed. “Oh, god … I’m gonna cum!” Her eyes closed, her mouth open, her breath coming in short, ragged gasps.

I felt the wetness of her running down onto pelvic, down the crease between my ass cheeks.

Do the PC tremble exercise. Start clenching your PC muscle very slowly. So slowly, in fact, that it takes you several minutes to work up to the point where you are fully clenching. Now that you are fully clenching, clench a little more and hold it there for 30 seconds, breathing slowly all the while. When you feel the burn, release and do 20 normal PC clenches. Perform this exercise at the end of your PC workouts for the day.

Lying Eyes … The Eagles … came out of my phone: her ring.

“I’m not wearing any panties,” she said.

“Where are you?” I asked, “I’ll be right there.”

“You can’t … I’m in a staff meeting.”

“Oh … are you paying attention?”

“No … I’m doing the PC stutter exercise.”

“The what,” I asked.

“Stutter exercise … pretending my pussy is running up and down the stairs.”

“Oh, shit,” I said. “Get out of that fuckin’ meeting. I’ll pick you up in the parking lot. Ten minutes.”

“No, no! … ” I didn’t hear the rest. I was already headed to the door, fishing the keys out of my pocket. My cock already getting hard.

Do the PC stutter exercise. All this is flexing your PC muscle in increments. Tighten your PC a bit by bit. Start off gently — hold the PC there for a little bit — then a bit more then “gentle.” When you have stuttered your PC all the way up to a full clench, don’t release the muscle fully; work gently back down, first releasing a little bit, then a bit more, and so on. Imagine that you are running up and down a staircase with your PC muscle.

Don’t overexercise. Combine any of the basic and intermediate exercises together, but only flex your PC muscles for 50 reps and 3 sets per day. Overstimulation can result in muscle fatigue.

Advanced Exercises

Sunday morning …The Eagles came on again: Lying Eyes

“Did you see Sherry last night?” she asked. She knew that there was fifty-something year old … very un-grandmotherly! … grandmother with whom I kept company sometimes.

“No,” I said. “Went to bed early with a good book.”

“What a waste,” she said. “I’ll be there in thirty minutes. … Oh, don’t touch your cock until I get there. Anticipation will do him a world of good.”

“We’re gonna workout together,” she said, walking in the door.

Not: “Good morning … or … did you sleep good … or … kiss my ass ( which I gladly would have done! ) … Just: “we’re gonna workout together.”

“Oh, tell me.”

“I’m gonna show you,” she said. She stuck her thumbs into the waist band of my running shorts, pushed them down.

My back against the head board, her sitting on my hard cock, her knees tucked underneath her ass, she squeezed me; held the ‘little hug’ for twenty or so seconds.

“Your turn,” she said. “I want to feel him move inside me.”

I thrust upward with my hips.

“No … no!” she said. “Don’t move your hips, just your cock. Make him move against my G-spot.”

I did.

“Oh, yes! … Do that again. … Je vais te baiser! … Merde, Putain!”

She made me do it until I couldn’t. My poor cock would be sore for a week!

But, she made up for. She got on her back, wrapped her legs around my waist, dug her heels into Pendik Escort my back. Every-time I pulled back, almost to the vermillion head, she clamped down, milking the semen from me; she emptied my balls … left me helpless. Fucked me as I had never been fucked … a world class fuck. The things that legends are made of.

She left me her panties, with instructions: ” … stand in front of the mirror, drape these over your cock,” she said. “Do thirty ‘cock-ups’ … three times a day.

Do PC muscle exercises with your partner.

Doing PC exercises while having sex can be productive and fun. The male partner gets erect, penetrates the female, and the pair take turns doing PC muscle exercises — he flexes, then she flexes, and so on. Just make sure that your partner is as keen on doing exercise as you are.

Do the PC squeeze with an erection. Massage your penis until you have an erection. Gradually massage your penis until you are at the brink of orgasm. Stop massaging immediately and start contracting your PC muscles. Once your erection begins to go flaccid, massage your penis until you are at the brink of orgasm again. Contract your PC muscles and repeat until your PC muscles are adequately worked.

If you accidentally orgasm during this exercise, your PC muscles probably aren’t strong enough for advanced exercises yet. Focus on mastering the intermediate techniques before moving on to the advanced sets.

Lying Eyes: “Did you do it?” she asked.

“I tried,” I told her.

“Oh? … You tried?”

“Ah … it was working until I fired off a shot onto the mirror. … Took me ten minute to cleans up the mess.”

She laughed. “You have to work harder on control.”

“Fuck you,” I said.

“No … I going to Chicago for the week. … I’ll call when I get back. Work harder.'” She hung up.

She texted me half way through the week: Do the blitz PC exercise the text read.

What the fuck is the “blitz exercise?” I texted back.

‘Look it is up,’ she answered. ‘Don’t you know about Google?’

This one is very hard to do, because it involves different clenching strengths and variable reps. Find yourself a spot where you’ll feel comfortable for 10-20 minutes. Remember to breathe as you exercise.

Do 50 PC clenches as a warm-up. Next, squeeze your PC muscle as tightly as you can, holding for 30 seconds.

Then, perform 100 PC clenches without resting. Clench for two seconds, relax for two seconds, and so on. … Next, try clenching your PC muscle as tightly as you can. Shoot for one minute of gut-wrenching clenching.

‘Pick me up at the airport,’ the text read. ‘7:40 PM … straight to your house. … have red wine, will share.’

‘Are you wearing panties?’ I texted back.

After a slight delay she answered, ‘I was.’

The summer dress, when I watched her come through the gate, was cut just above the knees, a narrow belt at the waist. Nipples pushed out against the fabric. She wore, I knew, nothing else … just the dress and a pair of sandals. Hugging me, she passed her left hand just under my chin. The smell of her waifed over my mouth, my nose; she slipped the panties into my right pocket.

She didn’t let me touch her, once inside my house.

“I want to see,” she said. “Show me what you can do.”

I dropped the jeans into a puddle around my ankles, stepped out of them. I draped the panties across my already hard cock … did a series of ‘cock-ups.’

She clapped her hands together, laughed. “Oh, goody,” she said. She unbuckled the belt, dropped it to the floor. She lifted the hem of the dress up to her waist, showing off her trimmed, ‘landing-strip’ of blond pubic hair. Her left hand reached out and grasped me.

“Put you finger in me,” she said,

I inserted a finger, then two … found her G-spot. She squeezed, with unbelievable strength, them together.

“Je vais te baiser,” she said.

… Rest for two minutes. … Next, do 50 5-second clenches where you slowly relax at the end. Your workout is finally finished!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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