Abbie’s Stalker

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Later Abbie would consider how the timing of his call could not have been better. Everything was geared to happen the way it did, otherwise she would have slammed the door on his suggestion and thought no more about it. But, as she was to find, everything in his appeal was, timewise, set just right.

First, Abbie hadn’t had a man for just over a year, when her husband, Vic, had gone off with a young bimbo, just over half her own age of 38.

No hand, other than her own had stroked between her thighs for too long.

She’d had dates with three very different men, but none had aroused her enough to allow them any liberties with her body.

Sexual frustration, was not infrequent, but seemed to come in waves, and on that particular evening it was on a very high wave. She had languished in a hot bath, deliciously squeezing the wet sponge between her thighs. Wishing that the cosy sensation was treatable, she climbed out of the bath and rubbed herself dry.

Clean and refreshed, but not relieved, Abbie had donned her thin silken gown, so sensuous against her bare skin, picked up her book, poured herself a liberal white wine, and settled on the sofa. She’d taken just two sips of wine when the door-bell rang. Five past eight on a rapidly darkening September evening, and she had to wonder who could be calling at this time. She knew her best friend Joy, was in London with her husband, so it couldn’t be her.

Just a little nervous, she went out into the hall, and saw through the frosted glass of the front door, the unmistakable shape of a tall man. Her nervousness hadn’t lessened but her curiosity was wearing it away.

She switched on the porch light before slowly, cautiously opening the door, even while her eyes were trying to identify him, he, in a deep brown voice, told her, “Yes, please keep the door fastened on the chain until I’ve said what I have to say. And, of course, you have the option to close it at any time.”

What the hell could he be selling at this time of night? As he made this strange sales pitch, Abbie’s eyes viewed his muscular looking frame, covered in a light weight jacket, and thin fawn cotton pants. But his face, she knew from somewhere. There was something familiar about the depth of the blue eyes, set in a strong handsome face, something that had caught her attention somewhere.

Clutching her robe tight to her neck she asked, “What can I do for you?” That was a crazy question to ask a stranger at your door, even if his smile was warm, and already she was warning herself to be cautious. His answer to her question was not one she had expected.

“I suppose you could say, in one sense, I’ve been stalking you.”

“Stalking me?” She should be scared, shouldn’t she? So, why wasn’t she?

“On another level, I would suggest that my only wish is to pleasure you.”

Oh, that was it! Just as she’d feared. No thanks, and she began to close the door.

He leaned forward and the light reflected in those eyes, “Please, hear me out, and if you aren’t interested then I’ll just leave. And no hard feelings. Okay?”

She allowed the door to reopen to the extent of the chain, “Go on,” she said, something had opened in the back of her mind, a recall of eyes meeting.

“From the moment I first saw you I have been -well–enchanted by the sight of you.”

Oh, God, with words like that, ‘enchanted’? By her?

He went on, “I know it sounds corny but the first time you were in a pale lavender summer dress. It was in the library, and I forgot about the book I was reading. Your face, that tawny hair framing it, well it stopped my breath. And then you were gone. I was telling myself to forget it, when, in the supermarket the next day, there you were, and my breath was gone again.”

Ah, yes, the supermarket, that was where she’d become aware of those blue eyes. She couldn’t know how long he’d been watching her, but she did recall that moment when their eyes met, across the bakery counter, and she’d experienced a strange tremor deep down inside her. Of course, she had ignored it, hadn’t she? Yet it had happened again on some later date.

His voice came to her again, gentle, and, it seemed, very genuine, “Please, don’t misunderstand what I’m going to say. I started going to the supermarket at times I had learned you could be there.” He paused here, and she became aware of him taking in a deep breath. “Now, as I said, I was drawn by your face–your beauty.”

“Flattery will get you anything,” she laughed. Another stupid thing to say.

“We’ll see. But soon, as I watched you, I was admiring other parts. Your breasts looked so good and their curve matched the curve of your waist and hips. In other words, so shapely. Came the day when I was sitting in my car watching the supermarket exit. There was a strong wind, and you came through the exit wearing your standard summer dress, and carrying a heavy bag in each hand. Immediately the wind caught the hem of your dress and it was lifted to reveal an attractive length of bare thigh as you struggled to keep covered. Then you turned Yalova Escort directly into the wind, and your dress was pressed against your breasts, your belly and between your thighs so that magic upside-down V was like seeing you naked.” He stopped here to give her what was almost a shy smile, before he added, “At that moment, sitting in my car I found myself becoming incredibly hard—you know what I mean?”

Shut the door right now, one half of her brain was screaming. But the other half was drawing her attention to an almost forgotten moistening between her thighs, as his words worked on her libido. And those words went on to a most telling revelation. “Since that incident, every time I saw you, no matter where or when, I had a very definite hardening.”

She took him at his word. He was there in front of her, looking into her face, and she just could not resist, glancing down towards his crotch. Oh, God, he wasn’t lying. There was no denying the extent of the bulge in the front of his pants. Was she in danger? But if she was—his words, that bulge, his honesty, and that moistness, the throbbing in her lower body, the quickening of her breath,–questioned that. She longed to drop her hand to finger herself. How long since she had felt this way?

He spoke again, and where this was going became vividly clear, “I began following you. You weren’t aware?”

“No, I wasn’t,” And her voice sounded so strained, so breathless.

“I knew it was a kind of stalking and against the law, but I had to know where you lived. So many needs were building inside me. I was longing to pleasure you. You have listened to me without closing the door, and that is such a relief.” His eyes held hers as he went on, “Now I have only one request, and you don’t need to take off the chain.”

“What request?”

He licked his lips, and she wondered how they would feel in a kiss. “May I reach through the gap and touch—your skin.”

She said nothing, almost unable to speak as she moved her body closer to the gap, a hot excitement gripping her, and that moistness so demanding.

From his face, so close now, she peered down, watching his hand as it parted her robe, and rested gently on her belly, fingers pointing up towards her navel. When his hand made a gentle caress, electric sparks flashed signals exactly where her juices were already beginning to ooze. Surely, he must hear her heavy breathing as her legs trembled. But they almost collapsed totally as his hand turned and his fingers were pointing into, and maybe touching, her bush.

Gasping, she wished she was daring enough to ask him to move his fingers through her bush and touch her wet folds. Oh, yes, she so wanted that, as she pressed her body against his teasing hand. Then, he made his next fateful request.

“Might I ask you to touch me?” She heard a zip being lowered as she gave her positive response, and was immediately aware just where he wanted to be touched.

Yet she had no hesitation as she reached through the gap, aware that his fingers were fluttering into her bush. From the moment her fingers touched the rock hardness of him she knew she was gone. A brief stroke along its wondrous length, then she was gripping it eagerly, pulling on it, and, with her whole being screaming for release, both hands took action.

With her right hand gripping and tugging at his swollen cock, her left hand loosened the door chain, and as this man pushed through the opening door, her hand reached for his belt buckle, but there wasn’t one, only a button, which quickly came undone. And she, nearly frantic, pulled him staggering, as his pants fell around his knees, towards an inevitable conclusion.

He started to groan, “This is not–” but their mouths came together, tongues immediately probing. Abbie sensed his knees bending as she placed this solid cock between her thighs, and as he came up straight, her entry opened to accept it eagerly. The sheer rapture of the force of it driving up her eager channel brought on her first orgasm. His next push was so forceful that the wild pressure lifted her off her feet, and she wrapped her legs around him, squealing with delight as she recognised his faster thrusts and his growls signalling his own cumming. She squeezed her legs around him, as a second orgasm gripped her, and she tried to get her inner muscles to nip the head of the delicious cock that was pouring into her.

As he began to slip out of her she heard him murmur, “Oh, God, I should have known.” Her feet touched the floor and her legs collapsed under her as she slid to the floor, and he went with her. Abbie was aware of his softening cock trailing wetly along her thigh as he settled close to her.

Panting, and perspiring she found her voice and said, “Should have known what?”

His eyes looked at her as he replied, “That you’d be hard to resist.”

Feeling so replete after such treatment, she teased, “You wanted to resist?”

“No, but as I told you when I was outside, I wanted to pleasure you.”

Abbie sat up and touched his face, Yalova Escort Bayan “And you think you didn’t? My God, I had two rapid orgasms. That has never happened to me.”

“I’m pleased. It was good, but we only fucked.”

His words surprised her, “Yes, we did and I–“

“Animals fuck. I wanted to pleasure you.”

“Is there a difference?”

“That difference is what I wanted to give to you.”

A new warmth was filling her, “Maybe you’d like to demonstrate?”

“If you wouldn’t mind.”

“Mind? I’m intrigued.” She struggled to her feet, pulling her robe closed, like some shy maiden. “Aren’t you going to kiss me again?” she asked, holding her face up towards him. Hell. I’ve had this brazen hussy locked inside me all this time, but there was no doubt, it was what she wanted.

Without hesitation, he bent to place his lips on hers and they shared a kiss that was warm, and genuine without ever overheating. She broke away before it could, and declared, “I think I’ll take a shower. Follow me. Second door on the right is my bedroom, and there’s an en-suite.” She started up the stairs but she stopped on the third step, and turned back to say, “Oh, and it would be useful to know the name of the man who has just fu–seduced me.”

“Yes, names would help. I’m Dave.”

“Abbie,” she told him as she hurried up the stairs.

The glow already inside her increased as he called after her, “A beautiful name, and it suits you perfectly.”

With the warm shower water washing over her body, she had time to consider just how unbelievable this all was. Less than an hour ago this complete stranger had rung her door bell. In the minutes since then, his deep voice, his intimate words had persuaded her to allow him to enter her porch and then enter her body, where he had rung a very different bell. The rushing water had washed away the juices of that moment, but could not remove the deep-rooted heat in her lower belly.

A moment of rationality made her wonder where he might be right now. He’d had his way with her. He might have dressed, maybe stolen a few things, and vanished into the night. Cursing herself for being so gullible, she turned off the water and slid the door open–And there he was, smiling, his eyes caressing her naked body, and holding out a towel for her. He was bare chested, and had a towel wrapped around his lower body.

“God, you are so beautiful,” he murmured, and he drew back his arm. “I don’t think I’ll give you the towel. Just let me ogle.” He laughed, while Abbie was amazed how having him look at her nakedness in that way, didn’t bother her at all.

In fact, she quickly stepped out of the cubicle, shot out a hand, and laughed, “Then I’ll have to borrow yours.” And, before he could back away she had whipped away the white towel covering his loins, and made a teasing “Oooh,” sound at the sight of his semi erect, yet still admirably, sizeable cock.

Joining in with her laughter, he came in and wrapped the large bath towel around her and proceeded to rub her dry. His strong hands passing over her body, even behind a towel, were exciting, but she had a question which needed an answer.

“Dave, how many other women have you done this with?”

“Dried with a towel?”

Ignoring his impish smile, she said, “You know what I mean.”

His face became more serious as he looked into her eyes, “Are you prepared to believe that you are the first?”

There was no doubt in her mind that was what she wanted to believe, and as he went on, she was even more reassured, “My greatest hope is that, when this time together is over, you would like me to come back.”

The full implication of what he was saying would not hit her until later and, for now, it was only necessary to ask, “Where do we start?”

“Right here,” he told her, stepping in close so that they were skin-on-skin, mouth exploring mouth, tongue tangling tongue, her breasts pressed into his lower rib cage, her belly getting the thrill of his hardening manhood, her thighs parting to accept the push of his muscular thigh. Simply perfect, she was thinking, when without warning, he stooped and swept her up in his arms.

With the kiss broken she gasped, “What are you doing?”

Moving into the bedroom, he said gruffly, “Taking you to stage two.”

“And that will entail?”

As he lowered her onto the bed, he said, in a mock scolding voice, “Will you stop asking questions? From here on in, you just go with the flow. The only thing you might want to say is, ‘Stop’, and if you do that I will stop.”

His sense of purpose, his forcefulness, were so overwhelming that she just could not imagine wanting to say, ‘stop’. He kneeled on the bed beside her, leaned over to part her legs just a little more. That, in itself, was thrilling.

“Now,” he said, leaning back, as his eyes moved hungrily up and down her nakedness, like an extra caress, “the big question becomes where to start.” He hesitated for only a moment more before bringing his face close to hers. “I think from the Escort Yalova point we were at, in the bathroom.”

As she watched him expectantly, he slid his right hand behind her head, and drew her head up into a hot, tongue lashing kiss, to which she responded avidly. But, this time, his left hand strayed gently over her breasts, before settling like a nesting bird over her right breast, gently squeezing, his palm subtly stroking over her nipple. Abbie had never considered her breasts to be very sensitive, so how was this man, this Dave, creating such palpitations inside her with his gentle left hand?

Her tongue continued the delightful tangle and tingling with his, as it patrolled the inside of her cheeks. She closed her eyes and tried to guess what his next move would be. The logic of past experience made her sure it would be the movement of his hand from her breast, and from a broken kiss his lips would begin to savour her breasts and nipples.

Wrong, but only partly. The hand did move, but the kiss continued and it was still stimulating her, but when the hand moved it travelled lightly over her belly, across to her híp, up to her waist and back to her breast before making the return journey, and it went on like that for a while, hip, waist and breast, to return over and over, making her aware of what Dave had said, when he was outside her door, about her terrific figure.

Her body gave an involuntary squirm at the thought. That caused Dave to break the kiss, smile down at her before his lips trailed along her hairline, kissed around her eyes, and his tongue made a little poke into each ear making her shiver with the pleasure of it. His left hand continued to emphasise her figure, as he withdrew his right hand from behind her head, and traced warm fingers around her cheeks and onto her lips, where, he found it easy to insert one finger between her lips to touch her inner cheek. Was this a sign of what he would want to do with his cock?

She had done it with her husband, but he had been too insistent and too quick, and she had never enjoyed it. Abbie was very aware that her own hands had done very little on Dave’s body, apart from gripping and stroking his wide shoulders, and thinking how good his skin felt under her hands. But he seemed to be keeping his lower body away from her touch.

His lips now moved down the side of her neck, and along her left shoulder. Abbie could not believe how every minor touch from him could be so enticing. That was the point at which his combined actions became so breath-catching. First, he buried his face between her breasts, and that alone had Abbie gasping, before his mouth moved exclusively to her right breast to lick and suckle at her nipple, while his right hand closed around her left breast, one finger flickering around that nipple.

Even while she was panting from this movement, his left hand, which had been so busy marking her shape, stroked smoothly over her belly, held briefly in the position it had been in at the part open door, with fingers pointing down into her bush. But this time, there was no stopping, as his fingers shuffled in her bush, and then, Abbie held her breath as she felt those fingers travel into her slit.

He was going to plough into her pink regions where already her moistness was increasing. But once again she was wrong. With just one finger he traced along her outer lower lips, forward and back, and Abbie was wanting to scream out, ‘Grope me. Feel me.’ God, the walls, the muscles of her channel were pulsing to take whatever came.

His attention to her breasts had not diminished and there was a sparking there that was sending extra pulses to her eager loins. But as she was urging his finger to probe, his mouth left her nipple and, with lips and tongue, set her skin alight. While Dave was performing this movement, his fingers had encouraged her to part her legs more, and while his tongue was probing into her navel, he flattened the fingers of his left hand and pressed against her desperate lower lips. Abbie was sure that every muscle in her body had gone into spasm in the excitement of that pressure.

She was being delivered into a valley of delight like she had never known, yet it was all tinged with the madness of frustration, of wanting so much more. Now, as before the hand moved away and stroked along the smoothness of her inner thigh. Instantly, his lips were nuzzling her bush, and that tongue, that luscious tongue, was exploring the opening to her crease.

She heard her own gentle moan as she was thinking about the possibility of it moving just a short distance further where he would be licking her–

CLIT! She didn’t voice the word but she squealed, and went into her first orgasm as his tongue licked over the tiny eager nub. Such was the power of her impassioned surrender that she couldn’t stop her heaving hips from temporarily dislodging his hungry tongue, and for a brief moment her knees raised and clamped on either side of his head, as though some salacious power inside her, was trying to imprison him there. As she continued panting like a steam train, Dave, getting his tongue and lips working on her clit once more, moved his whole body round until his head was between her thighs. His right hand left her breast, stroked down to rest on her hip like some eager vulture ready to feast.

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