Abby and Me

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Obviously, everyone in this story is over the age of 18.


“John, pay attention,” Mrs. Kahili, my calculus teacher admonished me.

I snapped out of my gaze and redirected my gaze to the problem she was demonstrating on the board, despite how much I had enjoyed my view of Abby Kentdale’s tits. My eyes continued to wander over again and again until the bell finally rang, signaling the end of the period.

As I walked out of the classroom, Abby appeared beside me. Abby was a senior, like myself, and lived down the street from me. She had large, bulging breasts that more than filled out her petite figure. Her dark, wavy hair settled around her shoulders, and the thin, skin-tight pants she was wearing did nothing to hide her round, supple ass.

“Hey, can you give me a ride home today?” she asked.

“Well, what’s in it for me,” I teased back.

“Oh, come on, we’re neighbors, you drive right by my house on your way home,” she complained. Much to her displeasure, I had refused to give her rides in the past.

“All right, meet me out front after school, but don’t let me forget” I agreed.

“Thanks,” she said, and turned to go to her next class.

As the bell finally rang indicating the end of the school day, I left my last period class and began walking out to the parking lot when I heard Abby calling behind me, “Wait up!”

Having forgotten I had promised her a ride, I turned and waited for her to catch up, enjoying the view of her tits attempting to free themselves from her shirt as she ran toward me.

“Hey, how’s it going?” I asked.

“Alright…seems like you forgot about me back there,” she replied, adjusting her shirt so it did a more adequate job of covering her tits, while still showing an impressive amount of cleavage for an 18 year old.

“Well I did warn you,” I reminded her.

“I don’t understand how you could forget to give me a ride. We talked about it like an hour ago.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s not a big deal… you reminded me,” I laughed.

We arrived at my Honda and jumped in. I started the car, and eased the clutch out as I pulled out of the spot.

I looked over and noticed Abby’s tits were barely contained by her top. I shifted my legs to try to hide my rising erection, but failed miserably. I tried to avoid looking, and hoped she didn’t notice my wandering eyes or bulging crotch. It didn’t seem like she did, and we carried on casual conversation all the way back to her house.

“Hey, John, do you wanna help me study for the calc test for a little while? There’s a couple things I don’t understand,” Abby told me as I pulled into her driveway.

“Yeah, I’ll come over in like half an hour. I’ve gotta cash my paycheck at the bank,” I told her.

She smiled at me as she climbed out Escort Bayan of the car and stepped into the garage as I left her house.

About 45 minutes later, I raced down the street, and flew into Abby’s driveway. I parked and climbed out of the car to greet her as she walked down the front steps.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” I replied as I grabbed my notebook out of the car and shut the door.

As we walked up the steps into her house, my dick began to grow in my pants as I eyed her round ass through her skin-tight pants. I could see the line from her thong as it stopped just below the top of her pants. I quickly adjusted my crotch before she turned to shut the door.

We walked to the table in the kitchen and sat down. Abby sat next to me, and pulled her notebook out of her backpack. She leaned next to me and asked me about a problem.

“John, do you know how to do this one? I’ve tried, but I can’t get it,” she said as she turned her eyes to me.

I tried to make it look like I hadn’t been taking advantage of the great angle I had down her shirt at her tits, but she noticed and smiled a little. I thought she may have been leaning against me for just a little too long when she did, but I dismissed it as my imagination.

As the study session continued, I continued to eye her fantastic tits, and couldn’t help but think I had caught her eyeing the bulge in my pants more than once. While she had started out adjusting her top every few minutes to prevent me from having such a good view, she had stopped doing that, and I could almost see her dark nipples at the end of her succulent breasts. Her black lacy bra was preventing me from seeing more.

When she excused herself to go to the bathroom, I adjusted my cock so that my raging erection was not as obvious. She came back rather quickly, and as soon as she sat down, I noticed that she had removed her bra. Her tits had wobbled more than usual as she walked over to me, and I could see almost all of her breasts as she bent over to sit down. Her nipples were hard lumps that poked out the thin fabric of her shirt.

We continued to do problems from the book and compare answers until she caught me again eyeing her breasts.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked.

“What view?” I said quickly.

“Oh, come on, you didn’t think I noticed? You’ve been staring at me since you got here,” she laughed.

I blushed slightly and muttered an apology.

“I don’t mind. Why don’t you look a little more,” said Abby as she smiled and adjusted her hair.

She stood up and turned to me, sitting on my lap and straddling me with her legs. Her pussy was pressed against my huge erection, and her tits against my chest.

Our lips touched, and we began a passionate kiss. I inhaled Escort the scent of her perfume and shampoo, and poured my lust into her mouth with my tongue. With my hands, I caressed her back all the way down to her ass, where I began sensually massaging her. My hands roamed her body as the kiss continued; her lips and mine coming together and our tongues dancing in each others’ mouths.

I moved my hands to her front and began squeezing her firm, round tits through her shirt, and felt her hard nubs of nipples in my palms. She moaned a little as I squeezed them, and I moved my hands to her sides and lifted off her shirt, revealing her huge

I admired her perfect tits for a moment before she again kissing me urgently. Her hips and crotch were humping a little against my hard dick, and she began moaning loudly as I squeezed and twisted her nipples between my fingers.

Abby finally broke our kiss and led me to her couch, where she lay back. I knelt on the floor next to her and began to suck on her left breast. She moaned loudly, and her hand caressed the back of my head as she enjoyed my ministrations. I ran my hand up and down her flat, tanned stomach, pausing occasionally to rub her pussy through her pants. After I had thoroughly sucked both breasts, Abby sat up and helped me remove my shirt.

She pulled me into yet another deep, sensual kiss as her hands roamed over my chest, and tugged gently on my hair.

She slid off the couch, turned toward me while on her knees, and began fumbling with my belt buckle. I quickly helped her, and removed my pants.

Abby looked fascinated at my cock as it sprung free from the restriction of my jeans, and began to stroke it in her hand. It was more than twice as long as her hand was wide, and I groaned a little as she stroked me.

She looked at me and smiled a little as she began kissing the head delicately, and then with increasing intensity. She tongued my slit and wrapped her warm, smooth lips and mouth around my dick. Her tits were hanging off of her chest, and rubbing against my thighs as she continued to gently suck my cock.

Abby began bobbing her head up and down on my cock, while swirling her tongue around it. It was one of the best blow jobs I’d ever experienced, and it was a wonder I didn’t cum almost immediately after she started.

Abby looked up at me with her brown eyes as she sucked my left, then my right ball into her mouth and swirled her tongue around them.

Not wanting to cum too soon and ruin the sexual tension, I leaned forward and lifted her by her arms onto the couch. There, I removed her skin-tight black pants and began kissing up and down her smooth, tan thighs.

She moaned every time I approached her pussy, but I didn’t give her the satisfaction of pleasuring her there Bayan Escort yet. I could clearly smell the scent of her arousal as I kissed up her stomach and took each of her breasts into my mouth. Finally, I reached down and removed her tiny black thong, exposing her smoothly shaven pussy.

As I moved my lips up and down her pussy, I could feel its wetness and taste her sweet nectar. She moaned louder as I took one finger and put it inside of her, while continuing to lick her clit and kiss her lips.

Gently, I began fucking her with my finger, removing it all together occasionally to insert my tongue as far as I could. This was one of the best tasting pussies I had ever licked, and I wanted to enjoy it.

I refocused my oral efforts on her clit, and began fucking her with two of my fingers. She humped against my hand and moaned louder, “Oh John, I’m so close, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, OH GOD YES JOHN OH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

As she came, her pussy unleashed torrents of cum, covering my face. As she lay panting, she looked at me, and I leaned forward and began kissing her deeply. Her tongue danced around my mouth as she tasted herself on me.

As we kissed, my dick pressed against her wet slit, and she broke the kiss, moaning, “Oh, John, put it in me! Fuck me, John, fuck me!”

Her hand went to my hard dick, and guided me into her hole. I pressed slowly, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate my tool, and stopped as our pubic bones collided. I paused for a few moments, and moved my hands to her breasts, which were bouncing with her chest as she panted in ecstasy.

After her breathing began to calm, she looked up at me with her brown, fiery eyes. With that, I began slowly sliding my thick cock in and out of her velvety pussy. My cock emerged covered in her juices, and plunged back in a rhythm of increasing tempo.

Abby began moaning loudly as I penetrated her. Her large breasts bounced on her chest as she thrust her hips into mine in a frenzy. Her face showed her pleasure, her eyes screwed up and a slight smile, all covered by a light sheen of sweat from our exertions.

My cock slid faster and faster between the walls of her pussy, which began clenching me with increasing strength. My balls slapped against her ass as I plunged in and out of her wet, velvety pussy. She began moaning even louder, now and saying my name as she got closer to her orgasm

“Oh, John, fuck me, fuck me with your big cock,” she moaned

“I’m going to cum,” I panted as I continued to increase the velocity of our fucking.

“Ohhh me too… OH JOHN I’M COMING,” she screamed as the force of her orgasm hit her.

Her pussy tightened even more on my cock, which pushed me over the edge. I shot burst after burst of cum deep into her sex, rolling her nipples between my fingers as we came simultaneously.

As my orgasm faded, I collapsed, and we adjusted our positions on the couch, falling asleep in each other’s arms after one final kiss.

To be continued?


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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